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The English Springer Spaniel (ESS) is an interesting dog that has a history of hunting and quite an athletic personality. Originally developed as gun dogs to hunt games, especially birds, the English Springer Spaniel is also a great domestic pet.

Belonging to the Spaniel family, the English Springer Spaniel is versatile and can adapt well to new changes. These are very excited and adorable dogs. They look like the Cocker Spaniel but their heights are different.

This is the most loved breed by dog owners who have an active life and are looking for the same in their dog. Are you someone who loves adventure and is always on the move? The English Springer Spaniel can be your best companion.

However, all good things come with a little bad or with some extra efforts. If you wish to bring this dog home, read this article and then decide. You won’t be disappointed but before getting a dog, you must know everything about the breed as a whole.

This breed is known to be an all-rounder and someone who never stops to amaze. Keep scrolling and reading to find out if the English Springer Spaniel is the dog of your dreams.

English Springer Spaniel Pictures

English Springer Spaniel White Background
English Springer Spaniel White Background with ball
English Springer Spaniel Puppy On Grass
English Springer Spaniel with tongue out
English Springer Spaniel Leashed
English Springer Spaniel Fetching
English Springer Spaniel in snow
English Springer Spaniel Looking at the sun

English Springer Spaniel Facts

Average Weight: Male – 44 to 55 pounds, Female – 39 to 50 pounds.

Average Height: Male – 1.5 Foot to 1.8 Foot, Female – 1.5 Foot to 1.7 Foot.

Dog Group: Sporting Group

AKC Rank: 27

At A Glance

The English Springer Spaniel size has to a lot with the types of this breed. Their height in males can be up to 1.8 Foot and in females it can be up to 1.7 Foot. Both the male and female can weigh almost 50 to 55 pounds.

The English Springer Spaniel lifespan or life expectancy is long and they can live for 12 to 14 years, sometime more.

This springer spaniel can do well in apartments, only if they are exercised sufficiently. Usually, these dogs are not recommended to be kept in apartments but them being so versatile they can manage well in apartments.

Absolutely and a lot friendly with the families, the English Springer Spaniel is the best dog for families. They can shower with love, have fun with you, and protect you too.

An all-rounder dog like this one is sure to be highly pet-friendly. These dogs are not only good with humans but other animals as well. An overall cheerful dog, the English springer spaniel will love to be around other pets in the house.

This breed is not the noisy one but when barking they can be really loud. Their barking tendencies are moderate and they will bark only to alarm you or when they feel suspicious of something.

Cold Weather – Comparatively, the cold weather is more suitable for these dogs because they have a 3 layered coat, a double-coat, an undercoat, and a topcoat. This makes them endure the cold better.

Hot Weather – They also do well in hot weather conditions but they would prefer a mild or balanced weather region more than a hot or extensively humid place.

What’s an all-rounder without intelligence? Probably not an all-rounder. The English springer spaniel is very intelligent and easily trainable but they may think time to be fully and properly trained.

This is one exciting and always an active dog. These dogs need a lot of exercise as being lazy or jobless is not in their nature. This spaniel is a gun dog, and exercising is a must for it.

The English springer spaniel’ grooming needs are high and they a little more than average attention in grooming and other maintenance. Weekly grooming sessions are enough for them.

The English springer spaniel does not shed extensively but unfortunately, they are also not hypoallergenic. Their hair or saliva won’t necessarily cause allergies in humans but they can be at risk.

The average price for the English Springer Spaniel is $700 but a top breed line dog’s price will range from $1,800 to $10,000.

About English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel Standing

Have you ever noticed how a spring bounces back when thrown on the ground? Well, the English Springer Spaniel is nothing different than a spring. The springer spaniel “springs” to flush games for the hunter.

This dog has for long been a favorite of hunters and sportsmen. They are such versatile dogs that can do possibly anything and everything. Not only in hunting but the English Springer Spaniel is also great as a family companion.

Highly enthusiastic and energetic, the springer spaniels are people-pleasers. They love pleasing their master and are always the best companion, be it hunting or just a regular walk.

A medium-sized dog, the English Springer Spaniel is just the right size. They are as tall as 1.7 foot or 1.8 foot and weigh 50 to 55 pounds. These dogs also have a very well-proportioned body.

This breed has dual talents, they are not just working dogs but also show line dogs. They are of two types field-bred or show-bred. The field-bred dogs have great working stamina while the show-bred springer spaniels are very competitive.

As pets, these are very affectionate, cheerful, intelligent and attentive dogs. They gel with children quickly, if they are brought up along with the kids in the house, they can be best friends. The springer spaniel is also good with other animals.

These dogs need a lot of exercise and keeping them busy and up on their paws is pretty important. This is a sporting dog and they are so good as athletes that some dog owners engage their springers to participate in various activities.

They are great as therapy dogs too. They are often trained to be therapy dogs and this makes them bring a smile on the face of the depressed. They have such great fun and enthusiastic vibe that they can brighten the dullest of environments.

The English Springer Spaniel is medium-sized, has a long average life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. They are great with families and other pets as well. They are active, cheerful, loyal and “springy” creatures that fill any house with fun and action.


English Springer Spaniel History

The origin of the English Springer Spaniel dates back in the early 1800’s in England. They were solely bred with the purpose to be gun dogs or flushing dogs.

They got their name as the “Springer Spaniel” because of the way this breed springs to flush or retrieve birds for its hunter. These dogs were highly popular back then at flushing games in their own springing bouncing style.

Stating the obvious, the English Springer Spaniel belongs to the Spaniel family and retrieving game is like their family tradition. However, the springers happen to be the best in their family at flushing or retrieving games.

This breed is also very similar to the Cocker Spaniel and the Welsh Springer Spaniel. In 1801, Sydenham Edwards in his book, explained that Spaniels are split into two kinds the Springing Spaniel and the Cocking (Cocker) Spaniel.

In those days, the springer spaniel and the cocker spaniel were both born in the same litters and separated later. They were further separated in two types one, the show line springers and two, the working line springers.

The ones that grew to be larger than the other, the springer spaniel, were used as working dogs or show line dogs. The smaller ones, the cocker spaniels, were used as hunting dogs to hunt woodcock.

By the 19th century, many more spaniel breeds were developed and named after their place of birth, owner or serving purposes. Out of these, two larger land spaniels, the Norfolk spaniel and the Shropshire spaniel were the “true springer type” spaniels.

For a very long period these dogs were originally called as Norfolk Spaniels. It was in 1902 that their name was changed and they are now called as English Springer Spaniel worldwide. The Sporting Spaniel Society had decided to name them as “Springer Spaniel”.

The English Kennel Club recognized the English Springer Spaniel breed in 1902. In 1910, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized this breed officially and that marked their official title as the “Springers”.

Today’s Springer Spaniels are different then what they used to be but their breeding purpose still shows in their personality. They were bred to be the best companion gun dogs and they still do justice to their sole purpose.

Facts Theatre

Parenting Guide and Care

English Springer Spaniel Parenting And Care

Appropriate dog parenting and caring the right way for your dog is no rocket science. All you need to do is watch your dog, observe your dog and you can easily pick up with understanding what your dog wants.

Parenting for different breeds can be different because of their personality traits and breed history. Below are parenting and care tips that will help you understand your English Springer Spaniel better.

  • The first and basic tip is to create a routine for your springer spaniel that matches and balances your own schedule.
  • The English Springer Spaniel loves the company and does not like to be left alone. When you bring one of these dogs’ homes you should be able to walk them exercise them and give them their expected playtime.
  • This furry friend of yours will always demand to be busy and you should make sure they are busy. They are very athletic so you can even consider them to participate in competitive dog sports. They love doing tasks and please people or their masters. This is a plus point for you as a dog parent and you can easily incorporate reward-based training for them. This helps in training them quickly and easily.
  • As quickly as they learn, they also get excited very easily, and being patient is not in their system. The ESS can be very enthusiastic and hyperactive at times and that can be too much to handle.

To deal with their excitement you will have to be patient and make them leash trained.

  • The English Springer Spaniel is very good with children but with very young kids or toddlers around you have to be extra careful.

These are bouncy and jumping dogs and you must teach them to behave around very young kids and babies. Their excitement can be too much to handle for the kids.

  • Other care tips involve English Springer Spaniel grooming. Their grooming does not require intense attention and a lot of care but they are moderate shedders and brushing them weekly is important.

The show line springer spaniel requires extra efforts and regular grooming. But a regular working ESS dog won’t bother you a lot.

Personality and Temperament

English Springer Spaniel Personality

The English Springer Spaniel has a boisterous personality and temperament. Their personality demands them to be active and excited and their temperament is always happy and cheerful.

Springers are typically friendly, energetic, active, quick-witted and also very obedient dogs. However, their obedience can depend on how early you start training them. Obedience training for them since Day 1 is important to teach them to be calm.

This dog is easily excited as their personality involves a lot of excitement and people-pleasing. The ESS easily adapts with the family it is with and these dogs are especially great with the kids of the house.

They are also intelligent which makes their training process easier. This breed has a sensible and smart personality. Their smartness can make things easier for you and the dog as well. Also, their people-pleasing attitude in life helps their owner in training them easily and in peace and easily.

Usually, they aren’t aggressive but they can be unbelievably aggressive if provoked. Separation from their humans can create separation anxiety in them which results in aggression. The show line springers are more prone to being aggressive than the other springer spaniels.

However, obedience training is a must for them as these are active and excited souls. There are basically three types of the ESS the working dog, the show dog and the hunting dog. All of these are always excited and active and mainly requires to be calmed and trained.

There have been reports of these springer spaniels being aggressive which is unlikely as they are aggressive only when provoked. Due to improper breeding they may be aggressive, unreasonably. Improper or poor breeding can also affect the temperament and personality traits of this breed.

When thinking of adopting an English springer spaniel you should not be worrying of their temperament at all. One out of 10 pups can be the aggressive and hyper one but otherwise this breed has no temperament issues.

In a nutshell, the ESS is a complete package of a cheerful, bouncy, loving and loyal companion for anyone. They are great family dogs who are also great with children which makes them a must have for big families as well. 

Colors and Grooming

English Springer Spaniel Black
English Springer Spaniel Black And White
Black & White
English Springer Spaniel Lemon And White
Lemon & White
English Springer Spaniel Liver And White
Liver & White
English Springer Spaniel Tri-Color

The English springer spaniel colors can be varied but these are the most common Liver and White, Black and White, Tri-color, Lemon and White, Red and White, Orange and White.

English springer spaniels are popular for their black or liver color coat with white and black markings. Some of their coat colors are really fun and good looking. These colors add the unique touch to their already cheerful personality.

The English springer spaniel is a tad high on the maintenance and grooming part. Their coat and hair type are prone to tangling and trapping dirt in it. Brushing and combing a springer spaniel regularly is a must.

You should brush them at thrice in a week’s time. Such frequent brushing will make sure your English springer spaniel’s coat is free of mats and tangling. Regular brushing also helps in getting rid of the loosened hair as this breed sheds moderately throughout the year.

Use a slicker brush for brushing your pooch and start from their head to the neck working down your way to their back and legs. Always brush in the direction of the growth of their hair.

Springers need a brushing multiple time every week but bathe them only once in a month. As frequently as they require brushing, bathing them once in a month is enough to help them get rid of the dirt and debris.

Do not let an English springer spaniel’s hair grow too long. Trimming their hair as soon as they grow enough to trap plenty of dirt in it. Always trim long hair around their ears as they have dropped ears the long hair can block their hair circulation.

As these dogs have dropped ears clean their ears with an ear-cleanser. Apply the cleansing solution all over the dog’s ear canals and massage well to spread it all over. Use a cotton ball to thoroughly clean their ears.

The main focus of the English springer spaniel grooming revolves around their brushing and bathing needs. Other basic grooming involves nail trimming, ear cleaning and cleaning the area around their eyes. Brushing their teeth twice or thrice in a week will also help in removing any tartar build-up.


English Springer Spaniel Feeding

English springer spaniel is a hunting dog and its diet should also consist of all protein rich and nutritional diet that boosts its energy. Springer spaniels need a diet that is based on whole meat protein.

Always look for dog food that has the highest meat content mainly turkey, chicken, lamb or fish. Check the ingredients list on the dog food and these foods should appear first on the list.

English springer spaniels also need good carbohydrates and foodstuffs like oats, barley or brown rice can also be added to their diet. These foods are a good source of carbs for your dog and also safe for them to consume.

Foods that provide fats should also be a part of their diet. Springer spaniels should have a diet that includes poultry fats or fats available in flax seeds. Your English springer spaniel will also like a diet of fruits and veggies.

Added sugars or preservative such as cold drinks or other beverages should be avoided under any circumstances. For your dog to stay healthy forever he/she should have a diet full of healthy fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Feeding a springer spaniel appropriately according to their age is also essential.

Puppy (4 to 6 months)

All puppies require more food than adult dogs and so is the case with English springer spaniels as well. English springer spaniel puppies should be fed according to their activity level and strictly nutritional puppy food only.

Feed the 2 to 3 meals per day of ½ or 1 cup food at regular intervals.

Adult (1 to 3 years)

As these puppies grow their activity level increases and so does their digestive power. Do not make the mistake of feeding adult pups more food than puppies.

Adult springer spaniels should be served 2 meals of 1 ½ cup food every day.  Adult dogs should be fed nutritional and high-quality dog food only.

Senior (7 years and more)

As dogs reach this age, they have entered their senior years. Here, a dog’s activity level starts diminishing slowly. Senior English springer spaniel dogs require a maximum of 1 meal with about 1 cup of food per day.

The food quantity can vary depending on your dog’s age, activity level and medical history.

Suggested: Senior Dog Food

Health and Vaccination

English Springer Spaniel Health

Any serious health condition that takes over a healthy dog is most probably a genetic issue. English springer spaniels are hunting dogs and there are wide numbers of health issues that can affect a springer spaniel at some point in life.

Below are some of the most common health issues and conditions that are most like to hit this breed.

Heart Diseases

English springer spaniels have many reported cases of being born with different heart diseases or defects. Many of these diseases target their heart’s structure forming.

This involves the build of the vessels of their heart or their heart’s dividing wall. These defects can also be related to the functioning of the heart valve or the electrical signals that are responsible of controlling the heartbeat.

Depending on the condition the treatment usually require surgery.

Eye Problems

Eyes are the most important for any living being to enjoy and have a quality life. English springer spaniels are unfortunately prone to develop numerous eye conditions which can eventually make them blind.

 Glaucoma, cataracts and Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) are some the genetically inherited eye diseases that springer spaniels are very prone to inhibit. Treatment for these eye conditions involves both surgery or medication.


Yet another sad and painful truth of the English springer spaniel health history is cancer. This breed this highly prone to different kinds of cancer and its causes are unknown.

Genetical inheritance is the number one reason for them to develop cancer. It is the leading cause for high fatality rates in this breed. Treatment involves chemotherapy or surgery.


Epilepsy is a neurological condition in which the dog can face seizures at any time in the day or at night. Seizures can be a reaction of other underlying issues in the body. With sudden seizures it only makes sure that there is something serious that needs medical attention.

English springer spaniels are common victims of Epilepsy, the reason can or cannot be genetic. Treatment includes immediate medical assistance and proper medication.

Rage Syndrome

Rage syndrome is very popular in the English springer spaniel world. It is so common that is also known as the “Springer rage”.

Rage syndrome or the Springer rage is a way of severe and aggressive dominance shown by these dogs. This is also termed to be a form of an epilepsy in this breed.

If not treated on time it can grow worse with time and they can even attack their owners in aggression. Anti-aggression medication has proved to be useful in treating Springer rage.

The basic vaccinations for English springer spaniel breed include canine distemper virus, parvovirus, adenovirus, canine parainfluenza, and rabies. These are also called as the 5-way vaccines.

ESS dogs require only these 5-way vaccines given at timed intervals. You can read our Guide To Dog Vaccination to know about vaccination at length.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the English springer spaniel sheds moderately throughout the year. Regular weekly brushing can avoid further troubles and save you lots of money.

Improper breeding can result in springer spaniels being very aggressive. If they are properly bred and later socialized and trained well, they are the most lovable and not at all aggressive dogs.

No, these are medium barkers. The English springer spaniel does not have a high barking tendency. They are hunting dogs which makes them naturally alert and alarmed. They can bark loudly only when suspicious.

The English springer spaniels love being in the water. They are absolutely beach bums and being in the water makes these already happy pups, even happier.

Though these are medium-sized dogs they cannot adjust well to apartment living. They are cheerful and bouncy dogs who are always hopping, bouncing, and running. Apartments can limit their free space to hop and bounce.

Despite being moderate shedders, these are not hypoallergenic dogs. Their hair can cause dander related allergies and people sensitive to dog hair should totally avoid living with the English springer spaniel.

No, English springer spaniels have serious separation anxiety and they do not like being left alone. Long hours of being alone and away from their humans can make them aggressive and depressed.

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