46 Toxic Foods For Dogs

toxic foods for dogs

As a dog owner it is important to understand what do dogs eat as well as toxic foods for dogs.

Hence here is an article discussing what foods should avoid feeding your Fido.

What Is Toxic Food For Dogs?

The word toxic means poisonous.

Anything that is affecting your health in a negative way is toxic.

You need to keep yourself away from something you know is poisonous for you.

Especially things that you consume.

Food that is harmful for consumption is known as toxic food.

Toxic Food For Dogs

There is a list of food items that you would keep away from yourself for nutritional reasons.

Do the same for your companion dog. You know what to eat and what not to.

But dogs cannot do that for themselves.

A strict diet for your dog is essential to keep its body intact and also avoid any health problems like excessive dog shedding, dog eye discharge, etc.

Following is a list of food products that are HIGHLY TOXIC for your dog.

1. Milk And Milk Products:

milk and milk products

Several dog breeds find it hard to digest milk and milk products.

We know that milk is an easy option to feed your canine but it can cause severe problems that will make your dog sick and cause intestinal problems like diarrhea, gas, indigestion, etc.  

Other than this many dogs are seen with skin allergies that cause itching.

2. Chocolate:

dog eating chocolate

Treating yourself is different from treating your dog, particularly with chocolates.

No dog should be fed with chocolates.

Their metabolism is not suitable for its consumption.

Chocolates contain a number of ingredients that are very harmful to the dog.

Theobromine, xylitol and other forms of sugar are poisonous foods for dogs and should be strictly avoided.

Among the most dangerous ones are dark chocolate and unsweetened baked chocolates.

Intake of the same can cause deaths in young dogs.

3. Grapes:

Not all fruits are healthy for dogs.

Some are deadly and need to be completely eliminated.

Grapes cause kidney failure in dogs.

Symptoms of this are vomiting, loss of appetite, dehydration, abdominal pain, oral ulcers, depression, etc.

4. Garlic:

dog eating garlic

Garlic seems to be tastier on a human tongue, but for the dog is a slow bitter poison.

If your dog has consumed garlic, the possible symptoms of diarrhea are drooling, nausea, vomiting, pale gums, weakness, etc.

Toxic intake of garlic will result in severe damage to red blood cells, an increase in the heart rate and rise in the blood pressure of the dog.

5. Avocados:

dog eating avocados

Avocados contain a toxin named the person that is extremely poisonous to dogs.

The fruit can cause vomiting and diarrhea leaving your little one sick and weak.

All elements of avocado including the leaves, seed, bark and of course the fruit are unsuitable for your loving dog.

Say a big fat NO to avocado.

6. Coffee:

dog drinking coffee

Coffee contains caffeine, yet another harmful human food product for your dog.

Keep your dog away from coffee including coffee beans can coffee powder to avoid problems of hyperactivity, kidney failure, damage in the central nervous system, etc. 

7. Tea:

dog drinking tea

Just like what coffee does to a dog, tea does the same but on a smaller scale.

Tea contains some caffeine that has the chances of damage to the dog.

Better avoid the drink from your dog’s meal as it can lead to an increase in heart rate and other digestive problems.

Because precaution is anytime better than cure.

8. Alcoholic Beverages:

As all of us know, alcohol affects the liver and brain in a human body.

Same is its application on a dog, severe in fact.

Even the slighted of it to the dog can put you in a condition where the vet will need to be visited immediately. 

Your canine is likely to suffer from vomiting and breathing problems.

Some small-sized dogs may even die. 

9. Raisins:

dog with raisins

“My dog ate raisins”, oh did your dog too?

Many people have been worried about their dogs consuming raisins.

If your dog is sick, rush it to the veterinarian.

But if it’s doing well, consider yourself lucky that it did not face any issue because raisins are extremely toxic food for dogs.

Just like grapes raisins too cause renal (kidney) failure in dogs.

10. Raw Meat And Fish:

dog eating raw fish and meat

Raw fish and raw meat can cause food poisoning in dogs.

This is because fish like salmon, trout, shad, and sturgeon have parasites that cause fish diseases like salmon poisoning disease in dogs.

Symptoms for the diseases are high fever, vomiting, big lymph nodes, etc.

11. Raw Eggs:

dog eating raw eggs

A compound named avidin that is present in the egg can make a dog biotin deficient.

Also, the dog is likely to experience food poisoning from bacteria salmonella that is quite dangerous.

Although this condition will only arrive when raw eggs are fed in excess, do not let the chances arrive of diseases related to it.

12. Yeast Dough:

dog with yeast dough

Bakery food products require yeast for its formation.

As a natural reaction, yeast rises from its natural form.

If a dog is fed with yeast dough, it is bound to rise in the poor canine’s stomach resulting in the stretch in the abdomen and stomach pain.

Worsening the situation, fermented yeast when raised can make alcohol in the body which is even more dangerous.

13. Xylitol:

Xylitol is a widely used sugar substitute.

It has its presence in our day to day goods like toothpaste, bakery products, gums, and candies.

However sweet it may taste, xylitol is a bitter poison for your four-legged companion.

Keep your dog away from all products that have the presence of xylitol.

The sugar substitute can cause liver failure and coordination problems.

14. Cherry Pits:

cherry pits

Cherry pits are among the most dangerous foods for dogs.

Vets around the world suggest not giving a dog this tempting fruit that can be one of your favorite.

Cherry pits have cyanide and cyanide poisoning is a common situation dog face after having several cherry pits.

It can block the food passage as well as the digestive tract.

Look out for your dog’s vet in case of symptoms like vomiting and rough coughing post the fruit consumption.

15. Baking Powder & Baking Soda:

Want to treat your dog with a tasty baked cake?

Well, keep in mind its pros and cons because cakes need a baking powder that is discouraged to be fed in excess.

Depending upon the size of your dog breed, baking powder consumption would react on the canine’s body.

The powder is considered highly toxic for dogs.

16. Fish/Meat Bone:

fish bone

Never allow your dog to have a fish/meat bone.

However cool it may sound to give the dog a bone it the mouth, keep it away from the doggy’s sight.

Your dog may choke and even pancreatitis block.

Internal bleeding in the body is another expected side effect as the bone is likely to cause cuts in the pooch’s digestive system.

Specially made smooth bones are available in pet stores.

That can be given as per your dog’s requirement.

17. Walnuts:


All types of nuts are a complete NO for dogs.

Walnuts are highly toxic food for dogs.

They can cause stomach irritation and other intestinal diseases.

Fungi named tremorgenic mycotoxins are usually present in the moldy walnuts that can challenge the neurological system in the body.

Keep the walnut off the shelf of your dog.

18. Onion:

dog eating onion

The list of the most dangerous foods for dogs is sure to have onion in its top ranking.

A condition called hemolytic anemia damages the red blood cells in the canine’s body.

If your dog consumed a bowl full of onion as a snack, the vet visit should be your need for the hour.

19. Salt:

Salt is a commodity that will suck the water in a body.

Just like this phenomenon that takes place in a human body, the same is its applications on a canine’s body.

Salt intake will make your dog thirsty.

It is a form of sodium ion poisoning.

The after-effects of salt consumption are vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, high body temperature, seizures, and a few severe cases can cause death. 

20. Mushroom Plant:

mushroom plant

Certain mushrooms are poisonous and toxic.

They have a fishy odor that can attract your dog towards it.

Several dogs have seen their death doors after consuming the poisonous mushroom plant.

If not death, your dog may even face coma-like sleep.

Why take the risk? Keep your dog miles away from consuming mushrooms.

21. Tomato Leaves And Stem:

tomato leaves and stem

Tomatoes too are out of the dog’s diet.

We know it is disappointing to remove almost all primary food items from your dog’s diet but it is also necessary at the same time.  

A toxic substance named solanine has its presence in the tomato leaves and stem which is very dangerous for dogs to have.

This substance is present in the green part of the plant which means that it is the fresh green tomatoes that are toxic whereas the ripe red veggie is comparatively safer for dogs. 

22. Gum:


Gums have an artificial sweetener in it named xylitol.

We have mentioned about xylitol in the 13 number of toxic foods for dogs.

It is strictly advised to all pet owners NOT to give any chewing gum to your dog ever.

It may seem fun but it can take your four-legged member’s life away.

23. Moldy Foods:

moldy foods

Moldy food is all those food items that have started getting spoilt and are generating an unpleasant smell.

Your dog is a living being and no life who-so-ever should be fed with moldy food.

However, this can be used for decomposition but surely not for humans and animals.

High body temperature, diarrhea, and food poisoning are common signs.

24. Mustard Seeds:

mustard seeds

Mustard seeds can stand out to be toxic for your dog.

It has certain components that are unsuitable for the dog.

However mustard powder is not considered that dangerous, but you need to keep an eye on your dog’s health condition when it comes to mustard.

The dog may face sick conditions like vomiting and diarrhea.

25. Macadamia Nuts:

Macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are this dangerous that it can take away your little homely pet’s life.

Many incidents in the past have shown the level of toxicity the nuts have put in dogs.

With the addition of chocolate, the combination can turn deadly.

Do not give your dog macadamia nuts to be on the safer size.

26. Potato Leaves And Stem:

potato leaves and stem

Potato leaves have the same poisonous substance named solanine that is present in tomato leaves and stem.

It is very dangerous for dogs to consume.

The substance can damage the vision and the nervous system of the dog. 

Dogs should be kept away from all that is green of the potato. 

27. Peach Pits And Plums:

Peaches are usually safe for canines.

What are toxic are its pits (seed) and the plum.

It has an enzyme named cyanide that causes digestive problems, making your dog sick.

Also, pits are not advisable as they can choke the dog’s neck and small intestine.

28. Apple Seeds:

apple seeds

Here again, the seeds have cyanide in it that would make it deadly.

Apples are a good source of high-fiber to the dog until the seeds are of the fruit.

Any consumption of apple seeds needs your dog a veterinarian check.

29. Sugar And Drinks:

dog drinking cold drinks

Foods that are toxic for dogs have an inclusion of all forms of sugar and drinks that contain sugar.

The sweet tastemaker is not good for you canine’s skin and teeth.

Adding to the problems, sugar intake will overweight your dog leading to obesity.

Sugar off the dog bowl, please?

30. Chives:


Chives belong to the same family that garlic and onion belong to.

They can hammer a dog’s red blood cells causing anemia.

It is advisable not to put the extra green stuff in the form of chives in the dog diet.

On being consumed, your dog may show unhealthy symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, pale gums, etc.

31. Corn On The Cob:

dog with corn on the cob

Corn is a safe food item for dogs of all breeds but corn on the cob is discouraged by veterinarians across the world.

Reasons being the intestinal blockage that can occur to your dog along with choking risks.

Seek the vet’s help for any emergency.

32. Blue Cheese:

blue cheese

Dogs are cheese lovers.

They can lick a bowl full of cheddar cheese.

But is it fine to give them blue cheese?

Well, the answer to this is divided.

It is safe to give blue cheese to dogs but anything more than a bit of it can be problematic to the little tailed animal.

Why take the unnecessary risk?

Avoid giving blue cheese to your dog.

33. Coconut:

dog eating coconut

Coconut is not really a dangerous food for the dog.

In fact, coconut oil is recommended to be added to a dog’s diet.

But there are a few cons of coconut that brings it in this list of most toxic foods for dogs.

Medium-chain triglycerides in coconut can cause diseases like bloat and other gastrointestinal problems to the dog.

34. Almonds:

dog eating almonds

Almonds have a lot of fats.

Its digestion is easy in human beings but not dogs.

Large quantities of fats in a canine’s body can lead to pancreatitis.

Like most nuts, the almonds too are out of the dog’s table of food products.

35. Marijuana:

What marijuana does to humans, it can do the same to canines.

Dogs too get high, and if given in large they can die as well.

Do not give your chill time substance to your dog for its long term survival.

36. Nutmeg:


Nutmeg has a harmful toxin called myristicin. 

If the same is ingested in large quantities, there are possibilities of hallucination, dry mouth, stomach upset, etc. 

But if the intake is moderate, your dog may not show any abnormal signs.

If it does, see the vet.

Consider it a not very dangerous and also a not very safe option for dogs.

37. Bread Dough:

bread dough

Remember, bread dough has yeast.

It rises for the formation of the bread.

If your dog consumes dough of the bread, the natural properties of the dough will make inflate it in the stomach causing pain in the stomach from ethanol in the blood.

All types of dough are a big fat NO.

38. Bacon:


The amount of oil and fat bacon has is rich and heavy for a canine’s body to digest.

Bacon might seem very nutritious but it can give some serious digestive problems.

39. Citrus Fruits Peels:

Citrus fruits are excellent for your pet’s consumption.

But what is toxic are the peels. 

Orange, lemons and sweet lemons are an excellent source of vitamin C for your pooch.

The fruit peel is what you are not supposed to feed because of its digestive issues.

40. Beetroot:


Beets are considered rich in nutrients for human consumption.

But as for dogs, it is dangerous if fed in large quantities.

Affected dogs can suffer from diarrhea and high blood sugar level.

As a canine owner, you must take care of what and how much your dog is consuming to avoid toxicity. 

41. Spinach:


The debate of having spinach as a healthy or a toxic food for dogs continues even today.

Although spinach is a nutritious vegetable, the ability of a dog to consume it and digest as per the body may be a concern.

An acid named oxalic present is spinach can cause kidney damage.

It is good to be safe than sorry by keeping this vegetable off the doggo’s food table. 

42. Hops:


Hops are used as a bittering and flavoring agent in beers. 

They are an extremely fatal condition in dogs.

Initial symptoms post its consumption abdominal pain, high fever, vomiting, stomach upset, etc.

FACT-ILICIOUS: Out Of Every 9 Dogs That Die Due To The Toxicity Of Hops, 8 Are Greyhound Making Them The Highly Prone Breed To The Disease.  

43. White Bread:

white bread

White bread is safe for dogs unless fed in excess.

The bread soaks water in the body making it heavy in the body of the dog.

White bread can be given as treats or in the form of occasional sandwiches but not regularly as a whole meal.  

44. Soy:


Soy is a basic component in several dog foods across the world.

But what brings it in this list of toxic foods for the dog is its ability to increase the condition of hypothyroidism in canines.

This is a condition generally seen in breeds like the Rottweiler.

45. Shallots:


Shallot is yet another type of onion.

It belongs to the same family including garlic where its consumption for dogs comes with the sign of “extremely poisonous”.

It is a very common salad ingredient on an American platter which is NOT to be fed to your pooch. 

46. Human Medicines:

human medicines

Dog food is not meant for human consumption.

Similarly, our medicines are not meant for dogs. 

Do not think of it as your pet dog having a similar gastric problem that you might have gone through.

A canine’s body is differently designed hence it requires specialized medicines.

This was from our side.

Tell us more from your side in the comment section below.

Happy petting to you!


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