10 Amazing Facts About The Black Mouth Cur Which Will Leave You Awestruck!

black mouth cur


When you read Black Mouth Cur or BMC, you might have taken a pause and wondered what is the ‘Cur’ in the name of a dog. Turns out that the ‘Cur’ itself means a ‘Dog’ interesting, isn’t it?

Originating in the Southern United States, the BMC is a hunting and an overall utility or a work dog. The dog also has a nickname BMC. The Black Mouth Cur is also called the Southern Black Mouth Cur or Yellow Cur.

The Black Mouth Cur mouth has a black muzzle which is why it is called the Black Mouth Cur. It is generally available in different shades of fawn mostly from white to mahogany.

If you love dogs that aren’t tiny, fluffy and cute but strong muscled and rugged, Black Mouth Cur is just the right dog for you.

Black Mouth Cur Pictures

Black Mouth Cur Facts

Average Weight: 40 to 90 pounds (male), 35 to 80 pounds (female)

Average Height: 18-25 inches (male), 16-23 inches (female)

Life Expectancy: 12-16 years

Dog Group: Not known

AKC rank: –

At a Glance

Size (4/5)

Black Mouth Cur size can vary depending on its height and breeding factors. The male can weigh around 90 pounds and 25 inches tall and the female around 80 pounds and 23 inches tall.

Affection Level (5/5)

BMC’s are work dogs. They are very loyal, loving and protective towards their families.

Apartment Friendly (1/5)

Not at all an apartment dog. Your BMC will need enough space as they require tons of exercise.

A house with a huge garden or a decent sized backyard is more suitable for a BMC.

Cold Weather Tolerability (3/5)

The rugged coat with coarse hair can make them tolerate cold and often they love chilling in the cold weather.

Hot Weather Tolerability (3/5)

BMC’s can cope with the heat pretty well but can face a tough time if the temperature levels sore to high.

Barking Tendencies (4/5)

BMC’s tend to bark occasionally but without proper training and controlling they may tend to bark aggressively.

Cat Friendly (1/5)

Cats are extremely unsafe when around a BMC. They are hunting dogs and small creatures like cats around them are always in danger.

Dog Friendly (3/5)

This hunting genius gets along really well with other dogs. They are always up for playtime and make a good play buddy to other dogs.

Exercise Needs (5/5)

BMC’s require tons of exercise. They need immense indoor activities considering their hunting and herding history.

Grooming Needs (5/5)

Very easy on the grooming part BMC’s need minimum grooming as they shed moderately.

Playfulness (4/5)

The BMC is very energetic and playful. They love attention and will be ready to play anytime.

Trainability (4/5)

They are intelligent dogs and learn very fast. Hence, training them is not a task as they adapt to the training really quickly.

Intelligence (4/5)

Bred for hunting and herding the BMC is very intelligent and confident making the training process easier for its owner.

Mouthiness (4/5)

BMC has an average potential of nibbling chewing and with the play-bites. They need to be taught good attitude in terms of Mouthiness.

Price Group (3/5)

The Black Mouth Cur price starts from $300 to $350.

About Black Mouth Cur

The BMC is an all-around utility dog or a work dog. Initially bred for hunting, this well-muscled and rugged dog may appear as very bold and scary but is an absolute softy.

Originating in the Southern United States, the black muzzled hunting dog is very energetic and athletic. They are fearless, kind, loyal and very smart. The BMC is a strong-headed dog and can outsmart his owner sometimes.

BMC’s are very friendly, loveable and protective dogs. Their size and body structure demand a lot of exercise and indoor activities.

They come in many colors Yellow and fawn, red, buckskin, brown, black or brindle. They are medium to large sized dogs depending on the genes.

The Black Mouth Cur dogs are not at all suitable for a family living in an apartment. A place with a backyard or a garden is more suitable for these active and sporty dogs.

Overall a multitalented dog the BMC can be trained for literally anything. Right from hunting to the basic “Sit” and “Stay” commands.

The Black Mouth Cur has many other types that are known as the Black mouth cur mix. The mix breeds mainly include Black Mouth Cur lab mix, Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix, Black Mouth Cur brindle and many more

BMC is intelligent, attractive and makes as a great family dog. However, they need a family who is serious about their pets and can fulfill the dog’s requirements.

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Where Did Black Mouth Curs Come from?

The BMC is popularly believed to have been bred from different ancient European and Asian “cur-type” dogs. Their exact origins are still unknown.

The term ‘Cur’ is alike the Terrier and the Hound, it collectively implies an entire breed or mixed-breed groups.

They were bred in the Southern United States for the sole purpose to serve as farm-dogs, hunting dogs or basically work dogs. The BMC is well-known for serving their masters very well.

Many believe that the Black Mouth Cur is a mixed breed dog. While some believe they are purebred. The exact facts and origin are still in debates.

Even the place of its origin tends to differ if some writers are to be believed. They claim that the Black Mouth Cur originated in Mississippi or in the mountains of Tennessee.

In Florida, the Black Mouth Cur is depicted in their old paintings, the dogs still exist in Florida and so do the historic documents.

There can be a slight difference within the breed based on the region they originate from. The Black Mouth Cur is mainly considered to be from three different states:

  • Texas – Foundation Black Mouth Curs
  • Mississippi – Ladner Yellow Black Mouth Cur
  • Florida – Black Mouth Cur


A male Black Mouth Cur size at shoulder level is between 18-25 inches tall. Whereas, the female is slightly small and is 16-23 inches tall.

Black Mouth Cur weight is totally determined by their height and condition. Yet, the males weigh around 40-95 pounds and the females weigh around 35-80 pounds.

The Black Mouth Cur has a large head but in alignment with the rest of its body. The skull is flat and broad and slightly narrows towards the muzzle.

The black muzzle is quite broad and shorter than the skull. This structure of its head and skull and muzzle make it a great receptor for scents. It also has the largest and most powerful jaw.

Overall, the Black Mouth Cur is a deep-chested dog. Its size can vary from medium to large.


This is a very intelligent breed and the Black Mouth Cur is always eager to please his owner. The training should be consistent and firm.

This dog needs to be reminded that his owner is his boss. Otherwise, the BMC can outsmart his owner and may not respond to his training.

These dogs can be a little aggressive so avoid hitting, yelling or punishing them. Every dog needs love and heaps of treats to understand the training better.

The training of a Black Mouth Cur should start when they are puppies and continue throughout their early life stages to impart obedience. Starting with the basics such as potty training and leash training.

They can be trained for hunting, herding, agility, coursing and even search and rescue. Black Mouth Cur dog breed love to have a task to complete. This means that no work can make them unhappy and not being occupied can make them destructive.

Considering all the above points it becomes clear that these dogs are not the ones to sit idle. Hence, keeping them busy and talking them for walks can also help as their mental simulation.

Colors and Grooming

The Black Mouth Cur is available in many colors such as Yellow and fawn, red, buckskin, brown, black or brindle.

They are very low maintenance in terms of grooming. Black Mouth Cur shedding is very less. Grooming and brushing once in a while is all the care it needs.

The smooth, short and sleek coat requires brushing once in a week and a rare bath. Also, cleaning their face or wiping it regularly keeps them clear of debris.

Like all other dogs, the BMC needs just the basic grooming. Brushing their coat, cleaning their teeth and ears and trimming their nails regularly.

Common Diseases

The breed Black Mouth Cur is considered to be excellent in health. However, potential genetic defects which can affect its working ability can arise.

This breed is known to have a very long-life expectancy. They are expected to live for 12-16 years or sometimes even 17-18 years.

The Black Mouth Cur is likely to face health problems such as Ear infections, eye problems, skeletal problems and epilepsy.

Targeting the Body

Ear Infection

Black Mouth Cur dogs have drop ears. Dogs with dropped ears are very prone to Ear Infections.

They work and play regularly, if they tend to play in water or just outdoors, they are likely to get ear infection. Accumulation of dirt in the ear canal or a wax buildup can cause ear infections.

The Black Mouth Cur can show symptoms of ear infection by scratching the ears, shaking the head, or tilting the head to one side frequently.

Though, the BMC is thought about as excellent at health, ear infections is more than likely to occur if not taken proper care of.


Black Mouth Curs require the same amount and quantity of food such as the other cur-type dogs.

Feed your Black Mouth Cur with good quality dog food. Give them two meals a day. You can divide the main meal in two halves and give two servings.

3/4th or half cups of dry food, divided into two meals is enough for the day.

Black Mouth Cur puppies should be given high quality dog food products. Provide your cur with mainly a raw diet.

Vaccination and Care

Black Mouth Cur needs only the basic vaccinations like all other pups.

The basic vaccinations include canine distemper virus, parvovirus, adenovirus, canine parainfluenza and rabies.

The vaccinations should be given in stages and at particular ages starting from the 6-8 weeks of age to every 3 years.

Monthly Expenses Estimation

As mentioned above the Black Mouth Cur is a low maintenance dog. The first-year expense from buying the dog to getting a leash can cost up to $500 to $700.

The monthly expense can be estimated to $50 to $70.

However, the toys can add up to the expense but overall, the cost of maintaining a BMC is quite affordable.



Absolutely fearless in the wild, Black Mouth Curs are very sensitive and protective around people.

With children they often tone-down the intense play and become sensitive, mild and very protective.

They are great and very affectionate as family dogs. Curious and smart they sense the tone of the situation and act accordingly around humans, more specifically children.


This playful, energetic and athletic dog loves to play and is seldom seen sitting idle. Thought about as fierce this breed is pretty gentle and very playful with other dogs.

Socializing the Black Mouth Cur is very important and something its owner should never avoid.

Black Mouth Curs can be hot headed and socializing them humans as well as other dogs is a must.

Once they feel safe around another dog they get along well and bond quickly.


Black Mouth Curs are hunters and dangerous around any small creature. Born with hunting instincts a cat around them is alarming.

They will chase it and hunt it. Except in cases where these dogs are previously socialized with the cat only then it can be considered safe.

Anyhow, the cat should not anger a Black Mouth Cur as it is likely to pounce on it.


The Black Mouth Cur is undeniably brawny, tough and muscular. This breed is known for its well-built body with a long tail. These are medium to large size dogs.

One particular characteristic that makes this breed unique and widely known is a Black muzzle on their mouth. They also come in various shades of coat, yellow, fawn red and buckskin.

They are believed to be a mix-breed but are actually purebred. The BMC fits in well with families who are active and spend most of their time outdoors. With a family, Black Mouth curs are very loving, affectionate and extremely protective.

They are easy to train because they are very smart and intelligent. This may make them dominant and they might think of themselves as the boss, for which the owner needs to train them in disbelieving that.

Grooming the Black Mouth Cur isn’t much of a task as they do not require much grooming. Brushing their coat regularly, trimming their nails and all basic grooming is enough for them.

This hunter dog never likes to sit idle and gets bored indoors very easily. They need tons of exercise as well. Overall, they are a great choice for families who are equally outgoing and active as the BMC himself.

Fun Facts about the Black Mouth Cur

The famous movie Old Yeller (1957) has the dog breed Black Mouth Cur. However, in the movie the dog was a Labrador retriever/mastiff mix.

In the book Old Yeller, the dog was a Southern Black Mouth or Yellow Cur.

The BMC or the cur type dogs are still not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) considering its uncertain history.

Even so the United Kennel Club (UKC) recognizes the BMC as a member of the Herding Group.

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  1. We have a black mouth cur she is the most awesome dog we’ve ever had. She loves the kids especially our great granddaughter who is 2.

  2. I am a new puppy owner. I have a 6 week old BMC, he is just as described, very energetic, lovable and fearless. I don’t have enough space for him, I also have another dog, I don’t know what to d with him just yet? Please help.

  3. I own a 3 yr old bmc . She has become very resource aggressive. I walk her every day has a huge back yard and a sister to play with . I feel like my part time job is to keep her constantly entertained . Can’t waite to get covid vaccine so I can get some help with her . She’s so loving and then will turn on you .she’s only good with other people especially men off leash and outside .

  4. The article was very informative and sounds exactly like our rescue. We think he belongs in a farm. So will try to rehome him with care and ongoing visits to make sure he is taken care of in new arrangements. He just attacked the cat down the street. We can’t have this.

  5. We had a black mouth cur female for 6 years. She was extremely sensitive to us and was willing to do whatever we did. Very trainable and well behaved around adults and children. She liked some dogs and some she didn’t, especially if they rushed into her space. She tolerated car rides, but didn’t love them. She was at her best hiking or catching a ball. She needed a good run on our daily walks. She was definitely a scent hound and would take off after a deer in a heartbeat. Best watch dog ever! We miss her terribly.

  6. I am interested in knowing if the Black Mouth Cur and the Boxachi is the same breed of dog but just known by different names. My Boxachi, Cash, favors the picture of the dog standing in the flowers (Right above the BMC facts).

  7. Despite this breed being an absolute wonder, the name suggests otherwise.
    A cur is not a good dog by any means. The word cur, in fact, refers to a “mongrel or otherwise inferior” dog. This can be found in almost every high-end English dictionary. The word cur does not mean “a dog”.
    My Black Mouth is anything but inferior and I refuse to use the word cur when refering to her. I’ve only ever had one other dog that was as attentive, loving, and intelligent as my Black Mouth and that was a Siberian Husky. Both hunters and workers, both great with people and other dogs, and suprising as it may seem, both flourished in a small appartment (vet records and bills prove this), though outside walks are a daily part of their routines. I abhor the name but applaud the breed. There needs to be a considered effort to remove the word cur from this breed’s name as they are anything but curs.

  8. We have a 6 year old black mouth/lab/pit. He has been the perfect dog for us since we got him as a 5week old pup. He is everything the article claims and more due to the wonderful lab genes, too. His dad was a red nose pit and the only thing that shows that is overall musculature and the jaw line.We rescued him from being put in a sack and thrown into the bay by his owner. He was one of 8 and the runt. Nobody wanted him…except us. So glad we saved him and thrilled to finally find his “houndish” side. Looking forward to 10+more years

  9. I AM AN 87 YEAR OLD AND I ACTUALLY OWN A BLACK MOUTH CUR FEMALE. I adopted her from a dog rescue service. Her name is Wellie which is the name they had given her and I seen no reason to change it. I had no idea what breed she was but the people I got her from said they thought she was a Black Mouth Cur. Her Vet had no idea so they list her as a German Shepherd mix. I found out her breed from visiting your website. She certainly has all the attributes you have listed, and does not like cats. I have to watch this because there are several cats next door, and I know if she catches one , it’s a goner. I have had her for about 9 years now and I have a large yard because like you say she runs like a Gazelle. I do have another dog and I have never seen two dogs get along so well, you would think he was her child, they have been together 8 years now and never a cross word. She does love my daughters and all the family. I would highly reccamend this breed for a family dog.

  10. I adopted my BMC when he was 18 months old. Beautiful golden with white chest, paw tips and tiny tip on his long tail. He already knew basic commands; sit, down, stay, shake and was pretty good on a leash and fully house trained and a real lover. He loved cats and so finally adopted one for his own – they became a bonded pair up until his death in May 2022 at 13 years of age. He was very sensitive and easily picked up on my emotions and stood fast at my side though many difficult times. He loved kids and was gentle with all. Loved to play and fetch ball, and run as faster then most other dogs. He was my heart and soul, losing him broke my heart and I still grieve the loss of my Biffster – Biff Fabulous!! His cat Middie Mitten will be joining him soon on the rainbow bridge, she misses him and has grown very frail. I pray I will reunite with him and Middie when my day comes to leave this crazy wonderful world too.

  11. I’ve owned a couple of Blackmouth Curs over the years, and I think this is one of the better descriptions I have seen about the breed in general. Peoples desires vary, but for me there are very few other breeds I would want to own more than a BMC, and I’ve had some pretty good dogs, but none that meant more to me.

    Of course, dogs are largely what you make of them, but if you are a competent and caring owner, there are few better.


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