9 Indian Dog Breeds You Didn’t Know About With Price List.

Indian Dog Breeds

In this article, we are going to cover all the Indian Dog Breeds and also are going to talk about their temperament, size and how they evolved.

If you want to welcome new family member and you happen to be in India and are confused which breed you should get or you are just reading or maybe you just want information whatever your reason is you are in the right place because we are going to discuss all Dog Breeds In India.

All the breeds mentioned here will be Top Indian Dog Breeds and more.

Indian Pariah Dog:

Pariah Indian Dog Breed

This is breed is also known as a street dog that has been on earth with humans since ancient times as they are also well known as companion dogs.

They are very playful, compassionate, affectionate, friendly, and are also good guard dogs.

They have a cautious temperament as they have been outcasts since forever fending for themselves hence being cautious all the time.

They get along with kids, cats, and other dogs well and also they make good apartment dogs.

These dogs are pure breeds and they have evolved naturally during the Neolithic era.

They weigh from 30 to 45 pounds and their height ranges from 21 to 25 inches.

Indian Pariah Dog’s Life Span is between 13 to 14 years.

You can get it for free in India as they are almost everywhere but make sure you take it to vet first and get it checked.

As they are used to all types of weather they can survive in all temperatures but also not on extreme levels.

They are very active and alert dogs so they need to utilize their energy by playing every day and also being trained.

Also, they have a thin coat so you do not need to put much effort into their grooming needs leaving their usual baths and cutting nails.

Bully Kutta:

Bully Kutta

Indian Mastiff Dog or Bully Kutta which translates as heavily wrinkled dogs and are recognized as intelligent, responsive and aggressive beings as they are known as dominating canine.

This breed is for well-experienced dog owners and not for new owners as they are very aggressive in nature.

They are originally originated in the Indian subcontinent and are found since the 16th century in India and also in Pakistan.

They need to exercise on a daily basis and release their energy or they might get behavioral issues and this can cause them being frustrated.

Many dominant Types Of Dogs In India are found but you need to be alert in presence of this dog as they are always known for their hunting skills.

Their height is between 29 to 42 inches and their weight is from 154 to 198 pounds.

They have a protective temperament.

This dog is a working dog and is used for hunting and guarding.

This dog was owned by many kings in earlier times for hunting including Mughal emperor Akbar.

They need a lot of space as they are active and need space to play to release their energy.

Indian Mastiff has a short and smooth coat which means less shedding and less grooming needs.

You can buy this dog in India with a price of $84 to $700.

Indian Gaddi Dog:

Indian Gaddi Dog

Indian Gaddi dog is also referred as Indian Leopard Hound or The Himalayan Sheepdog, the kennel club of India states that this dog is not a pure dog but actually a cross between Himalayan wild dogs and Tibetan Mastiffs as this dog is surely a Mastiff.

Their origin is not clear but they are found in Northern India and are found in the Himalayas but their lineage has been lost to history.

This breed is highly intelligent and are sheepherders and protectors in the Himalayas, and their moves are filled with grace and as of prized fighters.

They are very energetic and they need a lot of exercises or else they might suffer from suppressing this energy.

They are herd dogs and also guard dogs and they work hard.

Gaddi is a fearless breed and does not back down from a fight and confront the danger head-on as they are brave.

Their height ranges from 20 to 31 inches and they weigh between 77 to 99 pounds.

They have a double coat and shed so there will grooming needs and this breed is not apartment-friendly as they need big space.

This dog is very obedient and easy to train so with training they will be good in your family.

Their life span is between 10 to 12 years. This breed is one of the Strong Dog Breeds In India.

They have a good immune system as no one can survive Himalayan temperature without a good immune system.

Their price in India is just $25 to $80.

Rampur Greyhound:

Rampur Greyhound or Rampur Hound is a member of the sighthound family and is substantially built.

This dog is native to the Rampur region from northern India which is between Delhi and Bareilly.

This breed was a favorite of maharajas as this dog offered protection from lions, leopards, and panthers.

Rampur can cover long distances in a short time and at great speed.

This Hound craves companionship and is affectionate towards their owners but you have to be careful during playing with them as they love to charge at anyone who is in front of them for fun and this can get scary.

They are sensitive and gentle around their own family members but can get aggressive with other dogs.

They tend to keep themselves clean and do not require much grooming needs with their thin coat.

Rampur needs to exercise a lot so small apartments can make them feel like confined placed so this breed is not apartment-friendly.

Greyhound has a height from 12 to 28 inches and they weigh between 66 to 175 lbs.

This breed is known to be in a list of Exotic Dog Breeds In India.

Their life span is between 9 to 12 years.

This dog costs in India in just $56 to $98.

Bakharwal Dog:

Bakharwal dog is a working dog and currently used by Indian police services all over the country to capture militants.

This breed is said to be on verge of extinction as they get harmed while doing their job and also other reasons.

They were bred by Gujjar and Bakerwal in Jammu and Kashmir as Guardian dogs to protect their settlement.

This dog is a crossbreed between Tibetan Mastiff and Indian Pariah Dog though it’s the oldest Indian dog as it has been protecting the Gujjar tribe for a long time.

There are two types of Bakharwal dog, the simple bakharwal dog, and the Ladahki bakharwal dog.

This dog is mostly found in India but you can find this breed in Pakistan and Afghanistan in a small number.

Bakharwal dog is a good protector hence they take guarding very seriously and they do not back down from protecting their owners and family.

They are aggressive beings and are not suitable for families that have other pets or small breeds.

Their height is from 24 to 30 inches and their weight is from 60 to 79 pounds.

They are polite, loyal, social, and responsive also their life span is till 8 to 12 years.

They are outdoor dogs and love being outside and to play and mark their territories also they have a double coat leading them to have grooming needs.

This dog can cost you $35 to $90.

Rajapalayam Dog:

Rajapalayam Dog:

Rajapalayam dog or Poligar Dog is a courageous Indian sighthound dog and also is a large-sized dog. This is widely preferred among all the other Indian Dog Breeds.

It was named after a town called Rajapalayam in Virundharnagar a district in Tamil Nadu.

This dog is a companion dog of aristocracy and royalty in Southern India.

This dog is from the Hound group and they were bred to be the vivacious hunter who is eager to please their owner.

They do well in all temperature conditions as they were bred in sub-continent and do not face any issue with Indian temperature.

This dog needs experienced owners who can train them properly and already have an idea about dogs and also because their training needs patience.

Rajapalayam is an excellent guard dog and is loyal to their owners but they do not get along with other pets.

These dogs have been put as a guard dog at the borders of Kashmir by the Indian army seeing their fierce loyalty.

Their height varies from 26 to 29 inches and they weigh between 48 to 55 pounds.

Their life span is between 9 to 10 years.

They have a short coat of fur but they shed a lot and their coat needs to be brushed once or twice a week basically you will have to follow a regular grooming schedule for them.

This breed will cost you around $70 to $140.

Mudhol Hound:

Image of a Mudhol Hound.
Image: Scroll.in

Mudhol Hound or Caravan Hound are elegant and graceful and are very protective dogs.

It is originated from a small town in Bagalkot district from Karnataka and gets its name from that small town.

This breed can tolerate other dogs but it does not like to be touched so might get snapped by them.

They are pure breeds hence they do not have any health conditions attached to them.

They have a fragile temperament and do not make a good therapy dog but they are good to watch and guard dogs.

They have sharp eyes and a total 270 degree of vison which helps them chase away other animals.

This Hound can adjust in any environment and is apartment-friendly or house as long as you take them to exercise on a daily basis.

This breed needs constant training and a strict trainer also they do not respond well to harsh training.

Their life span is between 13 to 14 years.

Mudhol Hounds height is between 26 to 28 inches and they weigh from 48 to 61 pounds.

They are easy in being groomed and love to have a massage from their loved ones and you need to take care of their usual hygiene.

Their price is just between $153 and $167.


Combai or Kombai are aggressive, loyal and savage beings who are extremely intelligent and powerful native breeds.

This breed has been evolved in foothills of Western Ghats of South India and was driven to extinction but they were revived in Tamil Nadu state by dog enthusiast.

Kombai is a guard dog and is alert, effective and adaptable to all weather conditions.

They have a high pain tolerance and were used as livestock and home guardians and now they are used in farmhouses.

This dog enjoys human companionship and is good with their family and owners and they love to play with children.

Combai is an intelligent dog and can differentiate between who is welcome and who is not.

They seem calm but when a situation arrives they are alert and they fight human or dog till death.

Their existence can be traced back till the 25th century and they were bred to hunt deer, bison and wild boar.

Kombai’s height varies from 17 to 25 inches whereas, their weight ranges from 30 to 52 pounds.

Their life span is between 13 to 14 years.

They tend to shed but few brushing can solve the problem also use gentle touches and strikes to keep them calm.

Their price is around $14 to $42.


Chippiparai Indian Dog Breed

Chippiparais are the strongest among the Indian Dog Breeds that do not really need any veterinary care and is highly active in their young ages.

They are wonderful watchdogs and have remarkable speed and they can outrun jackrabbits with ease.

Their appearance is similar to Rampur Greyhound with their height and short coat.

They are companion beings and are averse to being isolated so it’s better to not leave them alone.

This is a sighthound breed found in south India and they were bred by royals in Chippiparai in Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu.

They were kept as the symbol of dignity and royalty in Tirunelveli and Madurai rulers.

Their sable versions are known as kanni.

Chippipari has a mild temper and does not has a tendency to bark and is a peaceful dog.

Their height ranges from 26 to 27 inches and they weigh from 55 to 66 pounds.

Their life span is between 9 to 11 years.

They have a short and thin coat which leads to less shedding and they are known to be very healthy and they are one of the famous breeds in Indian Dog Breed List.

You can buy this breed from $70 to $112.

All these Dog Breeds In India are totally remarkable with their strength, loving, protective and their love for human companionship.

In this article, we tried to cover some Indian Dog Breeds which we hope you all find useful.

This was all about Indian dog breeds.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Stay with us to know more about dogs and dog breeds!

Happy Petting To You Guys!



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