Indian Names For Dogs – Funny, Cute, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, & Punjabi.

Indian Names For Dogs

India has its own set of native dog breeds here but the love for dogs in people here is never-ending.

People here love all breeds equally and have a soft spot for them and they treat dogs with affection and care.

Indian people give Indian Names For Dogs as a show of their affection with respect to the Indian language while some prefer to name an English one.

Individuals give Hindi Dog Names to show affinity to their dogs and have a sense of our culture and traditions by using our native language.

Just imagine getting a cute dog collar with their name written on it.

But in India, language differs in different regional regions which we will discuss further in this article.

Indian Dog Names For Male Dogs With Meaning

Indian Names For Dogs

Choosing Male Indian Dog Names is not as hard as you think and you might be confused right now that’s why you are surfing different sites but we know it’s only because you want the best for your little cutie.

And you are in the right place as in this article we are going to help you choose the best for you and your dog.

Though, make sure you choose the name carefully as he’s going to be your best friend and also that you will saying that a lot so you don’t want to bore yourself and you will be saying that in public too so make sure you find a name you are comfortable with.

Let’s start with Indian names for dogs (Male) also you can see what it means in front of the names in brackets:

Indian Dog Names For Male Dogs
⮚ Amir (rich)
⮚ Akash (sky)
⮚ Alagan (good looking)
⮚ Adil (sincere)
⮚ Batuk (boy)
⮚ Beta (son)
⮚ Dakshi (glorious)
⮚ Falgun (spring)
⮚ Haddi (bone)
⮚ Kumar (prince)
⮚ Kutta (dog)
⮚ Loha (iron)
⮚ Lamba (long)
⮚ Lalit (handsome)
⮚ Mowgli (the boy from jungle book)
⮚ Mani (jewel)
⮚ Raja (king)
⮚ Raj (ruling)
⮚ Sumit (best friend)
⮚ Tej (excellence)
⮚ Vishal (gigantic)
⮚ Yogi (master of oneself)
⮚ Bhavin
⮚ Aksrsh
⮚ Chag
⮚ Chand
⮚ Gopi
⮚ Guggu
⮚ Guddu
⮚ Kadal
⮚ Ganesha
⮚ Bhrama
⮚ Ishan
⮚ Jai
⮚ Kanak
⮚ Mardava
⮚ Maanvi
⮚ Nehal
⮚ Puneeth
⮚ Purna
⮚ Ranjan
⮚ Rathi
⮚ Khan
⮚ Salman
⮚ Kirpan
⮚ Vishnu
⮚ Rudra

These are the few Indian Names For Dogs (male). I hope you have found what you wanted if not don’t worry we have just started.

Indian Dog Names For Female Dogs With Meaning

Girl with dog

Here, you can find some Female Indian Names For Dogs but it’s important that your little friend agrees with you so try a few names and see to which one she reacts well.

You can also name her on the basis of her color or you might have something in mind and you can name her related to that if not below are some names you can choose from.

The name can be related to art, our culture, heritage anything you want it from you just have to use your imagination.

Below is a list of Indian Names For Dogs (female) and its meaning:

Indian Dog Names For Female Dogs
⮚ Anya (different)
⮚ Asha (hope)
⮚ Bala (young girl)
⮚ Chandra (shining moon)
⮚ Champak (Flower)
⮚ Dakshi (the glorious)
⮚ Devi (goddess)
⮚ Jasmine (flower)
⮚ Kerani (bells)
⮚ Kaali (black goddess)
⮚ Lalsa (love)
⮚ Ladki (girl)
⮚ Laksha (white flower)
⮚ Magna (thinking)
⮚ Neha (cherished)
⮚ Pritika (Beloved one)
⮚ Riya (singer)
⮚ Rasna (joy)
⮚ Ritu (clock)
⮚ Smita (happy face)
⮚ Sona (golden)
⮚ Tara (star)
⮚ Sita
⮚ Shweta
⮚ Sonam
⮚ Anvi
⮚ Advika
⮚ Bhavya
⮚ Charvi
⮚ Chairal
⮚ Charu
⮚ Jasbir
⮚ Jehan
⮚ Geet
⮚ Keerti
⮚ Madhu
⮚ Priyanka

These were some Indian Names For Dogs for your female friend and the list just goes on so keep reading.

Indian Dog Breed Names (Sorted By Indian Breeds)

We will Indian Dog Names List according to their breed as the commonly they these breeds are given these types of names.

If you don’t know which breeds are Indian breeds you can click here and know more about Indian breeds.

These breeds are easy to find in India at a low price and if you decide to adopt a street dog you will get it for free and with that, you will get a true, loyal friend who will love and care for you.

Some of the breeds are below though some names might repeat but it’s according to the breed:


⮚ Chinnu (creative)
⮚ Akash (sky)
⮚ Arjun (a mythological name for sharp dogs)
⮚ Batuk (boy)
⮚ Cinnamon (Indian spices)

Indian Pariah Dog

⮚ Hardik (sincere)
⮚ Yogi (master of oneself)
⮚ Raja (king)
⮚ Shvan (linked to lord shiva)
⮚ Browny (short form of brownie)

Rampur Greyhound

⮚ Jihan (cosmos)
⮚ Sundar (beautiful)
⮚ Tiger (symbolizes tiger)
⮚ Champak (flower)
⮚ Falgun (spring)

Indian Gaddi

⮚ Badshah (king)
⮚ Bagira (loving)
⮚ Daaku (bandit)
⮚ Gabbar (from Sholay Indian movie)
⮚ Maaya (mirage)

Bakharwal Dog

⮚ Nirav (calm)
⮚ Bolly (short for Bollywood)
⮚ Indra (drops of rain)
⮚ Mani (jewel)
⮚ Manat (wish)

Above were some Indian Dog Names for Indian breeds and some names you can use to name your Indian dogs.

Indian Names for Dog Breeds (Foreign Breeds Sorted By Language)

These Indian names are suitable for given dog breeds:

Golden Retriever

This dog is highly active and loving with a perfect fit for a family.

This dog is medium-sized and loves to play hence, it needs more space then an apartment.

The shiny coat needs your lot of attention as it sheds and has grooming needs.

⮚ Aslan (male name)
⮚ Basusaahil (male)
⮚ Captain (male)
⮚ Dagdu (male)
⮚ Papu(male)
⮚ Rana (male)
⮚ Yuri (male)
⮚ Arya (female name)
⮚ Kaaya (female)
⮚ Kajal (female)

German Shephard

This attractive and strong breed is very strong and loyal.

They are full-sized dogs and they require more space to exercise and play as they are highly active.

They require regular grooming as they shed a lot so they need regular brushing.

⮚ Appu (male)
⮚ Bagheera (male)
⮚ Badshah(male)
⮚ Bhairav (male)
⮚ Kaliff (male)
⮚ Ramboo (male)
⮚ Soni (male)
⮚ Jinni (female)
⮚ Kiki (female)
⮚ ita (female)


The affectionate, fierce-faced dog is very noble and protective of its family as they are called “family dogs”

They are prone to obesity so exercising and maintaining diet is important for them.

They have low grooming needs leaving the basic grooming for them.

⮚ Anni
⮚ Barnko
⮚ Bheem
⮚ Chaba
⮚ Robbie
⮚ Akira
⮚ Chini
⮚ Razia
⮚ Sonali
⮚ Teja

They are bred as guard dogs and are large in size but they are possessive and protective of their family.

They are huge dogs and they love to spend their time outside and exercise is necessary for them.

All you have to do is take care of their grooming needs and brush their hair thrice a week.

Tibetan Mastiff

They are bred as guard dogs and are large in size but they are possessive and protective of their family.

They are huge dogs and they love to spend their time outside and exercise is necessary for them.

All you have to do is take care of their grooming needs and brush their hair thrice a week.

⮚ Bruno
⮚ Rambo
⮚ Sheru
⮚ Buzo
⮚ Sewak
⮚ Yudhistir
⮚ Atlia
⮚ Sultana
⮚ Zara
⮚ Zozo

Saint Bernard

This dog is patient, loyal and always willing to please though this breed always prefers more open ground as they are very active.

This is a large-sized dog and also cat-friendly and don’t really have any barking tendencies.

They need proper grooming and care as they are large in size they shed twice a year.

⮚ Arjun
⮚ Ballu
⮚ Sartaj
⮚ Dodo
⮚ Gollu
⮚ Laddu
⮚ Romeo
⮚ Samrat
⮚ Beeshma (female)
⮚ Falko (female)

Indian Dog Breed Names (Sorted By Indian Languages)

Tamil Dog Names

This language is spoken in 4 states of India which makes this language 5th most spoken language in India so below are some Tamil dog names.

Tamil Dog Names
⮚ Arkita
⮚ Bhavi
⮚ Dikshan
⮚ Harshika
⮚ Girik
⮚ Jovita
⮚ Lipika
⮚ Rakshan
⮚ Tasha
⮚ Vallabh

Kannada Dog Names

Over 33 million people in India can speak this language also this language is very common in south India.

Kannada Dog Names
⮚ Anamika
⮚ Chandra
⮚ Dhananjay
⮚ Gagan
⮚ Haresh
⮚ Ila
⮚ Kailash
⮚ Lalasa
⮚ Neel
⮚ Manjula
⮚ Taj

Telugu Dog Names

Over 88 million people in India can speak this language also this language is very common in south India.

Telugu Dog Names
⮚ Aabhas
⮚ Aadi
⮚ Aakaanksha
⮚ Aadarsh
⮚ Chaaru
⮚ Chaand
⮚ Kaal
⮚ Kaalik
⮚ Kaamod
⮚ Chakor

Bengali Dog Names

3 states in India speak Bengali language.

Bengali Dog Names
⮚ Bullu
⮚ Gogi
⮚ Dulal
⮚ Ajoy
⮚ Lolo
⮚ Joo
⮚ Lussy
⮚ Nipa
⮚ Romio
⮚ Sabuj

Punjabi Dog Names

This language is most common and well-spoken by many people in India, below are some dog name in the Punjabi language.

Punjabi Dog Names
⮚ Amrit
⮚ baljeet
⮚ Balvindra
⮚ Daler
⮚ Dhyan
⮚ Kamaljeet
⮚ Jasmit
⮚ jay
⮚ Siddhu
⮚ Veera

This language is most common and well-spoken by many people in India, below are some dog name in the Punjabi language.

Marathi Dog Names

This language is the most spoken language in India and over 83 million people in India can speak this language.

Bengali Dog Names
⮚ Ina
⮚ Datt
⮚ Kailas
⮚ Maahir
⮚ Kaarin
⮚ Maanvir
⮚ Saha
⮚ Maadhav
⮚ Irma
⮚ Writi

Funny Indian Dog Names

We know some of you out there have a funny bone and love your dog but also want to have fun so we understand.

There is no harm to relax and name your dog for fun or maybe you just have a goofy dog with you.

Some of you get lucky and probably end up with your partner in crime and your teammate needs a name so we will help you people with some funny names.

Below are some funny names for Funny Indian Dog Names Male.

⮚ Gabbar
⮚ Doga
⮚ Phoolan Devi
⮚ Sambha
⮚ Dinko
⮚ Ranjha
⮚ Zanjeer
⮚ Sikander
⮚ Gogo
⮚ Porus
⮚ Mowgli
⮚ Baburao
⮚ Bhadra
⮚ Mogambo
⮚ Rocket
⮚ Shakaal
⮚ Sher
⮚ Kesari
⮚ Haider
⮚ Goonda
⮚ Sultan
⮚ Teja
⮚ Pakhandi
⮚ Kaya
⮚ Munna
⮚ Vigilesh
⮚ Shah Jahan
⮚ Jani
⮚ Sipahi
⮚ Jagat Samrat
⮚ Kaalu
⮚ Buland
⮚ Heera
⮚ Beeshma
⮚ Falko
⮚ Saathi
⮚ Heera

Cute Indian Dog Names

Who doesn’t want cute names for their cuties? All you have to do is go through the Indian Dog Names List below and you’ll find the cutest names for your furry friend.

Don’t get confused just choose a name you like to say and the one which catches your heart and your little friend will agree with you.

We will cover Famous Indian Dog Names here along with cute ones so you will probably get the popular one from here.

Below is the list of cute and famous Indian dog names:

⮚ Alladin
⮚ Babu
⮚ Barfi
⮚ Babloo
⮚ Bebo
⮚ Bagira
⮚ Bajraangi
⮚ Bitoo
⮚ Dost
⮚ Kalu
⮚ Niki
⮚ Raja
⮚ Rani
⮚ Renne
⮚ Sartaj
⮚ Simba
⮚ Sultan
⮚ Surat
⮚ Tiger
⮚ Zorro
⮚ Ammu
⮚ Coco
⮚ Candy
⮚ Fifi
⮚ Gudiya
⮚ Jasmine
⮚ Laadli
⮚ Lolo
⮚ Lolita
⮚ Dolly
⮚ Pooja
⮚ Pia
⮚ Pikku
⮚ Sasha
⮚ Suri

Above are some of the Indian Dog Names you can refer to for your dogs also some of you would like to name your dog with a western name but it won’t really give you a sense of affinity with them with respect to every language.

These are a few of the breeds you can look for names if you have them and if you want other names or have other breeds all you have to do is click here to know more.

We hope you found Indian Names For Dogs you were looking for here whether it was for your male dog, female dog or you were trying to find some unique name for them, or maybe you just wanted to give that name some Indian touch.

If you wish for more names you can get them here.

Even if you are not satisfied reading these names all you have to do is use your imagination to have the name you were looking for.

Maybe you can even use our India’s history or maybe even have look at your family tree for some inspiration and even though we have tried to give some Bollywood touch to these names you can give different Bollywood name to them or your favorite animal, food, place or anything as long as it makes you and your little friend happy about it.

This was all about all the loving, funny, popular names you can give your dog.

Give your thoughts down in the comment section.

Stay with us to know more about dogs and different breeds!

Happy Petting To You Guys!


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