Dogs are often given the title of stress-busters. But imagine them being a therapy dog who also excels in intelligence and obedience?

Whippets are the best dog for a person living alone far away from their loved ones. Individuals who need to be looked after need a dog that is alarming all the time. They tend to bark a lot which makes them suitable for senior-friendly dogs as elderly people are often insecure.

Are whippet dogs capable of understanding the needs and requirements of humans unlike other breeds or what exactly makes them stand out from other breeds?

Whippets Pictures

Whippets Facts

Avg. Weight: 20 to 50 pounds

Avg. Height: 18 inches to 22 inches

Life Expectancy: 12 to 15

Dog Group: Hound dogs

AKC Rank 61

At A Glance

Size: (4/5) – whippets are bigger than medium-sized dogs who are easy to handle.

Affection Level (5/5) – Whippets are extremely loving in nature to any person.

Apartment Friendly (5/5) – They are the best dogs to a pet in an apartment or condo.

Cold Weather Tolerability (1/5) – They do not enjoy cold conditions as they don’t have many furs.

Hot Weather Tolerability (4/5) – They enjoy being in hot weather as long as they can play

Barking Tendencies (1/5) – They are disciplined and do not bark unnecessarily. Barking is rarely seen among them.

Cat-Friendly (3/5) – If cats do not give them a hard time in almost everything, then both the pets can be pretty good friends

Dog-Friendly (4/5) – They are very friendly with dogs especially the ones who are playful.

Exercise Needs (4/5) – The need for the physical workout is very essential in this breed.

Grooming Needs (2/5) – Because it sheds less, the need for grooming is very less.

Playfulness (5/5) – Hound breed is very playful in general. Whippets are the first to start a game.

Trainability (4/5) – Being intelligent, whippets get trained easily with very minimum efforts

Intelligence (4/5) – Whippets are very intelligent and can master things very quickly.

Mouthiness (4/5) – They are averagely moderate to high in nipping, chewing and


Price Group (2/5) $1000 to $1500- Despite being a unique breed it does not cost much.

About Whippets


Developed in the 18th century to hunt small animals like rabbits, this poor man’s dog was very famous among the working class after the feature of hunting was found. The working class would appoint them to race and bets were placed making the game more interesting and fun.

The whippet breed gets a small-sized fur with a dense coat making itself suitable for only hot climatic conditions.

The whippets are the offspring of Miniature greyhound and small terrier breeds. The two dog breeds are equally affectionate, intelligent and protective.

They are also known for the companionship they offer. They are pretty much better than most of the competitor dogs. They are intelligent enough to get trained easily. They are also known for the temperament they possess which can make obedience training challenging but it has also been observed that most of the dogs are pretty good obedience.

Whippets dogs are very outgoing only if the socialization process starts early. They should be exposed to everything in their surrounding as early as possible. Whippets have strong prey drives and can hunt down any animal that is not superior to them. Cats can stay peacefully with them only if they do not create a problem.

If they are seeing other animals from a very you age then they might not get so anxious to kill them and can be in a good bond with them. But it is very important to keep an eye on the pets and their activities.

Their prey drive is what makes them unsuitable to walk off leashes, moreover, they tend to chase small animals wherever they see one.

They do not ask for much except love and affection. Sometimes when they feel low, they just want you to adore them in the best possible way so that they regain their motivation and energy to persist in any conditions.

Where Whippet dogs Came From?

They were developed in England around the late 1700 with the motive of hunting small animals like rabbits. To be more specific the Whippet dog breed was first inter-bred in Lancashire and Yorkshire by a Hound and a terrier which resulted in a fearless, affectionate and intelligent.

They also gained popularity among the working class who would race their whippets and see which one killed most of the rabbits. The whippets were very agile and fast which made them superior in such races. The race got so famous that it was named rag race.

As the working class had helped in improving their activities, it is believed that the upper class help them in their grooming and made them more acceptable to people.

In the year 1891, the England Kennel Club recognized them as a breed and the first whippet who was recognized with the American Kennel Club was the dog names Jack in 1888.


Whippets can be pretty tall but their final growth can be seen once they are mature. In general, the size of male whippets go around 19 to 22 inches and in females, 18 to 21inches.

The weight does not vary much in them. The male whippet dog weighs around 34 pounds and the female weigs around 29.

Better food quality and exercise will make sure that they are getting the growth required. Always go quality over quantity.


Whippet puppy is very easy to train for their intelligence. Though initially training them can take some patience.

They are very outgoing with any training. They can burn most of their energy in training. Coming from a past where they were made to race, Whippets can run for a longer duration. They can do so for their superb agility and active body.

The little one should be trained in a fenced area because they tend to jump and run all over. Supervising their moves is very important.

They should socialize at a very young age so that they do not get ferocious to other animals and create a situation of fear. It is equally to give them obedience training so that they obey all your orders.

Because they make really good companion dogs, it is a must to make them well-mannered and well adjusted.

Colors & Grooming

Just like the hounds, they are available in almost all the colors. You can find them in red, brown, cream, white and black combinations. These colors can come in spots or patches.

To groom them one can use the normal rubber brush and gently swipe in down through the furs which will take out the little loose hair they have. Bathing them frequently should be avoided unless they go out to play every day.

Whippet dog breeds get a very thin coat which makes them more vulnerable to scratches and tears which might need stitches and can be very painful. So, keep on checking for any such tears or scratches and if any should be immediately addressed to the veterinarian consultant.

In the process of grooming, nail trimming is very important. Keep checking their nails for any accumulated dirt particles. Trimming their nails should only be done when they are clicking the nails on the floor.

Be very cautious while trimming their nails as their nail contains blood vessels which if been cut can cause unnecessary bleeding and can be hard to stop.

Another important thing that gets included in the process of grooming is brushing their teeth. The buildup of tartar and plaque can cause gingivitis among them. Therefore, it is very essential to clean their teeth regularly. Their teeth should be brushed at least 2-3 times every week.

Check for any rashes or sores in their body. These are something that we often miss to do and when observed, become a big risk.

Also, check for any ear wax as they tend to get accumulated ear wax. Take a small cotton ball, damp it with ear cleansing cream and clean the ear very gently.

Common Diseases

Targeting the Eyes

Eye Diseases

Sometimes the dogs tend to get eye infections. It is important to ask the breeder for the medical history of the parents and the pup.

Targeting The Body

Von Willebrand’s Disease

Dogs affected with Von Willebrand’s disease will have symptoms like nose bleeding, gum bleeding and continuous bleeding from any surgery. This disease hampers the clotting process and can also cause among Humans.


This disease is usually not found in dogs but there are therapy and instruments like the collar vibrator. There are many more aids available

Anesthesia Sensitivity

The body of the hound has a very less amount of fat percentage and this can be the reason they are not used to anesthesia. If the same amount of anesthesia s given to the hound ith that o any other do breed, the consequences can be so bad that the anesthesia can kill them in no time


Feeding them is very easy and simple too. They would need 1 to 1.5 cup of dry organic food divided into 2 meals

Make sure you do not give him an ample amount of food for the day so that they can eat whenever they want. Doing this will increase the risk of being obese and will be prone to health issues.

The amount of food required for the dog also depends upon health and growth. In some, the intake of food can be more and in some, the food can be in very less amount.

Make sure to give them foods that are high in protein and vitamins as these two essentials will help them recover from any disease if any.

To find out what good food you should provide the puppy with, click here.

Vaccination and Care

They need vaccinations just like any other canine would require. The general vaccines like the Distemper, Parvo-virus, Para-influenza, Anti-rabies, leptospirosis, and coronavirus

There can be some additional vaccines required for the pup. Going to the veterinarian can give you a better idea.

Whippet dog breeds have a very thin coat so they would need a sweater or a wooly coat to cover their body if you are staying in a place with clod climatic conditions

Firstly you would need to fence your backyard so that they do not jump off or run away. They are great runners and have extensive prey drives. They can kill small inferior animals in no time.

They should be taken on walks and exercises. They would need a 15 to 20 minutes’ walk to conclude their session exercise session. They are very active throughout the day hence, they do not require much exercise.

Moreover, they are not many out-house dogs. They prefer to stay inside with the owner and cuddle.

Giving them a crate training will help both of you to stay safe. It will ensure that the pup is not eating anything wrong or doing any activity that they are not supposed to. 

Try to praise him when he did something good and treat him with treats as a token of appreciation. This will help them to stay motivated all the time.

Monthly Expense Estimation:

One can expect a bill between $90 to $100 every month. This amount includes their food vaccines, toys, and other miscellaneous things.

The dog breed itself can be quite expensive and can go as far as $1500. For the best quality breed, one may have to spend more than the mentioned amount.

Additional illness among the dog may cause to spend more amount of money. To avoid this, one should feed them with good quality food and should ensure their safety.

Whippets Behavior:

Children: They are very famous among elder kids who would know how to handle them. You can easily give them the responsibility and leave for work. It is still advised to check on the babies

Dogs: They are okay with other animals as they have prey drives towards inferior animals. Dogs do more or less well with them. In some dogs, the bonding can be very good

Cats: They will let the cat roam around and do whatever they want to. But the cats should not forget the limitations they have or else the consequences can be worse.


Hailing from England, this breed was very famous among the working class as people would race their whippets against each other.

Whippets are generally lengthier in size. They are not made for outdoor and love to stay inside and cuddle with the owner.

Training them is not that tough and can be done with ease but some patience is required. They should be appreciated if they’ve done something well. You can either opt for giving them a treat.

They should be given an adequate amount of food so that they get enough amount of energy and stamina to perform the day to day tasks. Make sure you give them the amount of food required. Feeding them with more food can cause obesity in them.

Just like humans, they would need exercise and training. Being a hound breed it has tendencies to jump and run behind small animals. This makes them highly exposed to their wild instincts.

They are prone to certain health issues which should be always checked so that they do not get exposed to it. Keeping the checkups with the vet that too on a fixed schedule should fix the issue.

They shed nearly none hence, grooming is not required to them. One can check for the ear, teeth, and nails and should be cleaned and trimmed with care.

They come in almost all the colors available. They might need some warm clothes to keep them warm if living in cold climatic conditions.

They do fine with the older kids as they know how to handle them. But can get cranky with cats on time.

Companion dogs are very hard to find so it is suggested that if you come across one, make sure you help them with whatever help they require. If you are petting one of these, then you have made an amazing choice.

Something Fun about Whippets!

They are not good in protection. So it is better to appoint someone for the role.

They can eat food more than any dog breed can.

They love to sleep on the furniture. So make sure that you have everything fixed.

This was all about the loving and friendly Whippets.

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Happy Petting To You Guys!


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