Remove Dog Hair From Washer With These Best 7 Dog Hair Removal Tricks

Trick to remove dog hair

If you have a dog, especially if it is a furry floor, belonging to a long-haired dog group, then this blog on removing dog hair from the washer is probably the best thing that will happen to you.

Keeping your washer and dryer free from pet hair can be a task. 

You can just let it be because one fine morning, you will wake up to the machine breaking down.

 To help your machine run smoothly, cleaning it off dog fur is important.

As much as we love our beloved furry friends, nobody wants to be covered in a fur coat.

So, if you want to get out of this sticky fur situation, I have some tricks that can help you get rid of dog hair from a Washer or Dryer. 

These 7 hacks to remove dog hair are a boon to you, and without further ado, let’s get started!

1. W>1. Wool Dryer Balls

figure class="wp-block-image size-full">Wool Dryer Balls for remove dog hair

One of the best things that has happened to dog parents is a wool dryer ball – a reusable solution that will help loosen pet hair and prevent wrinkles in your clothing.

I would suggest you get one from SnugPad that will soften your clothes, making it easy to lose the dog hair from the fabric.

Just place the wool dryer balls in your dryer along with your load of fur-ridden clothing, and it will stick all the fur while the machine does its work.

It’s best to layer the wool balls within your laundry rather than just dishing them directly into the dryer.

This will cut down on noise and promote airflow in your dryer, taking less time to finish the entire load.

You can get your hands on one from Blueland.

2. Fur Z>2. Fur Zappers

re class="wp-block-image size-full">Fur Zappers dog hair remover

These reusable fur zappers are mainly used with wool dryer balls and are not supposed to be used with fabric softener or dryer sheets.

Fur Zappers work great for owners who have dogs with long hair, and they reduce the amount of left-behind fur while the wool dryer ball is doing its work.

Make sure you keep rinsing off your fur Zapper every couple of loads, and one 2-pack can last an entire year.

These slightly tacky silicone doodads are designed to collect and hold fur and will be a wonderful buy if you want a solution to all the dog hair, everywhere.

3. Pet H>3. Pet Hair-Specific Dryer Sheets

re class="wp-block-image size-full">Pet Hair-Specific Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are specially designed to remove dog hair and a great, especially for catching excess hair coming mostly from cross-breed dogs.

Their anti-static properties easily loosen the hair from fabric and trap it in the lint instead of your clothes.

You can also use dryer sheets to rub off excessive hair before putting your clothes in the wash, too.

All you have to do is wipe down your clothes with a fresh sheet at the beginning of your laundry, and you are set.

The best part about this product is that the sheet has a usually pleasant smell that can help do away with the canine smell from your clothes, too.

4. Lint >4. Lint Roller

re class="wp-block-image size-full">Lint Roller

As dog parents, we all know what Lint Rollers are. They make it super easy to remove dog hair from our clothes, especially when we are dashing out of home to meet people.

Be it a small breed or a large breed dog, nothing can escape a Lint Roller.

But one other way of using it is before tossing your clothes in the washing machine.

Lint Rollers stick all the dog hair, removing excessive fur from the clothes.

Once the clothes are dry, you can take them out and run the lint roller once again to make sure every bit of that nasty fur is out.

5. Latex>5. Latex Gloves

re class="wp-block-image size-full">Latex Gloves to remove dog hair

Latex Gloves are a great product to remove an ample amount of dog fur after the drying process.

You can use any, the kind that you use in your kitchen or the more “surgical” variety – the choice is yours.

All you have to do is rub the fur with the gloves.

The material makes it easy to separate hair or other debris from the fabric and you can collect as much hair as possible and efficiently.

6. Analan Mini>6. Analan Mini Dog Hair Remover

ss="wp-block-image size-full">Analan Mini Dog Hair Remover

Now, you can’t really go around putting furniture covers in the washer or dryer every week.

Here’s what you need, the Analan Mini Dog Hair Remover Brush.

It reaches the most difficult corners of your furniture, thanks to its unique, three-sided design. It can also get rid of nasty fur of breeds like golden-doodle.

It is compact and easy to use. One could easily pick up embedded hair after just a couple of swipes.

The angled shape makes the device easy to grip. Plus, it is essentially a plastic wedge; all you gotta do is pour water over it to clean the device.

But, again, since it is a small device, it works only on a small area, which means you can only use it when you have enough time in hand. More so, it would not be ideal for de-furring rugs or other large items.

7. Uproot Dog Hair>7. Uproot Dog Hair Cleaner

wp-block-image size-full">Uproot Dog Hair Cleaner

This would be the best item if you are looking to de-fur rough items like rugs.

Uproot dog hair remover picks up hair quickly and instantly starts to pile it into a clump for easy removal.

The grip is comfortable and can easily catch hair between a baseboard and carpet or between couch cushions.

However, it is advisable not to use this on delicate fabric like knit, cotton, or clothes.

All-in-all this is an effective device and comfortable to handle.

To Conclude

>To Concludets can do a wonderful job removing dog hair from washer, dryer, or otherwise.

But there is something that you need to take care of as a dog parent, too.

That is keeping your dog clean.

Include an anti-shedding or DIY dog shampoo in your pooch’s bathing routine, and it will definitely help.

Brushing regularly can help remove and dispose of the excessive hair sticking to the body.

Bathe your dog at least once every week and brush him regularly. There are several brushes you can get, each designed for all short, medium, and long fur coat dog breeds.

Take special care of your dog, especially if it is a hypoallergenic breed.

Rest assured, this will only help you do less labor while cleaning clothes.

From The Writer,

I hope this article could help this article helps you choose the best and the most efficient dog hair removal trick.

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