Whippet Dog: The Ultimate Furr-ari!

Whippet dog standing in a garden

Are you looking for a pet that is obedient, amiable, and yet intelligent? Then Whippet dog is what you need. Whippet dogs are known for their sensitive nature and they adore their family members, thus making it the perfect pet.

Even though a Whippet dog is highly energetic, it is more “introverted”. They are known to be affectionate to their close and reserved family members. All you have to do is let them run at full speed in your background and you get an adorable cuddle from your pooch later. If your child ever needs a company, a puppy Whippet is all you need.



Whippets Pictures

Whippets Facts

Avg. Weight: 20 to 50 pounds

Avg. Height: 18 inches to 22 inches

Life Expectancy: 12 to 15

Dog Group: Hound dogs

AKC Rank 61

At A Glance

An average Whippet dog weighs between 15 lbs to 42 lbs. The weight of a male whippet dog wavers from 34lbs to 42lbs and a female whippet dog wavers from 29lbs to 34lbs.

A male whippet dog’s height ranges from 19 inches to 22 inches while a female whippet range from 18 inches to 21 inches.

For those who want a miniature Whippet, it is also available to fit in your pockets.

The average Whippet lifespan is 12-15 years. If bred and trained well, they will be faithful and loyal towards you.

Whippet dogs are playful and apartment-friendly as long as you let your pet exercise regularly. The highly energetic dog needs to discharge out some energy for at least an hour a day. If not, be ready for some couch tearing and pillow rufflings.

If you are not home, it is highly capable of being independent and not destroying your personals. Although, once you are home, get ready to be greeted with some warm licks and cuddles to brighten up your day.

Whippet dogs are gentle and calm. They are very friendly and can act as a watchdog for your family, especially children. A child and a whippet go hand in hand. They have low energy and are very cautious about their kin.

Whippets are amiable and genial towards other pets provided they are socialized at a very early age. Exposing whippet dogs at an early age will allow them to understand various sounds and people to gain different experiences. 

A Whippet dog does not bark in general. The only time they might have a bark is when they are confined and do not get to go outside or if you are not paying attention to them.

Whippets have a fairly thin skin which makes them enjoy summers. Although, due to their lack of fur they can easily get cold. Thus, make sure you buy ample sweaters for your whippet puppy when it gets cold, snowy or rainy. 

Being extremely intelligent, training your whippet dog is quite easy. They understand the gimmicks quickly and start to respond for various prompts or actions quickly. Dog obedience training is very important and Whippet dogs mark one of the easiest to train.

Whippet dogs are usually low on energy but when it’s time for them to go out their energy peaks. One of the things they want to do is to just go on open ground and run as fast as they can. There are many other games that you can try with your pet. 

Unlike many breeds, a Whippet dog does not require a lot of grooming due to its thin coated skin. An occasional Bathing and brushing are sufficient.

Since Whippet dogs are low shedders, it does not leave any hair behind. Due to this, there are no allergic reactions caused.

Whippets are pure breed dogs. They usually range from $1000 to $2500 USD. If you want a high breed line or a superior breed, your budget should be $2000 to $2500.

About Whippets

Whippet dog in snow

Flash of the dog-verse, whippets dogs were originally famous for gambling and small game hunting. Due to their high agility and speed, in the 18th-century working-class men placed a bet on whippets amongst the other hounds.

Whippets usually have a thin coated fur, although recently about 50 years ago, silky long-haired whippets were developed which is unique amongst them.

Whenever you are around a Whippet dog, just remember that you are never going to get bored. This sleeky, medium sized dog weighs between 15lbs to 42lbs depending upon the sex and age. A whippet’s weight is not that heavy that they might knock someone off but not so weak that they might get severe injury after getting hit somewhere. Whippet has a height range between 18 inches to 22 inches. A male whippet dog’s height withers around 19 inches to 22 inches while a female whippet dog’s height withers around 18 inches to 21 inches.

A Whippet’s temperament is gentle and calm. They are even social provided you have trained them that way at an early age. Seeing different animals of various sizes at a very early age can improve their docile behavior towards them.

One of the unique breeds within the Whippets are called Bully Whippets or locally called as Double Muscle Whippets. A unique mutation of genes amongst the whippets, make them unusually fit. A muscular hypertrophy variant caused in the myostatin gene is the reason for this abnormal muscular growth. Wendy, a Bully Whippet which became really popular in 2007 is a similar case. All kinds of Whippets have a healthy and warm life span of 12-14 years.

Although whippet dogs are lazy butts, they get hyper energetic when it comes to going outside. You can see your whippet running around the compound but better not let loose of the leash, as you might just unleash a beast! An enjoyable daily walk makes them suitable for all age groups.

At home, they are independent and soft. They enjoy the company of children by being naughty and jovial. They are harmless and sensitive making them suitable for being a stray dog. At the end of a chilly day, you are going to find your whippet in a sweater near your legs and nuzzling you.


Whippet dog history black and white image

During the late 18th Century, coal miners of England enjoyed sports such as hunting small animal (rabbits to be precise) and dog racing. Greyhounds were largely popular due to its sheer size and speed. Since they did not have large training areas where they could train such a hulk, they decided to breed a small version.

Poor Man’s race horse or the Whippet was bred by a Hound and a Terrier in Lancashire and Yorkshire. This resulting in the birth of a beautiful, intelligent and brave canine who got its quickness from the Greyhound and elegance from the terrier.

Due to its high speed, it has not only been the most popular breed in Lure-Coursing, but it gained popularity at such high level, eventually gaining a new sport under its name. In 1888, American Kennel Club (AKC) registered their first Whippet, named Jack. 

Did you know?
As scary and timid as they might be, whippet dogs actually scare easy! It is said by many dog owners that while watching a scary movie, they hide behind the couch!!

Facts Theater

Jennifer Saunders and her Whippets
Laura Jackson and blue Whippet
King Louis XV and his hounds
Matt Damon and his Whippet
Ashley Whippet

Personality and Temperament

Whippet in a dog bed

Run, Eat, Sleep, and Repeat! This is the motto of a Whippet dog. They are social and fun-loving when you train and introduce them to various living and non-living things from the beginning itself. You should think abut getting a Whippet only if you have enough time to take your pooch for a walk for at least an hour a day.

You can usually find them lazing around on your couch, beds or a chair. Since they were bred to hunt small games like rabbits, if there are any mice in your house, they will definitely Whip-it.

A very calm and chilled out Whippet dog can get highly aggressive when mistreated properly. They are very easy to train and they catch on to nuances quickly thus making it effortless for you. While training it can be easy, making it obedient and a “good boy” outside the house can be challenging. Since they love being running, make sure the area is safe or you always have a leash.

When they are home, they are mostly independent but they also want enough love and care. Being attention-seekers, beware while petting any other dog and coming home to it. You might not get a warm welcome.

Whippet dogs are prone to stress and anxiety. A household with a lot of yelling, yapping, and emotions can make them stressed out. Take a note of your household and your surroundings before getting one home!

Due to their thin skin and low fur on its body, it cannot tolerate much cold. Summers are it’s favorite although if you do not give enough clothing during winters, it might just become a “pup-sicle“. At night, you might even find your pup nuzzling your body for some warmth and cuddles.

Did you know?
They sure know how to whip it good!

Colors & Grooming

Whippets are very low maintenance in general. An occasional shower with brushing once a week should suffice. Although, you might need certain tools to trim their nails and a soft bristle brush for their oral hygiene.

While washing your pets, make sure you wash them carefully in the way hair is growing. Also, check for wounds and blisters that they might have developed during their play time. In case, if Whippet has come home muddy, try to wipe them using gloves or a wet cloth instead of relying on a shower. That must always be your last resort as shampoos can contain a lot of chemicals and using them often can result in dryness and itchiness.

Regular inspections of the ears must be done in order to prevent any infections. Whippets are not prone to infections although sometimes jamming of mud and dirt can cause wax building up or bad smell. Which are clear signs of infections. Cleaning with an ear cleaning solution (which are available almost everywhere) and a lukewarm wet cloth is good enough to remove the unnecessary dirt. 

During the seasonal shredding, you might want to brush them on a regular basis in case you are allergic to fur. Be sure to check their eyes while showering them to see any signs of allergy, infection or discharge. Take them to a veterinarian if you see heavy redness or squinting.

A whippet needs their nails to be cut once a month. There is a possibility that they might not like it, although it is good for their foot health. Along with the nail cutting, make sure you clean them gently and with care. Rough cleansing and cutting can cause them pain.


Puppy (8 weeks to 14 months)

A puppy whippet must be fed at least 3 to 4 times a day. They are highly energetic and need enough to food to match the energy. Do not feed them more than 4 times as that can increase their weight and reduce the muscle tone. As the months keep increasing, make sure you reduce the food quantity to thrice a day.

Start with half a cup of food per meal when they are two to three months old giving them thrice a day. From four months to ten months, around 1.5 to 2.5 cups are preferred but can even go up to 3 cups if they are highly active on certain days.

Once it has crossed ten months, bring down the meals to twice a day with 2.5 cups to 3 cups maximum in a day. Over feeding can lead to obesity.

You must feed the puppy around 990 calories per day. You can also provide the BARF approved food items which gives raw proteins. Wet food is recommended but can give dental problems if not brushed regularly.

Adult (14 months to 5 years)

As your Whippet dog grows older, you should have reduced the food quantity to twice a day.

After a year you must start giving them 2.5 to 3.5 cups a day. You can divide them according to their play schedule. At this age you can start providing them with tasty home-made dog food with enough nutrients to satisfy their needs. Also check the BARF approved food that can be provided for your Whippet or you can consult a vet for a proper diet plan.

Senior (5 years +)

Once your pet has matured completely, they need a lot of pamper and care. Continue providing them food twice a day of 2.5 to 3 cups a day.

A full grown and matured Whippet dog might become less active and therefore the energy would be down too. Therefore, if you see your pooch becoming a bit obese, you may have to re-start your diet accordingly.

Also, consult a vet in order to get a proper diet for your senior pet so that they can get back in track. As much as a Whippet loves to run, it loves to eat. So, feed accordingly and carefully.

Suggested: Senior Dog Food

Health and Vaccination

Whippets are beautiful and gracious pets. They are not prone to many diseases and a regular vet check-up with suggested vaccination would be perfect. Yet, there are some chances that things might turn bad despite your best effort. Certain medical conditions are:

A. Periodontal Disease

Improper oral hygiene can result in tartar formation and builds up gradually and this becomes chronic. Once the tartar increases, your pet might be in a danger to even lose their teeth, thus causing problems to their kidneys, heart and joints.

The symptoms could include Reddish gums, Difficulty in eating, stinky breath, falling or loose teeth and immense drooling.

These symptoms can easily be avoided if taken care of from the start. Regular cleaning and checkup can keep their teeth pearly white.

B. Infections

A Whippet dog is prone to the same kind of infections that most of the dogs are prone to such as Rabies, Parvo, infections in kidneys, etc. While most of the infections are covered through vaccination there are many infections which are genetic or hereditary.

Some of the symptoms for such infections are; Poor appetite, weight loss, fever, blood in urine, lethargy and vomiting.

Whippet dogs are usually healthy and are not prone to get any sort of infections easily. Although, it is recommended to keep looking at its ears and mouth often. Once the infections start to build up, they can be painful and takes a lot of time to be cured.

C. Genetic Disorders

1. Congenital deafness

Congenital deafness is a rare disease that your Whippet might have since birth. Although it is rare, it can easily be spotted in young puppies.

Symptoms include unable to hear commands, walking on the road without caution and excessive barking.

While it might not be curable, there are many ways in which you can train your Whippet dog to understand your hand signs.

Note: If you adopt a Whippet puppy which has deafness, do not breed it further

2. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is also a very rare and uncommon disease that could be present amongst the whippets. Black pigments, Vomiting, Thinning of skin are few of the main symptoms that one must note of. Once noted, it can be prevented immediately and medicines can do wonders.

D. Heart Failure

One of the common issues that causes death of a Whippet at its prime would be heart failure. Weakening heart valve can cause blood leaks and therefore straining the heart. Heart valve issues can be highly severe if left untreated.

Symptoms of such diseases might include excessive coughing after play, coughing immediately after nap, weakening and lethargy.

With the notable signs, it can be controlled and your pooch might live longer by diminishing the symptoms.

E. Osteochondritis Dissecans

OCD are one of a problem that occurs when a Whippet grows too quickly. Excessive feeding and calcium intake can lead to surgery treatment for your Whippet dog.

Few of the symptoms may include inflammation at the joints, getting cramps often, limping, unable to run or walk properly.

Sticking to the recommended diet is always the best. You can always go to your vet to ask for a diet so that it can be easily maintained.

Note: Adopting a Whippet is always a great choice but do choose a legitimate breeder. Always ask for a certificate of the pup’s parent’s health. Never buy a puppy from a store or a breeder who denies providing the certificate.

Did you know?
bully whippet or the double muscle whippet has a copy of it’s myostatin gene making it large and bulky. though considering this abnormal, “wendy the whippet” was one of the healthiest whippets back then!

Frequently Asked Questions

Whippet dog is a breed that originated from the United Kingdom, which was bred from Greyhound and Terrier. Due to this origination, it has high intelligence and speed.

Both are very unique and distinct breeds. There is no good or bad when it comes to breeding a dog, just the way you raise it. You can read more about the Italian greyhound and see which suits you and your lifestyle better.

They range from $1000 to $2500. The superior and top breed line ranges from $2000 to $2500. However, if you adopt a Whippet it might cost more, as it will cost you love and affection!! Choose wisely 😉

Whippets are the miniature versions of a greyhound. Since they are also bred from Terrier, it has more friendly nature as compared to a greyhound. They are also very playful and naughty comparatively.

Whippet dogs are not hypoallergenic. Since it has a thin skin and does not have much shedding, owners will not be affected much.

Whippet dogs are an extremely fast breed, thanks to the Greyhound mix. You can expect a Whippet running at speeds up to 35mph (56kmph).

Similar Breeds


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