Bully Kutta: This Is S-paw-rta!


Bully Kutta that also goes by the name Pakistani Bully is often confused as the Indian/Pakistani variant of Bulldog or Pitbull, but that may just not be the case. Without any qualms, this breed does possess aggression like that of a Bulldog but the name comes from the Punjabi word “Bholi” which means “heavily wrinkled.”


This Indian Mastiff was none other than our beastly Bully Kutta.

Originated in the Sind region and caught between the straddles of India and Pakistan, a Bully Kutta is not for a faint heart! It has long preserved its reputation as an enormous, ferocious, and aggressive dog with far-reaching stories of its strength.

If you want to hold an image of a “macho” man, this Indian dog breed is for you. Just make sure he does not end up eating you for dinner.

Don’t let go of the leash, already. Bully Kutta needs more attention than what you have in mind.

Note: Our intent in DogIsWorld to write this article is to promote the adoption and revival of Indian Dog Breeds. Though there is very limited bona fide information on Indogs, we have tried our best to give you all the possible authentic details about the same.

“In the year 1863, Edward, the Prince of Whales, and Princess Alexandra entered the Second International Dog Show with a Bully Kutta along with Newfoundland dog, Russian Tracker, and two Borzous.”

Let’s raise a woof for this is S-PAW-RTA!

Bully Kutta Images

Bully Kutta Black Eye
Bully Kutta Black
Bully Kutta White And Brown
Bully Kutta Leashed
Bully Kutta looking up
Bully Kutta standing
Indian Bully Puppy
Bully Kutta Staring

Quick Facts

Average Weight: 60ks to 89kgs
Average Height: 76cms to 111cms

Dog Group: Working Dog
KCI Ranking: N/A

At A Glance

Bully Kutta or the Pakistani Bully Dog is a large Indie dog breed with a weight of 60kgs to 89kgs and a height of 76cms to 111cms. However, the size varies according to gender too. The weight of the male dog would be between 70kgs to almost 89kgs whereas it would be between 60kgs to 70kgs for females. Bully kutta height ranges between 76cms to 86cms for males and between 75cms to 80cms for females at the withers.

This Pakistani Bully has surprisingly great longevity for a large breed and lives a healthy lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

A BIG FAT BULLY NO! Bully Kutta does not only have a very high energy level, they are huge. If you plan to adopt an Indian Bully, you have to provide a massive space for him to exercise and release their pent-up energy. They are neither suitable for apartments nor are they compatible in a city-settlement. Keeping him in an enclosed is a flop idea. It may drive them crazy and make them destructive.

This Indian/Pakistani Bully is known to be a one-man dog and may not be very friendly. They keep their distance from everybody and get along with the ones they respect. They may not be your ideal family dog since they are a little on the ferocious side. It does not mean they cannot gel in with a family but for being an obedient boy especially around kids, they need to be raised in such an environment from puppyhood alongside dominant training. On a better note, Bully Kutta can be an excellent guard dog.

You would not want to adopt a Bully Kutta is you already have a pet or the other way unless you want dead meat. THEY DO NOT LIKE OTHER ANIMALS. The chances of them attacking another pet are x10 than the chances of them attacking a human. There may be a sleek chance of your Bully Kutta getting along with another dog of the same dog group if raised together but that will still be a little risky.

Bully Kutta is a very loud dog that would bark at anything that they consider as a threat – which is everything. It may get a little annoying for you and your neighbors. Obedience training may help this man calm his head, but that is just a little hope from our side.

Bully Kutta or Pakistani Bully has a short coat which helps them keep cool in summers but they may not be very well with adapting in cold weather. Make sure you provide him with enough warm clothes and a comfortable spot to sleep indoors.

Bully Kutta is way more intelligent as compared to other large dogs. However, it is a test from hell to train this breed. Due to their size and fervor, this task can only be done by a professional trainer who knows their way around dogs.
If you are a novice, you may not want to adopt this pain. Only a person who knows how to dominate dogs can really control an Indian/Pakistani Bully dog.

Indian Bully or better-known Pakistani Bully Dog is a highly energetic working dog. Since it was bred for fighting and guarding, they have an instinct of chasing and running. If you want this breed to be a gentleman, keep him busy. They are always looking for a job to do. A regular 30-minute stroll is not for a Bully Kutta. They need a rigorous exercise of two hours daily to keep them from being destructive.

Bully Kutta has a short coat that does not require any additional grooming. The regular routine of brushing once a week and bathing only when dirty can be maintained to keep them tidy. Brushing their teeth, clipping their nails and anal cleaning, however, needs to be done frequently.

100% hypoallergenic is not achievable and even though Bully dog sheds way lesser as compared to other dog breeds, they are still prone to carry allergens which can cause reactions to people who suffer from such sensitivity.

Indian Bully dog price ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 20,000. Indian breeds are easily available in animal shelters and we urge you to look out for the adoption of Bully instead.

Indie breeds are slowing decreasing and are almost on a verge of extinction. We at DogIsWorld support Indian dog breed revival and would suggest you adopt Indian breeds (not shop). Additionally, we would love it if you could support the cause by making people around you aware of Indie dog breeds.

Adopt and Aware!


Bully Kutta Standing

Bully Kutta is a gigantic, brute canine reputed for its aggression majorly in the Sind part of Pakistan and Northern India. A muscular looking dog with a lean torso, Indian Bully has loose skin around this neck and jaw that earned him the name – Bully Kutta. The name is an anglicized derivation of the Punjabi word “Bholi” (wrinkled) and “Kutta” (dog) and has nothing to do with a Bulldog, you imperialist!

This dog breed goes by a lot of names including ‘Pakistani Bully’, Pakistani Bully Dog’, ‘Alangu Mastiff’, ‘Indian Mastiff’, and sometimes even ‘Sind Mastiff’. However, according to Indian dog experts, there can be five known variants branching out of this breed namely – Ancient Bully Kutta, Nagi, Mastiff-type, Aseel, and Modern.

This Indian-Pakistani Bully dog is gigantic – no wonder it has a ferocious non de plume, ‘The Beast From The East’. A male dog can weigh from 70kgs to almost 89kgs whereas it would be between 60kgs to 70kgs for females. Bully Kutta height ranges between 76cms to 86cms for males and is not any less than 75cms to 80cms for female Bully Kutta at the withers.

This dog breed has the reputation of being extremely aggressive towards strangers and can get bloodthirsty to protect their pack. It is known to score way higher in the temperament scale as compared to other dog breeds like Beagles and Collies. Bully Kutta temperament can get very difficult to handle especially for first-time dog owners and is not recommended for the novice.

Suggested: 6 Best Dogs For First-Time Dog Owners

Due to their independent and strong-willed psyche, this breed needs a master that knows how to dominate and has professional expertise in Bully Kutta training. Their aggression and size are major reasons why a Pakistani Bully puppy is not recommended for family with small kids.

But you don’t really have to worry much, it is little…uh big pooch after all, and “there are never untrained dogs, there are just untrained humans”. Bully Kutta is beastly, without qualms, but carries a lot of worth to its existence and a long-running history.

“Did You Know? The Mughal Emperor Akbar owned a Bully Kutta that he used for hunting.”


Bully Kutta History

The history of Indian dog breeds, like the rest of India, has been torn between identities that are difficult to trace. As far as the papers go, Bully Kutta is believed to be the descendant of the ancient Alaunt dog that was bred by the nomadic Alani who traveled to present-day Iran. These dogs had short-coat and fierce personalities and were majorly used as hunting and fighting dogs along with the campsites of the travelers.

Others believed that this breed had its roots back in the 16th Century Indian subcontinent and originated either in the Thanjavur and Tiruchi districts of Madras or the Sind region of pre-partitioned India.

Some theories of Bully Kutta also give us the idea that this Indie pooch may have been a cross-bred between English Mastiffs, brought from British invaders, and Indian Mastiffs.

Though today this breed is majorly found in the Sind region of Pakistan, Bully Kutta has become the Dog of Tetwal struggling with two placements as – Pakistani Bully and Indian Bully Kutta.

KCI has not recognized this breed as a distinct Indian Dog Breed due to its unclear and ambiguous history.

Bully Kutta Facts Theatre

Parenting Guide And Care

Bully Kutta Training

1. Early socialization is a must to control the aggression of Bully Kutta. They can get extremely aggressive towards strangers and may end up hurting those who seem like a threat to them. Exposing them to a different situation, people and experiences can help control their hostility.

2. Indian Bully needs at least two hours of exercise. They are exceedingly energetic and need a job to do all the time. A proper and professional exercise routine that includes enough mental and physical stimulation is recommended. If you give up on one day of their exercise, they may end up doing a lot of damage around the house because of their size, aggression, and energy.

3. Pack reinforcement training is the key to control a Bully Kutta. Spend enough time with your fido and make him respect you with positive training techniques. Though they are headstrong, they still need human support. Use this time to take charge and fortify your pack-leader status by leading him. The best way to do this is to be ahead of him while running, walking, or jogging. This way your fido would know that you are the boss!

4. Leash training goes without saying. They have a strong hunting instinct and need to be in control every time. It is important for your Bully Kutta puppy to know the meaning of leash and respect it. If, however, you plan to set him off-leash, do so in a fenced area. They are skilled escape artists and going through their reputation, you would not want to let this one loose.

5. This Pakistani Bully Kutta may not be your ideal choice if you have small pets at home unless you don’t want to be eating it for dinner. This Indog was bred to hunt and fight, and though they have now been domesticated, they still want to hunt and fight.

6. Apartments and small houses are not built for this dog breed. Their size and energy are such that they need a lot of space to vent out all their vigor.  Enclosed spaces will neither provide a Pakistani Bully enough leg-room nor peace of mind. There are many other apartment-friendly dogs to use from, however, this one remains exclusively for houses with big backyards and city-living.

Note: If you have small kids at home do not leave it unsupervised with this dog.

Personality And Temperament

Bully Kutta Dogfight

Dr. Ajay Pal Manjeet Singh, a Ludhiana-based veterinarian, and dog-breeder says, “This breed is neither ideal as a pet nor as a watchdog. It is popular only because of its macho image.”

One would never really understand the true personality and temperament of a Bully Kutta. On one hand, they have a reputation for attacking their masters and on the other hand, you can see them playing around with young kids. The more we researched, the more we realized that a Pakistani Bully has two personalities and each depends on how the fido has been brought up.

Like any other dog, they need human support, affection, and a command to follow. In places like Punjab in India and Sind in Pakistan, this breed has overshadowed the strength and vigor of a Pitbull. They are born aggressive and Bully Kutta temperament has given a tough competition to Collies and Beagles.

Aggression comes naturally to this breed and keeping them with small children or other pets would not be a great idea. A Bully Kutta will treat them as a delicious treat and pop them one by one before you can help.
Since they were bred to fight, keeping two Bully Kutta close would lead them to fight each other.

However, this does not stop them from being decent family dogs. They get along with young adults and are generally playful with them. One-master dog, Bully Kutta is known to love and protect his master with all his life and breathe. They generally do good with one dominant master but if raised with a family, and trained properly, they can bond over quickly and protect the family like his pack.

Highly intelligent, they can get a little stubborn and bored easily. Although this makes them a little less frustrating companion, you need to be smart and dominant enough to control this one. Their attentiveness and independence will allow them to take a proper decision in absence of their master but this also means that there is a need for professional Bully Kutta training.

Since they are fighting dogs, they will never leave a single chance of picking up a fight with other dogs. Taking him for walks will be a Sisyphean task with excessive pulling, barking, and drooling. If the other dog submits to your Bully Kutta, it shall be forgiven and forgotten. Otherwise, be ready to witness a bloody massacre. So, keep your fido away from Pit Bulls and other fighting dog breeds.

Pakistani Bully, or as you may like to call it, is very loud. Be ready to face a regular complaint from your neighbors about the sound of your dog. Their attentiveness and barking tendencies make them an excellent guard dog. If your Bully smells even the slightest change in the air, he is sure to wake the entire neighborhood up.

Having said that, a Bully Kutta will mostly sleep and drool in the entire house, and maybe you would want to adopt one somewhere in a far-away farmhouse.

“A Bully Kutta bite force can go up to 1600 pounds.”

Colors And Grooming

Black Bully Kutta
Bully Kutta in field
Bully Kutta Brindle
Bully Kutta Fawn
Bully Kutta Red
Bully Kutta Harlequin

Bully Kutta grooming comes easy because of its short, straight, and manageable coat with average shedding. Brushing once a week and bathing once a month is enough to keep this doggo clean and sparkling. Bathing a Bully Kutta may not be an easy job and you would require some professional help.

You can wipe you down with a damp cloth once in a while but don’t make this a substitute for his bathing routine.

Nail clipping, ear, and anal cleaning should be done frequently.


Bully Kutta Feeding

Since Pakistani Bully is an Indian breed, the most suitable diet for their digestive system would comprise of locally available food. They have lived on anything and everything available to them for years, their digestive systems are structured to ingest any homemade dog food.

However, traditional owners and animal shelters have personally suggested maintaining a diet that includes 40% protein, 30% vegetables, and 30% starch. The diet should be highly rich in proteins and carbohydrates because Bully Kutta is a working breed.

A) Puppy (8 weeks to 14 months)

Pakistani Bully puppy would require 4 cups of high-quality dry dog food 4 times a day along with the calcium and other supplements certified by the vet.

You have an option of feeding your Pakistani Bully puppy 4 servings of 150gms rice with half a boiled egg or 100gms of boiled chicken.

You can increase the serving by 20gm according to his height, weight, and exercise routine. Here is a calorie calculator to make things a little easier for you.

B) Adult (14 months to 5 years)

An adult Pakistani bully dog would require 3 servings of 150gms rice with one boiled egg or 200gms of boiled chicken.

Alternatively, you can feed him 10-15 pieces of wheat Indian bread or a combination of both rice and bread over lunch and dinner respectively.

You can also add dry high-quality food with their meal but they digest homemade food better.

Adding freshly cut fruits like apple, mango, and bananas to his breakfast can give him raw nutrition and energy.

Bully Kutta can eat and digest nearly everything but make sure you do not feed him all the toxic food for dogs.

C) Senior (10 years to 12 years)

You can continue feeding your senior Pakistani Bully dog 3 servings of 150gms rice with one boiled egg or 200gms of boiled chicken and or, 10 to 12 pieces of wheat Indian bread.

Senior dogs become slow with a decreased metabolism rate. If you see your dog panting after every meal, it is likely due to a snag in the digestive system. You may then want to move to a senior dog diet.

Note: Do not change their diet suddenly. Do it slowly over two weeks.

Health And Vaccination

Bully Kutta Health

Bully Kutta is generally regarded as a healthy dog breed. Having lived on streets, fighting, and hunting, this beast is used to bearing tough conditions. This has made them highly resistant to parasites and infections. The only health issue that a Pakistani Bully suffers from is all related to the late-life of a dog. It is not necessary that ever Bully has to face these health conditions but there might be some that have to go through a sad phase.

1. Arthritis

Arthritis is a common health condition in large dog breeds and a Bully Kutta can experience such later in his life. It is a bone condition that develops since puppyhood and deteriorates with time. For arthritis in Pakistani Bully dog, the cartilage in joint damage causing increased friction.

The symptoms may be including reluctance to exercise, lameness, discomfort, pain, licking at joints, and the dog appearing to be slower.

Arthritis, sadly, cannot be cured but the vet may suggest certain pain-killer and antibiotics lessen the pain. Mild conditions, however, can be treated with surgery.

2. Bloating

“Mother of emergencies”, Bloating (also known asGastric Dilatation – Volvulus) can be common in large dog breeds especially if they are held back from the required physical activity and overfed. Bully Kutta needs a lot of food due to his high physical work but you need to know when to control his chomping habits.

Your dog’s stomach is bloating if he seems anxious, panic-stricken, or showing vomiting tendencies.

Bloating may happen due to gas or food stretch in the dog’s stomach and can lead to fatal gastric dilatation and volvulus.  It is advised not to give water or take your dog for exercise right after a meal.

3. Heart Problems

Large dog breeds can suffer through heart problems due to defects in the heart structure or malfunctioning of the heart. Some may also suffer from heart murmurs. Generally, it can be detected with the help of a stethoscope as Grade V and VI are comparative loud. Serious cases may require cardiac ultrasound.

Some dogs may outgrow this condition with no symptoms and discomfort and others might suffer from a cardiac arrest. If your dog develops heart murmurs the treatment may range from medication to surgery depending on the seriousness of the condition. Take your dog for regular check-ups to the vet to avoid any kind of health issue.

Pakistani Bully should be vaccinated with canine parvovirus and for canine distemper at 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 weeks of age and then a booster every three years.
Make sure to also get a deworming vaccination plan for your pooch from your vet.
Dog vaccination is a deep well. You can read our vaccination guide for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bully Kutta is an exclusive Indian breed and is believed to have come down from the ancient Alaunt dog that was bred by the Alani tribe for hunting and fighting.
A lot of theories also suggest that British imperialists created Pakistani Bully dog by cross-breeding English Mastiffs with Indian Mastiffs.

Bully Kutta has a reputation for being extremely aggressive and needs expert hands to control. Early socialization and exposure to different sounds, people, and experiences is a must to make an Indian Bully dog less hostile. A regular exercise of two hours with a perfect blend of mental and physical stimulation works miracles and can keep your fido composed. Pack reinforcement and leash training are very important since they have hunting instincts and can escape whenever they see potential prey. Additionally, you would not want to get this breed if you have other pets unless you want a savage dogfight.

Spend enough time with your fido and make him respect you with positive training techniques. Use this time to take charge and fortify your pack-leader status by leading him. The best way to do this is to be ahead of him while running, walking, or jogging. This way your fido would know that you are the boss! They have a strong hunting instinct and need to be in control every time. It is important for your Bully Kutta puppy to know the meaning of leash and respect it. Make sure he gets proper leash training.

Bully Kutta is almost on the verge of extinction in India. However, there are chances that you might get these dogs in the Punjab region of India where they are most common. Contact a known and genuine Bully Kutta breeder or vet in that region who can help your go about it. Facebook has a lot of animal shelter pages that keep promoting the availability of Indian Dog Breed. We urge you to try your luck with animal shelters before buying a Pakistani Bully puppy.

Indian Bully dog price ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 20,000. However, Indian breeds are easily available in animal shelters and we urge you to look out for the adoption of Bully instead.

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