Can Dogs Eat Guava? Here’s why Guava is the Best Fruit Treat for Dogs

can dogs eat guava

When it comes to a dog’s health, dogs and fruits have a love-hate relationship. Some fruits are good for dogs while some fruits aren’t. There are also fruits that your dog can consume in plenty and some fruits should be fed moderately.

So talking about fruits have you ever thought can dogs eat guava? Guavas fall under the ‘exotic fruit’ category. This article is dedicated to guavas and dogs that crave to eat them.

Exotic fruits certainly have a boon to be filled with necessary vitamins and minerals. No matter how beneficial exotic fruits are you should always check if they are safe for your dog to have.

Have you been thinking to add guavas to your dog’s diet but you were not so sure if you can? In this article we will clear all the air about “can dogs eat guava” and their edibility for dogs.

So let’s dive right in and find out if dogs can eat guava.

Can Dog>Can Dogs Eat Guava?

Can Dogs Eat Guava

Well, yes absolutely. Guavas are completely safe and dogs can eat guavas. However, like all other fruits even guavas should be fed to dogs in moderation. The exotic guava is a nutrient packed fruit.

Plenty of carbohydrates and natural sugars present in guavas make it more beneficial for dogs. Guavas help in balancing the nutritious diet of dogs by providing low fats and carbohydrates.

But before starting to feed guava to dogs you should do a thorough research about guavas. Like many other questions dog owners bombard their veterinarians with can dogs eat guava is very common in the list.

If you like treating your dog every now and then you can feed them guavas as a fruit treat. However, it is advised to feed guavas in moderation to dogs. A small chunk of the exotic fruit should be enough for your dog.

A single piece of guava also contains enough vitamins and minerals to help dogs get the additional dose of nutrients. Filled with beneficial vitamins and minerals dogs a guava should be fed to dogs only once in a week.

Why Gua>Why Guavas are good for Dogs?

Why Guavas are good for Dogs

Now that you have the answer to can dogs eat guava? Let us tell you why guavas are good for dogs. This wonder fruit will not harm your dog when given in moderation.

Guavas belong to a plant family called the ‘Myrtle’ and myrtles are usually not harmful for dogs. Any fruit treat or other treats works great for your furry companion in little proportions.

If you own a large dog, you can feed him/her some more pieces of guava than regular. But for small dogs you should watch the quantity and feed them guava in moderation. Small dogs are prone to developing gastrointestinal problems.

No matter the size of the dog avoid feeding the seeds of guava to dogs. Some seeds eaten by mistake should not cause any severe trouble. But many seeds can be dangerous and cause severe digestive problems in dogs.

Remove the skin and seed before feeding guava to dogs. Give only the good and ripe part of the guava, in small amounts. Though guavas are good for dogs you can’t feed guavas to dog like food. Small fruit treats are always enough for dogs.

All dogs are not the same and their bodies might react differently when consuming guavas. If your dog is vomiting, having cramps or diarrhea, you should stop feeding guavas to your dog.

Guava is surely safe and edible for dogs if only fed in moderation. Below is an in-depth view of the benefits of guavas for dogs.

Benefits of G>Benefits of Guavas for Dogs

Benefits of Guavas for Dogs