Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

It’s a hot summer day and you are enjoying watermelon and suddenly your dog looks at you with those puppy dog eyes and you wonder Can Dogs Eat Watermelon so that you can enjoy it with them.

We know you don’t want anything to happen to your dog so we are happy to help you with all these questions.

So, Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? The answer is yes. But, with a lot of precautions as every dog is different and by not taking precautions your dog can get hurt.

We will tell you in this article if it’s safe for your pooch to eat watermelon and what precautions you need to take.

Is Watermelon Good For Dogs?

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Watermelon contains 90% of water so it will keep your dog stay hydrated especially in summers.

This is a nice treat for your pooch as it is a nutritious snack for them as it contains a lot of potassium, vitamin C, A and B6 and fiber too.

Fiber in watermelon helps reducing sugar in it hence, stopping from being totally unhealthy for your dog.

Antioxidants in watermelon help in decreasing inflammation also it is fat and cholesterol-free these are some of the benefits for your dogs as this can be healthy for your dog.

So, Is Watermelon Good For Dogs then yes with all these benefits it will help your dog in any way but don’t jump in feeding them a big portion of watermelon as you don’t know how they will react to it.

Watermelons are much better than store treats as this fruit is healthy contains many nutrients, helps stay hydrated, and is low in sodium and calories.

Because of fiber in the watermelons, it slows down the release of sugar in the bloodstream also it creates antioxidant lycopene that helps prevent cancer.

But as said Dogs Eating Watermelon always isn’t a benefit as some dogs can be diabetic, allergic, or simply couldn’t stomach it.

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Yes, your dog might love eating watermelon but you have to be careful while feeding them as it can easily backfire as trying new food can result in an upset stomach for them easily.

Here are some things you can learn before feeding watermelon to your dog:

  • Make sure you avoid feeding them watermelon seeds or rinds to reduce digestive issues.
  • If they do eat few seeds it won’t be a problem but too much of seeds and rinds can create a blockage in their digestive system.
  • Consider your dog’s size before feeding them too much of it as small-sized dogs have a small stomach and will be full in no time also they might get diarrhea so be careful with that too.
  • Cut watermelon into small cubes before feeding it to your dogs to make it easy for them to eat.
  • For safety purposes, you can consult your vet as every dog is different also to ask how much you should feed them as every dog has a different medical condition.
  • Be creative, try mixing watermelon with other fruits for example- apples, and for better understanding read can dogs eat apples?
  • Too much sugar can lead to diseases such as diabetes or long term obesity which can complicate your dog’s health so careful while feeding them too much sugar.

So, Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Safely? Yes, as long as you are careful and take precautions while feeding them.

Is Watermel>Is Watermelon Bad For Dogs?

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Watermelon should not be the only thing included in their diet so try including different food too as it won’t complete all necessary nutrients essential for their diet.

Consuming too much watermelon can lead to a tummy ache, digestion problems and diarrhea so be careful while feeding them.

Trying new foods can be risky for dogs as they might not be ready for it and can easily lead to different diseases so make sure you give watermelon in moderation especially if they are trying it for the first time.

Try giving them natural watermelon and not the foods which are artificially flavored as watermelon as it is not a good idea feeding them flavored foods as they contain chemicals, sugar and other ingredients that can make your dog sick.

Do Dogs Eat Watermelon? Yes! But not all parts of the watermelon can be healthy some of them can be dangerous for your dog and can cause physical harm.

Seeds of watermelon can lead to blockage in your dog so make sure they do not eat too many seeds though, some seeds can’t do damage but too much of them can.

Another question you might be curious about is Can Dogs Eat Watermelon Skin and the answer is no, the rinds of watermelon are not safe to eat as dogs can swallow it directly without chewing which can lead to intestinal blockage.

If your dog eats too many seeds or rinds of watermelon it can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation and lethargy so as soon as you see these symptoms rush your dog to a veterinarian.

If you are feeding watermelon for the first time to your dog, be on a lookout for at least 24 hours to check if your dog is getting sick.

If you want more ideas as to what more fruits you can feed your pooch, simply read fruits dogs can eat for more exciting ideas.

If you want to know about every human food which is healthy for dogs, check out our in-depth article containing more than 50 Human Foods For Dogs here.

We hope we answered all your questions about Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Including its benefits and risks and how to feed your dog.

Be careful with everything you might feed your dog as it can lead to dangerous situations so always take precautions.

Also, frozen treats are always better so you can freeze watermelon and give your dogs to make it more fun, and dogs have strong teeth so it won’t be a risk.

Do not feed bad or rotten watermelons to your dogs or it might cause an upset stomach.

We hope this article was useful for you!

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Happy Petting To You Guys!


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