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Parson Russel Terrier, also known as the farm dogs are a totally different breed. The appearance and behavior of these dogs might remind you of the Jack Russell terrier. Parson Russell Terrier is the smaller version of the Jack Russell terrier. The Jack Russell terrier inherits the same enthusiasm and joyfulness to the Parson Russell terrier.

If you possess the qualities of an experienced dog parent then the Parson Russell terrier can be yours. A new dog parent might not be able to handle this energetic dog. They can be tough to understand and can be hard to teach. But with professional training, they can be one of the best dogs.

Parson Russel Terrier Pictures

Parson Russel Terrier Facts

Avg. Weight: Male-19 pounds Female-15-17 Pounds

Avg. Height:  15-16 inches

Life Expectancy: 13-15 years

Dog Group: Terrier group

Colors: Black and White, White and tan, Lemon and white, Tricolor

At A Glance

Size: (2/5)

Despite being small in size these pups have courage greater than anyone and can hunt down wild animals like the Bat-eared fox and the red fox with ease.

Affection Level: (5/5)

They are very affectionate towards people and very generous among kids. They are protective too.

Apartment Friendly: (3/5)

They prefer adventure rather than being a sloth. They are not a good option for apartments but several walks in a day will make him stay quiet.

Cold Weather Tolerability: (4/5)

They are much likely to adapt to cold conditions because they are mountain dogs.

Hot Weather Tolerability: (3/5)

Since they are mountain dogs to their sustainability in heat decreases. Too much heat might be a hard time for them.

Barking Tendencies: (5/5)

They have tendencies to bark a lot for its over protectiveness. Their barking tendencies can be controlled by proper training.

Cat-Friendly: (1/5)

This breed will not let any other pet to sit in your lap. If it is a dog, there are still chances but a cat, Never.

Dog-Friendly: (3/5)

Dogs are their most trusted friend after you. They can easily socialize with their fellow buddies and have a really nice time

Exercise Needs: (5/5)

They need to be very active which they are. Being a mountain dog they have to maintain a workout schedule or else chances of being obese may increase.

Grooming Needs: (2/5)

The Parson Russell Terrier sheds an average to moderate amount of fur. Hence brushing is very important that too on a regular basis.

Playfulness: (5/5)

They love to play all the time. The only thing it cannot survive without. Be it a hide and seek or a sprint race, this little creature is ready to spend all its energy on a game.

Trainability: (4/5)

Training them is no big deal. They are a very patient listener and are very much fond of tough jobs. They can be trained in no time which is also very essential.

Intelligence: (2/5)

They are pretty intelligent when coming to responsiveness. They are very quick in getting adapted to new knowledge.

Mouthiness: (4/5)

Parson Russell Terrier can nip, chew, Play-bite at times. They adore their parents by licking them.

Price Group: (2/5)

600$ to 1200$ – The price goes towards the higher side because of its uniqueness.

About Parson Russel Terrier

We have manier times come across the phrase “size does not matter”. The Parson proves the phrase by being fearless. The small cute pup has a lot of courage. They can hunt down a fox with ease. John Russell introduced the breed to us for the very first time in the year 1975. He belonged to a fox hunting family.

Parson Russell terriers are very playful. They will never appreciate a lazy owner as they are very active. They were also recognized as mountain dogs, who were used as a weapon to defeat any threat coming to the gazing horse. These dogs can also be said as the great hunters

If there are no leaches attached to the Parson, anyone can be his next prey. Their protective nature and love are unmatched when compared to any other. They are equally cute and dangerous.

Where Parson Russell Terrier Dogs Came From?

John Russell, the breeder of the first Parson was from a fox hunting family and wanted a dog who can be fearless and keep up its fast pace along with the horses. Due to its athletic body structure, it can do such activities with ease.

In the year 1930 English hunters would prefer the Parson Russell Terrier for their superb agility and presence of mind.

Jack Russell’s name is used as a trademark by the famous Jack Russell terrier club of America. It is also considered that John Russell’s Terrier diverged into two breeds namely the Parson Russell Terrier and the Russell Terrier.


The size of this breed does not go much high. The male dog counts around 12 inches and the female dog does not go more than 10 inches.

They weigh around 13 to 17 pounds when fully grown.

The size also varies depending upon the nutrients consumed. If the dog is not eating a balanced diet then he/she might not reach the average size. It is advised to keep them in a balanced feeding schedule.

The Jack Russell and the Parson Russell Terrier are found more in length than on height. Their legs and back might not be appropriate but that is how they are, flexible, strong and fearless.


Parson Russell Terrier is highly intelligent and protective in nature. Their traits are of a warrior. Being too protective it tries to hurt other people or animals unknowingly. Their training should begin at early age should be given a chance to make new friends.

They should be fully vaccinated to make sure that their biting does not affect anyone.

Parson Russell Terrier enjoys their training session because they are very adventurous and are always up for anything that needs a lot of physical stress. Their training should include things that are fascinating or else they might get distracted.

Their training can be undemanding if his preferences are considered. The puppies should be trained at the beginning by commanding them differently and, with less complex words.

Grooming & Color

The Parson Terrier has fur worth to remember. They look posh but they aren’t. Their preservation is not much despite having such smooth fur.

Generally, they shed in the time of spring and autumn. During this time period, their brushing should be increased so that the dead hair can be removed easily. The weekly brush can be done for the rest of the months of the year.

Their ear tends to get a lot of wax over time. It is equally important to clean their ears followed by a nail trimming

Color among this breed is Black and White, White and tan, Lemon and white, Tricolor

They generally come with two coat types. The smooth coat and the broken coat. The broken coat is slightly longer with a hint of a beard.

Common Diseases


Hip and elbow dysplasia

Problems like this are inherited to this breed. Dysplasia refers to the poor development of the bones.

Knee Problems

Parson Russell Terrier has chances of slip disk which is a commonly found problem among dogs.


This breed does not suffer from any such nasal problem



Dogs are prone to allergy. Allergy in them is different from that of us. Their skin gets itchy also known as the Atopy.

Malassezia dermatitis is another skin dysfunction found among them.



This breed of dog is prone to cataract which blurs the vision. This happens to adult dogs. For the initial years, it won’t be noticeable.


Parson can be found to have a hard time struggling with neurological disorders. If any symptoms like tremors, excess sleeping or weakness found among them then it should be brought to the notice of the doctor


Other diseases that are found among the breed are Glaucoma, Ataxia, and deafness to some extent.


The Parson Russel Terrier breeder gives a detailed list of what and how to feed the pup. Maintaining that routine is very essential for the growth of the pup.  Giving them a new meal might not be a very nice option. It is advised that without consulting a puppy dietician the meals should not be changed.

The change in meals might affect their digestive systems, which in turn might result in frequent illness.

Lowquality food should be avoided, rather reducing the frequency to 2 meals should be enough for the dog. Adult Parson can be fickle eater, so don’t yell at them if they are unable to finish their food.

All the pups should be taken on a small walk after their meal so that they can make space for the new food coming through.  

Suggested: Senior Dog Food

Vaccination & Care

Taking care of a dog is very essential. Be it any breed it should be given the basic necessities. When it is a Parson Russel Terrier you have to be very careful with its training and health.

Parson Russell Terrier has a tendency to be overactive, hence he needs a proper diet and balanced nutrition.

They bond very well with the kids but only when the kids do not want to hurt them. They are seen to be protective for the newborn babies.

Parsons can also be destructive if you do not take him on walks or joggings with you. So it is better advised to be with him at least 3 times a day.

Vaccinations should be given routinely to them. When the pup grows to 6 weeks the vaccines of Parainfluenza, measles, Parvovirus should be given.

Within the 9th to 11th week the dog should be injected with the vaccines of Hepatitis, leptospirosis, distemper. Other vaccines should be constant. Additionally, they should be given coronavirus injections and Anti-Rabies vaccines too.

As soon as the pup reaches its 16th week, it should be vaccinated with the same medicines given during the 9th week.

In the 12th month, it should be only given an injection of Anti-rabies.

The annual booster should be the same as the one given in the 9th week. Adding corona-virus vaccination can be a better option.

Vaccination is a different ball game altogether. We suggest you read our Guide To Dog Vaccination to get a better sense of it.

Monthly Expense Estimation

Since the breed which enjoys a lot of activity, chances of being sick are less. The yearly expenses for healthcare will be around $250 to $300.For toys and other miscellaneous things like the training and grooming, you can expect a bill of $190 to $200.

Food expenses do not go more than $100 a year. Summing up together the yearly expenses should not go more than $600.

Occasional illnesses may take place which might increase the medical bill to some extent.



They can be very good friends with a kid but might not be one with the toddlers as they are too small to handle these pups. So it is very important to teach and aware the kids about the dos and don’ts.


Their training should be proper to ensure the wild instinct in them elopes. They inherit some very strong prey drives.


They do not really like the concept of any other animals especially cats’. It is better to keep both of them away from each other


The only thing they would love is their training and playtime. The source of entertainment to them can be you and your activities as it may follow you everywhere. Despite being a hunter dog it goes easy with other dogs and strangers. But some animals like the cat are never even bothered to ask for friendship. The conspiracy of killing them can rather be a better option for the Parsons.

His overprotective nature is what many dog owners are seeking. Even if the Parson is small in size, it can take care of the burglars alone. They won’t let anyone intrude on their territory.

These happy go lucky pups are no less cute than any other breed. Their affection and care are very rare to find. It is a must say that John “Jack” Russell has tried and invented a piece of love rather than creating a dog.

Something Fun About Parson Russel Terrier!

  • This breed of dog loves attending competition because of its athletic body type. They have been seen on Television Channels like the Animal Planet and ESPN.
  • Being developed by the same person they are considered as two different breeds.
  • They are known with totally different names in the rest of the world except Canada and USA

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