18 Best Dogs For Seniors


Dogs are not only dogs to many people. They can be a good friend to a kid, A good son to an owner or a great companion for elders. But are all dogs good? The answer depends on the experience you had with dogs. When it comes to seniors it can be a bit complex to find the best dogs for seniors.

As elders face insecurities in many things, it is equally important to make sure that they are safe from external factors like a burglar or an intruder.

For over two hundred years, dogs have been the most loyal organism. Love, care and affection are something no human being can ever possess as much as they do.

Once we develop feelings for them, it becomes hard for us to leave them unless they pooped on the couch.

In the list, we have 18 dogs who might serve the potential of being the senior-friendly dogs.

1. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

If you are thinking of owning a Bichon Frise then it can possibly be the best decision. If you already have a pet then Bichon can be a really good friend to them as well.

Not only pets but they are also very affectionate towards their owners. Especially to the ones who can provide them with some extra time. Their nature and attitude is something that makes them stand out.

Frequent Grooming is necessary though it sheds less. When it comes to exercise they should be taken on walks a few times a day.

They can get a price tag of around $2500. Some breeders can charge way lesser but checking the breed standards is very essential.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Petting a dog that requires a lot of grooming will be quite hectic for any elder citizens. But worry not; this breed won’t bother you much as they need very less grooming.

Moreover, they are very affectionate towards their owners. It will always match its vibe with your activity so that you do not feel lonely.

The pup can get a price tag of $1200 to $7500 which is comparatively on the higher side.



Also known as Frenchie withholding the title of the most cheerful dog among all other breeds, can never be wrong in any manner. It gets hard for any person to not pick them up.  They are so outgoing that impressing the other creature is a no big deal.

Despite being slightly heavier they are still feasible. They are very active throughout the day.

They need a moderate amount of exercise as they keep on doing something or the other throughout the day. Grooming is also not required frequently.

They are prone to certain health issues and skin diseases which have to be kept in a check with the vet.

Breeders often tag a price of $1500 to $3000 depending upon the health.



Do not get into the misbelieving that Greyhounds are very active and energetic. In fact, they can sit in one place for hours and when gets bored, they can go to sleep.

They won’t mind the occasional walks and hikes but they are definitely not the breed who would enjoy an active partner.

They are more or less easy to train and are pretty responsive. They can be a really good breed to pet as handling them is quite easier.

They are available at a price of $1000 to $4000



Imagine a puppy who wants to stay in your lap for the entire day. Cute?  Maltese can stay in one place for a very long time. They get their comfort zone in their owners’ lap. They can also be very easy to train.

They are always up for a small walk or a see-around-tour.

They are in fact so small that they might fit in your overcoat pocket and sit there in comfort for hours.

The price of Maltese can be somewhere $2000 to $10000 depending upon different factors.



They can go very far so as to please their owners. They need a humongous amount of attention to living. It is easy to handle and train them as they are intelligent.

They were pets of Queen Elizabeth II and since, they have gained popularity

If you are looking for a pet that can protect you from human threats then you should consider this breed as protection is the second most important instinct they possess.

They are not much expensive and can cost you around $1000 to $2000.



Pomeranians tend to bark a lot at times but they are the perfect companion for any older person. They demand a lot of time and attention which makes them suitable for older people.

It is important to brush their fur so that they do not lose their shine and glossiness.

Last but not least they should be given toys to play or else it may chew your clothes because they are also known for their playfulness.



The most amazing breed of dog one can ever see. The best part about a poodle is that they are available in a different size. The sizes are the toy size poodle, the miniature poodle, and the standard size poodle.

Whatever the size is, the affection level among this breed is the same.

They are so affectionate to the owners that if you leave the house they start facing separation anxiety. There are very few breeds that can be as loyal as the poodle.

At times they can be lazy and just hit the couch but regular walks should be scheduled so that they do not get obese.

Despite shedding less they can be high on maintenance as they need frequent grooming. Breeders can ask a price of $2400 to $5000 for a poodle.



The only creature that will be by your side even if you are wrong. Shih Tzu is known for its welcoming attitude.

Their favorite time pass is a nap on your lap. Moreover, they do not mind sharing the same house with any other dog.

They are playful but do not actively enjoy it all the time. Short walks daily can help them stay fit and active. Their adaptability is enormous which makes them suitable for any place to live

They are relatively less expensive costing around $500 o $1000



Being a terrier breed they can be best used as protection dogs. And when it is a West Highland White Terrier, you are safe everywhere.  They do not go much in size but they are very adorable and loyal.

They need a lot of training and exercise to stay fit. The requirement for grooming is average and they are fairly low on shedding.

It can guard you against almost anything even if they are small in size.

They are priced between $800 o $1200 depending upon the health conditions.



Have you ever thought of a dog that would sit with you and watch the same TV show that you are watching? Crazy, right?

The Boston terrier can be very affectionate to the owner and to show gratitude they will do things that you love. They are adorable, mild-tempered and caring.

They easily get trained with commands and actions but try not to be harsh on them.

Terriers would give their heart and soul to protect you during any alarming situations.

If you stay in hot and humid conditions then choosing this breed can be a mistake as they do not go well with the hot weather.



An outgoing,  energetic and extremely active dog, beagle can be a really nice option if you love going on long outdoor walks. They are so sociable that every new person they meet becomes their best buddy.

They easily get carried away by smell. If they find a new smell they will chase it for sure.

It is very important to draw fences so that they do not run behind all the good smells.

Beagles can range between $800 to $1200 depending upon the size.

13. PUG


Pugs can be the handiest dogs for seniors. They are so small that they can easily fit in your pocket and heart. The need for exercise is not much but they should be taken on walks regularly.

They do not enjoy staying in hot and humid conditions. They like spending most of the time indoors, in your lap.

With very little grooming they can look the best.

They tend to snore at times but barking tendencies are very less among them.

Pugs can come at a price of $600 to $1200



Affectionate, caring and humble, respecting everyone. They like all the activities that need a lot of physical strength.

They are very affectionate towards seniors because they can give him attention, and that is what they look forward to.

Be it running, swimming or hiking they are always up for it. They are also easy to train which will be less time consuming and will let you spend more time with him.

They possess a very good patience level and this feature makes them distinctive.

They may not like you if your companionship is not that good.

Being so unique among other breeds it can be a bit expensive. Their price goes as high as $5000. Golden retriever can also come cheaper but checking the breed standard is important.



These apartment friendly dogs are very lively and entertaining and sometimes the most adorable creature.

They are not really the explorer rather they love to sit in their owner’s lap and doze off. They appreciate owners who are available with a 24 hours free lap. They can be very affectionate towards seniors.

They need a nominal amount of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Their tolerability in cold is not really good but they can play for hours in hot climatic conditions.

Chihuahua can be relatively less expensive and can cost you around $500 o $1000.



This breed can be a really nice option if you are looking for a puppy with which you can spend your entire day. They are a good option for elders who would need a companion.

Many of them are used as therapy dogs. Besides, they are very easy to train and do not take much time to get adapted to new things.

The need for grooming can be moderate as they get smooth fur hence brushing should be done regularly. They need very nominal exercise with just nominal walks.

Havanese can cost you between $1000 to $1500 approximately



If there is god to them it is the owners. They cannot think about their life without their owners. In general, they are very affectionate towards everyone.

They are not really active hence do not enjoy exercise much and rather sleep.

They are very cunning and playful and can adapt to things very quickly.

They need more or less frequent grooming so as to maintain a smooth coat. The Bolognese can range between $1500 to $3000



If you like relaxing then they would do it too. It does not take much to be a couch potato. They are cool and calm all the time. The only friend to them is their owner.

They are very affectionate towards their owners and can protect at any given point in time.

They tend to bark at times but when they bark they try to indicate something. Do not ignore them when they bark.

They do not mind living alone in the condo as they are quite independent. You may need to groom then once in a month probably.

Dogs were, are and will be the most understanding creature of all times. Love can be so deep that they will sacrifice their life without hesitation. We humans still have no clue about the reason behind it.

Unlike humans, their love is selfless and flawless. They never differentiate between races, genders or traits. They appreciate whatever they live with.

It is our responsibility to make this world better for them as they will be the only ones to live till the end. We humans do not fit suitable to live in this place because we only live for ourselves and not for anyone other.

Heya readers,

This is all from our side about the senior-friendly dogs. Want to share an experience about your baby, feel free to comment and let us know.

Happy petting to you guys.!



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