How You Can Choose the Best Doberman Pinscher Puppy From a Litter

doberman from litter

Looking at a litter of Doberman puppies can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. That’s why you should make sure you know exactly what to focus on. Keep these tips in mind if you want to choose the best Doberman puppy from a little.

Ask The Breeder Questions

Ask questions to the breeder

You should always purchase your Doberman breed puppy from a legitimate and trustworthy breeder. Make sure you ask the breeder plenty of questions to get the information you need.

A breeder should tell you things you won’t be able to learn from a short visit. For example, a breeder will tell you about the habits of the puppies and the care they’ve received. You may want to come up with a list of questions ahead of time, not forget to ask anything important.

Look For The Puppies That Approach You

doberman puppy cute

People are often drawn to puppies that seem timid or shy. However, this can be a sign that the puppy will be difficult to socialize. Instead, pay attention to which puppies approach you. If a puppy is confident and comfortable around you from the start, there’s a good chance that the puppy will do well in your home.

You shouldn’t have to put in a lot of effort to lure a puppy closer to you. Instead, you should look for a puppy that wants to be near you. Sit casually near the puppies and see which ones walk toward you.

Focus On The Energy Levels Of The Puppy

doberman handshake

When you’re observing puppies, another thing you’ll want to look at is how energetic the puppies are. Too much energy can be a sign that a puppy will be challenging to train. A lack of energy, however, can be a sign of health problems.

The best puppy for your household will be energetic, but it won’t be hyperactive. Try to watch the puppies for a while and see how they interact with each other. Search for a puppy with the right balance of energy.

Pick Up Puppies To Test Their Temperament

Doberman puppy litter box

You can gauge puppies’ temperament by watching them, but you’ll learn a lot more if you try to pick the puppy up. A little struggling is normal, but if the puppy tries to bite you when you pick it up, that’s a big red flag.

When you’re holding the puppy, you should gently move their feet and mouth to see how they react to your touch. Be on the lookout for overly regressive behavior. Ideally, you should find a puppy that is fairly comfortable being held.

Examine The Puppy

Exam the puppy

Another thing to do when you’re holding the puppy is to examine it to see if it’s in good health. In many cases, it’s possible to identify the signs of future health issues while a puppy is still young.

There are several things you should be keeping a watchful eye out for, including:

  • Discharge around the eyes, ears, or genitals
  • A jaw that’s under or overshot
  • A dry coat
  • Skin lesions

These issues often can’t be spotted from a distance. You’ll only be able to notice the problems when you’re holding the puppy in your arms.

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Pay Attention To The Puppy’s Coat

Doberman puppy's coat

Another thing you’ll want to look at closely is the puppy’s coat. As mentioned above, a dry coat can be a major problem. It’s an early sign of hyperthyroidism, which is a condition that is commonly found in Dobermans.

The healthiest dogs are going to have a coat that looks healthy and shiny. It’s normal for dogs to develop health issues as they age, but a puppy should be in excellent health. If a puppy doesn’t have a nice shiny coat, there’s likely some problem.

Compare The Weights Of The Puppies

weight of a doberman

The puppies you’re seeing should all be eating the same food, which means their weights should be reasonably similar. If one of the puppies seems a lot smaller or more massive than the others in the litter, there may be an issue with the puppy.

It’s normal to be drawn to underdogs, which is why a lot of people want to adopt the runt of the litter. Unfortunately, when a puppy is small like that, it’s usually not healthy. If a puppy is already overweight, that’s also an indicator of issues. Focus on puppies that are at a healthy weight.

Narrow Down Your Choices

bunch of doberman puppies

If a litter is enormous, trying to focus on all of the puppies in front of you can be slightly overwhelming. That’s why it’s a good idea to work to limit your choices. Pick out two or three puppies from the litter that you’d like to be home with you. After that, try to compare those puppies.

It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to identify some of the best puppies in the litter. Once you’ve done that, you can work to find the best option from your top picks. You’ll be more than happy with the puppy that you bring home with you. 

Trust Your Instincts

skater with doberman

When it comes down to it, the puppy you choose is going to be a member of your family. You shouldn’t have any doubts that the puppy you’ve chosen is right for you. That’s why you should listen to your gut and try to find the kind of puppy that you want to bring home.

Be aware of warning signs. Try to find a puppy in good health and with an excellent temperament. At the same time, you should know that if you’re drawn to a puppy, there’s a good reason for that. Don’t shut down your instincts when making this decision.

If you’re going to be looking at a litter of Doberman puppies, you’ll want to keep this advice in mind. The puppy you choose will likely be living with your family for a long time. Find a pet that you’ll be thrilled to take home with you.


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