Top 20 Worst Dogs For Small Children


Dogs are considered to be a really good companion. The only creature, who will never judge you for being who you are.

But would you keep one knowing the fact of danger?

Humans have made through a lot of ups and downs. From the invention of electricity to demolishing of a continent. Challenges have never stopped human beings from getting what they want.  But there are certain things that humans cannot control.

We will be talking about the top 20 Worst Dogs For Small Children.


ROTTWEILER Worst Dogs For Small Children

This breed was found in Germany for the first time dated to the time of Roman Empires. This dog was used to pull carts and do works that needed a lot of physical strength. 

 Today this big sized breed is used as police dogs or guard dogs. They possess strong characteristics with hardworking skills.

 One should never think of petting a Rottweiler in an apartment. They can cause fatalities among humans. Kids are no exception.

They possess a ton of courage which is enough to call them violent.

There are no options to escape once it has seen its prey inside you. You can still run for your life and pray to god.



It is easier to guess the kind of environment they have lived in. Alaskan Malamute is a dog breed that has never had the opportunity to stay around children. Hence they might hurt the kids unintentionally.

Owners have also claimed that this breed is tough to train especially if the owner does not actively participate in their training. They need special attention and socialization from a very young age as they have severe prey drives.

Shedding among them can be another reason not to pet them which may turn out un-hygienic for the kids around.



The appearance might want to make you believe that they are very cute adorable and responsible dog breeds. The reality is the fact that they are not suitable for kids.

They possess a large size due to which they might hurt the kids unknowingly. For example, they might fall on the kids while playing which may cause injury to the little member.

Additionally, they are hard to train as well because they take a lot of time to get mature, unlike other breeds.

They can be a good companion but the only issue that remains unsafe is their size.



Just like Saint Bernard, the Bullmastiff acquires a huge size. The fear of hurting the kids unintentionally remains unchanged.

They are considered to be more hostile than any other breed. This can be improved with some vigorous training and patience. Vice-versa can happen if any weakness is shown in front of the dog

They should understand “who is the boss” so that they do not intend to hurt or show any angry behavior.

They should be trained as early as possible as they can be hard to train with age.



This over enthusiast dog is filled with extreme wild instincts. They tend to show more anger in front of small animals. Their characteristics make them very unfavorable for a home pet.

Furthermore, their size, tendencies and over-energetic body can lead to fatal injuries among kids because they might consider themselves superior in front of kids, increasing the chances of hurting.

Weimaraner is commonly known as the hunting dogs who can hunt down a wild animal. The advantage is definitely their size and appearance.

They moreover do not like it when given instructions harshly. The possibilities of becoming vulnerable are high.



The breed was first developed in the western USA for the first time. It gets its distinctiveness for the courage and energy it acquires. They were once used as guard dogs or watchdogs. Their energy and instincts were the reason for their appointment of such roles.

They need a humongous amount of exercise or else you may find changes in their behavior. This can be weird for some but an Aussie parent understands the reason.

Sometimes they mistake with kids and other pets and can be aggressive at that point and may hurt the kids unintentionally

Explaining them about the do’s and don’ts can too some extent solve the problem. Moreover, they should interact with all the members of the family.



Having traits like the terrier, Affenpinscher can be tough at times. These small mischievous pups can sometimes take your patience test. They can waste hours and days by doing unproductive things and procrastinating all through the day.

Just like any other terrier breed, it needs a lot to attention and training which can help them to be an obedient puppy with all the necessary characteristics. They should be given no exception for the size.

Being small in size children tend to mishandle them, which makes the pup vulnerable after some point of time.



The oldest breed that is available to the world is the Afghan hound. They have been used as guardian dogs for a very long time now for the sturdiness and willingness they offer.

Improper training can lead to a destructive mindset and can further lead to disobedience among them.

It is very important to stay quiet and explain to him things about training or else they may take things for granted.

Grown-up children can bond better than young members. If you have a young member then you should probably not consider this breed to pet.



Even if you consider them to be a good dog because they have a toy in their name, they are not really good with kids.

Thinking them a toy is the biggest mistake that can be done ever. They might not appreciate things like this and get into the Small Dog Syndrome.

They tend to go violent if mishandled and will not tolerate any act of such immaturity. They are well versed with defense planning and they will surely defend any threat coming. No matter if that is a kid or an adult.



They can be a really nice play-dog but should not mistake between playfulness and wild instincts. Letting them monkey around is not a good option. Just like any other breed, this needs to go through the process of discipline and training.

Small children should know that they are a creature and not a toy to break them apart.  They will take any threat coming, seriously. So it is better to either opt for a different breed or wait till the members grow up a bit.

Another strong reason not to pet them is the fact that they need too much affection and care which can be hard for working people.



Most breeders will not recommend you to buy a Shih Tzu if you stay with a family. This breed gets afraid and excited often which can lead to unintentional biting.

It is better to advise the children not to be harsh on them. Supervision should still be kept on both of them.

They can start feeling neglected if proper attention is not given to this breed which can lead to separation anxiety and ill behavior.



Terrier was always known to be fearless and active all through the day. They were used as guard dogs to the grazing horses. They can hunt down a red fox in no time.

They need a lot of time and training to be a good puppy. They are not really harmful to kids but at times they may behave inappropriately making a bad impression.

Terriers are otherwise known to be very protective and are always up for any responsibility. Summing up, if the training is good the pup can be a very obedient one. But the traits may show up all of a sudden.



We all had loved the Dalmatians in the movie 101 Dalmatian so are they made. They have always been found as a very dearest friend to humans. The movie made the breed quite famous among the continent.

But a “Reel life” and “Real life” makes everything different. This breed demands a lot of time and affection failing to which, they might take out all the destructive traits they have.

They can be the worst dogs if not taken care of properly. Children can find it hard to handle them as once the Dalmations decide to ruin something, they will.



Energy levels in this breed are again found enormously which makes him unique. Training them can be very easy and has chances of total success but for a fact, they do not much look forward to being loyal towards the parents.

If the dog understands the weakness of the owner then it might show disobedience. It is very important to be strict in front of them.

Small children may not be able to handle them as they get ferocious on small issues. A kid may pull his wagging tail to which the dog may hurt.

With proper love and tutoring husky can be an amazing pet. But sturdier the owner will be the better it is with Husky.



They can be like Rottweiler or Greyhound at times because they share more or less the same traits. Their temperament can be quite alarming at times.

They would require a lot of patience, time and care which is not always possible when there a young kid at home.

If not trained properly, they may create situations worse than you can even think of. Considering them as a really good playmate for your kid can be a big mistake.



The dog was first developed in DRC (Democratic Republic Of Congo). The dog is said to be very friendly and affectionate towards children.

But at times they dominate the kids thinking themselves superior to the kids. Often kids, while playing touch their wagging tail or push them or do such childish acts, to which the dog might not react positively.

Constant supervision should be kept on the dog and the kids. If the kids do not threaten them, Basenji’s can be really good partners.



A professional dog trainer can sometimes reject giving them training. This breed is very hard to train. These stubborn dogs were primarily bred to be the guard dogs and not to play with kids. Since it has traits of a watchdog. It is pretty assumable that they are a wilder breed.

Moreover, Shar Pei gets certain health issues that are unknown to many popular veterinarians.

It is very important information and educates the kids about their behavior so that no one gets hurt by any means.



Cuteness is what impresses any person wanting to pet a dog. Being a toy-sized, they come in your attention. But this breed may not suit your apartment.

There are cases where the breed has injured kids of smaller age without the intention to do so another key factor is, they need a good leader to guide them which is not possible by the kids.

They get attached to the owner very much which does not allow anyone to get close to the owner neither in the case of a kid.



Akita has received a title of guard dogs in japan and in many parts of Japan, these dogs are left with the children to safeguard them.

You must be wondering about the consequences.

In today’s world, it can be one of the worst mistakes to do.  The general tendency among kids is to socialize with each other. Akita might not understand the concept and think other kids to be intruders.

They might bite the new kids and hurt them badly. It is very much important to train the Akita

But teaching the kids is also important as humans can understand better than dogs. Moreover, preventions are better than cure.



This breed found in Mexico for the first time long back has not much evidence. This cute and adorable pup can be one pain in the head

In spite of being small in size, they can be very dominating.  Breeders often denote them as nervous dogs for they get offended for unknown reasons.

Many times kids mistakenly pull their furs or wagging tail by which the dog gets ferocious and tries to bite or hurt them.

It is advised that small children especially the toddles should be either taught well about the consequences. Or getting a kid-friendly dog is much more advisable.

That was our take on the Worst Dogs For Small Children.

We hope you loved it, you can reach out to us in the comment section.

Happy petting to you guys!



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