Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Benefits, Orange Peels Guideline, and Hazards.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges

When you start your day, beginning your morning with orange juice filled in transparent glass is among the best ways to get fresh and get ready to face the rest of the day.

You also come across a question like “Can Dogs Eat Oranges?” when you see your pooch drool at the sight of freshly cut orange. To people, orange helps their muscles to gain energy due to its naturally occurring sugar content.

Orange also contains C vitamin beneficial for the immune system. Moreover, there are many other good advantages of oranges.

Dogs, however, are crazy for oranges. They turn insane when they smell oranges. When we think about giving oranges to dogs, we are encountered by a question, “Can dogs eat oranges without any harm to their body?”. Thankfully, the answer is positive.

Oranges, if given in regulated quantities are actually advantageous for a dog’s body. These fruits are very rich in minerals and vitamins. Still, oranges are seen to cause harm to a dog.

Can Dogs Have Oranges?

Bulldog and orange

Dogs do not always suffice with meaty food. Some people may think that dogs are carnivorous. However, they are not. Pooches do go mad at fruits.

The famous fruits that dogs love eating and eat are apples, bananas, and blueberries. These fruits as ingredients are present in the food products such as treats that you buy for your pooch.

Some of the most cherished snacks and sweets by your dog that he finds delicious are the ones that are healthy. Keep in mind that not all things shining are gold. Thus, not all fruits are good and harmless for dogs.

Some toxic food for dogs includes the grapefruit and macadamia nuts. Among fruits then, can dogs eat oranges?

The answer to “can dogs eat oranges?” lies in the fact that dogs can, in fact, eat oranges and it has nothing to do with the sweet taste of oranges. With fiber as a complement, feeding natural sugars such as those present in oranges are safe.

Can dogs eat oranges in large quantities? When the question is of quantity, the answer depends on the age of dogs. Larger dogs can easily consume a large orange.

On the other hand, smaller dogs should be given oranges in the range of ¼ to 1/3 part of a medium-sized orange.

The fact is that no matter how much orange you give to your dog, the vitamin C being water-soluble is excreted out in the form of urine when taken in excess and does not gather inside the body.

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With What Benefits Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

For dog parents and caretakers, vitamin C is a very needed nutrient. So, it would not be unwise to think that your dog will actually be rewarded by eating oranges.

In some cases, a pooch goes into an overwhelming state due to his extraordinary physical exercise or a lot of mental stress. In such scenarios, providing the dog with oranges as supplements can be useful.

However, for the majority of times, feeding oranges is not a necessity. It is worth noting that the nutritional elements in an orange can be a good source for the improvement of your dog’s immune system.

In cases when a dog swallows a poisonous substance such as an oxidative toxin, propylene glycol, or onion powder, administering a dose of the C vitamin can be a boon.

Not only are oranges a rich source of vitamin C, but they are also a great source of other nutrients such as thiamine, folate, and potassium. Even though orange is a healthy option, experts recommend feeding it moderately in small amounts always.

If inadvertently, you feed onions or other toxic food to your dog, the nutrients present in oranges can help in cleaning his tummy of harmful substances.

The pooches who suffer vitamin C deficiency can certainly be supported by oranges.

Can Dogs Eat Orange Peels?

orange peel

Surprisingly, seeds and orange peels are not poisonous for dogs. Still, they are difficult to digest for dogs. It would be a wise decision not to give your dog these things.

The orange itself being unharmful for your dog, the most nutritious substance for your dog is the white layer (pith) inside the orange fruit. It is infused with the perfect goodness of antioxidants and fiber.

Not only that, but the pith is also very less acidic. This portion of orange is the most healthy part to feed your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges in Large Quantities?

lots of oranges

Experts suggest giving your dog a mere 1 to 2 pieces of oranges per day. Feeding oranges more than that can lead to severe health issues such as obesity.

Even if you feed other treats along with oranges to your dog, their proportion in his diet should not surpass 10% of his day-to-day calories. If your goal is to provide treats to your dog, then to prevent the occurrence of obesity, their intake should be reduced by 10 percent.

If your pooch is very new to the diet of oranges, i.e. he is having oranges for the first time in his life, then only feed him one piece of orange per day.

This will prevent the burden on his digestive system to occur and will assist the dog in adapting well to this nutritious fruit.

You should immediately halt the provision of oranges when you observe that your pooch is behaving unusually with episodes of vomiting and diarrhea.

This means that your puppy has a stomach that is very sensitive and so, giving him oranges to eat will do him more harm than good.

Hazards of Feeding Oranges to Your Dog

sad pug dog

Even though oranges are non-poisonous to dogs, this question arises, “Can dogs eat oranges without any negative effects?”. You should ensure a few things prior to feeding oranges as snacks.

If your dog consumes oranges in excess, then it may cause stomach upset in him because oranges contain some amount of sugar content.

When you begin giving oranges to your dog for the first time, feed them in small amounts and increase the amounts gradually time after time.

Can dogs eat oranges’ peels and seeds? Orange peels and orange seeds are very harmful to any dog, so always remove all of them when you give oranges to your dog.

As soon as you observe a strange behavior from your dog, halt the feeding of oranges immediately. It does not matter at this time if your dog loves oranges or not. Even if no severe symptoms are visible, restrict the amount of feeding oranges and of feeding any other treat.

Limit the treat and orange intake to lower than 10% of his daily calorie intake. Such restrictions will prevent abnormal effects such as weight gain and gastrointestinal upset from occurring.

Every dog does not love the tangy taste of oranges. Not surprisingly, if you keep anything near a dog, he will not mind eating it, even if it is an orange peel or some other fruit.

Orange peels as such, are not poisonous to dogs. What they can do in fact, is they can get stuck inside the digestive line of a dog and lead to food flow obstruction that would require a surgery to treat.

Thus, it is most advised to let oranges stay away from your dog.

Can dogs eat oranges during diabetes? No, dogs having diabetes should not be allowed to eat oranges because oranges alter the blood values in dogs with diabetes. This occurs because of the vitamin C rather than the sugar content.

Along with the core part of the orange fruit, the outer skin of the orange has a lot of vitamin C and other surplus minerals and vitamins in pure and undiluted form.

The outer skin can result in a painful tummy because it is hard for a dog’s digestive system to disintegrate. Also, ensure that all kernels are taken out from the orange before feeding it to your dog.

If a balanced diet is being fed to your dog, then doctors say that surplus supplements such as minerals and vitamins are not needed to be fed.

If your dog is crazy behind the sweetness of the orange juice, then most of the time it would be fine to provide your dog a few segments of the orange fruit as a treat to get affectionate kisses from him.

Thus, if your dog loves the taste of orange, you would have known the answer to the question, “Can dogs eat oranges?”.

You have now got the answer to a pertinent question in the world of dogs.

Stay updated with the latest on pooches around the world.

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