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Dogisworld is a dog welfare company established for the sole purpose of rescuing abandoned dogs and giving them a good night’s sleep. Our passion for making our planet a better place for dogs has fuelled us to start the website and dedicate 20% of our profits for the welfare of dog and the rest 80% to keep the website running.

Why Advertise On

By promoting your product or service on, you are extending your hand to save a dog’s life and helping us create a better world of dogs.

You also get:

  1. A pool of dog owner audience who visit us regularly and would love to consider your product.
  2. Your brand will get a backlink from a reputed website which will increase your website’s reputation.
  3. Your brand will also be reach our subscribers who are increasing every day!

How Can You Promote Your Ideas With Us?

We offer following ways of promotion to our advertisers:

  1. Pet Product Review
  2. Sponsored Post
  3. Social Media
  4. Link Suggestion (Backlink)
  5. Website Ad Space
  6. Increase your brand reach through our E-mail subscribers

Audience Demographics

United States of America – 62.24%

India – 11.90%

United Kingdom – 7%

Other Countries (Canada, Australia, South Africa) – 18.86%

How Much Do We Charge?

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You can reach us at and we will send you our quotations as soon as possible.

Terms & Conditions

  • We do not accept offensive, obscene, fraudulent, and misleading ads.
  • Ads must not contain any 3rd party mention.
  • We do not endorse Tobacco, Ammunition, or Gambling related products.

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