Can Dogs Eat Apples?


So has it happened to you that you were eating an apple and seeing your dog’s pitiful eyes thought can dogs eat apples?

We are sure this happened to you as it happens with a lot of dog owners and hence we are here on the rescue!

To cut the chase dogs can eat apples but it is not that simple first let’s understand whether apples are good for your pooch or not?

Are Apples Good for Dogs?

The advantages of dogs’ eating apples are quite similar to those that humans get by eating apples.

Apples provide many useful nutrients such as vitamin C, phosphorous, fiber, and calcium. Apples are also a great way to satisfy their desire for sweet foods.

As sweet foods, apples given as opposed to chocolate because apples provide nutrients whereas eating chocolate is toxic for dogs.

An apple can be a good alternative to ice cream. Not only should ice cream be given seldom as a treat considering its high sugar content, but it is also harmful to dogs who are lactose intolerant.

Many dogs like the taste of apples. Also, apples are low in calories and are crunchy. They also help in cleaning your dog’s teeth and keeping his breath fresh to some extent.

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Feeding Apples to Dogs

Feed apples by cutting and slicing them into pieces so that chewing becomes easier for dogs. Dogs must never be given apple seeds because they can kill a dog with their toxic cyanide content.

The core and stem of an apple possess a risk of choking when eaten, possibly causing intestinal blockage. So, they mustn’t be given to dogs.

Feeding too many apples comes with a risk of dogs acquiring stomach pain and diarrhea. One or two slices of apples are enough in one serving.

Apples should ideally contain only 10 percent of your dog’s calories every day.

If you are interested in giving your dog a cooked treat, you can make use of apples in it.

You can get apples from apple trees or from shops. Serving apples with honey or homemade applesauce is a good dish choice. Many such similar recipes are available online that you can make for your dog.

Puppies can eat apples. When giving them apples for the first time, supervision is needed. Check whether the puppy has digestive issues after eating an apple. If not, then apples are a good treat for your puppy.

Risks of Dogs Eating Apples

As with any other fruit, apples must not be given in excess. A good way of introducing apples to dogs is to have apples as a smaller supplement in their regular diet.

Seeds in apples mustn’t be given as they are lethally poisonous. A few seeds won’t do much harm, but more seeds consumed continuously can cause poisoning.

The core portion of an apple, if given to dogs, can be a choking concern. So, remove it from the apple.

Keep a check on your dog’s digestion. If he is unable to digest some foods, then these better not be given.

Apples can worsen diabetes or cancer if your dog has these. If you are unsure or want to be cautious, then consulting your vet would be the best step ahead or you can start with understanding what suits your diabetic dog.

Products with apple flavoring or the products containing apples are often composed of chemicals, artificial flavors, or sugar.

Read food labels carefully before buying. Check the presence of potentially toxic additives as added sugars and artificial sweeteners.

Avoid buying apples coated with a shiny substance. Some dogs may have an allergy to apples. If your dog shows signs like coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing, etc. go to the vet immediately.

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