11 Best Dog Nail Clippers For Your Dog

Best Dog Nail Clippers

You become very delighted when your pet greets you into the home. He starts getting excited and shows his excitement in the form of jumping up and down.

You hear his “tap tap” sound on the floor as he goes up and down. But do you know what this sound signifies?

This sound means that your pooch is in dire need of nail trimming. To remediate the situation, we bring you a collection of some of the best dog nail clippers available in the stores.

Dog nail clipping is a very important part of the grooming process for a dog and it should never be overlooked. If you ignore this task, your dog will attract pain and may end up getting injured.

We recommend professional-grade dog nail cutters and grinders. Listed below are some of the best tools in the business:

Top 5 Best Dog Nail Trimmers

1. Boshel Dog Nail Trimmer and Clipper ($16.99)
An easy to use dog nail trimmer and clipper, the blades are of high quality and the grip is very efficient and makes handling easy.

2. Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper ($9.50)
A high-grade professional nail trimmer, that is easy on the hands to grip, it is easy to use and is less scary for your dog.

3. Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer for Dogs ($8.69)
It is a tool suited to dogs of every age, it is highly durable and is one of the best companions for your dog’s grooming sessions.

4. Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper ($7.55)
One of the most popular brands in the market, this lightweight nail-clipper is made for dogs above the weight of 40 pounds.

5. Master Grooming Guillotine Nail Clippers ($26.97)
A unique guillotine-based nail-clipper, it provides high control in cutting nails and is suite for cutting thick nails.

Best Dog Nail Trimmers – Scissor Clippers

>The scissor clippers cut exactly like scissors.

Boshel Dog Nail Trimmer and Clipper

Best Dog Nail Clippers

The Boshel Dog Nail Trimmer and Clipper is one of the best dog nail clippers out there. It is simple to use and is suggested by vets, trainers as well as professional groomers.

The stainless-steel blades are made of premium quality with a high degree of sharpness. Just one shot and the nail will fall.

The grip is easy to handle and keeps your hold strong to avoid accidental injurious cutting.

Epica Professional Pet Nail Clipper

Best Dog Nail Clippers

Make a secure cut with the blades that are semi-circular in shape. The clipping procedure is easy and will be made less frightening for both of you.

The clipper is safely locked into position when it is not in use and is also thus safe for kids who are very young.

The grip made of rubber is non-slip and is incredibly comfy to handle.

Safari Professional Stainless-Steel Nail Trimmer

Best Dog Nail Clippers

The Safari Professional Stainless-Steel Nail Trimmer for Dogs is suited to dogs of all ages. The trimmer lasts long and provides a prolonged help in grooming.

The tool is not built for very large-sized dogs but is appropriate for small and medium-sized dogs.

The blades lock when the clipper is not in use and the rubber-made grip makes the tool easy on the hand.

Millers Forge

Millers Forge is a well-known brand in the arena of nail trimmers for dogs. Not a lightweight clipper, it is designed for dogs weighting over 40 pounds.

The Stainless steel it uses is made in Germany while the entire product is manufactured in Italy.

The clipper is the best in grooming and is highly recommended by professional groomers and vets.

The durability of the Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper outlasts any other ordinary nail clipper.

Best Guillotine Nail Clippers for Dogs

uillotine clippers function identically to a guillotine. The end of the dog’s nail is placed inside the hole and the handle of the tool is squeezed. Subsequently, the blade is forced down, which smoothly slices off the end of the nail.

Master Grooming Guillotine Nail Clipper tool

Offering a high control over slicing your dog’s nails, thick nails too can be cut off with ease.

The rubber grip has a textured nature and makes for optimum comfort and control.

The Master Grooming Guillotine Nail Clipper tool is most suited for large dogs. The finish being powder coated and color-coded, it assists in identifying the blade size instantly.

Petmate 89824 Furbuster Guillotine Dog Nail Trimmer

The Petmate 89824 Furbuster Guillotine Dog Nail Trimmer is best suited for dogs that are small in size. The blades are heavy-duty and provide great accuracy.

To experience comfort in trimming while your dog sits on your lap, the tool is angled accordingly.

The extremely sharp blades of the trimmer slices of the entire nail without any hassle. The small-sized guillotine trimmer comes in small size and is available in teal/pearl colors.

Resco Original Deluxe Dog Claw Clippers

This is one of the best dog nail clippers with guillotine style. The Resco brand started manufacturing guillotine clippers way back in 1937 and has been in business ever since.

A feature of blade replacement is provided with the trimmer and that means you can replace it if it gets damaged. The cost of replacement is minimal.

Resco gives you a lifetime warranty for the product because it believes that its products are of high quality and are extremely durable.

Pet Supplies House Guillotine Trimmer

Pet Supplies House warns users not to buy products that are sub-standard. The product itself is used by Professional groomers and vets worldwide.

Designed in an ergonomic way, the guillotine tool has a spring cutting action for accurate clipping and effortlessness.

The half-moon shaped incision aligns your dog’s nail perfectly inside and the cut results in a perfect amputation.

Suitable for large and small dog breeds, this trimmer comes with a free dog nail filer.

Best >Best Dog Nail Grinders

l grinder tools, also known as dog nail dremels do not function like clippers, but rather work towards smoothing the edges of the dog’s nails.

The grinding tools are slower as they take a longer time to finish. Thus, you and your pet need the patience to make things work successfully. These tools are ideal for dogs who despise the feeling of clippers.

Dremel Cordless Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool

The cordless dog nail rotary dremel is a dog nail grinder that is a very essential part of the grooming process.

It is indeed a less painful substitute to the conventional nail clippers. The tool is made up of high-grade plastic material. It is a battery-powered tool and requires a Nickel-Cadmium battery.

The grit sanding drum used in this tool is able to easily trim nails in a way that is harmless and merciful.

Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder

The advantage of the Pedi Paws Dog Nail Grinder over clippers is that it prevents the dog’s nerves from getting injured.

The safety cap attached in the tool provides clean cutting and prevents mess. The soft-sounding device is soothing to the ear and it removes thin layers of nails.

The nail grinder is suitable for dogs of any size and age. The tool requires 2 C batteries to operate.

Oster Gentle Paws Less Stress Dog Nail Grinder

The Oster Gentle Paws Less Stress Dog Nail Grinder operates at a negligibly audible sound. They call the sound “whisper-quiet” sound.

The quietness of the tool makes it really stress-free for the dog. The safety cap makes sure of the least mess and also prevents deep grinding.

The 2-speed mechanism helps in trimming the nails of all dog breeds. The tool also includes 2 coarse bands, a fine band, and a coarse stone.

These were all the latest and the most sophisticated tools in the market to help your dog go through the trimming process without stress.

Stay abreast with the latest in the realm of dogs through us.

Happy Petting to You Guys!


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