Top 20 Apartment Dogs In India: Covering Every Home Size

Dogs to be kept in apartment

Not all dogs need a big fenced apartment with an outdoor space to live in. Some apartment dogs in India are capable of handling all kinds of home sizes.

Ever since I watched the movie, Hachiko, I have always wanted a dog for myself. Dogs are just cute and cuddly who brighten up our days. Although, in these days of urban lifestyle, there are various res-paw-nsibilities you have to consider before getting an apartment dog in India.

The choices would have been easy if you have a bungalow, villa, or an apartment with a nice backyard but the difficult part comes in when you have an apartment.

Big dog breeds such as Rajapalayam or a Bakharwal would not be exactly suitable for an apartment dog in India as they need a lot of space to move around.

Apart from their size, you must also consider your work timings and the barking tendencies of your dog for apartments. From small dogs for apartments to large dogs in apartments, we shall cover all the apartment dogs in India.

Small Apartment Dogs In India (studio to 1bhk)

RankDog BreedsPrice (INR)Home Size (in sq ft)
Exercise NeedsTrainabilityGrooming Needs
Pug Cute
6000 to 18000250-700MediumEasyMedium
Chihuahua Cute
6000 to 20000250-700LowMediumLow
dachshund Cute
5000 to 15000250-700MediumEasyLow
4Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Cavalier Spaniel Cute
55000 to 65000300-800MediumEasyHigh
5English Bulldog
Cute Bulldogs
20000 to 80000350-850EasyEasyMedium
6Shih Tzu
fluffy shih tzu
20000 to 30000350-900MediumEasyHigh
Beagle cute
15000 to 20000400-900HighMediumLow
8Indian Spitz
Cute Indian Spitz
5000 to 15000500-900MediumEasyLow
9Yorkshire Terrier
YorkShire Terrier Cute
30000 to 45000500-900LowHardMedium
10French Bulldog
French Bulldog puppy cute
35000 to 50000500-900MediumMediumLow

Medium Apartment Dogs In India (1Bhk and above)

RankDog BreedsPrice (INR)Home Size (in sq ft)
Exercise NeedsTrainabilityGrooming Needs
1Indian Pariah Dog
Indian Pariah dog
0 to 1,000900-1000HighEasyLow
2Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel cute
Pom running
Poodle looking cute
5Labrador Retriever
chocolate labrador christmas
6Golden Retriever
Golden retriever looking cute
Basenji swag looking cute
8Rampur Greyhound
Rampur Greyhound cute
9Miniature Pinscher
Mini Pinscher
10Kumaon Mastiff
Kumaon Mastiff Cute

Note1: There are many other apartment dogs in India that one can adopt. We have chosen the top list of those dogs to place them in an orderly fashion. The cost can, however, vary from city, breeders, lineage, and pedigree. Dogisworld has tried to provide you with the best possible cost at the market.

Note2: The home sizes vary for each household. 1BHK home size in Delhi might vary in accordance with the 1BHK home size in Mumbai. So, we have put up approximate square footage of homes for your convenience.

Note3: We from Dogisworld do not support buying dogs from breeders, and rather suggest you adopt dog breeds instead.

What do you have to keep in mind before you get an apartment dog in India?

Keep in mind before you plan to get a dog in your apartment

Have you ever dreamt of receiving a gift on an occasion and find a cute little puppy snuggled up inside? It is the cutest sensation ever, isn’t it?

What many do not consider is that these cute little furballs are immense responsibilities. You have to put in a lot of thoughts before you keep a dog in an apartment. Many apartment dogs are suitable for small apartments but they need a backyard or a terrace to vent out their energy. Chippiparai, Kanni Dogs, Jonangi, and Mudhol Hounds are such examples.

Identify the kind of dog breed that you want and how much time you can commit. This way, you will get a better idea of what kind of dog breeds you need for your apartments. Here are the prime 5 things to keep in your mind before you get the best apartment dogs:

1. Breeder Research

Adopting the best pet dog for a home in India to find a new home for your best friend is the best feeling ever. Whether you plan to adopt a pooch from the pet store, rescue centers, or online, make sure the breeder has a piece of good knowledge about the breed that you are opting for.
Check for cleanliness and feeding habits of the breeder before you get one home. We do not want any kinds of health issues for our best friend, do we?

2. Dedication

Getting these little furballs is like having a baby. Those 12-15 years of your life you have to deal with their puppyhood, their naughty teenage years, the adulthood, and finally the golden years of their lives.
They can be a handful sometimes at the same time they are going to be there to cheer you up during your bad times. Be prepared to face it all and experience one hell of a ride!

3.Time Commitment

Even though you get the best apartment dogs, one thing is for sure, they are going to need your time. Few apartment dogs in India do not need much attention and are pretty independent, say, Pomeranian, for example. Although, not all breeds can be independent and these breeds might end up getting separation anxiety.
So, make sure before you get the best dog for an apartment, be ready to commit some time for your fido and train them to be independent later.

4. Sacrifice

It is just like how you deal with a baby. The first few months after you get your apartment dogs in India, you have to put their needs before yours. They might be whiny, they will want to have your food, and also bite you while teething.
You will have to take them for walks (all dogs have exercise needs, but some have high exercise needs) and groom them often.

5. Additional Costs

Indie dogs do not have many costs, however, if you adopt a Poodle, Shih Tzu, or a Cocker Spaniel, there are going to be many additional costs that are attached to it. So, make sure you research your breed well before you get one.
Other than that, there are going to be additional costs for food (unless you give them homemade food), collar, bed, etc. Be prepared for some additional costs now and then!

Dogs are a part of our family. They do need a lot of love and attention which you will see that you will receive tenfold.
As the saying goes, dogs are way too good for us humans!

<>Things to do before you get your apartment dogs in India

Things to do before getting a dog in your apartment

Getting a puppy to your apartment is exciting for sure but at the same time, it is also nerve-racking.

When you finally find your apartment dogs, the best thing after this is to go and get them home. Although, it is going to be scary for your little fido as they are traveling to a new place with a stranger, away from its mumma.

Now, to convert this problem into a solution, we need to do a little planning. Here are a few steps before you get your apartment dogs in India.

1. Is it an apartment for dogs?

One of the major issues and common problem that many dog-lovers face is, whether they can keep a pet in their apartment or no.

The Indian constitution not only talks about allowing pets in apartments but also encourages pets in apartments. Although, if you do live in a rented flat, take permission from your landlord to see if they are okay with keeping a dog in the apartment.

According to section 11 of the Prevention from cruelty to animals’ act, 1960, if a pet owner is asked to leave the flat, it is a punishable offense.

That being said, ask your landlord or your society for guidelines, if they have any while keeping a pet.  

2. Family Planning

If you are living with your family, have a word with them to understand if everyone is on the same page on getting your new friend home.

Often there are fights on who has to feed and what to feed in an apartment with dogs. To prevent this from happening, make sure you have a discussion and decide who is going to be the primary caretaker of the pooch.

One important thing that you all must decide is whether your pooch will be given dog food or homemade dog food.

3. Supplies

Buying the basic necessary supplies such as a collar, leash, food and water bowls, and chew toys are the most important supplies we need to provide before we get apartment dogs in India.

If you are a fur-st time dog owner, you might even want to consult a dog trainer to learn how to train your pooch. Although most of the breeds in the list above can be trained without any trainer, it is still advisable that you consult an experienced dog trainer for some tips and tricks of the trade.

4. Proofing

Now, we are all set and ready to get our best apartment dog breeds home, let us make sure to do one final and most important thing, which is puppy-proofing the apartment.

Puppy proofing is basically a way to remove all the obstacles that might injure our four-legged furry friends. A new puppy is always curious and they get into trouble most of the time. So, it is our responsibility to remove anything that can harm them.

All the electrical cords that are exposed, must be either closed or blocked off with some furniture where they can be blocked off.  

All the trash cans must be kept out of reach from your pooch so that they do not dive in and chew on something they shouldn’t.

Put a net on those places where your pooch can escape. Puppies tend to be very naughty and they tend to wander away by being curious. A lot of times this results in them getting lost. So, it is better for both of you if the housing is netted or fenced.

Keep the medications away from their reach. We do not want them chewing some of the medications that have been spilled below, do we? It is better if we keep the medicine box in a place where they cannot reach.

Things to do after you get your apartment dogs in India

igure class="wp-block-image size-large">What to do after getting a dog in an apartment in India

Wow! Looks like you have brought home your little furball! How does it feel? Are you excited, nervous, and anxious at the same time?

That is okay! It is completely okay to feel this way. In fact, when I got my little friend home, I was terrified because she did not want to be around me. She wanted to be aloof and she was sniffing around the entire house.
Now she is 2 years old and cannot stand to leave me alone! She even gets jealous when I hug my friends

While this takes time, there are these few tips that I would like you guys to keep in mind. The first impression of your house will give a lot of ideas to your best friend, so make it the best!

1. Mellow, hello

Getting your apartment dogs In India is a big thing. There are lots of joyous and pompous people around, so, your pooch has to get used to it. Make sure you do not invite people to your place for at least 2-3 days.

Let them get used to you and your house first. You will find them sniffing around and roaming around most of the time. This is because they are getting used to the house and the things that are in the house. They will figure out on their own what to touch, what not to touch, where to go, and where not to go.

2. Leash lessons, #101

When you see that they have settled down a little bit, introduce them to their leash. Leash training is important from a young age so that they get used to being around it.

They might refuse and might whimper a little, but they will get used to it soon. This training is important because when you take them out for a walk later, they can be in your control. Puppies tend to be curious about other animals and they want to be close to them. Although, there are a few of them who might harm your pooch, so it is better to keep them leashed.

3. Bigger, Leaner, Stronger

Start your training as soon as paw-sible. The earlier you start, the easier it is to teach them commands. Start by teaching them the basic household commands. If you have a dog for a small apartment, teach them where to go and where not to.

Puppy training in the first week after you have got them home can be tough. Of course, they must have not fully got used to you but nevertheless, it is important to teach them.

Mental stimulation and physical stimulations are both equally important. Socializing them early is very important. We always want our pooch to be friendly around both, people and dogs. For this, they must be socialized around different dogs and people at an early age. 

4. Dr. Dolittle

The first trip to a vet must be pleasant, sweet, and a great experience. Your pooch must not be turr-ified by your vet. You can ask about the vets from your local contacts and schedule some appointments first. Your pooch is going to need some vaccinations and some regular check-ups.

Finding the right vet will get them involved through almost all the stages of your dog’s life. Introducing a new vet to your pooch all the time wouldn’t be a good idea as your vet will know the case history, the ideal situation of your pooch. On the other hand, your pooch will also be used by your previous vet, and introducing a new vet can be a tough task.

While finding the right vet, you must consider the cleanliness of the clinic, staff treatment towards you and your pet, how does it match your budget, and finally is the clinic located conveniently for you.

F>Final words

e class="wp-block-image size-large">Are you ready to keep a dog?

Having a dog is just like having a baby. There are a lot of responsibilities attached to it by keeping in mind the factors that are attached to it.

Are you sure that you can handle the financial, emotional, and mental commitment for the next 10 to 15 years? Moreover, you must also give them a lot of time, attention, and a couple of hours every day for their training and exercise routines.

Give it a good thought on how far along are you on the thought process. Do not take an impulsive decision and also, make a pros and cons list.
That always works for me!

F>Frequently Asked Questions

script src="">

There is nothing like the best dog for small homes as such. It all depends upon your budget, the square footage of your home, and time commitment. A pug for small apartment/homes will need less exercise commitment with just about 30mins a day. It can also adjust from 250sqft to 700sqft. Whereas, a beagle for small apartment/homes has high exercise needs and can adjust between 400sqft to 900sqft

Labradors are a fantastic breed for apartments. They are great apartment dogs in India that can thrive in 1500sqft and above. They do not bark much generally unless they are provoked or their exercise needs are not matched.
They are loyal, family-oriented, and friendly towards strangers. They are a great breed if you are looking for a non-native breed as apartment dogs in India.

Most of the dogs that have been listed out above are friendly. Although, we would suggest you go for an Indian dog breed as the best dog in apartment. They are friendly, low maintenance and are extremely loyal.
Since they can adapt to any climate and living standards, it makes them less prone to diseases and makes them heartier.


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