Yorkie Poo


‘Happiness is a warm puppy’ ~ Charles M. Schulz, and we couldn’t agree more! The feeling you get when you arrive home and your Yorkie poo is already there to greet you, is priceless.

Visualise, how cute a mixture of the Poodle and a Yorkshire terrier will be! This mixed breed is known by the name Yorkie poodle or Yorkie poo and are very comforting and socialising entities.

They fall under category of ‘designer dog’ breeds. Their compact size and their ‘living to the fullest’ personality makes them the perfect choice of dog for many people with varying lifestyles. This breed has not been recognised by AKC.

Intelligent, active and confident, Yorkie poo loves to play around and brings a smile at everyone’s face.

Yorkie Poo Pictures

Yorkie Poo Facts

Average Height: 7-9 inches (18cms).

Average Weight: 3 to 14 pounds.

Life Expectancy: 10 to 15 years.

Dog Group: Toy Group.

Colours:  White, sable, cream, apricot, silver, tan, black, chocolate, and grey.

AT A Glance

Size (2/5)

They are called toy breed for their size. TheYorkie poo weighs around 10-14 pounds with height 7-9 inches. Yorkie poo puppies comes with very tiny body dimension and doesn’t gain much of height and weight throughout their life time.

Affection Level (4/5)

These playful little creature loves to show affection and feel the same. They are made by breeding Poodle and Yorkshire terrier, so, they are both smart and friendly with children and other pet. The perfect choice for anyone!

Apartment Friendly (5/5) 

These teddy look-a-like, comes in a very compact and convenient size which makes them worthy for apartments. They will need space though, for their regular exercises and activities. So, you may have to clear out some space I your place.

Cold Weather Tolerability (2/5)

Humans and dogs both can get sick from staying out in the cold for a long time. Yorkie poo tends to respond badly towards cold weather or sudden change of weather. It is suggested to not take out your pup during abrupt weather condition.

Hot Weather Tolerability (3/5)

They sure do have hairy coat but are not good in adapting with a lot of extreme weather changes. Yorkie, like many other dogs, need a subtle climatic condition to keep themselves gay and healthy.

Barking Tendencies (3/5)

Barking is Yorkie’s favourite pastime. They bark quite often but only when they get excited. Yorkie also, makes a good watch dog. Their barking tendencies are inherited from the parent Yorkshire terrier and can be controlled by giving them training.

Cat Friendly (3/5)

The gentle and loving Yorkie poo dog are good chasers and love to chase anything they see, specially pets smaller than them (not that there are pets smaller them them!!). If brought up with cats from the puppyhood, they’ll make good friends.

Dog Friendly (4/5)

Yorkies are fairly noble with other dogs, too. They like to play around with them and often wants to start a rustling game with the bigger dogs. He is one brave of a breed. They have gut bigger than their size!

Exercise Needs (3/5)

Since, Yorkie poo is a small sized breed of canines, they need no more than 30 minutes of walk in the park. They are highly active and need mental and physical tasks to keep their minds healthy. For indoor fun, get them tunnels

Grooming Needs (3/5)

Yorkie poo either has coiled or slightly wavy hair. Anyway, they need regular brushing of hair and teeth to keep them soft and clean respectively. Usage of gentle dog shampoo is recommended. Occasional trimming in also required as they have good inherited hair growth tendency from Yorkshire.

Playfulness (4/5)

 This mixed breed of dog is highly active and a playful companion. They love to chase, climb and pounce. They also were bred to chase ratters, so they love scent based games like hide and seek and many more.

Trainability (3/5)

Yorkie poo training is quite easy actually. Poodle (one of the parent breed) is 2nd most intelligent breed of dogs. So, its very common to see a well-trained Yorkie poo. Trainings such as crate training or socialising becomes very laid-back with this breed.

Intelligence (4/5)

With their beguiling appearance, they are also fairly smart and intelligent. They may or may not inherit prey instinctive, depending on what qualities they’ve adapted from their parent. Yorkshire have chasing tendencies whereas poodles mostly stay mellow. Yorkie poo also, hunts and chase ratters with just their scent.

Mouthiness (3/5)

Almost every dog has the habit to chew and nip everything around them. Yorkie poo, being a very playful dog, likes to gently bite their owners to make them pamper their pet. The chewing tendencies can be controlled easily by training them properly and providing chewable toys.

Price Group (4/5)

This lovable mixed breed can cost you something around $500-$1000, excluding of the grooming, health visits and lifestyle expenses. They price can also differ according to the reputation of the breeder and the quality of the parent breeds (Poodle and Yorkshire terrier). A known breeder with good parent breed surely will ask for good amount of bucks.

About Yorkie Poo

This lovable creatures were made by breeding a Toy Poodle and a Yorkshire terrier. Having the most adorable breeds as their parent, they are active and are very affectionate breed one could ever have!

Yorkie poo dog has a petite body frame but are very energetic breed of dog. Their favourite pastime jobs are mostly Jumping, climbing, pouncing over everything. They are too bold for their own good and would often take a fight with a large dog, regardless of its size.

Every Yorkie poo has a unique set of qualities and temperament that are being inherited. Some have resemblance with Yorkshire (chasing quality) and some with Poodles (mellow behaviour). They come in a lot of colour variety. White, black, silver, sable and tan are some of the known colours of this breed.

Where Did Yorkie Poo’s Came From?

Originally from United Sates, these dogs were made by breeding Yorkshire terrier and a Poodle. The Yorkie poo breed of dog were initially used for chasing and catching ratters. Later, they were considered amongst the top companion dog one should have.

Their convenient size and made them grow popularity with time but are not recognized as a breed of dog in the eyes of AKC.

They navigate and explore on the basis of sound and scent of their prey, which is property of majority canines. They are excellent climber and can climb up to the top of a tree like a feline.These adorable pooches are one of the most recent discovered breed.  

They are widely loved, accepted and known as therapy dog, for they share deep connection with their family, making them perfect choice for a family dog owner. Yorkie poo were, and still are considered as one of the best dogs for beginners and for families.


Yorkie poo is a tiny or a toy breed of dog which are usually considered as lap dogs and make a great companion dog. A Yorkie poo size depends of the dominancy of the respective gene from parents. Yorkie poo full grown height ranges from 12-15 inches.

They have petite body frame and minimal body weight. Yorkie poo weight usually ranges from 5- 14 pounds for a healthy hybrid. They look small but are highly active and playful and are excellent feline-like-climbers.

Yorkie poo or Yoodles also are apartment friendly due to their compact size and are friendly with everyone around them. With their beautiful brown eyes, they attracts many first time and professional owners towards them. The cute size, teddy-bear like face and gorgeous eyes, altogether, is out of this world level of cuteness.


Having one parent as the 2nd most intelligent breed of dog, Yorkie poo has a unique set of temperament. They are loyal, good therapy dogs, socialising and equally intelligent and smart.

Throughout their life, they doesn’t require professional training and can be home trained very easily. They need minimal space and exercise like 20 minutes of walk daily to keep themselves happy and sound. But, because they have Yorkshire terrier as one of their parent, they have barking tendencies too. Chill, the barking tendencies are controllable with proper training.

Having no one or nothing around them can lead to bad Yorkie poo temperament. They can even suffer from separation anxiety, if kept alone for a long. Keep them a company always!

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Grooming just gets easier with this dog breed. Though they have thick hair coat all over them, yet they don’t need much of professional grooming. They inherit low danger, low shedding quality from both parent gene.

Yorkie poo hypoallergenic feature will save your doctor visits and make them perfect for owners with allergies.

For they are independent breed of dogs who resembles grooming qualities like cats, they keep themselves really tidy and presentable every second.

Yorkie poo grooming consist of regular  brushing of the coat to get rid of tangles, brushing of teeth once every 3 day, nail clipping when required and occasional hair trimming (specially around the eyes).

For they are designer breed of dog, Yorkie poo haircut can be changed into either a tight curl or into straight hair, just like us!

Market shampoos with sulphates ruining the coat? Here, is an easy DIY dog shampoo tutorial for your champ!

Common Diseases

Targeting the Bones

Most small dogs are prone to diseases of bones as they hurt themselves easily. Diseases such as patellar luxation (misplacing of knee joint) and Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (low blood supply to the femur) are bound to happen to dogs with sensitive bones or with small body frame.

Disorders such as hip dysplasia are also common in these hybrid, where the hip bone is not attached properly. Surgeries are practiced during such conditions and can be cured to an extent.

Targeting the Skin

Skin problems such as atopic dermatitis, are diseases that are inherited from the parent. They cause itching and thickening of the skin, resulting in hair loss and discomfort of the dog. These diseases are found when the puppy is about 3 years old. Medication and maintaining hygiene is advised.

Targeting the Hormones

Hypothyroidism is a syndrome where there is deficiency of thyroid hormone and may lead to mental stress, obesity, falling of hair, lack of energy and infertility.

Other known disease is Hyperadrenocorticism, caused by insufficient production of Adrenal from Adrenal Gland. Symptoms are puking, poor appetite and low energy. Addison’s disease can be effect a Yorkie poo lifespan. So, make sure you make a visit to the vet if you see or suspect any symptoms.

Targeting the Liver

Yorkie poo is also prone to liver diseases like Portosystemic Shunt (PSS), where there is unusual flow of blood between the liver and the body. Symptoms include urinary track problem, loss in appetite, low blood sugar, stunt growth etc. Surgeries can be helpful for long term purposes and so are diets.


The Yorkie poo breed of dog, despite being a small sized dog, are highly energetic. They always will be needing small exercises and walks in order to keep their mind and physique healthy.

It is recommended to feed the highly energetic Basenji with 1 cup of high quality dry food with good and needed nutrition value. Be careful during their mouthing period as they will chew up everything that catches their eye.

NOTE: The amount to be fed to Yorkie poo also depends on metabolism, food intake etc.

Also, Make sure you don’t feed them too much as they don’t do well with obesity. Obesity doesn’t sound like a quality a Yoodle would want, duh! Quality naps and good quality food along with daily exercise will positively keep your Yorkie poo far from vet.

Dog food SOS? Here are some mouth water homemade dog food recipe. Thank us later!

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Vaccination And Care

To shield your Basenji from any disease before it infects is the standard way – you must vaccinate Yorkie poo puppy at the age of 6, 10 and 14 months to prime them with antibodies and neutralize infectious organisms.

They have small frame, making them low maintenance dog. Smaller body equals less efforts. They keep themselves pretty tidy, just require few trims around the eyes if the hair are blocking the sight. This is one of the most minimal breed of dogs.

Yet, yearly vaccinations must be scheduled for your champ for DHPP and Rabies, and a monthly check-up and consultation is mandatory for IG’s hair in case of any parasite or tick infestation.

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Monthly Expense Estimation

Yorkie poos are widely loved, designer dogs, who has gained popularity in recent times. The average Yorkie poo price can range anywhere from $500-$1000. The price differs as per the breeders. Known Yorkie poo breeders will charge you more ($800-$1800), and are professional at breeding.

These designer dogs are prone to many diseases which may get a little heavy on your pocket.

Yearly vaccinations will cost you between $100 – $300 USD. Other expenses such as supplies, training, spay, food etc. will cost you around $300-$600. They overall can be counted as a slightly expensive dog breed.

Yorkie Poo Behavior

  • Cats: Yorkie poo is known for its friendly and socialising nature. They may chase cats and other pets but in a fun way. They do very good with other pets if brought up with them from their puppyhood.
  • Dogs: They do really well with other members of the canine family. Sometimes, Yoodle skips that he is a breed of small size and often picks up bigger pets and animals. They are confident (if not, overly) and mildly stubborn.
  • Children: Children should be always under supervision of an adult, though they are friendliest pooch one could find. Parents should teach their kids how to approach and touch a dog during certain time like, while the dog is eating. Yoodles have small frame and children may hurt them mildly or severely.


Widely known as the ‘toy dog’ from The US, Yorkie poo interests people with their convenient size, coiled curly coat, dreamy eyes and teddy like face. Aw!

They are brainy breed of dogs with a lot of dynamism and are brilliant climbers, like felines. These dogs are designer breed of dogs and are brought to the light during last decade.

They love to get involved in sport and other activities and bark at everything that seems fishy to them. They also, love games that involve scent chasing.

Their hypoallergenic tendencies and small body frame, makes them perfect for a condo life. Easy to train, they are the most suitable dog for first time owners and are also apartment friendly.

Something Fun About Yorkie Poo’s!

  • Owners of Yorkie poo have reported feline-like behaviours such as jumping and climbing to the top of a tree. They are skilled jumpers.
  • Having a smaller body doesn’t let this champ back off. Yorkie poos often skips that they are of petite size and stand up against a comparatively bigger pet.
  • They can have multiple hairstyle, and all of them are super cool and trendy. Owners can change their Yoodles appearance from just a $30 haircut!


You made it till the end of Yorkie Poodle. Hurray! Tell us which qualities were thumbs up for you and which ones were not or share your Yorkie poos story with us, in the comment section below.

Do share it with people who have this dog or who want to get this breed!

Happy Petting to You Guys!


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