Had thought of buying a designer breed that is intelligent and affectionate at the same time?

Cockapoo is someone you will always appreciate being in your life. Cockapoo is a result of interbreeding between the Cocker spaniel and the poodle. The marks of existence do not go much far. They were in fact discovered around the 1960s.

Is this breed capable of understanding human feelings and emotions?

Let’s find out.

Cockapoo Pictures

Quick Facts

Avg. Weight: 6 pounds to 19 pounds (depending upon the size).

Avg. Height: 10 inches to 15 inches.

Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years.

Dog Group:  Hybrid dog

AKC Rank: 196

At A Glance

Size: (4/5)

They are around 10 to 15 inches tall depending upon the category.

Affection Level (5/5)

Being a pure family dog, Affection level is humongous.

Apartment Friendly (4/5)

They well adapt to apartment living conditions.

Cold Weather Tolerability (4/5)

They are well versed with cold climatic conditions.

Hot Weather Tolerability (4/5)

They can even adapt to hot weather conditions.

Barking Tendencies (2/5)

They prefer staying quiet rather than barking.

Cat-Friendly (5/5)

They respect cats and their opinions as well.

Dog-Friendly (5/5)

They are equally friendly with dogs.

Exercise Needs (3/5)

The do not need too many workouts. Walks are enough

Grooming Needs (5/5)

Cockapoo puppy needs regular grooming for their coat.

Playfulness (4/5)

Extremely playful at times. They will alert you of the playtime

Trainability (4/5)

They are easy to train. Few commands and your pup is ready.

Intelligence (3/5)

They are averagely intelligent but patience is required to train them

Mouthiness (3/5)

Play biting, Nipping and chewing are averagely found in them.

Price Group (3/5)

$900 to $1100 – The prices mentioned are the average prices charged by the cockapoo breeders

About Cockapoos

The intelligent, affectionate and easy to train interbreed between the poodle and the cocker spaniel. They appreciate everyone for being a part of their life. They respect all the elements that they have.

These happy go lucky dogs have no complaints in their lives. The only complaint you might find is your going away for work.

They are very much solicitous about kids, especially with toddlers. The only sad part about them is they are very much susceptible to infections which tend to spread among everyone.

What makes this breed unique from the cocker spaniel or the poodle?

Well, the cockapoo dog has traits of both, a spaniel and a poodle which happens to be sweet and calm. Possessing the same characteristics with additional love for the family and adaptability is what makes him stand out among another designer breed.

The cockapoo breed lives an extravagant life. His grooming needs are on the higher side but not more than a poodle. Precisely this breed can be high on maintenance

The reason behind the invention of this breed was not only its looks but was also a dog that would have good health, hypoallergenic and a good personality. Their personality is more important than their appearance.

If you are looking for a dog that is affectionate and caring at the same time, then you should definitely consider the cockapoo puppy.

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Where did Cockapoo Dogs Come From?

The designer dog could be a breed invented by mischance the outcome of what we have, an affectionate pup. The evident data available about the history of this breed is the year. After witnessing the discovery of the Cockapoo in the year 1960 efforts are still being made to get the proper breed standard which will ensure that they are producing healthy and adorable offspring.

This designer breed has attained a lot of attention among the family because of the characteristics it has.

Being a popular breed, many breeders want to cross-breed other dogs with the poodle. Generally, breeders prefer to breed between the cocker and poodle only.

The Cockapoo Club of America was formed in the year 1999 to promote the breeding of multigenerational dogs. This was done to make sure that they are ready as per the era.

In 2004 The American Cockapoo club of Cockapoo was formed to find out the evidence of Cockapoo’s existence through breeding between a poodle and other breeds but not only cocker and a spaniel.


These cuties are available in four sizes. The size in each one differs from that of the other. The teacup toy cockapoo can reach at a height of 10 inches with a weight of 6 pounds. The Toy sized cockapoo can reach a height of 10 inches with a weight of 12 pounds.

The miniature cockapoo weighs around 13 to 18 pounds and in length, it goes around 11 to 14 inches. The Maxi cockapoo weighs more than 19 pounds with a height of 15 inches.

The size in them may vary as the food intake and health conditions differ from one pup to the other. Some cockapoo dogs can be fickle eaters. The growth among them can be a bit slow.

No matter how short or tall they are, a smile on parents’ faces is a definite thing.


When it comes to training a cockapoo it is the easiest thing to do.  But most importantly they should be taught to socialize at a very young age. They are a breed that is very sophisticated and does not enjoy disturbing unnecessarily.

It is important to see that they are not being trained for more than a specific time limit every day. As the need for exercise is not much among this breed.

They should be trained for domestic behavior rather than training them for outing activities. Try not to be harsh on them as they are also sensitive.

Colors & Grooming

They might get curly or straight furs but the coat they get is single.  They are found in all the colors which are found in a poodle and cocker spaniel. The uncommon colors that are found in them are something that makes them unique from other breeds.

Many people want to clip their hair but instead, they should be trimmed to two or three inches. They tend to have long hairs falling over their eyes. It should also be trimmed to ensure better visibility

The coat should be brushed regularly to make sure it is tangled free. Giving them excessive bathe can reduce the coat oils resulting in shedding.

It is equally important to clean his ears from time to time. Do not use a cotton ear cleaning bud. Rather take a cotton ball and ad some ear cleaner recommended by your veterinary consultant.

If their ear is stinking or they are itching their ears often then you might show a veterinary consultant. The indications can be of ear infections.

Common Diseases

Targeting The Bones

Patellar Luxation

The knee joint slips out of the joint causing pain. In layman’s language the dislocation of the kneecap. It has been seen that many dogs live an absolutely fine life.

Hip Dysplasia

It is the improper formation of the thigh bone and hip joint. With this comes Arthritis along with the dog’s age.


Many dogs tend to get allergies. So might the cockapoo. The allergies are of three types. The first one is food allergies which can be eradicated through an improved diet.

The second one is the contact allergies which happen due to using different shampoos and cleaners.

And the third is inhalant allergies happen by inhalation of dust or pollens. The cure to any of these can include and exclude different food and location changes.

Targeting The Eyes


This is very commonly found among many dog breeds. A cataract is the blurring of the lens which results in abnormal vision. This disease can be cured and does not affect the pup much.

Targeting The Body

They tend to get ear infections as they have long ears which accumulate a lot of dirt and moisture. Their ears should be cleaned and checked regularly.


The recommended food every day is ¼ cup to ¾ cup of dry organic food divided into 2 meals.

His size, age, and eating habit play a vital role when it comes to feeding the pup. Giving him excess food can him obese. He might face health issues if eats less. In that case, supplement foods can be given once discussed with the pup dietician.

They should be given exactly two meals every day rather than letting the food be there for the day.

A strict routine should be made to ensure that the pup is not eating an excessive amount of food.

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Vaccination and Care

Vaccinations in all the dogs are more or less the same. But the general vaccinations that can be given to the Cockapoo dog are-

  • Hepatitis
  • Parvo-virus
  • Para-influenza
  • Anti-rabies
  • Coronavirus injection

The adult cockapoo might need some more vaccines and checkups. Consulting the veterinarian can be a healthier option.

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Caring for a Cockapoo dog is very important. One has to keep a track of the obesity level. To reduce the risk of this the pup should perform an exercise of at least 15 minutes. It can be a play session as well. All they need is an active workout for 15 minutes be it running, hiking or just a walk.

The breed should not be left outside the house or in kennels. They are meant to stay in the apartment as they are already apartment friendly.

They should also be given crate training so that they have a fixed place to sleep or take a power nap.

Monthly Expense Estimation

The cockapoo price can range in $800 to $1200. For the initial year, the cost of ownership can go as high as $1135 which included their insurance, toys, grooming and other vaccines. The price for the initial first year can go higher than mentioned. In the subsequent years, the cost can be around $775 which includes their vaccines and food generally.

Additional costs may arise as they may get triggered by illness.  

Cockapoo is not a cheap breed to pet. It is pretty high on maintenance but every dog needs proper grooming and care. The difference is a result of a higher cost of ownership. Cockapoo grooming can be highly costeffective.



This breed prefers older kids who would know the methods of handling them.  They do equally good with younger members but the risk of biting persists. As a parent of both of them, you should keep supervision so that it does not hurt anyone.


Cockapoo dog is very friendly with other dog breeds. It respects all other dogs and appreciates them for being in their lives. They can bond so good with dogs that you might find them having a good and rejecting your invitation for a walk.


Unlike other breeds, this does not hate cats they appreciate them as well.  Hence running behind a cat is not something you will witness frequently if the two are staying under the same roof.


Discovered in 1960, the apartment-friendly dog is very affectionate towards everyone. Be it a cat or human or any other dog breed it has always proved that earth is a better place to live in.

He may not be very tall or sturdier but they can love you more than anyone can ever. They are available in four different sizes. The teacup size, the Toy size, the miniature and the standard sized. All of them possess great characteristics.

Adaptability to different conditions is very easy in this breed. They suit themselves amazingly.

The coat colors that they get are the same as that of any cocker or poodle. In fact, they get amazing coat colors

When it comes to grooming they might incur a lot of money as the need for professional groomers may arise. Once they are groomed they can be the cutest creature of all time. You can call them cute, cutie or whatever name you wish to.

You can also check our suggestion for Cockapoo names.

Vaccinations can be the same or different, asking your vet will be better. Their exercise should not be much. They need averagely 15 to 20 minutes of exercise. Their workout schedule should neither be missed which can eventually increase the risk of being obese.

Training can is easier than it seems. Few commands and actions can turn your dog into an obedient and disciplined one.

They have all the required criteria to be a perfect dog. They will never leave their parent alone for even a single second. In the world full of mean-minded people they are sunshine of hope and love.

Something Fun About Cockapoos!

  • Cockapoo has worked in a web series called the “Embarrassing Pets
  • Most of the cockapoo smile but one might not notice it.

It was wonderful to have you here!

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Happy Petting to you guys.



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