Top 20 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds


The greatest misfortune for a person would be being a pet enthusiast and possessing allergies to them. But there is a simple solution – get any of the hypoallergenic dog breeds.

It has been found out in several research cases that approximately 10 percent of people in the U.S. are allergic to dogs and other animals.

But just like every lock comes with a key, there is a solution to keep up your enthusiasm for dogs – as there are dogs known as hypoallergenic dogs which makes it possible for you to have them as your new family member.

Scientifically, what makes human beings allergic to dogs is dander which is a shed material that falls off from dogs who are furry in nature.

Although there are no dog breeds that are 100 percent hypoallergenic, there are dogs who are thin or non-coated, which results in negligible dander.

The demand for hypoallergenic dog breeds has been considerably been increasing ever since there are increasing cases of children and adults suffering from pet allergies.

Top 20 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds:

Let me just tour you through some of the best hypoallergenic dogs and their breeds.

1. Tibetian Terrier:

Tibetian Terrier

Just because there is fur, doesn’t mean there will be excessive shedding.

A Tibetian Terrier is one such dog breed that breaks the myth.

Tibetan Terriers are highly receptive and outgoing creatures.

They grow up to 14 – 16 inches in height, and you would sometimes wonder if it really has any eyes.

Since they are from the terrier family, they’re amazing hunter dogs and also justify the job of watchdogs correctly.

Even though they’re double-coated, their hair sheds very less.

But they require frequent grooming in order to keep them neat and tidy.

They are absolutely loyal and make great family dogs.

Tibetian Terrier can be a great hypoallergenic companion that you can bring home. The breed holds the 1st rank on the list of Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds.

2. Maltese Terrier:

Maltese Terrier

Maltese Terriers are a complete package of gentleness and fearlessness.

They have highly dense fur, at times you’d misinterpret them as silky feathers.

These dogs are delicate and innate cuddlers.

Having them around would be like a continuous portrayal of adorable walking style, as their dense fur makes it feel as if they are floating.

They grow only up till 10 – 11 inches, being compact in size makes them great for apartment sized living.

A great family dog that fits perfectly for every kind of lifestyle.

3. Shih Tzu:

Shih Tzu

This dog breed is the best example of an ironic name, Shih Tzu means ‘little lion’.

But generally, there’s nothing so beastly about this creature.

Shih Tzu is a delicate and compact companion, purely bred to be affectionate in its being and elegant in its appearance and character.

They undergo very low shedding, don’t expect zilch fall of hair.

However, their hair falls only while brushing them that too only dead hair.

They were bred specially as a family dog and originate from China.

Even though they have thick fur, they have a strong body hidden underneath and are one of the Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds.

4. Brussels Griffon:

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon is a compact and curious character.

They are bearded-looking clowns and are always spontaneous for fun.

These dogs are very expressive and have gained huge popularity after they’ve greatly catered the TRP of TV channels, as show dogs.

They prove to be excellent family dogs and bond really well with children.

They just definitely be in your consideration, as they are strong contenders in the hypoallergenic dog list.

5. Portuguese Water Dog:

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dogs are the good old dog breeds who were important crew members for fishing trips in early ages to retrieve lost gear and grab fish into nets.

One of the most famous dogs of this breed is Bo – who is the pet of ex-president of the U.S. – Barack Obama.

They’re quite rare breeds, but due to their minimal shedding – they are a great fit for the hypoallergenic dog’s list.

They’re hard-working four-legged mates, who are energetic and can contribute both on the ground and water for hours.

They are great for sporty people, people who pursue an active life and would involve in training and playing with their dogs.

6. Poodle:


The Poodle is a breed that is found in three different sizes: standard, miniature and toy size.

They are very witty and clever, have cotton-like texture to their bodies.

They are known for their loyalty and affection and are best suited as family dogs for any kind of lifestyle.

Living with a Poodle is to live without the hassle of hair shedding.

They produce minimal dander, due to their low-shedding characteristic.

The poodle is known to be highly affectionate with children, they are also very highly sociable and trainable making them one of the most preferred hypoallergenic dog breeds.

7. West Highland White Terrier:

West Highland White Terrier

Their compact size is quite contradicting to the family they belong to, which is the Terrier family.

They are tiny, notorious and compassionate pets.

Even though they do should due to their double coat, they still come under the hypoallergenic dog list as a prime consideration.

These little enthusiastic creatures with the button-shaped nose are greatly suitable for apartment sized living.

Being a hunter dog, they do not bond really well with smaller animals.

8. Bichon Frise:

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is one such breed that is bound to take over your heart with its innocent eyes and fluffy appearance.

They are best if you like spending peaceful Sunday evenings with a cup of tea – as now you’d have a companion that won’t abandon your lap.

They have a curly and coarse overcoat and dense and smooth undercoat, and yet they shed the least and produce zero dander and are 8th on the list of Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds.

Bichon Frise would definitely prove to be a splendid compact size family member that you won’t be allergic to.

9. Havanese:


The Havanese is widely popular for its silky hair, expressive eyes and size made for cuddling.

They are also nicknamed as ‘velcro dogs’ as they always tend to be stuck beside their owners.

They were bred to serve the purpose as companion dogs in the Cuban Aristocracy in the 1800s’.

But even though they are short, they are highly intelligent and trainable.

They’re great for people who’re allergic to dogs – as, with Havanese, they will always have a constant companion and no sign of allergy as well.

10. Chinese Crested:

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested is majorly found in two coat types – hairless and powderpuff.

Be it any variety they shed negligible hair, so less that you won’t even notice.

They have great social skills and bond extremely well with children, other dogs, and even other animals.

They are also known for their quality of accommodating perfectly on a lap.

Chinese Crested should be a good choice if you can’t wait to get a pet at home.

11. Scottish Terrier:

Scottish Terrier

They are small and grumpy looking dogs who’re quite stubborn and independent.

They are well renowned for their praisable silhouettes.

Their face is very distinctive due to their overgrown eyebrows and beard.

Being heavily coated, they shedding works inversely for them, making them one of the most prominent hypoallergenic dogs.

The Scottish Terrier is a hunter dog and still hunts by instinct today.

They are highly intelligent and their origination goes back to 50 B.C. in the Roman era.

12. Cairn Terrier:

Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terriers are smart, ferocious and greater hunter dogs.

They were in Scotland by farmers who used Cairns for small odd jobs like hunting badgers and vermin.

Even though they are short, they are very sharp and the most attractive of all the terriers.

They are typically wire-haired and their coat repels water too.

Being wire-haired they require minimal grooming and you don’t have to worry about their shedding.

A Cairn Terrier would excel as a family dog due to its sensible, affectionate and independent character.

13. Labradoodle:


The idea of cross-breeding Poodles and Labrador Retrievers was a unanimous execution of the Royal Guide Dogs Association in Australia.

But no matter what, the result was a highly sociable and intelligent form of hypoallergenic dog breed, which served immensely for the position of service dogs too.

Labradoodles are highly intelligent and affectionate dogs.

Their characteristics also make them very useful for various household chores.

The cross-breeding worked efficiently towards the feature of their low-shedding, making them amazingly suitable for people with pet allergies.

14. Schnauzer:


Schnauzers come in two different sizes: miniature and standard.

They were bred in Germany in the period between the 14th and 15th centuries.

They are very unique in their appearance, with long beard and mustache.

They can be the best hypoallergenic buddies, with their low-shedding feature.

They are also very smart and intelligent, which makes them highly trainable and they are extremely loving and loyal to their family.

15. Yorkshire Terrier:

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are compact sized and bubbly creatures, and who solely serve the purpose of companionship.

Their coat is silky and gives them an elegant touch.

They’re a big charm along with hypoallergenic qualities because of their low-shedding traits.

The Yorkshire Terrier was bred specifically for companionship, a dog that provides comfort and love to their family members.

Their history goes back to the time of 1886.

16. Australian Silky Terrier:

Australian Silky Terrier

Also known as Silky Terrier, originated from Australia and is a close cousin to Yorkshire Terrier and the Australian Terrier.

They are short creatures and grow only up to 9 – 10 inches in size.

They are sweet and active dogs and their hair hangs down, giving them a glimpse of human-like features.

Their coats are often very smooth and like feather which possesses innate shine if maintained well.

They require frequent grooming but shed very less comparatively – which also puts them as a preferred breed in the hypoallergenic dog list.

17. Basenji:


The Basenji is renowned for its low barking levels and the fact that they have a very sleek and muscular body type.

As innocent as their eyes might seem, they’re equally ferocious hunters who were originated in Africa to bring in control of the rodent population.

They are the most affectionate creatures with their family members and especially kids.

They’re also stubborn, which makes them difficult to train.

However, they are always found in smooth fur type which reduces shedding possibilities to zero, and grooming needs to minimal.

Basenjis are great for apartment sized living and almost every kind of lifestyles.

They tend to be amazing companions if you keep outsmarting them.

18. Airedale Terrier:

Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terriers are regarded are ‘king of terrier’ being the largest in size amidst all its Terrier cousins.

The dog was bred at the Aire Valley of Yorkshire, who proved its worth by contributing greatly as a working dog by hunting otters and rodents.

They become great companions are fit perfectly with people who love some sporty activities.

They grow up to 23 inches and shed very less, making them excel in the category of hypoallergenic dogs.

19. Samoyed:


Samoyeds are another large breed, which is heavily coated and yet are great hypoallergenic dog breed as they don’t produce much dander.

In early ages, Samoyeds served the purpose of pack hiking, trekking and warming their owner with their thick furry bodies.

With time, they also proved themselves as great companion dogs.

They are lazy at times and require frequent exercise to maintain their weight.

Even though they are not preferred at places with a very warm climate, but they have a distinctive characteristic about their face – it’s as if they are always smiling.

20. Italian Greyhound:

Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhounds were a primary companion of the noblewomen in the middle ages, in Italy.

Apart from their companionship, they’re also very speed, agile and are dominating hunters.

Their eyes are very expressive and they are long-bodied with slender curves making them adorable in their own way.

Being smooth hair type, they don’t shed at all and can be best for people living with joint families.


So, these were the top 20 contenders of the hypoallergenic dog’s list and now you can finally cheer yourself up and start deciding on which breed to get home.

It’s okay to have the genes that won’t let you go near a dog, but it must have been pleasant for you to know that there are dogs who can come to you, and not induce an allergy.

I hope I got you covered with apt information on each breed and now you can begin the quest of bringing a hypoallergenic dog home.

How did it feel to be allergic to dogs?

Or, if there is someone close to you who is allergic?

Kindly, share your thoughts and insights on this topic.

And spread the link to educate people about the same.



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