Italian Greyhound


If dogs were to be categorized as hunter or playful, an Italian Greyhound breed would fall under the playful section. Their physical appearance is surely exquisite with features embodies same as that of a Greyhound, but more slender.

They might came to us as frail by their skinny physique, but are prompt and tough hounds. Also, there are the ones with most compact size in the family of Sight hounds.

The Italian Greyhound is widely adored for its dainty and elegant appearance. In Italian countries, they still are the signs of aristocracy and nobility.  

Fill in the family vacancy by bringing them into your lives and family. They are sportive, loyal towards their masters and affectionate towards the kids and other pets.

Italian Greyhound Pictures

Quick Facts

Average Height: 12 to 15 inches (30 – 38 cm).

Average Weight: 6 to 10 pounds (3 – 5 kgs).

Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years.

Dog Group: Companion. 

Colours: Black, blue, grey, White, Brown, Yellow, Red, Sable, Tan & Fawn.

At a Glance

 Size (2/5)

Bull Terriers come in a compact size. An Italian greyhound puppy weighs around 6-7 pounds with height 10-12 inches. A fully grown Italian greyhound ideally reaches to the height of 15 inches at the shoulders. They are usually adored for their fun-size appearance.  

Affection Level (4/5)

In the early ages, Italian greyhounds were kept as companion and also worked as a ‘small-game hunter. They were seen in the laps of royals and aristocrats to symbolise wealth. As time passes by, these miniature greyhound gained popularity amongst families. Also, cuddling an Italian Greyhound can produce enormous amount of oxytocin is you.

Apartment Friendly (5/5) 

When it comes to compatibility with space, these breeds comes in handy and with all the pluses. Their tinsy-winsy body size enables the dog to move freely and play in both, an average apartment and a super luxurious one making them habitat friendly. 

Cold Weather Tolerability (1/5)

An Italian Greyhound, although is considered to be both an indoor as well as outdoor dogs, but due to its thin coat which has resemblance with satin, doesn’t provide them the adequate amount of warmth needed to survive the cold. Owners are often advised to dress their dogs before stepping outside the home.

Hot Weather Tolerability (3/5)

Because, they have thinner coats and lesser body fat so they’re far from the issue of intensive body heating. But still, they are prone to gaining weight if not looked after the calories properly. Hence, can lead to fat gaining and internal body heating issues.

Barking Tendencies (3/5)

The Italian Greyhound, in early days, were known for their hunting skills, though don’t possess any qualities that of a hunter. They would rather yelp than to bark, juts to alert the master. But still, a lot of it also depends on the individuality of a particular Italian Greyhound dog.

Cat Friendly (3/5)

The Italian Greyhound dog, usually known by the name IG or Iggy, are not very bad with cats and if actively socialized with different animals and also dogs from their puppyhood, they tend to easily bond with them at later stages of their lives. 

Dog Friendly (4/5)

They normally have equal brotherhood with the other member of the canine family. Usually, bond better with dogs of their own gender and tend to pounce on others. Involving them in social activities ever since they’re puppies makes them easy-to-mingle with other dogs.

Exercise Needs (4/5)

Despite of having a small body, an Italian greyhound is an athletic and a playful breed of dog. Although it is suggested that Italian Greyhound puppies are not to be put to rigorous exercises as they have brittle bones, a minimum of 40 minutes exercise is necessary. As enthusiast as a gym frenzy guy, his gym is a grass field. Just allow them to play, run and run.

Grooming Needs (2/5)

Italian Greyhounds usually have very thin coat and smooth bodies, which doesn’t allow exterior particles to cling. Occasional brushing, bathing and nail clipping is what would work sufficient for them.

Playfulness (4/5)

These cute looking sensitive dogs are also known as toy companion. As playful as Federer and as rapid as Bolt, this little guy is happy when around his family. They have a trace of hunting and chasing instinct derived from senior GHs. They’re extroverts but shows deep affection towards their owner. Unlike other dogs, they don’t like 

Trainability (4/5)

The Italian greyhounds have a sharp mind and excellent grasping power which makes training them easy. But they often have the attitude of ‘What shall I get in return’. So, it is advised to not home rain them. Rather, get them a pro trainer with bucketful prizes for every accomplished achievement. 

Intelligence (4/5)

They are highly intelligent, and hence they shouldn’t be left alone at home for too long. Just like any other small dogs, IGs tend to destruct the household if bored which is also their way to show that they don’t like being to themselves. Knowing their qualities, they aren’t the most suitable option for inexperienced dog owners.

Mouthiness (4/5)

Chewing habits same as you when you hop into a Wednesday KFC bucket treat! Finishing a big byte at one. Italian Greyhound puppies tend to be very mouthy, but if they’re trained to understand that there are toys when it comes to nipping and bite. Their Mouthiness can be controlled by involving them in fun activities like fetching.

Price Group (3/5)

The Italian Greyhound price generally ranges from 500$ – 700$ for a healthy puppy. The pricing splits into two variants: Italian Greyhounds with limited registration (pet-only) and Italian Greyhound with full registration (with breeding rights). 

About Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhounds are the miniature of the breed greyhound but has the elegance and daintiness equal to any other member of the sight hounds. They were and still has a touch of aristocracy in their structure as they were mentioned in various Italian Greyhound arts.

This little dog very immediately induces a surging sense of love and affection towards him when you hold your pet for first time. They are fragile, environment sensitive mortals which easily gets affected with changing temperature, weather and living conditions.

Being an indoor dog, it is not recommended to leave them alone at home for long hours or they’d get too shy or too mischievous around outsiders.

Black, blue, fawn, sable, yellow, red, brown, grey and white are known Italian Greyhound colours.

Where Italian Greyhounds Originate From?

As inherited from the name, IGGY is the smallest member of the sight hound family and has native address as Italy for last 2,000 years. Having found a comfortable and harmless companion for human habitants, Italian started breeding them.

They navigate and explore on the basis of sight contrary to smell which is property of many kernel family members. These small greyhound look alikes resemble jackals and can be seen entombed in Egyptian pyramids.  

IG’s AKC registration took place in the year 1886 and is currently ranked 65th out of 173 breeds.


An Italian greyhound weight can range from 10-15 pounds, if healthy. Italian Greyhound height is very squat, ranging from 13-15 inches with sleek slender physique.

 Also, Italian greyhound have an athletic frame with a lot on dynamism since they were built for playing and escorting people. Just like any small sized breed, they can’t be trusted easily when kept inside house and can act impish.

They are generally known as the miniature version of a Greyhound. It is the Italian greyhound size that makes them more carry-able and endearing.


These dog breeds are known for their lovable, affectionate and a little mischievous characteristics. They like being admired and will follow orders in return for appreciation.

During puppyhood, it is advised to give them slightest exertion as they have brittle bone frame. A maximum of 3 – 5 walk is required to get them get acquainted  with the surrounding. Coming towards their adulthood, they need the slightest up gradation in exercise. So, Italian Greyhound training must be less exercising.

Having nothing to do can lead to bad temperament of the breed. Italian Greyhounds traits typically doesn’t contain bad temperament. But, Italian greyhound temperament can go wrong by leaving them alone for a long time or not showing warmth, even though they are independent breed of dogs.

Early training of the dog can help an owner to keep his Italian Greyhound calm and composed throughout the life, you may want to checkout our blog where we talk about 10 Basic Dog Training Commands Your Dog Should Know.


Italian greyhound grooming

Though the breed of Italian greyhound sheds hair, they don’t really need grooming very often. Grooming their smooth, short-haired coat is easy. All required are brush, comb and dry shampoo.

They shed little hair. Trim their nails regularly and clean their ears and teeth carefully. He may need to take care of dental health to make them comfortable to say cheese to clicking camera.

Suggested: DIY Dog Shampoo


Targeting the Bones

The Italian Greyhound have a petite body frame and hence are prone to luxating patella (loose knees), causing aching and lameness.The most worried joint disease in an Italian greyhound is Leg-Calve-Perthes disease, which distresses the hips and can be very serious.

Targeting the Skin

The Italian Greyhound colours such as blue (grey) possess unique skin disorder namely dilution alopecia, resulting in hair loss in patches and requires medicated bath.

Consistent cleaning and nailing will keep this breed far from skin complaints. Since it’s a cosmetic condition,there’s no treatment required other than adding supplements that are good for the skin and coat, such as fatty acids.

Targeting the Teeth

A survey, conducted by The Italian Greyhound Club found that the average Italian Greyhound lifespan is 9 years which is astonishingly low for a small dog.

They also inherits the disease known as enamel hypoplasia where the teeth go bad at an early age. Not taking proper care of the dental hygiene of this breed can lead to sores and infections.

Targeting the Eyes

His eyes are first to grab your immediate attention. The most common and serious eye disease in Italian greyhounds are cataract, glaucoma and PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), all leading to blindness at an early age of 3 years.

An eye disease called vitreous degeneration is also common in Italian Greyhounds. To avoid such miss happening with your pooch, a regular scheduled visit to the vet.

Miscellaneous Diseases

  • Epilepsy heart disease (especially persistent right aortic arch)
  • Blood-clotting disease (von Will brand’s)
  • Inherited deafness
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Liver shunt


An Italian greyhound can go from being a couch potato at one second to being a flying saucer the other second. They’re highly energetic and extremely adorable and love seeking attention from their owners. Hence, need nutritious meal. 

During their puppyhood, the diet should be dry 3 times a day, with high calories. As soon as they become 5-10 months old, slightly drop the feeding rate and make it two times a day. During their mouthing period chewing toys can be provided to them considering IGs have feeble jaws and they can’t easily chew up the bone.

Adult IGs must be fed with appropriate dog food checking its nutritional values. Meal supplements having fatty acid etc. are important as they have hair fall tendencies and can be given to them on a weekly basis. They also, love sweet potato and rice. 

Vaccination and Care

To protect your Italian Greyhound from any disease before it infects is the standard way – you must vaccinate Italian Greyhound puppies at the age of 6, 10 and 14 months to prime them with antibodies and neutralize infectious organisms.

Though, Italian Greyhound health issues aren’t major, yet yearly vaccinations must be scheduled for your IG for DHPP and Rabies, and a monthly check up and consultation is mandatory for IG’s hair in case of any parasite or ticks infestation.

Read our Guide To Dog Vaccination for a better understanding of how vaccines work.

Monthly Expense Estimation

If you’re questioning how much do Italian greyhound cost, relax. The Italian Greyhound is not the most expensive dogs to own but is somewhat pricy. Getting the dog at your home will cost you around $300 – $500 USD. Italian Greyhound cost can also vary accordingly with the quality of the breed.

Yearly vaccinations, grooming and other pet care activities would cost you between $110 – $400 USD. Since, Italian Greyhound live only up to 11 – 15 years they go through various burdensome health issues which would cost you minimum $100 – $500 USD.


  • Cats: the chances of an IG intermingling with a cat while walking on the road randomly someday are less. Although, if they have been raised with a cat from its puppyhood they can be the most comforting and reliable companions.
  • Dogs: They show brotherhood with the other members of the canine family. Keep in mind, socializing is a key activity during the early stages of the animal, otherwise there is probability of your IG being shy towards the outer surrounding.
  • Children: Children should be always under supervision of an adult as children have the tendency to jokingly hurt the pets. Italian Greyhound is a small breed with frail body frame and one can injure with very effortlessly. They are affectionate dogs, hence show lot of compassion towards their family, making them a perfect member for one’s family.


An Italian Greyhound is a sweet-natured, gentle and intelligent dog breed. They are very affectionate and sincere and make great companion due to their warm nature.

They are amongst the most affectionate dogs and tend to take up minimal space, and love to cuddle on soft furniture in the house. So, you must watch where you sit. This love seeking dog is adored for its miniature bod and stay gentle and timid towards the one who appreciates its achievements.

Something Fun About Italian Greyhounds!

  • Little guy can watch moving object but is dumb-squib in still objects.
  • Iggys are emotional too! Aloofness perturbs them. They want to have a share of all the fun you enjoy in your life.
  • A racer creature who can attain a speed of 25 miles per hour. Chaser as James bond!


So, you are all caught up about Italian Greyhound (IGs), tell us what you like the most and least about the breed in the comment section below.

Do share it with people who have this dog or who want to get this breed!

Happy Petting to You Guys!


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