6 Worst Dogs For First Time Owners

Worst Dogs For First Time Owners

Getting a dog is an amazing thing to do. You may already have enlisted features you want in the dog but before its too late here is a list of 6 worst dogs for first-time owners.

A lot of thinking process is required as you plan to bring home a pup who is going to be there for a big portion of your life.

Appearance is not the point you should focus on, guys. The most important thing to keep in mind while getting yourself a pet is the breed. We say, every person has a breed of dog specifically assigned to them accordingly to their lifestyle. So, let’s start with the main and centered point to keep in mind while buying or adopting a doggo.

Searching for an apartment-friendly dog? Here is a guideline to look at while choosing one.

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Worst Dogs For First Time Owners

For the first time owners, it is advised not to go for the dogs with temperament qualities such as ‘independent’, ‘aloof’, ‘doesn’t trusts easily’, ‘stubborn’ etc. are not beginner-friendly. It is also put in consideration that beginners should go for small-medium sized dogs.

The listed below aren’t the worst dogs- they are just further challenging than the rest.

Each of these entities has got unique qualities and are the king of their own clan. And, there is always a lot of variety in a breed.

Not all dogs inherit the qualities that are known of that breed. I mean, there are a few couch potato German shepherds out there. Their qualities and behavior change with the environment sometimes.

Border Collie

Way too energetic and smart, Collies were used for farm work in the Anglo-Scottish border. There are three types of Collies- Farm, Sport and show-line Border collie. If you can’t make your Collie involved in highly challenging activities, then you should slip this breed.

Although the breed is the smartest breed on Earth but not the best dogs for first-time owners.

  • Size: Medium-sized breed, weighs around 25-45 pounds with a height of 18-21 inches.
  • Coat Type: Come with both short and long coats. Regular grooming is required. They shed a lot and can cause major problems for a person with allergies.
  • Intelligence/trainability: Considered the most intelligent breed of dogs withholding the 1st rank out of 137. Not the easiest dog to train but learns new commands with few repetitions.
  • Energy Level: Extremely energetic, needs regular physical and mental fitness challenges.

Siberian Husky

Any wolf hybrid is a big no-no for beginners! Sometimes, even professionals can’t handle their hyperness. This is not the breed of faint heart. They were literally bred for pulling sleds with heavy weights.

  • Size: Medium-sized breed, weighs around 35-60 pounds with a height of 20-24 inches.
  • Coat Type: Long thick hair, huskies need regular combing and an occasional trip for grooming sessions.
  • Intelligence/trainability: Holding 76th rank out of 137. It can be trained but can be intimidating for beginners and learns new commands with 20-40 repetitions.
  • Energy Level: Highly energetic, needs regular physical and mental fitness challenges.


These dog breeds came in recognition after the appearance in the movie Dalmatian 101. For, they were used to bark ahead of fire engines, they can act notorious and give a hard time even to the experienced owners.

They have a beautiful snow-white body with black spots that are randomly placed in their entire body.

  • Size: Another medium- large sized dog, weighs around 40-70 pounds with a height of 19-24 inches.
  • Coat Type: short and sleek, requires little to no time for grooming.
  • Intelligence/trainability: With a score of 61 out of 137, they take about 15-25 repetitions to learn new commands. Not easy to get a hold on this breed. Dalmatians also have a tendency to bark.
  • Energy Level: Highly energetic, remember they were bred to run alongside horses and fire engines.

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois has made its appearance as a heroic figure to all of us! They are bred for dangerous work like tracing out bombs and drugs and are carried mostly by police officials. Hard-core, right?

Due to their aggressive nature, they have a tendency to go out of control and you want the leash in an experienced dog owner’s hand and hence Belgian Malinois dogs are also not the best dogs for first-time owners.

  • Size: Large and lean, weighs around 40-80 pounds with a height of 22-26 inches.
  • Coat Type: Short and easy to look after.
  • Intelligence/trainability: Its intelligence marking is 26 out of 137. It can be trained for seriously dangerous tasks. Not meant for being a family dog. Learns new commands with 5-15 repetitions.
  • Energy Level: Extremely energetic, if not put heavy regular exercises, a Belgian Malinois can create major havoc.


This humongous entity is not for beginners because of its size and the fact that they are very cold and distant towards the stranger (aloof towards strangers). They are very hard to train and are heartbreakingly disinterested in people. Not all fluff balls like to get cuddled, like Chow. They don’t like to cuddle and are not suitable for the best dogs for first-time owners.

  • Size: Huge sized. The hairy coat makes them appear even bigger. Chow weighs around 45-70 pounds with height of 17-20 inches.
  • Coat Type: Long and thick hair coat. Chow needs regular rigorous grooming sessions and trimming trips to keep their coat in shape.
  • Intelligence/trainability: Lovely lunkhead! They have intelligence score of 134 out of 137. Shows no interest in training and needs 80-100 repetitions for learning of new commands.
  • Energy Level: Couch potato low. Chow doesn’t like to do anything besides few walks.


With their long floppy ears, they look sticking cute. But, a Beagle will bark their heads off and gets to a point where your neighbors may call 911! They were bred to chase, sniff, and always stay ahead of their owners, which can be challenging for many first-timers.

  • Size: Small to medium size with a height of 13-15 inches and weighing around 20-30 pounds.
  • Coat Type: Small haired coat, needs less maintenance.
  • Intelligence/trainability: beauty with a little brain, they hold the rank 130 out of 137 in intelligence and takes about 80-100 repetitions to learn new commands. They are hard to train
  • Energy Level: Highly dynamic, Beagle should be on a leash or they can turn your world up-side-down.

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