14 Best Dogs For First Time Owners

different breeds of dogs huddled together in an orange background

Howl you doin?

You’re likely here because you’re thinking about adopting a dog.

And…it’s your first time eh?

I’m no telepath, but I’m guessing your initial question when thinking about it was,

“What are the best dogs for first time owners?”

Well, worry not, because we’ve compiled a list of 14 of the best dog breeds you can adopt and possibly make them your snuggle buddy for the rainy months and those lonely movie nights.  (Singles, I’m talking to you!)

And as for those of you who are planning to become pet parents, adopting a gorgeous puppy is the ideal present, isn’t it?

Let’s get on shall we?

 1. Basset Hound

A brown and black basset hound  sitting on the grass lawn.

He said, “Quit hounding me!”

With their easy-going, extremely clever, and sociable attitude, Basset Hounds are a perfect low-energy dog for first time owners. 

They are also very well socialized and get along with other domesticated animals in general.

Because of their kind, gentle, and willful temperament, they are also excellent with people and children.

Basset hounds have those cute floppy ears for a reason! The ears help them bring the smell directly to their nose and trap it making it easier for them to track.

  • Group: Hounds
  • Size : Large 
  • Height : 28-38 inches 
  • Weight : 20-29 pounds 
  • Coat : Short 
  • Life Expectancy: 8-12 years 
  • Intelligence /Trainability : Medium
  • Energy level:  Low 

2. Bichon Frise 

A white bichon frise dog on the stairs looking at the camera

What breed of dog always get cold?
A bichon freeze

Bichon Frise happens to be the best hypoallergenic dog for first time owners, so if you suffer from allergies, adopting this one is a no-brainer. 

Bichon Frise is the most joyful, pleasant, and lovable dog you will ever meet. It is very well for their devotion.

And if you have little children, these powder-puff pups are ideal as a family dog.

The term ‘Bichon Frise’ is taken from the French language and literally means “curly lap dog.”

  • Group: Toy   
  • Size: Small
  • Height: 11-15 Inches 
  • Weight: 6-11 pounds
  • Coat: Long 
  • Life Expectancy: 12-15  years 
  • Intelligence /Trainability : Medium 
  • Energy level: Low

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in a blue and white with her tongue out

Call her “Posh”

King Charles spaniels are affectionate and playful toy dogs and the best small dogs for first time owners.

They can be perfect lapdogs and are very sociable and affectionate towards pet parents and polite towards other household pets like cats and strangers. 

They are also considered as low maintenance dogs for a first dog owner and are ideal for a family dog and if you’re searching for a “cuddle partner”, King Charles Spaniel is the perfect dog to adopt.

 King Charles spaniel is both a sporting and a toy breed but is categorized under the Toy group!

  • Group: Toy  
  • Size: Small
  • Height:12-13 inches
  • Weight: 13-18 pounds
  • Coat: Long 
  • Life Expectancy: 9-14 years 
  • Intelligence /Trainability : Medium 
  • Energy level : Low

4. Dachshund

a brown Dachshund standing  on a stone

He is a lil low-rider 🚘

Dachshunds are also known as wiener dogs. These dogs have the unique feature of looking like a sausage. 

They are energetic and lovable making them the best breeds of dogs for first time owners. 

They are also lovely companions making them the perfect family dog. Dachshund is also the perfect low-maintenance dog for first time owners. 

They might be little balls of fur but are great watchdogs and will even take on dogs bigger than them including intruders to protect their territory. 

    Dachshunds are the official symbol for Germany because it is widely associated  with the country 

  • Group: Hound 
  • Size: Small   
  • Height: 8 – 9 inches
  • Weight: 12-15 pounds
  • Coat: Smooth Coat
  • Life Expectancy: 9-14 years 
  • Intelligence /Trainability : High
  • Energy level: Medium

5. German Shepherds 

A german shepherd panting on a grass lawn with tress in the background

You’re barking up the wrong tree.

If you’ve been thinking about adopting a dog as a new family pet, a German Shepherd can be a great pick because they appreciate children and may get attached immediately.

German shepherds are one of the best dogs for first time owners and also easy-going dogs for first time owners that won’t bring any difficulties.

German shepherd dogs are renowned for their bravery and devotion. They are also extremely clever and are mostly utilized in the military and law enforcement. 

They can be trained to perform practically any task. German Shepherds are likewise laid-back but protective, making them an excellent watchdog.

Did you know that German Shepherds are being trained to detect coronavirus in people as part of a program initiated in Finland 2020?

  • Group: Herding Dogs
  • Size: Medium 
  • Height: 22–24 Females /24–26 males
  • Weight:  75 to 95 pounds
  • Coat: Short Double coat
  • Life Expectancy:10 to 14 years
  • Intelligence /Trainability : High
  • Energy level: High 

6. Golden Retriever

A golden retriever smiling with her tongue out looking at the camera lens

Don’t stop retrieving!

Golden Retriever is the perfect medium-sized dog for first time owners, this sporting breed has a sweet, gentle personality.

Because of their beautiful long golden coats, golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds. 

These medium-large dogs are lively and sociable by nature and get along with other dogs because of their temperament. 

They get along with children, other pets, and strangers because of their sociable, fun-loving, and kind nature. 

Are you stressed out from your job or college? Adopt a Golden Retriever as a therapy dog because they are excellent at comforting and calming individuals.

  • Group: Sporting Dogs
  • Size: Medium 
  • Height: 21 to 24 inches tall
  • Weight: 55 to 75 pounds
  • Coat: Long hair
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to 12 years
  • Intelligence /Trainability: hight 4/5
  • Energy level: High

7. Great Dane 

A Great Dane standing proudly with cropped ears

He’s Great Dane-gerous.

Have you ever seen Scooby-Doo and wished you could adopt one?

Let me give you some great news, Scooby-Doo is a Great Dane and you can adopt one!!

Another best dog for first time owners is the Great Dane, commonly known as the German Mastiff. 

They are rather enormous, but they are really loving towards pet parents and are quick to learn too. 

They have a very fun and loving character as well. 

Great Danes are normally amicable to other pets in the house, including cats, and make a good dog for first time owners as well as a family companion. 

  • Group: Working
  • Size: Large
  • Height: 28 to 32 inches
  • Weight: 110 to 190 pounds
  • Coat: Short hair
  • Life Expectancy: 7 to 10 years
  • Intelligence /Trainability : HIgh
  • Energy level: Medium 

8. Labrador Retriever

A brown Labrador retriever looking straight at the camera lens

What do you call a Labrador Retriever trained to smell for meth?

A Meth Lab.

Are you a water lover or do you live near the water?

Labradors adore water and swimming, so if that’s something you and the dog breed have in common, adopting one is a terrific choice.

When it comes to dogs, Labradors are one of the best dog breeds and also the most popular and well-liked breeds, and also the best dog breeds for families. 

Labrador retrievers are excellent and ideal pets for first time pet owners. 

If you’re feeling any first time dog owner anxiety, don’t panic. Labradors are easygoing, happy dogs with a lot of energy who are very social and enjoy getting special attention and playing. 

They make excellent companions and get along well with families and children because of their loving nature.

  • Group: Sporting Group
  • Size: Large  
  • Height:21 inches to 24 inches 
  • Weight :Male: 55 to 80 pounds
  • Coat: Short hair
  • Life Expectancy:10 to 12 years
  • Intelligence/Trainability: High
  • Energy level: High

9. Labradoodle

a brown Labradoodle sitting on a grass lawn and smiling

What do you call a laughing labradoodle?

A snickerdoodle! 🐶

Labradoodles are one of the best breeds of dogs for first time owners. 

They are sociable with other pets and get along very well with children and are playful as well and are easy to train.

Because of their calm and quiet demeanor, they make the best dog breeds for first time owners in apartments. Labradoodles are also great family pets. 

 Do you know President Joe Biden adopted a Labradoodle too? 

If you decide to adopt one, that would be something you and the POTUS would have in common.

  • Group: Hybrid Dogs
  • Size: Miniature/Medium/Large
  • Height: 21 to 24 inches
  • Weight:50 to 65 pounds
  • Coat: Long (fleece)
  • Life Expectancy:12 to 14 years
  • Intelligence /Trainability : High
  • Energy level: High

10. Newfoundlands

A black Newfoundlands in the snow panting

My dog is cold, we call him a pup-sicile

Newfoundlands are good big dogs for first time owners if you’re looking for a big size dog. 

Newfoundlands are gentle and friendly by nature, and they are excellent with children, earning the nickname “natural-born babysitter.” 

They are quick to pick up valuable learning. Newfoundland is a joy to have around and make a wonderful companion. They also enjoy the water and cold environments.

Did you know that Newfoundlands have webbed feet? 

  • Group: Working dogs
  • Size: Large
  • Height : 27 – 29 inches (Male), 24-27 inches (Female)
  • Weight : 132-154 lbs (Male), 99-120 lbs (Female)
  • Coat: Long hair 
  • Life Expectancy: 8-10 years
  • Intelligence /Trainability : High 
  • Energy level: Medium 

11. Papillon 

A white Papillion with brown ears gazing at the camera

Enchantée, Pardon my french 😉

The Papillon is the best small dog for first time owners since they are easy to manage and keep, and they are also ideal for those who do not spend much time outside because they do not require much training.

They are fantastic companions with an enthusiastic and lively nature, and they get along really well with other animals such as cats and larger dogs, as well as children.

They have a curious and playful nature and do not shy from socializing with strangers.

Papillon means “butterfly” in french, this is because of their upright ears that resemble a butterfly’s wings.

  • Group: Toys
  • Size: Small
  • Height:8 to 11 inches
  • Weight:4 to 9 pounds
  • Coat: Long Hair
  • Life Expectancy:12 to 16 years
  • Intelligence /Trainability : high 
  • Energy level: High

12. Pugs

A pug puppy sleeping soundly

Living the Pug Life!

They say that big things come in small packages, and pugs are one of those small packages!

Pugs are also a great choice for first time dog owners and what’s more? 

They are also the best dog breeds for first time owners in apartments because of their small stature.  

Pugs are easy to take care of and are very friendly, full of love, and lively. They enjoy social contact and are ideal for apartments because they do not require a lot of space. 

They get along with people they don’t know and are affectionate toward their pet parents.

If you live in a city, this is definitely a dog breed to consider.

Here’s a little piece of trivia for you: Pugs and Bulldogs are not related, as DNA testing has proven.

  • Group: Toys
  • Size: Small 
  • Height: 10-13 inches 
  • Weight: 14-18 pounds 
  • Coat: Short hair 
  • Life Expectancy: 13-15 years 
  • Intelligence /Trainability :Medium 
  • Energy level: Low 

13. Whippet

A grey and white whippet on a grass lawn looking at the camera

When a problem comes along, you must Whippet.

Whippets are one of the best dogs for first time owners. They are ideal for apartment living because they do not bark too much. 

The Whippet is often referred to as the “ideal all-around dog.” And their energy varies depending on their environment. 

They are friendly and make excellent playmates for children. Whippets also seem to be quiet, gentle dogs who will make an excellent family companion in urban places. 

Did you know Whippets were bred to hunt by sight, chasing down prey at incredible speeds in outdoor spaces?

  • Group:  Hound Dogs
  • Size: Medium 
  • Height:18 to 22 inches
  • Weight: 18 to 48 pounds
  • Coat: Short hair 
  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years
  • Intelligence /Trainability:  High
  • Energy level: High

14. Mixed breeds

Best dog for first time owner ,  mixed-breed dog standing next to trees and panting

I like big mutts and I cannot lie🍑

The mixed breed is the best dogs breeds for first time owners because they are the ultimate family dog. 

They have a varied gene pool and are kind and devoted. They also adapt nicely to any environment in which they live.

Mixed breeds, like most dogs, are particularly friendly towards family members and youngsters.

They are also typically healthier, easier to teach, and naturally lively, nimble, and obedient.

Did you know that 75 percent of dogs at shelters are mixed breed?

You can help by adopting a mixed breed dog and cross the first time pet owner off your list by being a Fairy Godmother to a lovely doggo.

We’ve come to the end!

Let’s give the dogs a big round of ap-paws.

These were the 14 best dogs for first time owners! But remember, whichever pup you decide to adopt and bring home, be sure to give a secure and caring environment for the doggo and have your pet immunized.

If you’re curious and want more details, you can read more comprehensive details about the particular dog breed of your choice  at our site Dogisworld

We’ve reached the end of the article, and I’m sure you’ve selected a dog breed you prefer to adopt.  But keep in mind that when it comes to adopting a pet doggo for the first time,  love is everything.

Consider the following scenario: you walk into a pet store to adopt a puppy and notice a small dog barking and staring at you.

It was love at first sight.

So, don’t be afraid to adopt the puppy; it needs your love and care.

Before you cross the first time pet owner off your list, keep in mind that no matter which pup you choose to adopt and bring home, you must provide a safe and loving environment for the doggo and to get your pet immunized.

If you’re curious and want more details, you can read more comprehensive details about the particular dog breed of your choice at our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best low-maintenance dogs for first-time owners are the Labrador Retriever and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They are the easiest breed to teach, and also the most intelligent and quick to learn.

Dogs are great pet options for anyone who is considering adopting a pet for the first time. Dogs are not only regarded as a man's best friend, but they are also incredibly easygoing and like being a companion to people in general, whether children or adults.

The Labradoodle and Bichon Frise are two of the best dog breeds for people with allergies, as well as the best dogs for first-time dog owners.

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Greeting dog lovers and pet parents, 

This was all about the best dog breeds for first time owners. 

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