English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

Dog owners love to own a breed that is agile and gets well adapted to suitable conditions. The English springer spaniel is a dog who can meet all your criteria.

They are also known as all-rounder dogs and have the potential to participate and win in obedience tests or a hunting test.

 If you are an active owner and love to go on hiking trips frequently, then this breed can be yours without any disadvantages.

Can this breed also be protective for you and other family members? Are they a good family dog?

Let us find it out.

English Springer Spaniel Pictures

English Springer Spaniel Facts

Avg. Weight: 45 to 55 pounds

Avg. Height: 18 inches to 20 inches

Life Expectancy: 9 to 15 years

Dog Group: Sporting dogs

AKC Rank 27

At A Glance

Size: (3/5) they are pretty big but can be easily handled.

Affection Level (5/5) they are very outgoing with families and their members.

Apartment Friendly (1/5) they might break the vase as they are not house pets.

Cold Weather Tolerability (3/5) they can more or less adjust to cold weather.

Hot Weather Tolerability (4/5) they prefer warm weather over cold weather anytime.

Barking Tendencies (3/5) they can bark at times to alert you for certain things.

Cat-Friendly (3/5) if the cat knows its limitation then there should be no problem.

Dog-Friendly (5/5) they respect all kinds of dogs and can be friendly to them as well.

Exercise Needs (5/5) they need frequent exercise followed by walks every day.

Grooming Needs (4/5) they need more than an average amount of grooming.

Playfulness (4/5) they can be very playful at times. They will bark and alert you about it.

Trainability (4/5) can be trained more or less easy but one has to be patient.

Intelligence (5/5) they are very intelligent and can learn new things easily.

Mouthiness (3/5) they have an average tendency to nip, chew and play-bite

Price Group (2/5) $700 to $800

About English springer spaniel

English Springer Spaniel

English springer spaniel was famous as a sports dog which had superb agility and stamina. Today these English springer spaniel puppies make awesome companion dogs and can take care of you by showering all the love they have.

They do not go well in apartments. But go very well with the family and its members but they should be given training on their behavior as most dog breeds otherwise behave differently. If the puppy has been brought up with the children then they can be friendly with the kids as well.

They should be kept on leashes and fenced areas. They are also great athletes and can go hunting without even asking you. The biggest advantage among these dogs is that they are widely used as therapy dogs in various hospitals.

They seek attention from everyone. No wonder if the burglar came inside, they would ask for attention from them too. They are simply the most adorable yet attention-seeking dogs. This feature does not make them fit for the role of a guard dog.

The dogs can be quite indifferent from one another as some are bred to make them show dogs and some are sports dogs.

These medium-sized dogs look just like the spaniels with ears facing downward and the body full of furs. They also possess a longer body than what their height is.

A good breeder will sell you the correct and healthy Springer or else they might tell you about where you can find them.

Where English Springer Spaniel Dogs Came From?

Shirley (1903)

Spaniel dogs were firstly developed in Spain through which the name has been derived. They reached other parts of the world by traders and were also given as gifts.

The existence of English springer spaniels has also been mentioned in the 17th and 18th-century arts. They were used to hunt down small animals so that the hunting Hawk can easily catch hold of them. It had superior agility and skills to do the job with ease.

In the 20th century, the dogs were distinguished based on their capabilities of hunting. The smaller ones who were inexperienced were known as cockers and the big ones are known as spaniels as they have a good idea about catching prey.

The year 1902 witnessed the catch of English springer spaniel by the England kennel club. In 1903 a show was being hosted and Mr. William Arkwright was asked to judge the show. He so much loved the Springer that he awarded Mr. Winton Smith’s, Beechgrove Will.

In 1913 a Canadian breeder brought an English Springer Spaniel and around 10 more years later the breed gained popularity more than any breed which is registered by the American kennel club. 1924 witnessed The English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association which was formed in the US

Today field-bred dogs are must have a sense of smell, speed and working style. The two types can be adjusted with the breed but it is very hard to find one type working in two ways.

Whatever the history of the breed was, the English springer spaniel puppy is the most chosen and popular breed having a rank of 27 in the American kennel club.


English springer spaniel size can often vary for the types they belong to. The weight in springers is around 45 to 55 pounds. The height can be 18 to 20 inches.

The size may also depend upon the amount of food they are eating. Fickle eaters can be less in size.


English springer spaniels can be great trained easily only if one has patience. They are averagely intelligent which makes them adaptable to all the things including command teaching.

Training the dog should be based on their interest and not what the owner would love. You can offer them treats to motivate them. But this can make the dog obedient only when treated.

They should always respect you and your wors. They should understand that a “no” means “no” and should not do anything against that.

Being harsh on should be avoided as they are very fond of you. They might not be taking any harsh behavior nicely. Giving them some time to understand things may solve the problem of behavior and respect.

Colors & Grooming

The English springer spaniel gets a double coat in the same way as a sweater and a topcoat. Additionally, they get a dense coat that can be either wavy or flat and are soft, shining. Their coat is all weatherproof.

English springer spaniel colors are many but the most preferred color is the shade of brown with white patches. The English springer spaniel black is also very common and most chosen. Tri-color springer is also very much widely found in different parts.

English springer spaniel shedding runs almost all through the year so it is important to brush them frequently which will remove the dead hair and will also remove the mats and tangles hair giving the springer a clean look.

Trimming is also very much needed in these dog breeds. You can trim the neck, ears, and feet. For a hassle-free experience, you can also visit the groomer with an interval of 2 months. One also has to check for the ear wax and clean it with a dampened cotton ball.

Cleaning the nails followed by a trimming can also be done to ensure the health of the puppy. If they are clicking the nails on the ground then you should trim them. While trimming you have to be very cautious as their fingernail contains blood vessels which if hurt can cause unnecessary bleeding.

Common Diseases

Targeting the Bones

Hip dysplasia

The improper formation of hip joints leads to arthritis. This is found is most of the dog breeds.

Targeting the Skin

They tend to get certain infections. Itching, greasiness, and loss of hair are the symptoms of it. These can be cured by medications after consulting the vet

Targeting the Eyes

Retinal Dysplasia

The improper formation of the retina. This can be cured if it is noticed in the beginning. Vets usually check their eyes after 7 to 12 weeks in which the disease if detected, can be cured.


This is a problem where the eyelid folds inward which results in irritation. This is not a big problem and can be cured easily with surgery.

Targeting the Body

They often get ear infections because of the floppy ear which allows the dust particles to accumulate. These can be avoided by cleaning the ears frequently. In case they get an infection to consult your vet of immediate remedies.

Phosphofructokinase (PFK) Deficiency

Phosphofructokinase (PFK) Deficiency is an enzyme that converts sugar into the energy and some dogs come with a deficiency in these enzymes. Dogs do not get affected much by this but in some, the consequences can be dangerous.


The English springer spaniel should be given 1.5 to 2 cups or dry organic food divided into meals per day. Your pup may need some additional amount of food at times because of more hunger. But make sure you do not give them an excessive amount of food or else they will become obese.

The quality of food also matters the most. The better the quality of food will be, the better will be the growth. One should always go quality over quantity. This can also help the pup feel full in less quantity.

They should never be given a lot of food to eat throughout the day. The digestive system should be given some time to digest the food consumed.

Vaccination and Care

The English springer spaniel breed should be given the same vaccines which are given to any other breed of dog the vaccines like

  • Parvovirus
  • Hepatitis
  • Rabies
  • Para-influenza
  • Distemper
  • Leptospirosis
  • Coronavirus

If your pup is falling ill frequently then they might need some additional medicines. Consulting the vet can be an easier option.

Springer’s need a lot of exercises to stay fit and active you can take them on walks every day and play with them in the backyard to keep them happy and positive all the time.

For the first 4 months, you can take them to walks for a mile or so.

At the age of 6 months, you can take them on walks and play for about 40 minutes

Once they reach a year old you can make them jog with you every morning with frequent breaks. 

Monthly Expense Estimation:

Initially, the cost to purchase one of these breeds is around $900 because of the uniqueness and long history it has.

Pet insurance and other medical expenses are not much and go as far as $460 a year. To buy dry and organic dog food one has to pay around $145 a year. Miscellaneous expenses like toys and licenses do not cost more than $215 a year.

We can assume that the total amount of expenditure that can be counted comes around $820 a year.

You may need to spend some more money if the health of the puppy is not well and falls sick often.

English Springer Spaniel Behavior

Children: They are very affectionate among children because they are extremely playful. Unlike other dogs, they do not mind being mistreated or mishandled. You can easily let them play but keeping an eye on their activities is a must.

Dogs: Dogs are very friendly with English springer spaniels. They can easily carry out the fun and may have a better time than what they are having with you.

Cats: They do not mind the company of a cat and neither minds them sitting on the couch. But the cats have to know what can trigger the dog and should not do anything like that.  


Found I the land of Spain, the English springer spaniel breed is one of a kind. It was used as the hunter to hunt down small animals so that the hawk can catch them.

The breed has been divided into two types the experienced which are cockers and the inexperienced, the spaniels. They are judged based on their capabilities. In the year 1923, the American Kennel Club recognized them as a breed.

They are medium in size and weight which makes them easy to handle but the only demerit is that they are not suitable for an apartment dwelling.

Training them is also easy if you have little patience. They are very caring for family members. They will shower all the affection they have. You should never be harsh on them.

The springer comes in many colors like brown, white, black and tri-color. The dense coat with two layers makes them suitable to adjust in harsh conditions. English springer spaniel sheds a lot and needs to be brushed to remove the dead hairs and mats.

The springer faces some issues in health that do not create many problems in their life and can be curable with either medicines or minor surgery. It is very important to give them the vaccines on time or else they might get vulnerable to the disease.

They should be taken on walks and jogging session. They are very playful and should be encouraged in playing.

They are very friendly among the kids and dogs but when it is a cat they might hesitate at first but then they can feel fine with it.

Something Fun About English Springer Spaniel!

Former president of United States, George Bush owns one of the Springer Spaniels.

Springer spaniel is labeled as the perfect show dogs.

They were bred to be gun dogs.

They are also used as police dogs to identify illegal items.

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