15 Best Dogs for Depression – Can They Really Help?

dogs for depression

The millennial generation is experiencing mental health issues a lot these days, especially depression. Depression is not limited to a particular generation; anyone could be going through it.

There is a link between depression and dogs. Dogs are believed to have healing powers and there are some dogs which are the best dogs for depression. When a person suffering from depression or anxiety is near these dogs, they are bound to feel relaxed.

We have a list prepared of 15 best dogs for depression. If you are going through a tough time or know a friend who is, getting a dog is the best treatment solution.

If you are not capable to be a full-time dog parent, you can also borrow these dogs from kennels and rescue centers for a limited period of time. The limited-time these dogs spend with you can work wonders.

 Also, you won’t be committed to taking care of the dog forever, as being a dog parent is an obliged responsibility. Read along and know how dogs help humans fight depression by just lying by your side.

Can Dogs Sense Depression?

Yes, dogs do sense depression. It is more like dogs smelling depression. Dogs tend to reach out to you in hard times by clinging to you or just licking you, dog owners will relate to this.

Dogs kind of have a sixth sense which helps them catch your negative vibes. This makes them sense depression. It is totally different than what we think it is. But they can definitely sense their human going through depression.

Dogs do get carried away and may forget what their human is going through when they are away. But whenever they see you, they can just smell things going wrong.

They can just smell and tell that you aren’t happy, and that’s how they can sense depression. They look for ways to reach out to you and their efforts itself are a big relief to know. Knowing that someone is there and trying to reach out to you is exactly how dogs help in fighting depression.

Even though you may not be actively showing symptoms of depression, the dogs smell and sense your weird condition. Scientifically speaking, dogs are gifted to smell low levels of serotonin in human body even from quite a distance.

This makes dogs able to smell their humans going through a tough time. Not only do they sense depression but they also react to it in a subtle way. They take time and evaluate if their human wants their attention or not, based on which they offer you help.

Dogs are the purest souls ever to have walked on Earth. They are always the Givers and never really expect anything in return (except treats). For someone struggling with depression and anxiety, nothing can bring as much joy and love as dogs can.

These furry little buddies are a whole bundle of joy and power packed with crazy and funny characteristics. This clownish nature of dogs makes some breeds the best dogs for depression. Below is the list of some of the best dogs for depression.

15 Best Dogs for Depression

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Dogs for Depression

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is not just all about looks and cuteness. They are very reliable when it comes to provide emotional support. This breed is classified as a toy breed but have more qualities than just being a toy breed.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed is the perfect lap dog. This makes them a perfect fit for those struggling with depression. Considering their size petting them is easy, as they are lap dogs. Also, they love cuddling.

This breed is also super active and will motivate you to stay active as well. Being active and busy helps in taking your minds off from all the worries and this cunning little being will help you in doing that, a lot.

P.S: The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is pretty energetic and possesses a calm attitude, which is suitable for kids as well.

2. Labrador Retriever

The famous and most desired dog breed, Labrador retriever, can be believed to have magical powers. This dog can actually melt away depression by making a puppy face.

Of course, the dog has more qualities than just cute looks. But one has to agree that this dog can heal depression with its looks alone. Labrador retrievers are truly the best dogs for depression.

They are loyal dogs very calm and quiet and suitable as pets for humans of all ages. The previous spaniel breed was a small toy breed, if you are looking for a bigger dog to combat depression, than Labradors won’t disappoint.

This breed is always in a good mood and forever ready to play and cuddle. These doggos will literally follow you everywhere and never leave your side. Labrador Retrievers are also great at sensing depression.

P.S: The Labrador Retrievers breed is fun, loving and just awesome by all means. They are also easy to train and will never leave a chance to cuddle and lick you.

3. Golden Retriever

A distant cousin of the Labrador retriever, the golden retrievers is another stress-buster for humans. The Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers are a mixed breed, which justifies some of the similar qualities.

These are big doggos but don’t let their size fool you. In temperament the Golden Retriever is the identical twin of the Labrador.

These are furry buddies best suitable to help people in depression. Originally, bred to work with people and accompany them in everything they do, this quality is just a cherry on top.

The Golden retriever will never leave your side and help you in anything and everything. The best dogs for depression are the ones who cling to you in the tough times or just any regular day.

The golden retrievers are undoubtedly the best dogs for depression and actually unbeatable at this. They will never hold back emotions and will load you with hugs, kisses and cuddles.

P.S: Golden Retrievers are total sweethearts, incredibly affectionate and the best friend you will ever have.

4. Vizsla

Absolutely clingy, Vizslas are the ideal Velcro dogs. Velcro dogs are those dogs that will follow you everywhere all the time. No matter what you do or where you go, a Vizsla will be right there.

Vizslas are pretty much similar looking to the Dachshund. They just love are being around their humans all the time. They sense depression, which is not difficult for them (as they are always around).

Very smart and cunning breeds, the Vizslas are best dogs for depression because they just know how to make you happy. When their humans are depressed they will pick up the hints real quick.

Following you everywhere and often jumping on your lap for attention makes humans fight depression in a positive way. When humans notice the funny tactics of the Vizsla, their minds are bound to relax and be happy.

P.S: The Vizslas are not at all apartment friendly. They need big spaces to follow you all around.

5. Corgi

Extremely cute these stout pups are just the most adorable. Corgis are the best dogs for depression as they serve like a medicine to cure depression.

Incredibly cute and affectionate, these pooches are tiny packets of joy. Small in size and appearance, Corgis are always big and huge in spreading love and happiness.

Though, bred for herding cattle, Corgis can be trained to be less excited and yappy. However, this characteristic helps humans in fighting depression. Depression can cause low levels of activity and movement.

The energetic nature of Corgis provides the right motivation for humans to get going and move their bodies. They can boost up the energy in humans and help them in adapting to an active lifestyle.

Corgis are always busy and will keep you busy and away from your worries.

P.S: Corgis are best dogs for depression and also help humans to move their ass and heal depression in with active lifestyle habits.

6. Chihuahua

Yet other little fur buddies Chihuahuas are very popular and common favorites. The Chihuahuas are tinier than the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Their energy levels are still the same, sometimes higher. Chihuahuas are also best dogs for depression as they are likely to create great bonds with their humans.

People suffering from any mental health issues should consider getting a Chihuahua. They are mellow, tiny and get under any corners. Their favorite place to hide is under their human’s blanket.

They will snuggle and cuddle and everyday but in tough times they just won’t stop showering and adding more affection and love on you. They love being petted and can also be termed as lap dogs.

P.S: Chihuahuas have small legs and are little low on energy and stamina. But they are great buddies to humans with a laidback attitude and way of living.

7. French Bulldog

If you are suffering from depression and need a buddy to just sit and lie down with you, get a French bulldog. Bulldogs are lazy and need minimal exercise (just like you).

If you skip his walks and just decide to stay home and chill, a French bulldog will just love it and laze around with you.

They are without a doubt the best dogs for depression and will provide exceptional emotional support. French bulldogs are also considered to have a funny bone as a personality trait.

They are clowns of the dog kingdom because they are funny and grumpy in looks and very playful. They love being around their humans and enjoy doing nothing.

For a person suffering from depression these dogs have the same attitude as their humans and help them fight depression in their own style. They also love snuggles and cuddles and make sure they never make their human feel left out.

P.S: French bulldogs are perfect partners if you are facing depression. They are couch-potatoes and love to eat, sleep and repeat.

8. Poodle

Poodles are sophisticated looking dogs and very cute. They might look very high maintenance but they are not. They look sophisticated and high standard (which they are) but they are also very smart and intelligent.

They can be trained for anything. Healing depression or any mental illness by providing emotional support comes as second nature to them.

They love running and are very playful in nature. Energetic and intelligent they can sense depression in their humans and will never leave their side.

Overall, they just love being around their humans which makes them best dogs for depression. Such sophisticatedly good looking company to battle depression is really a great choice.

They don’t just make great looking dogs for girls to pet but they are also suitable for anyone.

P.S: Poodles are people-pleasers and exceptional at providing emotional support. They love goofing around and create a happy and playful environment.

9. Pug

Pugs are evidently the most cute, tiny and round fur balls. They may look grumpy and sad but their presence in the house says otherwise.

Don’t let their grumpy grandpa face fool you in believing they won’t make you happy. Pugs serve to be the best dogs for depression. They love cuddles and snuggling added with lots of licking, kissing and hugging.

Very clingy in nature Pugs are also Velcro dogs. They won’t let you go anywhere without them wagging and dancing along with you. Once a pug bonds with his human, the bond is for life.

They pick up hints of humans being in a bad mood and will reach out to you in every way possible. When they sense depression in their humans they will stick you more than ever.

P.S: Pugs hate socializing and this quality is great for introvert pet owners as you may have found your soul mate in them.

10. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are very popular dogs. They also hold a second rank in popularity after Labrador Retrievers. Originally, bred to be a working dog, German shepherds are pretty active canines.

Pet Love. Young pretty happy woman plays with German Shepherd dog. Authentic moments of joy girl playing with her dogs. Pet love, dog training concept.

Fierce and scary looking dogs, the German Shepherds are also a softy at heart. They are intelligent and have a great sense of smell. This makes them very likely to smell and sense depression in humans.

Being protective of their humans comes naturally to German Shepherds. They are also incredible in providing emotional support and are filled with love and affection.

P.S: Fierce on in the outside and sweet on the inside, German Shepherds are very adorable doggos. They give the best snuggles.

11. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzers are small breeds that can bring big changes in the lives of people suffering from depression. Dogs help a lot in easing symptoms of depression. This breed is not just the best breed for depression but they are also helpful with many other mental illnesses.

Complete people-pleasers the miniature schnauzers are easy to train. They are also very suitable for kids suffering from depression or anxiety.

This breed is very extroverted in nature but also very sensitive and they will just stick to your humans always. Even if they sense the slightest possibility of their human being unhappy, they will reach out.

P.S: Miniature Schnauzers are Velcro dogs so most probably they will stick to you in all ups and downs.

 12. Maltese

This breed is a walking piece of cloud. Maltese are the best dogs for depression because who won’t like to see a piece of cloud besides them.

Maltese dogs are very friendly and outgoing. They can literally infect their humans with positive and energetic vibes. They are also great at sensing tensions around their humans.

They will cuddle a lot and fill your life with hugs and kisses. Human tend to love what they see and you will surely love to this fur ball around you, all the time.

They are also experts in performing tasks and know some tricks too. Their playful attitude will just push you harder to move around and forget the tensions.

P.S: Maltese breed is great at sensing negativity and tense emotions. When you are feeling low, they will just jump on your lap and never leave until you feel better.

 13. Doberman Pinscher

Pretty tough looking the Doberman Pinschers are actually total softies at heart. They are mostly used as guard dogs or service dogs but that doesn’t mean they cannot help people with depression.

Built to tough and rough the Doberman Pinschers are very loyal, protective and the best guard dogs. They also have a soft corner and are very affectionate.

Quite the intelligent breed they are the best dogs for depression as they have great ability of smelling strange things.

Once they know their human is unhappy they can turn out to be the Velcro dogs and become clingy to make you feel better. They provide a sense of security.

P.S: Doberman Pinschers have proven themselves to be the best dogs for depression and many other mental illnesses. They also do the licking and nudging to show affection and support.

14. Boxer

Another visibly tough breed, Boxers are actually very cute and sweet. With some short training they start to show their real self, the affectionate side.

Boxers are the body-guards and being protective comes naturally to them. They will not just protect you but shower you with love and affection.

Perceived as tough breeds boxers are also the best dogs for depression. Their tough build and nature will force you to look at the brighter side of things and become strong.

Don’t let the exterior scare you. They are easy to train and love being around their humans.

P.S: Boxers look tough cookies but are actually sweet and soft four-legged rolls. Naturally protective, they are great care takers.

15. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are tiny doggos with enormous healing powers. Yorkshire Terriers have proven to be great therapy dogs. Therapy dogs are trained to heal and Yorkshire Terriers are masters at healing.

The best dogs for depression Yorkshire terriers are very easy to train. They also have served and healed injured soldiers in World War II. They are small breeds and they will fit right in your life.

People suffering from depression need to be around a Yorkshire terrier. They will never disappoint. They are very loving, loyal and caring. They form very strong bonds with their humans.

They can just sense when things are off and will come running to your rescue and help you calm and relax.

P.S: Yorkshire terriers are one of the most lovable out of all the dog breeds. They form very strong bonds with their human and not only help with depression but also with bipolar disorders.

Dogs play an integral part in the lives of human beings and their emotional well-being. Dogs help humans in reducing stress, depression and anxiety. They ease loneliness, motivate humans to improve their overall health and encourage exercising and help people with sedentary lifestyles.

Getting a dog to battle depression is the best solution to defeat it.

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