Cockapoo – The Paris of the Pup World

A cockapoo sitting on the grass.

Ever wondered what the combination of a smart and adorable dog breed was?

Cockapoo is your answer! 

Bonus – They’re loving and very well-behaved.

Cockapoo dogs, also known as Spoodles or Cockerdoodles, are a poodle cocker spaniel mix.

Well, they’re not only cute and intelligent, but also a designer breed, and a perfect family pet.

These fluff balls come in a manifold of colors and sizes. They’re also among the top 5 best poodle mixes in the world.

Read further to find out if these cuties are your kinda dogs.

Did you know?

Cockapoos generally get attached to one member of the family and make that person their favorite. They have the tendency to become obsessed with their favorite member.

Breed Pictures

I mean, look at them. Just look! Could they BE any cuter?

Quick Facts

Dog Group: Hybrid

Average Weight: 6-19 pounds

Average height: 10-15 inches

AKC Ranking: N/A

At A Glance

They are 10-15 inches tall, depending on the type (teacup, toy, mini, or standard). Generally, male Cockapoos are around 11-15 inches tall and female Cockapoos are around 10-14 inches tall.

Though their lifespan is averaged out to be 12-15 years, they tend to live longer than most other dog breeds. It is not surprising to see Cockapoo dogs living up to the age of 15 and above.

Their small size makes them very suitable for apartments. Even better if you have a backyard! Miniature Cockapoos and Cockapoo puppies will be happy even with walks in the park.

They are affectionate and are especially mindful of toddlers. They are companion dogs with happy-go-lucky personalities and are extremely loyal and warm-hearted towards their family.

They tend to be quite friendly with other dogs, cats, and other animals and most of them are friendly with cats. Training and socializing can help decrease aggression(if any) with other pets. 

These pups prefer being quiet and won’t disturb you unless it is necessary. They tend to bark if they get lonely, however, if they keep barking for attention, try not to encourage that. Ignore them until they stop.

They have high adaptability towards warm or cold weather. They like spending time outdoors in the summers. In winters, it is preferable to cut down the garden/playtime.

They are very easy to train and are also pretty intelligent, but we need to be a tad patient while training them since they need repetition. Try not to give in to their cute faces or training will take a lot longer than it should.

They don’t need workouts or lots of hours in the park. A couple of walks a day should be adequate. Spoodles can be very active, so you can even take them for hikes or hour-long walks. Their total walk-time per day should be at least 45-60 mins.

A Cockapoo dog needs frequent grooming; yet, it is less than that of a poodle. Brushing, trimming, keeping their nails in check, etc are some things you make a regular habit of.

Some of these pups experience seasonal shedding and some of them never have any. They have low dander levels and dander generally is stuck in the fur, so with proper grooming, these doggos can be suitable for allergic folks as well.

Being a designer breed, they are more in demand. Hence, they are more expensive as compared to other breeds. The Cockapoo price range is around $1,500-$2,600.

Note: We at Dog Is World do not promote purchasing and selling of dogs. There are thousands of pups in need of a loving home. We recommend the adoption of these sweethearts instead.

“Opening up your life to a dog who needs a home is one of the most fulfilling things you can do.” 

– Emma Keny


A white cockapoo sitting on the grass in a park with the background of the sky.

This breed was designed to meet all the characteristic requirements of pet owners. These sweet pooches will bring you all the best features you can have in a dog.

The characteristics of Cockapoos that make them so desirable to people include- friendliness, loyalty, activeness, caring, and loving nature. They have the best personalities along with those cute faces.

Who wouldn’t want that?

They have a longer lifespan than most breeds and live up to 15 years. They spend most of their time following their favorites around and playing. 

They might get clingy and anxious when you’re not around for long. 

The size of Cockerdoodles varies in height, weight, and growth rate. These are the 4 types of the poodle and cocker spaniel mix-

Teacup Cockapoos weigh only about 6 pounds and are 10 inches tall.

Toy Cockapoos weigh 12 pounds, with the same height as the teacup cockapoos.

Miniature Cockapoos weigh around 13-18 pounds and grow 15 inches tall.

Standard(or Maxi)Cockapoos weigh over 19 pounds and are at least 15 inches tall.

The Cockapoo life expectancy is very variable, depending on health, food intake, exercise, etc. Some pups have lived up to their 20s.

This super easy to train and easier to love breed is happiest when taken to the park/backyard. They are also pretty smart and people-oriented and will bring an immense amount of affection and happiness into your life. 

Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of Cockapoos.


A White cockapoo looking at the photographer

Discovered in the 1960s, the first breeding of cockapoo puppies resulted in healthier, more intelligent pups. 

They possessed the less shedding of poodles and the friendly and easy-going nature of the cocker spaniel.

Basically, they are the kids who got the best genes from their parents.

Thus, it did not take much time for this breed to become popular. Soon, it became the preferred breed for many families. 

Being a “designer breed”, plenty of breeders wanted to cross the poodle with other dogs. 

But people preferred the poodle cocker spaniel mix since it had gained a lot of fame and admiration.

Although they are still not considered to be a pure breed, organizations are working on it.

A club was formed for the promotion of this breed in 1999 in the US, called “The Cockapoo Club of America”.

This club promotes the breeding of different generations of Spoodles with each other. This ensures that all the best qualities are passed down to the offspring.

Other such promoting clubs for this breed were formed later on as well.

Being a hybrid breed they are not recognized by AKC and The kennel Club. But, the cockapoo fan club has seen enormous growth over the years.

Facts Theatre

Parenting Guide and Care

A brown and white Cockapoo lying on a mat

Cockapoo puppies, being very loving creatures, are not very difficult to parent. They are loyal, sweet, calm, and responsive to training, of course with a lot of petting, rewards, and affection.

A couple of walks or 15-20 minutes of exercise per day is enough to keep these pups from becoming overweight. 

A regular bath a couple of times a week will be enough for your cockapoo puppies since they are almost odorless

These Spoodle pups enjoy swimming/playing in the water which again, has its pros and cons. They can be your cute little beach or swimming pool buddies, but be careful; they are prone to contracting ear infections and other problems. 

Baths or too much time in the water very often may not be good for them. The oils that are essential for a healthy mane will be washed off their coat. 

To avoid such problems always bathe your pups with vet-recommended shampoos.

Spoodle dogs should have regular ear checkups and cleaning. The ears they get from the cocker spaniel are likely to trap moisture and cause ear infections.

Cocker spaniels also tend to produce more ear wax, thus cleaning and examining their ears every week is essential. Check for any stinking of their ears or them itching their ears a lot as these can be initial indicators of an infection.

Practice brushing their teeth a few times a week to avoid dental issues and bad breath. 

These are generally seen more in Cockapoo puppies, but it never hurts to have some extra hygiene.

 Also, trimming their nails from time to time is essential. We don’t want them scratching themselves. Or us. 

Socializing is another key aspect to focus on for parents of cockapoo dogs. Don’t let them become the introverted, sky kind.

Make sure that right from their puppy phase they interact with kids and other pets in parks, encouraging them to be friendly and people-oriented.

Exposing them to different environments, people, sounds, and objects will help them grow and learn.

Personality and Temperament

A standard Cockapoo sitting on a wooden platform

Cockapoos are very sophisticated, outgoing, and affectionate

They adopt the intelligence, playfulness, calm and sweet nature of their parents. They will always feel the need to be around people, kids, or other pets and play around. 

They are a pretty moderate-maintenance-requiring breed.

Cockapoo dogs are generally active, however, their physical nature might depend upon how they’re brought up. They can either turn out to be lazy couch potatoes or become extra active.

These pups love to snuggle up next to their favorites on the couch, so they can be your perfect cuddle buddies.

 Maybe even like Raj and Cinnamon from The Big Bang Theory.

Given their social nature, they do not discriminate between known faces and strangers. They will pretty much go up to anyone who shows an interest in petting them. 

They’re the ultimate face of “Give. Me. Attention.”

Cockapoo puppies are sensitive and tend to become clingy with their favorites. They are sort of hopeless when it comes to giving their owners privacy and will want to follow them constantly.

Sometimes all you can do is give in to their clinginess and cute faces. You will find your Spoodle pups following you to the bathroom as well. Brace yourself! 

Being left alone for a long period will definitely make them feel anxious or depressed.

It is recommended that you don’t leave them alone for long periods, as it might make them prone to getting anxiety and depression.

Although, there are times when we have to leave our pets alone but here in the case of spoodle pups, don’t leave them alone or they will end up developing separation anxiety.

If you absolutely have to leave, make sure your pooch is with a dog-walker, a dog-sitter, or a friend, to check on it every once in a while. 

Cockapoo dogs are easy to train and are highly adaptive making them the perfect breed for you if you need a petite, furry companion with lots of love to give.

Colors and Grooming

A black and white Cockapoo posing with its tongue out

These floofs come in various colors and also have different coat patterns, but a Cockapoo merle is the rarest of all. 

Their unique colors and combinations are one of the factors responsible for their popularity.

These Spoodles might have curly or straight hair, but they only have a single coat. 

And if you are wondering will your Cockapoo shed?

To answer that- They do shed however, it is much less compared to other breeds. Sometimes they experience seasonal shedding or none at all.

Yet, you should frequent and regular brushing to make the hair tangle-free. Curly fur will need more grooming and trimming so it doesn’t block their vision.

Grooming a Cockapoo isn’t very difficult. There are many trendy Cockapoo grooming styles available on plenty of different platforms nowadays. 

While some dog parents like to clip up their pup’s hair if it has grown too long, it is time to get them trimmed. 

Want to give your Cockapoo baby a trendy haircut? Check out the page for ideas.

Try to make the hair brushing regimen a habit for them right from the puppy stage. This will make it easier for the Cockapoo adult to adapt to the grooming later on.

Cockapoo Training

A Cockapoo sitting on the grass

Cockapoo training can begin at around 4 weeks, but be patient with them. They will need you to repeat the commands and training plenty of times before getting it right.

They also respond very well to positive reinforcement, and they love getting praises. 

Don’t we all really?

Cockapoos are known to be easy to train pups, and there are ways you can steer them towards training- by using rewards! Be it their favorite food or toys or just a lot of positive reactions from you. 

Since they are apartment pets, give them more indoor training than outdoor training.

The most trying activities can be crate and home training. 

Your cockapoo puppies need a good enough amount of sleep, but when put in a crate, they might get lonely and end up crying or screaming. Talking to them or putting in a toy with them might help. 

Avoid letting your Spoodle pups sleep with you on your bed; they might get accustomed to it and develop separation anxiety.

Don’t give in to their sad puppy-dog eyes, it’ll be SO hard not to but try!

Instead, make the crate a comfy and happy place for the pups. You can keep their crate close to you with clothes in it, so they have your smell near them. 

Your cockapoo baby likes to play with other dogs and cats and hence, should learn to socialize. 

Although they’re easy to train, training your cockapoo might be more testing than expected. Take a gander at these tips that can be helpful for you.


A Cockapoo sitting next to its feeding bowl

Nutrition is vital for all individuals. To make sure your pup is healthy and its weight is in control, you will have to pay attention to its diet.

As the pup grows older, its food requirements and exercise needs will change.

Making a strict routine for your pup is an effective way of keeping its food consumption in check. Some Cockapoo puppies also end up being fussy eaters, so their growth might be slower. 

Puppy: Up to 10 months

Until your cockapoo puppy turns 4 months old, give it 4 meals a day. 

After that, make it 3 meals a day until it turns 6 months old.

After crossing the 6-month mark, you can further reduce it to 2 meals per day.

Your Cockapoo puppies will need more protein than adults.

Adult: 10 months-6 years

During the adult stage in your pup’s life, give them about 1/3 to 3/4 cups of food in a day divided into 2 different meals.

Senior: 6-15 years

The same 2 meals per day as an adult Cockapoo, unless any other health issues arise.

Make sure to include a good amount of protein in the diet of senior dogs as they are likely to have muscle weakness or damage.

Want to know more about feeding a senior dog? Check out our guide.

Health and Vaccinations

A brown Cockapoo lying on a white bed

Cockapoos live for about 15 years, but they are at risk of contracting certain health problems. These issues are generally seen in their parent breeds.

These fluffs, unfortunately, are susceptible to infections that could spread among everyone.

Some common Cockapoo health issues *shudders* are-


Cataracts are a common eye disease for all breeds of dogs, but the cocker spaniel is at a higher risk for developing this condition. 

This eye disease causes eye tense opacity and hence results in poor vision. The dog’s eye appears cloudy or bluish-white. If your pooch shows any change in the color of the eyes, visit a vet immediately.

Generally, the vet will prescribe an ointment or eye drops. But, surgery is considered the most effective solution to Cataracts.

Patellar luxation

Patellar luxation (meaning dislocation) is the dislocation of the kneecap (called patella). If your Cockerdoodle is skipping steps or walking/running on three legs and then switching back to four. 

This condition makes the knee joints of the dog move in and out. It causes awful pain, but a lot of dogs having this condition lead normal lives.

Hip Dysplasia

In this condition, the thighbone doesn’t fit into the hip joint. Some dogs show signs of pain or lameness, while some show no discomfort. This condition is checked using an X-ray.


Allergies are quite common in dogs. Cockapoo allergies could come up due to food, contact, or by inhaling pollen or dust.

Allergies caused by food can be treated by avoiding certain food items. The contact allergy could be a reaction due to flea, shampoos, bedding, etc.

 For treatment of allergies, medications, dietary restrictions, and environmental changes are recommended.

Ear Infections

They are very likely to get ear infections. This is due to the trapping of moisture in their ear canals. Getting their ears cleaned every week can help avoid infections.

Skin Issues

These Cockerdoodles might develop skin problems like seborrheic dermatitis. It is another hereditary issue from the Cocker Spaniel. It causes flaky and dry skin. They might also fall victim to skin allergies.

Most of the Cockapoo health issues are mostly hereditary. They also experience hormonal problems like- Diabetes, hypothyroidism, and Cushing’s syndrome.

Almost all the dogs have similar vaccinations. However, the vaccines that can be given to your Cockapoo dogs are-



•Viral Hepatitis


As your pup grows older, the vaccination needs will change depending on its health.

Check out our carefully crafted Dog Vaccination Guide for more details.

Your Cockapoo puppy should be accustomed to at least 15-20 minutes of exercise per day, to keep them from becoming obese. Their diet, too, should be altered depending upon their metabolism. 

“Dogs are our link to paradise.”

-Milan Kundera

Spoodles are dogs that can instantly melt your heart and make you smile.

They will make sure you have the most loyal companion by your side. They can also make outstanding Therapy dogs.

These pups are a more suitable option for people who are allergic since they do not shed much, and also don’t leave their odor on furniture and other objects. There are far lesser chances of finding furballs around the house.

Give them lots of love and plenty of attention and many many hugs; they’ll make you the happiest dog-parent ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cockapoos are said to be almost hypoallergenic since they don’t shed a lot, which is a result of having poodle genetics. What most humans are allergic to, are dead skin cells (or dander). Any kind of dog is bound to shed that. Some people can be allergic to dog fur or saliva, so we can not say that these doggos are 100% hypoallergenic.

The weight of these pups depends on their size. They come in 4 different sizes. Teacup Cockapoos are the smallest, and they weigh only about 6 pounds. Toy Cockapoos weigh around 12 pounds. Miniature Cockapoos have a weight ranging between 13-18 pounds. And lastly, Standard Cockapoos weigh more than 19 pounds.

The different sizes of Cockapoos have different heights. 

The Teacup and Toy Cockapoos are less than 10 inches in height. The Miniature Cockapoos are up to 14 inches tall, and Standard cockapoos are at least 15 inches tall.

Cockapoo dogs are an adorable, energetic, friendly, and an easy to train kind of breed. They are intelligent, and just like other dogs, react well to rewards. That can be a nifty tip to use while training your Cockapoo puppies.

They surely are an expensive breed and require frequent grooming, but that is true for almost all dogs. All dogs, in general, need proper grooming, vaccinations, and care.

A well-groomed Cockapoo will also have enough cuteness to lighten up your day.

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