6 Best Dogs For First Time Owners


Getting a dog is an amazing thing to do. You may already have enlisted features you want in the dog but before its too late here is a list of 6 best dogs for first time owners.

A lot of thinking process is required as you plan to bring home a pup who is going to be there for a big portion of your life.

Appearance is not the point you should focus on, guys. The most important thing to keep in mind while getting yourself a pet is the breed. We say,every person has a breed of dog specifically assigned to them accordingly with their lifestyle. So, let’s start with the main and centred point to keep in mind while buying or adopting a doggo.

Searching for apartment friendly dog? Here is a guideline to look at while choosing one.

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Why Breed Matters?

Trust us when we say, breed research is key. Even if you are willing to accept every behaviour your pet comes with, you still got to have some preferences on size, coat type, dynamism level and behaviour.

In most cases, people go for trending breed of dogs, overlooking their preferences and lifestyle and often the pets end up landing in shelters, which is sad. All that human has to do is breed research for avoidance of mismatch.

Every dog breed has unique set of needs and goals. Some dogs are meant for hunting purposes, and some are meant for being a family dog and a couch potato. Their energy level and temperament varies with their goals and needs.

A brief breed research will help the buyer to get their hands on their perfect match. Mix breed is also an option to look for. Different breeds are bred for the desired qualities that a buyer wants to have in their champ. They also, neutralizes the extremity in temperament of the parent breed.

NOTE: It’s not always necessary that a dog will inherit all the good and desired traits from the parent breeds. Two different breeds are bred to get desire temperaments, but there are chances that the mixed breed may skip one or multiple desired qualities from the parent breed.

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Best Dogs For First Time Owners

Your search for the best dogs for the first time owners comes to an end here! We have listed below some adorable and newbie-friendly dogs in no specific order.


They are the kind of dogs that always brings a huge grin on our face. But, they may face quite a hard time with health. Due to their short nose passage, they often run out of breath and are allowed not to go for heavy exercise.

  • Size: They are small- medium sized dogs weighing about 14-18 pounds and stands 12-13 inches of height.
  • Coat Type: They have small haired coat and are low maintenance and doesn’t need any intense grooming sessions.
  • Energy Level: Low to medium. The tiny legs and nose are adore worthy but makes it difficult for the breed to do any intense exercise sessions.
  • Intelligence/trainability: They hold the rank of 107 out of 137 for intelligence. 40-80 repetitions are enough to make them learn new commands.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

He is a beautiful small dog having plumy tail large & dark round eyes, warm and lustrous, with a sweet expression, they extract constant petting and are foodie. Social butterfly, Cavalier, are known for their socialising quality which makes them children and other pet friendly.

  • Size: Small sized toy genre dogs, who weighs around 13-18 pounds with 10-13 inches of height.
  • Coat Type: These puffballs requires regular grooming and brushing and aren’t hypoallergenic. They do shed a lot.
  • Intelligence/trainability: ranked 72 out of 137 on intelligence scale, they are an average learner and need 25-40 repetitions for learning new commands.
  • Energy Level: Medium, they are good for the purpose of lap dogs.

Labrador Retriever

These are the constant upholders of position in top dog breeds in America. They are super affectionate, do not get overwhelmed or intimidated and has the perfect amount of energy for first time owners. Keep in mind that you get a PET Labrador, as the hunting kind will not be suitable for first timers due to their high dynamics.

  • Size: Large and robust, Labra weigh around 55-80 pounds and are 20-25 inches tall.
  • Coat Type: Though they have short and thick coat, yet they shed quite a bit. But, nothing major.
  • Intelligence/trainability: As smart as Einstein, their intelligence score is 7 out of 137 and takes maximum of 5 repetitions to learn new commands.
  • Energy Level: Active breed of dogs, need regular exercise and running or they may face obesity.

Golden Retriever

The beautiful and beguiling breed of dog, Golden Retriever, is widely known and loved dog. Recognised for their long golden hairy coat, they are very affectionate dogs that gets along with children and other animals fairly well.

  • Size: Medium-large sized, weighs about 55 – 75 pounds and is 21-24 inches tall.
  • Coat Type: Long shiny hair. Will be needing regular combing which can be done at home too.
  • Intelligence/trainability: A brainiac! Holds intelligence rank of 4 out of 137. Learn new commands with fewer than 5 repetitions. Can be trained easily.
  • Energy Level: Highly spirited, Goldens need regular involvement in high energetic activities like fetching, hiking etc.

Standard Poodle

Magnificent golden curls, almond like eyes and floppy ears, attracts eyes towards this beautiful breed of dog. They are not ‘one person dog’. They believe in taking the entire family together, which makes them a perfect family dog. They also have unique temperament and gets along with other pets and children and hence are one of the best dogs for first time owners.

  • Size: Medium sized, weighs around 45-60(female) & 45-75(male) inches and is 12-15 inches tall.
  • Coat Type: Three type of coats- straight, wavy and curly. Std. poodle doesn’t shed a lot and lacks the ‘doggy smell’, which makes them maintenance friendly.
  • Intelligence/trainability: Easily trainable with intelligence ranking of 2 out of 137. Learns new commands with few repetitions.
  • Energy Level: Not as high as other dogs, but poodles need a routine with 4-5 walks every day for mental and physical fitness.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier is a great beginner dog. These 19th century terrier breed dog, likes to lay on your lap and needs minimal exercise. Grooming sessions should be regular for his breed as they have fast hair growing tendencies. They are very affectionate kind of dogs and gets protective around strangers. How cute is that!

  • Size: Tinsy-winsy. Yorkshire weighs around 4-8 pounds with a height of 10-11 inches.
  • Coat Type: Voluminous hair. Yorkshire needs regular grooming and few trimming trips, as they have fast hair growth tendencies.
  • Intelligence/trainability: Smarty pants, Yorkshire has been ranked 27out of 137 in intelligence chart. They’re easy to train and require minimum exercises like walks.
  • Energy: Low-medium, Yorkshire has a barking tendency and they make a good watch dog.

Aloha, Readers!

You have reached the end of this article piece!  Are you buying a dog for the first time? Tell us which breed from the above made it to your list and which didn’t., in the comment section below.

Do spread the word with people who are planning to or wants to own a dog.

Happy Petting to You Guys!


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