Bernedoodle is a perfect friend for you in times when you feel low. The Bernedoodle puppies are the cross between the Bernese mountain dog and the poodle, both of them possess amazing characteristics.

The pups love to stay around their families especially if you have a junior member. They are also famous for their loving nature and responsive mind which further makes them distinctive.

The bernedoodle dog is classified into three sizes. The toy size, the miniature ones and the bernadoodle standard size.

The bernedoodle breed will definitely bring a smile on the parent’s face. No matter how naughty the Pup is.  

Bernedoodle Pictures

Bernedoodle Facts

Avg. Weight: 8-85 pounds

Avg. Height: 12-19 inches

Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

Dog Group: mixed breed

Colors:  Black, Black and white, black and brown

At A Glance

Things you should know about bernedoodle puppies

Size (3/5) 

Bernedoodle kennels vary between 11 inches to 29 inches depending upon the food habits.

Affection Level (5/5)

This breed is very affectionate towards its parents and other members.

Apartment Friendly (3/5)

They will compromise in the apartment but only if you promise to take him on a walk.

Cold Weather Tolerability (5/5)

Genes in bernedoodle include the traits of a mountain dog hence it can survive in harsh conditions

Hot Weather Tolerability (3/5)

They won’t bother you unless the heat is giving them a hard time to play. 

Barking Tendencies (3/5)

These breed is much more family-oriented. It likes to relax rather than shouting.

Cat Friendly (3/5)

They don’t mind sharing you with any other pet. In fact they try to bond with them

Dog Friendly (4/5)

The same goes for the dogs. They will certainly be friend with the other mate.

Exercise Needs (3/5)

They love to stay out so a 30 to 40 minutes’ walk should be enough for the pup.

Grooming Needs (3/5)

Grooming them is moderately important by a professional in every 3 months.

Playfulness (5/5)

Bernedoodle kennels are happy-go-lucky and enjoy a playtime everytime.

Trainability (4/5)

The bernedoodle dog gets trained easily. Just some gentle behavior is enough.

Intelligence (5/5)

Bernedoodle puppies are very intelligent and prove to be not lesser than a human being

Mouthiness (4/5)

The only way a pup can show its love by licking your face. Bernedoodle does the same.

Price Group (2/5)

Bernedoodle price range begins at 2400 $ and goes as far as 4000$

About Bernedoodles

The bernedoodle dog is considered to be the happiest dog and their parents are considered to be the coolest. The goofy pups are ever-ready for a fetch-the-stick game.

The new cross breed is very unique in its group for its intelligence which is inherited by Bernese Mountain dogs.

In spite of being a hybrid dog it can adapt itself into harsh climate conditions without complaining. They can be the most obedient at times and might not break the vase kept on the table. These apartment friendly dog possesses the feature of a smart human.

Bernedoodle won’t make you feel lonely ever. This breed also needs love in a huge quantity to survive. This dog is prone to health issues for the reason being a cross breeds.

Where Did Bernedoodles Come From?

Bernedoodle dog came into existence after Sherry Rupke of Swissridge Kennel tried cross mating the Bernese mountain dog and the Poodle in the year 2003. The Bernedoodle includes the traits of both, a Poodle and a Bernese.

The hybrid designer dog is believed to be the member of Canine Hybrid Club. The Bernese is found in Switzerland and the poodles are found in Germany and France.


Genes play a vital role when it comes to the growth of a Bernedoodle puppy

They are generally categorized into 3 sizes, the toy, miniature and, the standard size.

The toy size bernedoodle is 11 to 18 inches. The mini sized pups grow between 17 to 22 inches and the standard sized bernedoodle grows as much as 29 to 30 inches.

The size of these cuties also depends on the diet and the living conditions. Some of them also tend to grow higher in size and in some growth may not be much. Whatever the size is, this dog will love you till it counts its last breath.

The size in these pups varies a lot depending upon the eating habits and the nutrients absorbed by the body. In some dogs the growth takes place a bit slow because of their varied habits and lifestyle.


These fluffy creatures get trained with a lot of ease. Because of their intelligence they tend to learn and adapt things too quick. Being harsh on them will not be ethical.

If one does not train Bernedoodle it might get a bit cranky and might not be the obedient and polite dog you are looking for.

After the meals it is suggested to take them out for a walk which will result in a proper habit of meal schedule and potty training. Getting a professional trainer for such things will be easier for you.

Hurting them physically or mentally for a training is not something they would look forward to, because they are considered to be sensitive dogs.


Bernedoodle dogs are cute but to keep up the cuteness they need to be groomed as well. It is advised to keep these little pups happy and healthy by maintaining a schedule of their shower.

Bernedoodle shedding is the most when the parent does not maintain a proper hygiene standard. The pup should be bathed routinely and should be groomed by a professional in every 3 months to make sure it stays healthy.

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Bernedoodle grooming can be tricky but a kid needs a parent to help him stay clean and tidy. Brushing is a very important factor that needs to be taken care of. The puppies should be at least brushed twice daily to make sure that their furs are tangle free and safe from mats.

Sores are yet another fear among the Bernedoodle dog which can cause a lot of irritation among them. Brushing their furs will make a good blood flow in the body and will help them to stay happy and healthy.

Common Diseases


Some bernedoodle are prone to dysplasia which is commonly found in the Bernese mountain dogs. It is a mismatch of hip socket and femur bone which sometimes do not fit properly. It is one of the painful things to happen to the Bernedoodle breed

Another problem that might occur in them are the elbow dysplasia. This can cause for ill nutrients that the body had absorbed or maybe a fatal injury in the past. The growth of the bones is weak hence the joints are mismatched which may cause severe pain.

Targeting The Nasal Cavity

Nasal cavity problems are not generally found in Bernedoodle but to be on the safer side one should keep the pup with regular visits to the vet.

Targeting The Skin

Colour dilution is an inherited disease from the parents which result in fading skin color and hair loss from relevant parts of body. There is no treatment for this particular disease.

Sebaceous adentis is a rare disease found in poodles and is often inherited to the Bernedoodles. In this disease it is often found small humps formed on the body of the pup they are prone to bacteria and Alopecia.

Targeting The Eyes

Cataract is one commonly found disease among the Bernedoodle. They lose the pace of activity because of a blurry vision. It should be treated soon to ensure the eradication of any discomfort.

Targeting The Nervous System

This breed generally does not suffer from any nervous disorders.

Targeting The Body

Hypoadrenocortcism is disease where the pup might feel lethargic because it fails to produce hormones in the body eventually slowing down of the metabolism. This can result in vomiting and weight loss.

Lifestyle Disorders

Bernedoodle Kennels are also said to be prone to cancer but there were no such cases registered.


Just like every other dog this breed also needs a proper diet and a balanced nutrition intake to make sure it stays healthy and no hindrances occur during its growth. Nutrient values and diets depend on the size of the pup you have.

For the first three months dog food can be given to the pups but checking their nutritional value is much more important. Make sure to check the nutrients value before you feed the dog. They can also be left for gazing.

As soon as the Bernedoodle reaches its fourth month, the owner should feed them with the meal on-time with at least three meals every day. This should be made a practice so that the pup can be on a schedule.

On reaching the sixth month the meal should be cut down to 2 meals each day. This will help the Bernedoodle to stay healthy and will further cut down the risk of being obese. This particular routine should be maintained for the long term.

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Vaccination And Care

Vaccinations for all the dogs are same. The vaccines like the Anti-rabies, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis should also be given to this breed. Other vaccines will be constant as well.

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Regular care should also be taken so that they cut down the chances of falling sick. A regular visit to the vet should solve the problem.

Monthly Expense Estimation

Since Bernedoodle kennel shed very less or none amount of furs so the expenses are not much on the higher side as you would need a professional only to clip your little friend’s coat that too in 3 months

Being the mixed breed it has tendencies to fall sick often which may further extend your monthly expenditure.

Bernedoodle puppies are very well known for their playfulness and socialized behavior. They would be needing toys to play when you are away at your work. So it’s better you don’t provide him the opportunity to play with those expensive shoes.

As far as vaccination and food expenses goes, it does not take much to keep them happy. This would cost the same amount of money as on any other breed. One can expect a bill of $1500 annually for the maintenance.

Bernadoodle Behaviour

Children: They are considered to be very friendly among everyone. They love being around kids especially when the kids are younger than them.

Dogs:  Toys are old. If a bernedoodle finds another dog then they might not mind hanging around with the fellas.

Cats: They are equally affectionate to other animals and respect them unless they try to use the couch.


The berne-poodle has its own charm. The Bernese and the poodle inherit some great qualities among this breed. Their friendliness and joyful nature is what makes them stand out as an exception.

Being the cross breed it is also very prone to diseases. Solutions to these are vaccination which might not burn a hole in your pocket as every dog owner has to go through this.

Apart from these they also need a proper training and exercise followed by a routine diet which would help them stay healthy and amazing all the time. Maintenance can be one of a tough job but having a pup and not helping him stay clean is not really what a dog owner would appreciate.

It certainly adapts itself to all the places except a hot summer day. Adjusting with other creatures is a no big deal for the Bernedoodle Puppies.

But these little pups do not ask for anything else than your love.

Just like Bernedoodle all other dogs are seeking for a parent to love and to be love by. Affection towards dogs  are usually found in everyone these days but getting loved and pampered that too by a dog is definitely something unusual.

Something Fun About Bernedoodles!

The bernedoodle is the only dog which loves to relax a lot but when it comes to adventure the pup has to be first on the list. Yes, he cannot afford to lose itself from the hiking trips.

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