Indian Pariah Dog

Indian Pariah Dog

Indian Pariah Dog is often referred to as “INdogs”, Desi Dog” or “Indian Native Dog” it is a landrace of dog native to the Indian subcontinent.

They are the first ancient group of dogs to be domesticated by humans.

These dogs are great watchdogs and are easily trainable and are often used as guard dogs or police dogs.

Archeological Evidence state that INdogs have been part of human civilization from the late stone age during Neolithic times i.e. approximately around 12,000 to 15,000 years back.

Quick Facts

Average Weight: 35-45 Pounds (Male), 30-40 Pounds (Females).

Average Height: 23-25 Inches (Males), 21-23.5 Inches (Females).

Life Expectancy: 13-14 Years.

Dog Group:  companion dogs.

Colors:  Light tan, Dark tan, Reddish-brown, White, Black, Piebald and Spotted.

At A Glance

Size (3/5)

This Indian Dog comes with a variety of sizes as the genetics of the parent line varies.

Usually, they are Medium-build or Large-medium dogs.

The Indian Dog breeds, both male and female fully grow when they reach between 14 to 16 months old.

Your Indian Pariah Dog puppy takes complete 3 months to fully grow.

Your INdogs average weight in males is 35 to 45 pounds and in the case of females, it is 30 to 40 pounds.

Their height ranges from 23 to 25 inches in males, whereas in females it ranges from 21 to 23.5 Inches.

Affection Level (4/5)

These Pey-dogs are genuinely loyal, affectionate and friendly companions.

They love their owners and are protective of them as they bond with them very quickly.

Though, it depends on how you treat them if you are harsh towards them they will retaliate so you need to be gentle with them.

They can suffer from separation anxiety so you need to be careful with them if your dog is going through separation anxiety here are some tips for that.

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Apartment-Friendly (2/5)

These dogs don’t need too much space and are perfect for apartment living beside a walk in the park they are fine.

They are good apartment dogs if you have a big space or a small space doesn’t matter besides enough space for playing around.

Cold Water Tolerability (4/5)

They adjust well with any weather or cold.

The temperature has no effect on its health as they can tolerate it.

These dogs basically do well with all the weather.

As these dogs are mostly found in India, their climate is a mixture of summers and winters months.

Hot Water Tolerability (4/5)

INdogs have a thin coat so they don’t get heated immediately.

They can tolerate hot water as well as hot weather.

They adapt to every weather with no problem.

Barking Tendencies (4/5)

They are natural watchdogs so the barking tendencies are high.

The reasons for their barking maybe for a warning, out of fear, separation anxiety, for your protection or simply to get your attention.

If you are looking for a quiet dog this is not for you as the compulsive barking is in their nature.

They need to simply bark at you depending on their emotional level.

Cat-Friendly (4/5)


They get along with cats very easily they are very affectionate in nature and have no problem getting along with cats.

If you train them well at an early age they will be playing together in no time.


They are very loving and active so they will have no problem with the cats.

They love to socialize and can be with other animals and friends.

Dog-Friendly (4/5)


Puppies have no problems getting along with other dogs as they are cheerful every day.

They love having new animals and people around and are very socializing.


These dogs are particularly good guard dogs but not good fight dogs so they are not violent dogs unless threatened.

They are dog-friendly so you can have other dogs at your house without any issues.

Exercise Needs(5/5)

INdogs are very active and alert so they need to utilize their energy by exercising a lot and having long walks every day.

They are agile and can play and train most of the time being.

They may get aggressive if you don’t let them out much and start barking and do damage.

If you are an active person or want to have an active lifestyle this dog might just be perfect for you.

They need to exercise on a daily basis as they make great guard dogs with their abundance of energy and inquisitive streak.

Build them their daily exercise schedule.

Go with them for walks and play with them and let them out as much as possible.

Start their proper and longer exercises as they start aging.

Grooming Needs (2/5)

You do not need to spend much on them in grooming factor as there is not much to do as they do not shed much because of their small and coarse amount of coat they have.

They have low drooling tendencies so they do not need much attention on that part too.

They do not require regular hair brushing but once a week is fine.

Though you need to brush its teeth to avoid getting a cavity.

Seasonal flea treatment is necessary but you don’t need a professional for that and also by keeping them clean.

You need to give them proper baths, brush their hair, cut their nails, and them all clean by using dog products.

Keep in mind to clean their underbelly thoroughly.


This Indian Pariah Dog is highly playful, active and alert and loves to play and run around.

When he starts barking excitedly and nipping you it’s a sign to play with them or take them for a walk.

They need your attention and also wants you to play with them all the time you can make for them.

If you can’t make some time with them provide them with toys to play with them.

Trainability (5/5)

Indian Pariah Dogs are easy to train with their smartness and ability to grasp the knowledge quickly.

They easily find the difference between command and training.

This dog learns fast so they will be obeying you in no time and won’t give you much problem.

Intelligence (4/5)

This pey-dogs are very smart and learn everything easily and follow it in no time.

This dog has great intelligence they understand everything fast and memorize the commands in 15 to 25 repetitions.

The intelligence of these dogs helps them memorize places and peoples.

This way even if they are lost they can get back to their house by remembering the path by using their memory.

This dog is very smart and intelligent with his ability of high senses.

Mouthiness (2/5)

Indian Pariah Dogs have lower than average tendency to bite or nip at anyone.

They can nip to play with you when they are a puppy and also because their gums are sensitive but nothing a chew toy cannot solve to ease their ache and it is common during puppyhood but it’s not an aggressive gesture.

On the other hand, they still need to teach good attitude.

Price group (3/5)

Indian Pariah Dog Price can be around 300$ to 400$.

This price depends on the physical factor of the dog, that is if the dog has some physical disability or any problem its price will automatically fall.

Initial years and late adulthood will require more care hence, more money spent on them.

About Indian Pariah Dog

About Indian Pariah Dog

The Indian Pariah Dog is one of the famous Dogs in India mostly founded in the streets.

Its scientific name is Canis Lupus Familiaris.

The Indian Pariah Dog was named in the British era, their inspiration was the tribe of Tamil Nadu that people were considered as outcasts as in that time this world has wrong connotations, as a result, these dogs were named after them and also called “outcasts”.

They have a cautious temperament.

These pey-dogs are called pure breeds as they evolved naturally during the Neolithic era.

These dogs are often used as guard dogs or police dogs.

It is a loyal breed and has been an ancient indigenous canine companion and has always been a part of human life.

They are classed into primitive breed like Canaan Dogs and Basenji.

Where Indian Pariah Dogs Came From?

Where Indian Pariah Dogs Came From

The word “Pariah Dog” was used to describe any stray or feral dogs, which was originated from “pariah” the tribe from Tamil Nadu, “paraiyar” which was usually used to describe the lowest class of people with the Indian caste system.

The INdog, has not spread much outside of the Indian subcontinent.

Rather, the breed and its features are at more risk from interbreeding with European breeds that happened when they were brought to India.

These dogs were introduced to the Andaman Islands to form a penal colony but they were unknown to the native Andamanese.

In villages, its seen that mating only takes place in the same breed but Crossbreeds were made when European breeds had come to India.


Large-medium build dogs

They are medium or Large-medium build dogs.

The size differs depending on the genes or parent line.

These dogs have wedge-shaped heads topped with relatively large, erect ears.

They weigh from 35 to 45 pounds in Males and 30 to 40 pounds in Females.

Their height varies from 23 to 25 inches in Males and 21 to 23.5 in Females.

This dog’s coat is short with a coarse upper coat covering a soft undercoat.

They have a lean and muscular body with a slight abdominal tuck.


dogs are very smart

INdogs are very smart and alert dogs hence, making it easy for you to train them.

Most pey-dogs become bored with repetitive training exercises so its necessary to keep them interesting.

They are eager to work with their owners to accomplish tasks.

Take them to new places to experience new sights and smells that will keep them fresh and responsive.

They are a territorial breed so they may get aggressive to unknown dogs or people as adults.

Indian Pariah Dog Training should start training early to them make socialize with others in puppyhood.

Though they are intelligent breed so they take well to training.


Pey-dogs do not need much maintenance

Pey-dogs do not need much maintenance when it comes to grooming.

They will shed all year round but the absence of undercoat ensures that you do not need to see hair all over the house.

You need to brush their hair regularly so it effectively removes all hair from the coat.’

Grooming them will not take your much time or money to keep them groomed.

They do not have high oil glands on the coat, which prevents odor and helps them stay clean.

You should brush their teeth regularly to prevent plaque and bad breath.

You need to trim their nails from time to time.

Ears and eyes should be kept clean to avoid any infections.

Common Diseases

Pey-dogs are the healthiest breed

The Pey-dogs are the healthiest breed around they are not prone to any specific medical conditions.

Getting this breed will keep your vet bills at a minimum and do not have any dangerous or specific health issues.

They will be prone to any allergies and skin infections that other dogs get.

As long as you are not giving them expired food or they don’t have any bad parent lines or genes they will be fine.

As they are naturally evolved breed and have been with humans for years they can adapt easily in any climatic conditions with minimal health conditions.

The reasons recorded for their death are road accidents, running in front of rail track or suffering from ill-treatment of humans.


Dog Food feeding

Calcium is important for dogs which should be given to them which is present in milk though too much milk can be harmful to them so one feed in a day is enough for them.

Protein in them should vary from 20 to 30% which is present in fish and salmon these can be given in correct quantity to them and make sure to cook as raw fish can prove to be harmful.

It is a good habit to give them treat with sweets and calorie food though in correct amount.

Meat should also be given to them in correct content as too much soft meat is not good neither is raw meat so cook it slightly before giving them.

You should develop an eating discipline in them with a time schedule and correct food.

Indian Pariah Dog Food feeding is different in puppies as you need to take extra care with these young ones.

You can check out our YouTube video for more information: What To Feed A Newborn Puppy.

Other than that these dogs are quite healthy pey-dogs.

Vaccination And Care

Pariah Dog Puppy

Indian Pariah Dog Puppy should be given a combo vaccine called “5-in-1” at two, three, and four months old, and again once per year, this protects your dog from distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza.

The Indian Pariah Dog should be vaccinated for the first four months of their life.

If your dog has not been vaccinated and is older than four months they will need to be given 2 immunization as soon as possible, after that vaccinate them every year.

You have to bring your Indian Pariah Dog to socialization courses by 8 to 9 weeks of age as it is recommended by many vets as they should have already received their first inoculations by then.

Check out this website for a detailed vaccination guide.

Monthly Expense Estimation

The expense of food in Costco food for two months is 36.66$.

Dental diet food lasts for two months of total cost 64.22$.

The total monthly food cost is 66.65$ approximately.

Vet visits cost up to 26.60$ for routine checkups and vaccines.

Monthly insurance costs 26.23$.

The total cost for a month is 338.61$ on the dog but every dog is different along with their needs so the cost may differ.

Behaviour With


Pey-dogs are good with children and they make excellent family pets.

They need to socialize with children and family members as early as possible when they are puppies.

You need to give them proper training on socializing so they do not get aggressive towards anyone.


INdogs are friendly with other dogs

INdogs are friendly with other dogs if are introduced with them at an early age and proper training.

If you want other dogs at your home it can happen.

With time they will be familiar with each other and get along well.


Indian Pariah dogs are cat-friendly and they may even play with each other.

These INdogs may wary as the situation changes also that all dogs are different and cats and these dogs may not get along with each other as all dogs are not the same.

But in most cases, they get along with each other just fine.


As concluded above Indian Pariah Dogs are smart, alert, loyal and gentle dogs.

They thrive for owner’s attentions and are great guard dogs and police dogs.

They are medium or large-medium sized dogs and are apartment-friendly.

INdogs are companion dogs and will be your most loyal companion.

They do not need much grooming and are also very intelligent so they will grasp your training quickly.

They are good with children, other animals and are excellent family pets.

Fun Facts

  • Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Tushar Kapoor, Randeep Hooda, and Abhay Deol are some of the celebrities that own Indian Pariah Dogs.
  • They can adjust in any tropical temperature as they are said to be evolved through natural selection.
  • It was featured on National Geographic Channel’s film, “Search for the First Dog” as an ancient dog.

This was all about Indian Pariah Dog.

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