Can Dogs Eat Figs? Are Figs Poisonous? Quantity To Be Served And A Lot More.

can dogs eat figs

The answer to “Can dogs eat figs?” depends on a lot of factors. Dogs can actually eat both kinds of figs, dried figs as well as fresh figs. They would be great supplements for any diet of your dog.

The figs provide several benefits to the health of any human. They are infused with minerals and vitamins, they are also great sources of fibrous substances for us, but can dogs eat figs too?

The correct answer to this question depends solely on your dog. The truth is that dogs can eat figs. However, it is possible that your dog will have allergies with figs.

Still, they can be safely given to your dog without harming him. There are also some side effects of feeding figs to dogs. We discuss them in the article.

Can Dogs Eat Figs, Are Figs Poisonous?

Can Dogs Eat Figs

Actually, figs are not toxic to dogs. Even if your dog inadvertently eats a fig, you do not need to worry. However, you must carefully examine your dog to find out if he has developed an allergy for figs. This process may take some days or weeks.

You may observe symptoms in your dog like:

  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Eye scratching
  • Vomiting
  • Mouth or skin rashes

If you observe symptoms of an allergy, take your pooch immediately to the doctor, to avoid subsequent harm.

During allergy, can dogs eat figs that are fresh? Or, should you feed your dog dry figs in allergy? Fresh figs can be fed to your dog if he is not allergic to figs. However, dry figs are definitely dangerous for your dog.

Dry figs have very high calories as compared to fresh figs. They also have excessive sugar content in them along with minimal water content. Thus, it is best to never give your dog dry figs.

If your dog has not had figs earlier, then you can start giving him figs in small quantities. Provide them a fig and await their reaction.

Can Dogs Eat Figs Having Health Benefits?

Can Dogs Eat Figs Having Health Benefits

Among all the fruits that dogs eat, figs are one of the healthier fruits that he can eat. As such, figs provide a lot of same health benefits to dogs as they provide to humans.

One of the primary things that figs contain is natural sugar. These natural sugars give your dog ample amount of energy, unlike refined and artificial sugars.

Not only this, but figs also provide dietary fiber that assists in maintaining balanced bowel movements. This is of utmost importance to pooches suffering from chronic constipation.

Fiber also ensures that your dog does not get overweight. While on a diet, your dog feels very hungry to post a meal, then it is best to give more fiber in his food.

Take care that you do not add excessive fiber in the dog’s diet. It will result in the acceleration of the digestive tract. This would eventually and inevitably lead to your dog having diarrhea and loose motions.

Stomach upset can occur if you permit your dog to have more than two figs per week.

Can dogs eat figs to cure high blood pressure? In homo sapiens, high levels of potassium in figs are the cure for high blood pressure.

If you have observed hypertension in your dog, then the case may be that he is having low amounts of potassium in his body. Ensure with your vet doctor to rule out this one as a culprit for high blood pressure.

In What Quantity Can Dogs Eat Figs?

In What Quantity Can Dogs Eat Figs?

Giving vegetables and fruits in moderation is always ideal for your dog’s healthy diet. The administration of figs to dogs depends on their age and size.

If your dog is not a big dog, then fig of half a size will be sufficient. If your dog is one of the larger breeds, then one or two figs will suffice.

In the entire month, feed him figs only two or one times and ensure that the fruit is not in the vicinity of your pooch. Excessive figs taken in unknowingly can result in your dog’s diarrhea.

If you come to know that your dog is getting allergy of figs, then begin feeding him figs in the size of an olive and up the dosage slowly. Along with it, maintain your watch to see signs of allergy.

C>Can Dogs Eat Figs’ Leaves?

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Can Dogs Eat Figs’ Leaves?

Not all, but a few vets have said that fig leaves are actually not toxic for your dogs. Still, it is known that the sap of fig leaves can cause reactions of allergy and rashes in humans. Thus, they are best kept away from your dog as well.

A fig called a weeping fig is included in the variety of decorative plants is known to be very poisonous to dogs.

If you come to know that your pooch has ingested fig leaves from the fig tree and you also encounter his vomiting, then you should promptly contact a veterinarian.

Can D>Can Dogs Eat Fig Newtons?

Can Dogs Eat Fig Newtons?

Fig Newtons have been talked about a lot when the topic of discussion is “Can Dogs Eat Figs?”. As such, fig newtons are a type of snacks, and they are not poisonous for dogs.

However, they are not the food items that you would want to feed to your pooch. Not in the immediate future, but in the far future, these food items can be disastrous for your dog.

So, ensure that your dog does not fall into the habit of eating fig newtons on a frequent basis. If you fail to keep this in check, your dog can suffer long-lasting health effects.

The main culprit of your dog’s ill health is because of some ingredients present in the fig newtons. The artificial flavoring added to them involves the use of chemicals like sodium benzonate, sulfur dioxide, and others.

If you have these as a part of your dog’s diet, they can well disappoint you and your dog. There is also something like cottonseed oil that is partially hydrogenated. If you give this to your dog in excess, it can result in the poisoning of gossypol.

Lastly, the fig newtons consist of the corn syrup of fructose and sugar. If these ingredients go into your dog’s stomach frequently, they can lead to hyperactivity, diabetes, and obesity.

How Can Dogs Ea>How Can Dogs Eat Figs?

How Can Dogs Eat Figs?