White body with the solids of black, Dalmatian is the chocolate boy of dogs.

It is the canine you recognize with a look and go with a stare.

Best known for its fondness of running, the dog’s pedigree belongs to a region named Dalmatia which now is a part of the country Croatia. 

A Dalmatian puppy is born without solid spots and the history of the dog’s special skin is obscure.

Quick Facts

Avg. Weight: 45-70 pounds

Avg. Height: 19-24 inches

Life Expectancy: 11-13 years

Dog Group: non-sporting dog group

Colours: liver and white, black and white

Other Names: dals, dally, plum pudding dog, carriage dog, firehouse dog

Dog Rank: 56/193 (United States of America)

At A Glance

  • Size (3/5)

The magnificent Dalmatian dog is a medium-size muscular dog with high-class agility weighing about 40-70 pounds with an average height of 19-24 inches.

The Dalmatians are perfectly sized dog breed with a sleek body and smooth coat.    

  • Affection Level (5/5)

All dogs of this canine are very affectionate with their family, particularly the little children.

The dog is a choice you should make if you are someone who is into regular running, jogging or cycling.

  • Apartment-Friendly (2/5)

The dog has a long history of having noble occupations from being carriage dogs to fire-fighter dogs and lastly as amazing companion dogs.

These naturally outgoing dogs prefer large houses to that of apartments.

However, many from the Dalmatian breed have proven to be comfortable in apartments as well.

  • Cold Weather Tolerability (3/5)

Worrying about your Dal’s health? Aha, then please keep the dog away from the bitter cold that the dog finds difficult to adjust to.

They perform well in moderate climates with lots of play and sufficient water to drink.

  • Hot Weather Tolerability (4/5)

Sunnyside up! Yes, that is what your Dalmatian would have said if given the ability to talk.

The dog adores moderate climate and will do really well in hot weather.

You need to make sure the pooch has excess to enough of fresh and clean water to keep it hydrated at all times.

  • Barking Tendencies (2/5)

Dals do bark, but not that would create a nuisance.

Their barking tendency would require a purpose.

The dogs are pleasant overall and would bark when in need of play and exercise.

  • Cat-Friendly (3/5)

Dalmatians will make your home an animal-friendly one with its history of being good with other animals including cats in the house.

Dalmatian puppies need a gradual introduction with cats around the house and once the two get along, you will need a purpose to break the bond.   

  • Dog-Friendly (4/5)

You need to know that this breed is a lover of horses.

This love spreads to other dogs and similar animals as well.

Dalmatian temperament is of a dog who will want play and play, with it with humans or other dogs.

  • Exercise Needs (5/5)

If there is a breed that requires ten on ten exercising then it is the spotty Dalmatian dog.

The canine has a history of running and trotting along with horses and this makes them prime candidates as cross-country runners.   

  • Grooming Needs (5/5)

The silky smooth coat isn’t a problem with the groom.

But the breed will require a little more grooming care than just normal.

The breed is said to shed a lot and needs at least once in a day brushing.

Also, maintaining daily dental hygiene and nail trimming is essential for a Dalmatian.    

  • Playfulness (4/5)                                                                          

Your Dalmatian pooch will always be up for a play.

The dog is at its best when given the time to play with its family and other pet friends.

Apart from these, the breed is very fond of horses who are one of their greatest playmates.   

  • Trainability (4/5)

The dogs belonging to the Dalmatian breed are observed to be good adapters.

They will quickly adapt to what you make them learn.

It is essential to give the Dalmatian puppy with basic training such as obedience training, potty training, etc.

  • Intelligence (4/5)

Underneath the spotted white skin, is a body that is born to be rightly intelligent and smart enough to follow clear instructions when being trained.

The dog is not for everyone.

These intelligent living beings need a task that is constantly challenging the brain.

  • Mouthiness (2/5)

Dalmatian dogs can be mouthy.

You need to train the dog well to control its licking and biting nature.

The breed drools as well.

Groom your dog regularly to reduce its drooling habits.

  • Price Group (3/5)

Dalmatians gained popularity from the animated movie Dalmatian 101.

This led to their hike in price all across the world.

Dalmatian dogs for sale would cost you $500 to $1,000 on average.

About the breed



Surprisingly, the Dalmatian puppies aren’t born with attractive black spots.

The spots are likely to appear after 3-4 weeks.

Dalmatian temperament at its puppy stage is of a dog that is innocent, chewy and curious to know about things around.

They weigh not more than 2 lbs in size as pups.



Adult Dalmatian dogs are medium-sized spotty animals that come in spots of liver or pure black in color.

A fully grown from this breed weighs about 70 pounds on an average.

One of the many Dalmatian facts includes that the dog has a unique urinary system than that of other dogs.

Where The Breed Came From?

dog from croatia

What history tells us is that this unique dog traveled from its native place known as Dalmatia, where the breed gets its name from.

Today this place is in Croatia where the dog was a popular one around horses and carriages.

The Dalmatians guarded the border regions of its country that brings in the natural guarding ability of the dog.

Several paintings have shown them around horses.

The name carriage dog was given for this reason.



Dals are medium-sized dogs. They form the square shape when looked closely.

The average Dalmatian weight is 45-70 pounds and 19-24 inches in height.

The body of a Dalmatian dog is sleek, well-coated and perfect for its size.

Dals are runners by birth and long runs with a lot of fun play are very important aspects of keeping the dog in its best size and shape.



Training a dog is like educating a child. Basic mannerism is important in dogs.

Dalmatians are perfect if you’re looking for a dog breed that is highly trainable and active sports dogs.

The canine will learn instructions quickly remember them when needed.

Dals are quick learners and training them would not seem very difficult.


dalmatian grooming

The famous “Dalmatian 101” made many admirers of the dog breed.

But the dog may not be for all.

I say this because of its tendency to shed a lot.

Many humans are allergic to dogs and Dalmatian is not the breed that is hypoallergenic.

The shedding may cause trouble to for family members.

However, what one can do is use a medium bristle brush and comb the little pooch regularly.

They require daily nailing and dental care as well.

Common Diseases

Common Diseases
  • Urolithiasis:

Urolithiasis is a serious condition in which formation of stones take place in the urinary tract.

This condition is prone to not all breeds but some specific ones.

Dalmatian dogs suffer from this if attention is not paid on their food habits.

  • Hip Dysplasia:

Hip dysplasia is an inherited disease.

 Before owning a Dalmatian dog, one must do a thorough check of any history of hip dysplasia as it is obtained genetically. 

Hip dysplasia can cause severe pain to the dog in one or both the hips.

This would restrict their walking and jumping activities.

Adding to this, obesity can worsen up the situation by exerting more pressure on the hips in the form of weight.

Although it is a genetic disease, the right care from the early weeks of the Dalmatian puppy can help prevent it.

If not, it can lead to dangerous conditions of arthritis. 

  • Deafness:

Deafness in Dalmatians is a growing concern.

About 30% percent of Dalmatian Puppies are known to be deaf.

Deaf Dalmatians need next level care.

They might not hear a honking car over the road which is something that can take away the poor helpless dog’s life.

Many individuals train their deaf Dals with hand signs for better understanding.

  • Skin Allergies:

The beautiful coat of the canine comes with certain drawbacks.

The skin is highly sensitive.

Skin allergies are common with airborne allergens as well as others including shampoo and food allergies.

The dog’s vet needs to guide upon what medications will be helpful.

  • Epilepsy/Seizures:

If an adult Dalmatian is seen running thinking being chased, reacting abnormally or losing conscientiousness, 

He/she may be a target of a neurological disorder known as Epilepsy or seizures.

If the disease is left unattended, it can even lead to the death of the beagle dog.

However, the right medication can cure this disease.

  • Hyperactivity:

Hyperactivity is a state of being abnormally very active.

This can happen with dogs as well and when you own a Dalmatian, keep yourself ready for a lot of new things.

Hyperactivity in Dalmatians can exhaust them unnecessarily with causes the body to overheat and require more water.

  • Obesity:

Over-fed and under-exercised Dalmatian dog can gain excessive weight leading to obesity.

Excessive body weight can exert pressure on the legs making your Dal pooch lazy.

  • Bone Spurs:

Bone spurs mean overgrown bone joints.

Your Dalmatian pooch is prone to have bone spurs around the joints.

Joints of dogs particularly those who are aging are likely to wear and tear their spine and hip joints.

This may give the dog pain and turn it into a lazy couch potato. 

  •  Gout:

Gout is a type of arthritis when there is a more than usual amount of uric acid running in the bloodstream.

The inability to urinate or redness in urination are a few signs of gout in dogs.

The Dalmatian dog is a target of this problem because of the poor canine’s different urinary system that gives so many problems.

You may prevent the disease by changing your dog’s food and giving a whole lot of water.

  •  Hyperuricemia:

Dalmatian breed lacks uricase named enzyme.

This gives an invitation to Hyperuricemia in adult Dalmatian dogs.

This condition occurs when the level of uric acid is high in the body.   


dalmatian eating

Your Dalmatian pooch is a different breed altogether.

Where most of the dog breeds need more protein in their diet, it is discouraged to give a Dalmatian dog with a lot of protein due to its inability to digest the same.

They lack a particular enzyme that aids in doing the same in other canine bodies.

There are a lot of food items that are strictly not allowed for dogs. Learn about toxic foods for dogs.

However, consider giving the canine easy access to fresh and clean water to remain hydrated at all times.

The following is a list of things you as a feeder of a Dalmatian dog should or should not put in the bowl. 

Suggested: Senior Dog Food


Eggs (boiled) Broccoli
Sweet potatoes (cooked) Carrots
Yogurt Bananas
Cheese Apple
Squash (cooked) Peas


Turkey Onion
Tuna Shrimp
Chicken Hops
Shallots Cherry pits
Raisins Walnuts
Grapes Chocolates
Avocados Yeast
Garlic Milk

Vaccination And Care

  1. 2 weeks: Deworming (Every 2 weeks until he is 12 weeks old)
  2. 12-14 weeks: rabies vaccination
  3. 16 weeks and ahead: rabies vaccination

Read: Guide To Dog Vaccination

Monthly Expense Estimation

dalmatian dog breed

Your Dalmatian dog is a happy go lucky dog.

You will need to spend some money off your pocket to maintain this beautiful dog’s health.

The following are sub-sections where you will need to spend on a monthly basis.

  • Feeding

Dalmatians are food lovers and you should consider spending about $50 to $60 monthly.

  • Veterinarian and vaccination expenses

The vet expenses may seem the most pocket expenditure for you.

Vaccinations have become expensive and on average, you may spend $150 to $200 dollars.

  • Training

Dalmatians are easy learners.

They require training and good trainers to charge about $100 per month.

  • Snacks

The dog is not someone who will require a lot of treats.

Although Dalmatians would love snacks that you offer, you wouldn’t spend more than $20 per month.

Behaviour With

  • Children:
with children

The Dalmatian dog is a lovely pet around children.

They need to be trained to behave well with kids and children to need guidance when around the pet dogs.

However, no breed should be left alone with children unsupervised.

  • Dogs:
with other dogs

Dalmatians are adorers of dogs.

They have the natural tendency of being friendly around other canines.

The popular carriage dog has a strong history with horses and this does reflect when playing along with other dogs.

  • Cats:
with cats

The dog breed has a lower prey drive towards cats.

They can nicer to cats once taught to do so.


dalmatian funny

The chocolate boy of dogs, Dalmatian is popularly known as plum pudding dog because of its appearance.

Croatia is the country it belongs to.

The name of the dog comes from the region called Dalmatia in present-day Croatia.

A Dalmatian puppy is born without the dark spots and develops them after 3 to 4 weeks.

The dog has had a vivid history of being carriage dogs, coach dogs, fire-fighting dogs and finally a lovely companion dog to have in homes.

They have a diet different from other dogs of their size.

Dalmatians need a protein eliminated diet.

Dalmatian facts include that the breed has a unique urinary system.

Keep your Dalmatian dog hydrated at all times.

Dals are easily trainable.

This will give you another reason to decide to have the breed as your dog of the house.

On the whole, Dalmatians are not for everyone.

Chose it only if you have the time for its high need for exercise and play.

Not able to decide your dog. Check out the new dog checklist.

Something Fun About Dalmatians!

  • Dalmatian 101
dalmatian 101

Dalmatian 101 was an American comedy animated film that gained wide popularity in young kids all across.

The film featured Dalmatian dogs. However, the film gained controversy as well.

Animal protection argued that the Dalmatian breed was being bred on large scale harming the breed in all ways. 

  • Dog Owner’s Corner
with man

Having this beauty named Dalmatian can make anyone’s day.

The breed is a lovely one with a lovely owner.

They believe in healthy lives and fit bodies.

As a Dalmatian owner one will always see the inside beauty more vibrantly than the external one.

Own a Dalmatian dog today.

Always consider adopting a homeless one before adopting it from a breeder.

Write down to us with all that you have with this breed.

Down is the comment section for you.

Woof woof!


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