Beagles are tiny looking medium-sized hound dogs.

They are mostly seen in tri-colored patchy designs of black, white, and tan. 

Extremely friendly and well-behaved, Beagles are loved by all age groups of people.

They enjoy the company of anyone who would show affection towards them.

Beagles are considered to be the best friends of young children in the family.

One feature that makes them stand out is their ability to smell various scents.

This has made it easy for the American airport authority to take their help and inspect passenger bags for safety concerns.

Quick Facts

Avg. Weight: 18-30 pounds

Avg. Height: 13-15 inches

Life Expectancy: 10-15 years

Dog Group: Hound dogs

Colors: Black Saddle, White & Tan, Red & White, Etc.

Other Names: Scent hounds

Dog Rank: 6/193 (United States of America)

At a Glance


Size (2/5)

Beagle dogs are small homely pet animals that grow up to the medium size of 15 inches in height and up to 30 pounds.

They are easy to carry and travel with.  

Affection Level (5/5)

A family that owns a beagle dog will agree upon the fact that this dog breed is extremely loving and friendly to everyone around them.

They enjoy spending their time with young kids.

Apartment-Friendly (4/5)

Having a tiny short body makes it easy for a beagle to adjust to an apartment.

They comfortably roam around freely and sleep anywhere depending upon their mood.

Cold Weather Tolerability (2/5)

Beagles do not have a very thick skin coat.

Hence, it makes it difficult for them to adjust in cold climatic weather.

Hot Weather Tolerability (5/5)

Suitable to tropical, sub-tropical, and equatorial weather, Beagles are comfortable surviving in hot weather conditions.

Barking Tendencies (5/5)

Yes, beagle dogs tend to bark and howl a lot.

If you’re considering petting this dog breed, be prepared to hear the dog barks around the place.

Cat-Friendly (5/5)

Beagles are extremely friendly with cats.

They love playing, chasing and licking them.

This is nothing new to beagles as they are known for being friendly to everyone, even strangers. 

Dog-Friendly (5/5)

Same sized dogs are always welcome to play, but beagles would show danger on their face if brought in front of large dogs.

In a nutshell, they get along easily with other dogs except for large dogs.

Exercise Needs (4/5)

Obesity is one disease that a Beagle dog can attract easily.

This happens when they eat excessively and do not exercise in that proportion.

Hence, regular exercise is vital to them. 

Grooming Needs (4/5)

Beagle is a low maintenance dog.

Because of its tiny size, the shedding of its hair is not quite noticeable. 

But the dog requires regular grooming in the means of bathing and brushing.

Playfulness (5/5)

For a beagle, love for food and playing go hand-in-hand.

They enjoy spending time with toys and children,

But hate it when left alone on their own.

Trainability (1/5)

Unfortunately, it’s a task to train a beagle easily.

They are stubborn while being trained and the only way to train them is by bribing delicious food as their reward.

Intelligence (4/5)

In the United States, beagles are specially assigned at the airports to smell the bags of passengers coming in the country for security reasons.

 Such is their intelligence level.

Mouthiness (3/5)

This breed does have the tendency to lick and bite people as a friendly gesture.

This can be controlled in the puppy phase itself.

Price Group (4/5)

It costs about $400-$1000 to own a beagle pet in the United States of America.

The prices are expensive because they are one of the most referred homely pet.

About Beagles


beagle puppy

A small handy beagle puppy weighs about 1-2 pounds.

They are adorable faced dog breed who prefers sleeping more at this phase.

Love and tasty meals are all they need to become friends with everyone around.

Beagle puppies are playful and active.


adult dog

Adult beagle dogs do not grow as heavy and broad dogs.

They are perfect for apartment stay and are easily attracted to scents.

Mostly found in the tri-colored body, they have attractive looks and ears dropping towards the ground.

Where Beagles Came From?

Where Beagles Came From

If stories are to be believed, Beagles come from England.

They belong to the hound family and similar traits to that of North Country Beagle, Southern Hound, Talbot Hound, and the Harrier.

Likewise, Beagles have a similar appearance with the Foxhound.

Earlier, beagles were used to hunt and chase rabbits across the fields and backyards.

Although this practice is still prevalent in the United States, Beagles are mostly preferred to be a residential pet. 

They are known to be the scent hounds because of their excellent sense of odor which makes them a receptor of more than 220 million scents.

Beagle Size

medium-sized compact dog

Generally, the beagle is a medium-sized compact dog weighing not more than 30-40 pounds.

The height to the shoulder level of the dog is about 13 to 15 inches which makes them an ideal short sized dog.

They are easily prone to obesity which may result in additional weight.

They are seen to have broad curvy ears that differentiate it from other breeds.

At times, they are a target to the disease dwarfism, which restricts their growth hormones to function, resulting in a shorter size.

Beagle Trainability

dog training

Beagles show stubborn and moody behavior.

They are lesser active in nature as compared to other larger dog breeds.

This also makes it difficult for trainers to comfortably instruct the dog.

However, Beagles are lovers of food and aroma which can be used in the favor to reward them for being trained.

On the whole, Beagles cannot be easily trained at home as well as through instructors.  

Beagle Grooming

beagle grooming

The best part about Beagles being of medium size is that they are a low maintenance breed.

They wear a smooth and dense double coat that gets thicker in the winters and show shedding attributes in the spring.

Hence the shedding gets unnoticeable and frequent brushing is not required.

But bathing and brushing twice a week is necessary for new hair growth and removal of the shed hair stuck in the body.

Some pet owners also encourage regular brushing of teeth and trimming of nails.

It depends upon the family it is brought into.

Common Diseases

Beagles are prone to many diseases

Beagles are prone to many diseases that can leave the dog owner into heavy expenses as the medication prices are generally high.

Different parts of the body can get attacked differently.

Following are the diseases in accordance with its body part:


Chinese beagle syndrome:

Chinese beagle syndrome is a disease that affects the eyes of the dog breed.

The eyes get slanted causing difficulty of sight.


It is a disease that causes loss of retinal ganglion cells by affecting the optic nerve of a beagle.

Corneal dystrophy:

The internal cornea can entirely get damaged if a beagle is diagnosed with corneal dystrophy.

Proper medication can help treat this disease.


Distichiasis is a disease that causes the growth of extra eyelashes at the eyelids.

Timely treatment can protect the eye of the Beagle from watery eyes, excessive tearing, eyelid pain, and irritation.

Cherry eye:

Popularly known as the cherry eye disease, is a condition where a cherry-like a mole is formed in the corner of the beagle’s eye.

This mole is excessively painful to the dog.


Immune-mediated polygenic arthritis

Immune-mediated polygenic arthritis (IMPA) is a disease that causes the internal body joints of the beagle to weaken up, sore and swell.

This will make the dog breed reluctant to walk and perform any other activities that require physical strength. 

Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)

Inter-verbal discs are shock absorbers of the spine.

IVDD affects the spinal disc of the dog breed which can result in a dangerous health condition.

Early treatment can prevent a beagle from paralysis, nerve damage, loss of sensation and other incurable chronic diseases.

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is an inherited disease in beagles.

Before owning a Beagle, one must do a thorough check of any history of hip dysplasia as it is obtained genetically. 

Hip dysplasia can cause severe pain to the dog in one or both the hips.

This would restrict their walking and jumping activities.

Adding to this, obesity can worsen up the situation by exerting more pressure on the hips in the form of weight.

Although it is a genetic disease, the right care from the early weeks of the beagle puppy can help prevent it.

If not, it can lead to dangerous conditions of arthritis. 

Funny puppy disease

The funny disease is the disease that can result in slow growth, weak legs and crooked back at the initial phase of a beagle puppy.

It targets the bones.


Chondrodystrophy (dwarfism)

Just like humans, beagles too are a target of dwarfism.

In scientific language dwarfism in a beagle is called as chondrodystrophy.

This syndrome can unable the beagle puppy to grow any further.


This hormonal disease is said to be a result of inbreeding.

Hypothyroidism is a disorder that forces the dog’s body to attack its own body and to recover from the problem of the thyroid.

The body then replaces the internal hormones with fats causing Thyroid Gland Atrophy.


Long Ear:

Long ears in beagles can cause them infectious diseases.

Long ears make the cartilage heavy and air cannot easily enter the ears.

The mucus thus formed is unhealthy for this dog breed.

Hence beagle owners must hygienically clean the ears regularly.



If an adult beagle is seen running thinking being chased, reacting abnormally or losing conscientiousness, 

He/she may be a target of a neurological disorder known as Epilepsy.

If the disease is left unattended, it can even lead to the death of the beagle dog.

However, the right medication can cure this.

Neonatal Cerebellar Cortical Degeneration:

This disease too is a neurological disease that hampers the cerebellum in the brain and affects its functioning.

The dog may lose balance, fall often, wouldn’t have normal a gait and have improper coordination.



Obesity is one of the most common diseases in beagle dogs.

Lack of exercise and excessive eating can cause obesity.

This makes it vital for beagle owners give the dog at least an hour of physical exercise.



Nutritional food with ample amount of water is a must to raise a healthy beagle at home.

An adult beagle has a high requirement of proteins, vitamins, and fats for their full-fletched growth.

The focus should be more on meat protein than grain protein keeping their digestive system in mind.

Suggested: Senior Dog Food

The following are the food items that should and shouldn’t be included in a beagle’s diet.

What To Include

  • Chicken (boneless and completely cooked)
  • Lamb (boneless and completely cooked )
  • Beef (boneless and completely cooked)
  • Whole grain bread
  • Cashews
  • Cheese
  • Eggs (boiled)
  • Milk
  • Peanuts
  • Salmon (completely cooked)
  • Shrimp (boneless and completely cooked)
  • Yogurt
  • Cottage cheese (boiled)
  • Corn
  • Fish (boneless and completely cooked)
  • Coconut
  • Tuna (completely cooked)
  • Turkey (boneless and completely cooked)

What Not To Include

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Chocolates
  • Cakes
  • Almonds
  • Cinnamons
  • Garlic
  • Ice cream
  • Any other snacks

Suggested: Human Foods For Dogs

Vaccination and Care

beagle with vet

The following vaccinations are to be given to a beagle in accordance with its age.

  • 9 weeks: distemper only
  • 12 weeks: distemper only
  • 16-20 weeks: distemper only
  • 24 weeks: killed rabies vaccine
  • 1 year: distemper booster and killed rabies vaccine


  • Vaccinate a beagle when in stress
  • Vaccinate a beagle within 2 weeks of any surgery
  • Vaccinate before 6 weeks of its birth
  • Vaccinate the older beagle
  • Vaccinate the sick beagle
  • Vaccinate the beagles having tumor, heart or kidney problems

Suggested: Guide To Dog Vaccination

Beagles are intelligent but single-minded dogs.

They need to be taken care of and kept under supervision to avoid and unforeseen incidents.

For example, beagles are used to chase rabbits.

Chasing them and running far away may make them forget their way back home.

Also due to their extra-friendliness with everyone, they can be robbed by thieves and sold to factory operators for experimenting.

Monthly Expense Estimation

average monthly expenses

Owning a beagle is comparatively affordable than other dog breeds in the United States because of its compact and handy size.

Following is a list of average monthly expenses that need to be incurred upon a beagle according to the requirements.

Feeding Expenses:

It costs approximately 20 USD per month to incur on a beagle

Veterinarian Expenses:

Regular check-ups with the veterinarian can sum up to 20 USD per month keeping aside medical expenses for any surgery or treatment.

Grooming Expenses:

Grooming a Beagle dog breed does not cost much.

Mostly it is a one-time expense.

On average, grooming expenses can sum around 5 USD per month.

Shopping Expenses:

Yes, a small and handy breed like beagle too requires shopping monthly.

Different pet products like hair wash shampoo, ear cleaning buds, tissues, etc need to be purchased.

On an average 10 USD per month are required for shopping expenses.

Training Expenses:

Dogs are preferred to be trained for obedience and mental alertness.

Having mentioned earlier about how stubborn a beagle can be, it’s expensive and difficult to train one.

Instructors would charge approximately 50-70 USD per month for the same.

Average Monthly Expense:

A beagle owner may need to keep aside 135-150 USD summing up all major maintenance expenses.

Beagle Behavior

Beagle dog is a very well-behaved dog.

Kindness and playfulness are one of their key behavioral attributes.


beagle with children

Children adore beagles and beagles to adore children.

They showed extreme love and care to the newborns in the house.


beagle with other dog

This patched dog breed gets along well with other dogs.

Their hunting instincts may make them aggressive towards other smaller dog, hence care must be taken.


beagle with cats

Beagles belong to the hound family.

Its ancestors were known to be aggressive and wild.

This may at times turn out dangerous for having cats around them.

How a beagle would behave getting along a cat depends upon dog to dog.



Small, adorable, and cheerful; beagles come as a complete package of fun and joy.

Hailing from the Englishmen’s country they belong to the hound family of England.

Beagles share some resemblance with the mighty Foxhound because of its patchy black, white and tan design.

However, Foxhounds are large-sized dogs whereas beagles are not that large.

Earlier, the beagle was used to help chase rabbits with their excellent scent sense.

Lately, they were also utilized for airport security checks in the United States of America.

Beagle dogs have the ability to make a person’s day with the adorable innocent look on their faces.

Unfortunately, this beautiful creature can only survive for a life span of 12-15 years.

Loving, cheerful and little makes them best suited to stay comfortably in apartments.

And if the family has children, the beagle would not ask for anything more as they love being around with children.

What is a beagle without a sniffy nose?

One feature that separates them from the others is their strong developed sense of smell.

This is the reason why they are also referred to as the name ‘scent hound’.

The beagle usually has broad long ears that make them look cute and innocent.

One might fall for their innocent looks, but it is important to know that distracted, single-minded, and stubborn little creature.

They do not like being trained.

But tempt easily towards delicious aromatic food.

Hence food baits are offered as their reward for being trained.

Little beagles are comfortable living in hot weather conditions as compared to a cold wintery climate.

Extreme care is to be taken for their grooming as they are easily prone to curable as well as chronic diseases.

One of the most common among them being “the cheery eye” disease.

In this situation, a mole is formed at the end of the eyelid causing severe pain and irritation.

Apart from this, feeding a beagle should also be taken care upon.

Excessive feeding can lead to obesity.

The Beagle loves delicious food and eats everything that is being fed.

 Dry dog food is recommended it also helps in keeping their teeth clean.

Apart from this, they also chew stuff around them and are considerably mouthy animals.

The first thing that must be done after welcoming the pet to the home is that they must be given proper vaccination consulting a good veterinarian.

It is important for the safety of the breed as well as the family it is brought in.

Beagle puppy for sale in the American continent is relatively expensive.

It costs between 700-1000 USD at times even more to own a beagle.  

Something Fun About Beagles!

Puggle – The Cross-Breed:


In the Eighties, the experimenting of crossbreeds came into existence.

One such crossbreed that became extremely popular was the Puggle.

Puggle is a beagle mix cross-breed of a beagle and a pug.

This breed turned out to be a success because of both the parents being medium-sized dogs in nature.

Some of them adopted traits like a lesser requirement for exercise, while most of them were highly active. 

The President Who Held His Beagle By The Ear:

A massive outrage broke out and people were got furious when in 1964, the then president Lyndon Johnson his pet beagle named Him by its ears.

The media printed and published this and called it ruthless and the Americans went against the president for this inhuman act.

Dog Owner’s Corner:

Any beagle owner would love to tell you how fascinating it is to own a beagle at home.

They showed extreme love and affection and get really excited about being surprised.

Welcome home a little pack of joy, own a Beagle dog today.

Before buying it from a breeder, consider adopting a homeless little one.


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