Gaddi Dog – The Dog Bandit

Gaddi dog

Ever thought of ways to die? Let a Gaddi Dog walk past you. Sure as hell you’ll be a slice of dead meat and a delicious dinner too.

Indian Gaddi dog remains the most ferocious guardian of the vast ranches of Himachal, and his duty stands as the sole purpose of his existence.

The formidable, the fierce, the absolute – A gaddi dog is more like the Dark Knight – the heart of gold and a nerve of steel.

“Oh wait, wasn’t that Superman?”

“Never mind! Wasn’t really a DC fan.”

Locally, this breed is called the Himalayan Sheepdog or the fancier Indian Panther Hound. Gaddi dog would have totally been a perfect companion for the infamous dacoit Man Singh.

We might as well call a Gaddi Dog(coit) the Lion of Himachal.

With a sign of massive courage and an enormous build, this breed is not for the faint-hearted. There is fury in every bark with a passion to outshine a Tibetan Mastiff.

“I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger…*borrrrrrkk*”

Ready for an adventure?

Shout out for the Dog-coit, Gaddi Dog.

“What’s in the name –  Indian Panther Hound? A Gaddi kutta is strong enough to take down a snow leopard.”

Gaddi Dog Images

Quick Facts

Average Height: 20 inches – 31 inches
Average Weight: 50kgs – 90kgs

Dog Group: Herding
KCI Ranking: N/A

At A Glance

Fairly large breed, a Gaddi dog can grow up to a hulk-size ball of fur with an average height of 20inches - 31inches, and weight between 50kgs to 90kgs. Generally, the size of dogs depends on their gender, and a Gaddi dog female may appear two inches smaller and shorter than the male dog.

Gaddi dog lifespan ranges between 10 to 12 happy human years.

The kind of space a Gaddi dog needs, there is no chance of him fitting in an apartment. Known to be the guardians of Himachal, the Indian Gaddi dog is used to escorting sheep in the rough-mountainous terrains. This breed is best for people who have huge farms, or cattle wherein he can take long strolls and drain all his energy. Imagine a Gaddi kutta getting fraps in an apartment. Reminds me of London has fallen!

A gaddi dog may give vibes of an extremely dangerous dog but is surprisingly a very friendly and affectionate family dog. It loves to be around hoomans he is familiar with if given proper socialization. Pup-ologies for the size, an Indian Gaddi dog may not be the best for small children.

A Gaddi dog has immense protective instincts and would not appreciate even the smell of another dog in his territory. Forget getting a smaller pet even within the 5-meter radius. Yet, a Gaddi dog does very well with other Gaddi dogs. In fact, generally, shepherds keep three Indian Gaddi dog to herd two thousand sheep.

It would rather be appropriate to say that a Gaddi dog roars. An average barker, you will only hear your furry fido bark at sounds and images at the night. Yet, the barking will come out to be very loud especially in the hills.

With the origin in the Himalayan region, it is needless to say that a Gaddi dog can thrive in extremely cold conditions. But, the thickness of his mane is not hot-weather resistant. Make sure you know how to keep dogs cool in the summers. It may not be ideal to adopt this dog if you belong to humid demography.

Gaddi dog is an extremely intelligent Indian dog breed that is comparatively easier to train. Considering its size, it would require a trainer who has had prior experience in training large breeds. Get yourself a circus-dog if you expect an Indian Gaddi Dog to perform tricks for you. This breed is solely for herding and the only training he needs is obedience and socialization.

A Gaddi dog requires a lot of exercises. It belongs to the herding dog group that performs the rigorous job of guarding sheep. Take your fido for long walks and give him enough space to drain his energy. This breed may not need intensive exercise but it does need enough mental stimulation and a lot of walking.

Indian Gaddi dog has a thick coat that serves as its shield in the hills. This also means that he requires proper grooming which includes regular brushing. Gaddi dog sheds during spring and fall - be prepared to deal with it professionally.

Additionally, follow a basic grooming routine of nail clipping, ear, eyes, and anal cleaning as well as proper dental care.

Since Indian dog breeds are not well researched, it is difficult to say which one is hypoallergenic. However, considering the density of a Gaddi dog's coat and the level of shedding, it would be safe to say that it is not a hypoallergenic dog.

Gaddi dog price would range somewhere around INR 1,500 to 5,000. Since it is an Indie breed, chances are high that you may find a puppy waiting for you in an animal shelter. For Gaddi dog but, you can also adopt one from the streets of Himachal.

Note: Indie breeds are slowly decreasing and are almost on a verge of extinction. We at DogIsWorld support Indian dog breed revival and would suggest you adopt Indian breeds (not shop). Additionally, we would love it if you could support the cause by making people around you aware of Indie dog breeds.

Adopt and Aware!


About Gaddi Dog

Lay eyes on the fluffiest and floofiest of floofs! Gaddi dog is often confused with Tibetan Mastiff for its size and temperament. It has sturdy built with vigor to take down wolves and tigers. It is sure to leave a lasting impression on anybody that witnesses this huge-ass being around.

Indian Gaddi dog height categorizes it in large dog breeds standing almost 30 inches tall with a weight of almost 90kgs. Its withers are as broad as its attitude and coat as thick as its guts.

The chronicles of a Gaddi kutta started as a hunter but it found its calling as a herder of sheep. Well, that is what the name suggests at least. ‘Gaddi’ is a local name for a shepherd and ‘Kutta’ is just another Urdu word for dog. In short, the protectors of the sheep-clan.

Agile, vigorous, and ready to attack, a gaddi dog is blessed with enigma, endurance, and speed. The dense coat works as a shield not just during winters but also to the deep penetration of their enemies’ teeth.

In fact, this bear-dog has enough resistance to even protect the cattle on freezing nights.

A guardian at heart, it is not just protective about its sheep but also its family. Pup-ologies to toddlers because even though this breed is capable of showering enormous love and cuddles to kids, its size may not be very child-friendly.

Gaddi dog has a boss-dog attitude and is a lover of justice. If somebody has wronged his master, he won’t give second thoughts about showing mercy. Man Singh would have been proud of this one, definitely. 

“Can I name by Indian Gaddi dog Ace, the BatHound?”

On a serious note, Gaddi dog breed totally qualifies to be a bandit: Goes on a killing spreecheck; Is an outlawcheck; Protector of his classcheck; Ferociouscheck. A bandit for all good reasons.

“Oh wait, did I say on a serious note?”

“Let me try again.”

On a serious note, Gaddi kutta is the perfect guard dog and cuddle-partner especially if you are living in the hills with a huge apple orchard.

Classic way to spend a vacation as long as the Gaddi dog lifespan of 10 to 12 years.


History of Gaddi dog

The history of Gaddi kutta is lost in its thick mane. Nobody really knows where or how this breed came into existence, and people prefer keeping faith in their own stories.

Some say the Indian Gaddi dog exists since time immemorable and has been serving as hunter and guard dogs to nomads of Himachal, Kashmir, and Uttarakhand.

The local masters of Gaddi dog like to believe that they have come from cross-breeding wild dingoes with Tibetan Mastiff.

Other absurdist rumor says that a tiger was crossed with a dog but that is biologically not possible.

Debates are never-ending but the facts consider Gaddi dog in the critically endangered category. Let bygones be bygones. Further on it is our responsibility to preserve what is left in the name of Indian dog breeds.

Since history has deceived Gaddi kutta, KCI and INKC have not been able to recognize this dog. However, dog enthusiasts and responsible breeders are doing what they have to.

Did you know? Marco Polo described Gaddi dog “as tall as a donkey with a voice as powerful as a lion.”

Gaddi Dog Facts Theatre

Parenting Guide And Care

Gaddi dog parenting

Early socialization is a must. Unlike their appearance, a Gaddi dog is comparatively easier and friendlier to live with. However, if not socialized well from an early age, they may become ferocious. Proper exposure to various experiences, sights, and sounds will motivate him to be a better dog in society.

Gaddi Kutta needs at least two hours of exercise. They are very energetic and used to doing strenuous tasks in the extreme weather of the Himalayas. A proper and professional exercise routine that includes enough mental and physical stimulation is recommended. A day of miss and they can get do a lot of damage to the surroundings.

Pack reinforcement works very well with an Indian Gaddi dog. They have a pack mentality and it is important to make them understand who is the boss. Use positive training techniques so that he respects and listens to you. They may be an independent dog breed but they still need to depend on humans for certain things. Be ahead of him while running, walking, or jogging. This way your fido will have a leader to follow.

Not for first-time dog owners. Gaddi kutta needs professional hands to handle, train, and bring up. You may have to reconsider your ideas of getting this breed if it is your first time with dogs.

Suggested: 6 Best Dogs For First Time Dog Owners

Leash Train. Leash Train. Leash Train. Leash train your Indian Gaddi dog but not as a way of showing dominance or punishing him. Make sure he knows what a leash is, respects it, and does not become aggressive while wearing one. How-much-ever friendly this dog is, his prey drives can instigate him to cause harm. Make sure he has a leash around while going for a walk.

It may not be your ideal choice if you have small pets. Gaddi Dog is a herding breed and may end up chasing smaller pets considering them as threats. They may have become more domesticated but they will still want to herd and nip. However, they can do well with a pack of similar size, breed, or group dogs.

Not suited in an apartment-living. Their size, energy, and the type of profession they behold, they need a lot of space to vent out and live at peace. Enclosed spaces can make them claustrophobic and aggressive. There are many other apartment-friendly dogs that you can consider.

Note: Do not leave them alone and unsupervised with small kids unless you want some chicken dinner.

Personality And Temperament

Gaddi dog personality

Indian Gaddi dog is a very intelligent breed and can effortlessly differentiate between a command and action. Learning a command comes naturally to a gaddi dog breed and can ace it within 15-25 repetitions. This makes him moderately easy to train.

With an average emotional level, this breed will not crumble apart and give dirty looks to you when punished. They take moderate level punishments sportingly and try to get better the next time.
Wish I took punishments so generously.

Although a Gaddi dog has an independent will, your fido will still want to snuggle in and shower drools of affection. They have a pack mentality which makes them want to protect the family as their pack. Friendly with almost every member but may not be the best choice for young children.

These dogs were used by the Gaddi tribes as a shield. Their strong territorial instincts and the extremes they can go to protect it are astonishing. Do not judge them with their low barking habits and friendly nature – this one can be an intelligent watchdog, and he will not bark – he will roar. It will sure as hell alert you as soon as it senses anything unusual within the dog-radius of 5 meters.

A Gaddi kutta may not be the perfect escape artist but it can surely nip, chew, and play-bite people around. Though they bite only out of pain, protection, or excitement but do not be amazed to see your Indian Gaddi dog herding your neighbors. It’s just their impulse which can be controlled with proper training.

Indian gaddi dog can tolerate staying alone. They are strong-willed and can take appropriate decisions on behalf of their master. Having said that do not go about asking your Gaddi dog what’s would his master like to have for dinner. This means, if you are working a strict clock, a Gaddi dog can manage to stay alone at home without being destructive and suffering from separation anxiety.


Gaddi dog feeding

A Gaddi dog may eat comparatively less than other breeds of this size but they need a decent 500-700gms of food per meal.

Since it is an indigenous dog breed, locally available food will be best for a Gaddi dog.

I would personally suggest a well-boiled stew of vegetables and chicken with rice (the quantity will differ with age). You can include some freshly cut fruits and curd during summers to keep him cool.

Puppy (3 Months To 9 Months)

A Gaddi dog puppy would need 1.5 cups of high-quality dry food twice a day.

You have an option of feeding your Gaddi dog puppy 2 servings of 300gms rice with a boiled egg or 200gms of boiled chicken.

You can increase the serving by 50gm according to his height, weight, and exercise routine. Here is a calorie calculator to make things a little easier for you.

Adult (12 Month To 5 Years)

A Gaddi kutta would need 2.25 cups of high-quality dry food twice a day.

You have an option of feeding your Indian Gaddi dog 2 servings of 400gms rice with 2 boiled eggs or 300gms of boiled chicken.

Adding freshly cut fruits like apple, mango, and bananas to his breakfast can give him raw nutrition and the required energy.

Senior (6 To 10 Years)

You can continue feeding your senior Indian Gaddi dog 2.25 cups of high-quality dry food twice a day.

Or, 2 servings of 400gms rice with 2 boiled eggs or 300gms of boiled chicken.

However, if you see your buddy panting or bloating after a meal, it is recommended you shift to a senior dog diet.

Senior dogs may become slow with a decreased metabolism rate. The panting generally happens due to a snag in the digestive system. Senior dog diet is curated keeping in mind the dietary needs of a dog during his golden years.

Colors And Grooming

Gaddi Dog Color
Black and Tan

Gaddi Kutta can be found in beige, black and light brown colors but Black and Tan is the breed standard.

A Gaddi dog requires a lot of grooming. They have a dense double coat and a little professional grooming can make things easier for you.

They shed majorly during fall and spring, and moderately year-round. Maintaining a regular brushing routine while bathing your fido once in two weeks works decently for an Indian Gaddi dog.

Ears and eyes should be cleaned occasionally to avoid any kind of infection. Nail trimming, anal cleaning, and a good dog-spa once in two months will keep him happy and shining.

Dental care of dogs is important especially if your dog is a kisser – and a Gaddi kutta definitely is. Brush his teeth regularly to avoid accumulated plaque or consistent foul breath.

Health And Vaccination

Gaddi Dog has known to be quite a healthy dog with hardly any noticeable or serious health issues. Having been exposed to harsh conditions in the rough terrains of Himalaya, the Indian Gaddi dog has turned out to be a strong and handsome breed.

However, dogs of this size can face some issues with age. We do not say that every Gaddi kutta has to suffer these conditions but it is always better to be aware, and prepared for such sad things.

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

It is a condition in which the thighbone doesn’t fit into the hip socket causing constant friction between both. It leads to gradual degradation and eventual failure of the joint.

A similar dysfunctionality can also be seen in the elbow. Elbow joint is made up of three bones, and due to developmental abnormalities, it may not fit well with each other. This may cause limping, lameness, and pain.

Symptoms may include decreased range of motion, reluctance in rising, “bunny-hoping” or loss of thigh muscle mass.

You may ask your breeder to provide you with a certificate of the parent’s hip and elbow dysplasia tests. Feed your dog with enough calcium and fiber during his growing years to avoid bone-problems.

Note: Do not further breed dogs with hip and elbow dysplasia because it is a hereditary condition.

Bloating – Mother Of All Emergencies

Bloating, also known as Volvulus, can be common in dogs especially if they were held back from the required physical activity and overfed.

Bloating may happen due to gas or food stretch in the dog’s stomach and can lead to fatal gastric dilatation and volvulus.  It is not advisable to give water or take your dog for exercise right after a meal.

Your dog’s stomach is bloating if he seems anxious, panic-stricken, or showing vomiting tendencies.


Arthritis is a common health condition in large dog breeds which they experience in much later years of their life. It is a bone condition that develops since puppyhood and can deteriorate with time.

The cartilage in the joint causes increased friction thereby damaging it.

The symptoms may be including reluctance to exercise, lameness, discomfort, pain, licking at joints, and the dog appearing to be slower.

Arthritis, sadly, cannot be cured but the vet may suggest certain pain-killers and antibiotics lessen the pain. Mild conditions, however, can be treated with minor surgery.

A Gaddi dog should be vaccinated with canine parvovirus and for canine distemper at 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 weeks of age and then a booster every three years.
Make sure to also get a deworming vaccination plan for your pooch from your vet.
There is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to dog vaccination. Read our Beginner’s Guide To Dog Vaccination to have a thorough idea of it before you adopt this little fido. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A gaddi dog is very affectionate and friendly. However, it may come out as a dangerous dog due to his strong territorial instincts. It can go to any extent to protect his pack and may in turn bite, attack, or nip the threat. Unless you are the threat, you don’t really have to worry.

Gaddi dog price in India ranges between INR 1,500 to 5,000. We at dogisworld do not support the trading of dogs and advice you to adopt and not shop. High chances a gaddi dog might be waiting for you in an animal shelter.

It is generally found in the northern part of India, especially in the mountainous regions of Himachal and Uttarakhand. It may be difficult to adopt a Gaddi dog in the southern parts, however.

No. A gaddi dog was bred and has been living in the rough and mountainous terrains of Himachal, Uttarakhand, and Kashmir. Indian Gaddi dog is used to cold weather and is not hot-weather resistant. Adopting a gaddi kutta in the harsh hot conditions like that of Delhi will only cause them discomfort.

There are three theories to answer where Gaddi dog came from. Some say the Indian Gaddi dog existed since the beginning of the world and has been serving as hunter and guard dogs to nomads of Himachal, Kashmir, and Uttarakhand.
The local masters of Gaddi kutta like to believe that they have come from cross-breeding wild dingoes with Tibetan Mastiff.
Another rumor has it that a tiger was crossed with a dog but that is biologically not possible.

Once annually. Gaddi kutta has an average litter size of 5 to 12 puppies.
Since it is in the critically endangered category, inbreeding is a great service for this dog but do not overbreed them. Overbreeding can lead to serious health issues in the baby as well as the mother.

Similar Breed

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