8 Best Dental Chews for Dogs: Say No To Foul Dog Breath!

best dental chews for dogs.

Dental Chews for Dogs are not an alternative to their regular brushing routine but a better addition to it.

If you are a dog parent, you may be familiar with their foul breath, too.

It is not just outright disgusting but can also lead to a lot of dental issues in dogs.

Most of you might not know, but dental diseases can lead to other health problems and dog diseases, such as heart disease, kidney disease, and even respiratory problems.

Most vets advise regular and brief brushing sessions for dogs and a reward after that.

This reward can be in the form of playing or giving a quick dental treat.

Benefits of Dog Dental Chews

Benefits of Dog Dental Chews

Dental chews for dogs are a great innovation and can reduce plaque by nearly up to 70%.

If given from a very young age, you can prevent a lot of dental problems at a very young age.

Here are some benefits of dog dental chew that you should know if you are still not ready to invest in them.

Dental Chews Reduce Bad Breath in Dogs

Dogs are known for their bad breath, which is often the result of bacteria build-up in the mouth.

If your dog has a foul breath, it indicates that it needs better gum or dental care.

Chewable dog dental treats are formulated such that they help improve your dog’s breath.

Encourages the Natural Habit of Chewing

Chewing comes naturally to puppies and dogs. If you give them dental chews, they obtain much-needed nutrients that promote their growth.

It is important to promote this habit in dogs with the help of durable treats or chew toys.

With dental chews, the plus point would be they will be cleaning their teeth while at it.

Stimulates Mental Health

For those of you who don’t know, dog dental chews can stimulate mental health.

Chewing is known to me as an excellent means to stimulate a dog’s intellect and alleviate boredom.

Giving dental chews to your doggos will keep them engaged for a longer period, demanding intense concentration and mental prowess.

All in all, dental chews for dogs are not only a great source of nutrients but promote overall well-being, too.

But with so many options in the market, which dog dental chew is best for your pooch?

Let’s dive into Dogisworld recommended dental chew for dogs that are safe, tasty, and absolutely effective.

8 Best Dental Chews for Dogs in 2024

1. Greenies Dental Chews for Dogs

Greenies Dental Chews for Dogs

Greenies Regular Dog Dental Treat is popular and probably half of America’s favourite dental chew for dogs.

It is not only a great dental chew, but also a wonderful dog training treat.

Safe for adults and puppies alike, with only 26 kcal for their Teenie version.

They are easy to digest and full of vitamins and minerals.

Greenies Dental Chew comes in the shape of a toothbrush, which makes it one of the best dental chews for small dogs.

It is easier to feed them while you are at it!

A pack of Greenies Dental Chew for Dogs costs approximately $17.98 for their 12-count pack.

The second best to land on our list of best dental chews for dogs is –

2. Whimzees Dental Chews for Dogs

Whimzees Dental Chews for Dogs

Known to be designed for improved cleanings, freshening breath, and reducing plaque, Whimzees Dog Dental Chew claims to be an alternative for brushing.

Although our vets do not suggest using treats as alternatives, you can still use their treats after you have brushed their teeth.

Keeping that aside, the treat is full of nutritional ingredients like Potato Starch, Glycerin, and other essentials that promote dental health.

Cute shapes make them stand out in the market.

Of course, your dog does not care, but their famous alligator-shaped dental treat is known to reach the darkest of places in a dog’s teeth.

They also claim to clean two times more than their leading competitors and deliver three times longer chew time.

All at the cost of $24.63 for a 56-count pack!

3. Virbac Tartar Control Dog Chews

Virbac Tartar Control Dog Chews

The biggest reason why your dog’s breath smells so foul is because of the tartar in the mouth.

Virbac’s Tartar Control Dog Chews fight the root cause by reducing plaque and tartar while also freshening your dog’s breath.

They are completely plant-based, and the shape makes it easier for dogs to grip as they munch on them.

Virbac’s Dog Dental Chews also contains prebiotics that promote gentle digestion and has slowly become a top choice among many licensed veterinarians in the United States.

You can easily pair this dental treat with Virbac’s dental products like toothpaste, dental rinses, and other dental products.

These treats cost $30 for a pack of 30 counts.

4. OraVet Dental Care Hygiene Chews: Best for Small Dogs

OraVet Dental Care Hygiene Chews

If you are looking for the best dental chews for small dogs, look no further.

OraVet’s Dental Care Hygiene Chews are designed for the cute mouths of small dog breeds.

The first chew causes plaque to loosen and break off. Thereafter, the active ingredients of the treat protect from bacteria that trigger plaque and lead to bad breath.

Individually wrapped, these treats come in different sizes for different dog groups.

But they also have an extra-small size for small dogs only – so cute!

In fact, the dental chew treat looks like a cute little rectangle toffee with a swirly chewy center.

Each medium-sized treat has 80 kcal but can be broken into pieces for multiple uses.

OraVet Dental Chew for dogs is priced at $25 for 30-counts pack.

5. Hill’s Prescription Diet Dental Chews for Dogs

Hill’s Prescription Diet Dental Chews for Dogs

Hill’s Prescription is known for its diet dental chews for dogs, but the only problem is the flavour.

Their dental sticks are mint in flavour, and while some dogs may enjoy it, most of them prefer poultry or beef flavour.

The shape of these dog dental chews works as a toothbrush and dental floss to clean their teeth and freshen their breaths.

Hill’s Prescription quality is often considered supreme in the United Kingdom and has worked out well for in-country cross-breeds.

So, if you are looking for something in the UK, you can definitely go for this brand.

However, it may not go very easy on pockets with a price of $34.19 for a 5-pound pack. 

6. Ark Naturals Brushless Dog Chews

Ark Naturals Brushless Dog Chews

Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste Dental Chews have a heart-shaped channel of gummy toothpaste in the center.

The exterior is chewy, and the ridges are known to get as close to the hard-to-reach spots as possible.

The toothpaste in between is intended to polish each tooth to T.

Ark Naturals also contains spices like cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and alfalfa to help freshen breath.

You can break one treat and give it to your dog twice a day, too.

Now, this is something that you can use as a brushing alternative if you happen to miss out on some days.

But I would suggest you take the responsibilities of owning a dog more seriously, and still brush their teeth regularly.

The pack costs $29 for an 18-ounce bag.

7. Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Dog Treat

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Dog Treat

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Dog Treats are the best natural dental chews for dogs.

The treat is made with potatoes, blueberries, and pea protein, along with added minerals.

They are completely free of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. They are so free of poultry by-product meals, grains, gluten, corn, and anything that

Like any other dog dental treat, this, too, is known to remove tartar and plaque.

Every dog group and breed loves this treat and often finish chewing it quicker than expected.

Although this dog treat has all the green flags, the only reason why it is in the 7th position is because they have not received the seal of acceptance from the VOHC.

Without that, one cannot really claim to be genuine.

But overall, this dental chew for dogs has really seen positive results from its customers.

8. Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush Dental Chew

Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush Dental Chew

Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush is known to reach your dog’s gumline to help fight plaque.

Well, that’s a plus point for dog parents, but its taste is something that dogs absolutely love.

Made with natural ingredients like parsley, coconut oil, and fennel, this is the best dental chew for large dogs, medium dogs, as well as small pooches.

They also come with a multipack, which works exceptionally well with puppies who have not developed a bias in taste.

Lily’s Kitchen also has a Salmon flavor that works as one of the best dental chews for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

It is a wholesome natural dental treat for dogs and has been rated 4.7 on Amazon.

You can get yourself 5 Packs of 7 Chews for $10.

9. Bonus: Pet Honesty Hemp Calming Dental Chews for Senior Dogs

Pet Honesty Hemp Calming Dental Chews for Senior Dogs

The best dental chews for older dogs are from Pet Honesty.

When it comes to senior dogs, you have to find a dental chew that is soft and does not put a lot of pressure on their gums.

In fact, one must make sure that the chews are calming and digestion-friendly.

Due to increased separation anxiety in dogs during old age, this dental chew is only beneficial.

Pet Honesty Hemp Calming Dental Chew encourages your senior dog to be calm and less anxious with the help of natural ingredients like hemp, melatonin, and chamomile.

Meanwhile, its design and formulation promote overall healthy teeth, brushing off plaque and tartar.

The design is created such that it can easily reach all the places, and you do not have to bug your senior pooch with daily brushing rituals.

Pet Honesty Dental Chews cost $17.99 for a pack of 30-counts!

To Conclude

Before you buy any dental chew for your dog, make sure you do a complete check of the product.

Here are a couple of things to look for before buying a dental chew.

1. VOHC Approval

A seal of approval from the Veterinary Oral Health Council is important to every dog dental product and is typically found on the packaging.

VOHC evaluates dental products on how effective they are in reducing plaque or tartar.

The seal means that the dental treats/diet/product has gone through a clinical trial and is “proven” to work.

Other dental products may work, too, but it only means that they have not been tested or proven to work.

You can easily trust products with a VOHC seal!

2. Size

Choosing the right size following your dog breed, dog group, or even dog size is important.

Ideally, the chew should be larger than the dog’s mouth to prevent swallowing hazards.

So, make sure to choose an appropriate size for your pooch.

Some veterinary experts also suggest you take away the chew when it gets smaller than the dog’s mouth and replace it with a larger chew.

3. Calories

Be sure about the calories that each treat count contains, and pay attention to the amount of dental chew you are feeding your dog – it should not increase the everyday calorie intake.

If your dental chew has a higher caloric count, you can also divide it into pieces and give them over a couple of days.

Make sure you get treats that do not have more than 30 to 40 kcal per treat for a one-time dosage.

These are a few ways you can make sure that your dog is being treated and “treated” well.

That’s all for this time!

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