Cardigan Welsh Corgi

cardigan welsh corgi

The Cardigan Welsh corgi can be termed as a pure family dog. Affectionate, caring and playful. The evidence of the dog is somewhere around 3000 years in the city of wales

These dogs were used to drive the cattle in the market. Being used as a service dog, they remain a perfect companion dog.

But is it all about the companionship? Or do they also possess qualities of protection and loyalty?

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Corgi Pictures

Corgi Facts

Avg. Weight: 10 inches to 12 inches

Avg. Height: 25 pounds to 38 pounds

Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years

Dog Group: Herding dogs

AKC Rank 68

At A Glance

Size: (2/5) they are generally small in size but are very caring and adorable. 

Affection Level (5/5) it is very hard to find another breed who would be so affectionate.

Apartment Friendly (4/5) you can easily put them in an apartment without any fuss

Cold Weather Tolerability (4/5) they can tolerate the cold climatic conditions.

Hot Weather Tolerability (3/5) hot weather can be a problem for them in sustenance

Barking Tendencies (2/5) they do not bark at all. In alarming situations, they may bark.

Cat-Friendly (5/5) they bond pretty nicely. They won’t mind playing with them.

Dog-Friendly (3/5) they comparatively bond is less with dogs than that of cats.

Exercise Needs (4/5) they need a good amount of exercise every day to stay fit.

Grooming Needs (3/5) the grooming is them is not much required as they have less fur.

Playfulness (4/5) this breed is very playful all the time. Especially if you have a small kid.

Trainability (3/5) training them is more or less easy but requires patience.

Intelligence (5/5) they are very intelligent and can learn new things easily

Mouthiness (2/5) they have an average tendency to nip, chew and play-bite.

Price Group (2/5) $1000 to $1300

<>About Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Welsh word “corgi” means dwarf dogs. The dog was considered as one breed but now the breed has been divided into 2 categories. The cardigan and the Pembroke. Both have amazing and a very long history. The cardigans are recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Besides everything, the cardigan is a bit taller, heavier and bigger than the Pembroke. The female corgis are usually lesser in size than the males.

Having names like the cardigans, cardis or CWC’s, the Cardigan Welsh corgi breed is very friendly and affectionate towards the family and its members.

Cardigans are precisely very affectionate towards most of the animals. They respect everybody’s point of view. They are easy for a pet in the house. Most people opt out of petting a dog if they already have any other pet. Cardigans can promise you that they will take care of all the members of the house.

W>Where Cardigan Welsh corgi Dogs Come From?


Cardigan Welsh corgi is believed to come from the family of Dachshunds and Basset hound. The history of the Cardigans goes as long as 3000 years when the Celtic tribe migrated to Wales from central Europe.

Some believe that the Viking invaded the land of wales and the spitz dog which they had brought was crossed between the original corgi and the outcome was the Pembroke Corgi.

The Cardigan Welsh corgi was used as a help dog by the farmers in the field. The dog would also take care of the cattle when grazing in the fields to ensure they are safe from any predator.

They were awarded as the guard dogs and these days the dog is believed to be the best family dog. Welsh law states that stealing the dog or trying to harm them can cause a penalty.

They were shown in a show in 1919 and seven years later the English Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association was founded. During that time the Pembroke and Cardigans were considered to be one single breed.

In the year 1920, a dog named Bob Llwyd was influenced by the breed massively. It is also considered that the first breed standard was made on him.

In the year 1931 Mrs. B.P bole was the first to bring the first pair of Cardigan. One of them was the female puppy known as Cassie who was a quality dog and had given birth to a pup called Megan who became the first U.S champion.

In 1935 The Cardigan Welsh corgi Club of America was formed and slowly the dog moved from sports to guard dogs and help dogs and this way the talent was lost. But people who know the worth will surely love them always.


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Cardigans are around 10 to 12 inches tall and weigh around 30 to 38 pounds. The size in females is a bit less and can be counted around 25 to 34 pounds.

The growth can also depend upon the food conditions. If they are eating good food then the growth can happen perfectly. Some pups are picky eaters which can hamper the growth.



Training a dog is more or less easy but when it comes to training a Cardigan it is very easy and simple to train them. But the key factor that needs to keep in mind is the fact that, patience.

They are averagely intelligent and can pick up the pace of any new learning very quickly. Which makes their training pretty simple.

Being harsh on should be avoided as they are very fond of you. They might not be taking any harsh behavior nicely. Giving them some time to understand things may solve the problem of behavior and respect.

You should treat them with something or the other to make sure that the pup is motivated and ready for anything coming through. You can even use the phrase “very good” if they are doing well.

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