Common Dog Behavior Problems

Common Dog Behavior Problems

We know that you love your dog. But, is your little companion suffering from some of the common dog behavior problems?

Whether you’re new to being a dog parent or thinking of becoming one.

These common dog behavior problems are essential for everyone to know. 

If you’re seeing some abnormal dog behavior in your canine which wasn’t happening before, the reason could be these problems.

Things such as excessive barking, heavily panting are more than just actions but give signs of the mood of your dog.

All these things, if ignored for a long time could lead to permanent behavior problems in dogs.

The good news is that most of these problems can be solved easily by efficient dog behavior training.

These dog behavior exercises are given by specialized personnel for immediate effect on your dog.

Then, why do you have to know them?

Your dog responds to you the best and having knowledge about these common dog behavior problems can help in identifying the problem early and taking initial steps.

So, go on, have a good read!

1. Excessive Biting:

Excessive Biting


  • This abnormal dog behavior refers to your dog’s inability to control his force of mouthing.
  • It’s usually seen as a puppy or a dog which isn’t trained to differentiate between what to bite and what not to.
  • Without proper dog behavior training, he’ll give the same treatment to your hand like a chew toy.
  • This is hazardous as it can lead to you, the dog parent or someone in the vicinity of your dog getting hurt.


  • Puppies generally, learn to curb this behavior by playing between themselves.
  • Their play involves biting each other and whenever one bites too hard, the victim yelps and stops play.
  • You as an owner can take inspiration from this to understand how to train the dog not to bite.
  • Whenever your dog bites you too hard, you can give a high-pitched yelp.
  • This yelp would signal him that you’re in pain and he can’t use that much force on a human’s skin.
  • This dog bite management won’t come to him easily and you’ve got to be patient with your dog.

2. Abnormal Barking:

Abnormal Barking


  • The bark is a way of communicating for your dog.
  • He shows his fear, excitement, anger and other emotions through his bark.
  • But, if your dog barks at everything then it could be for a variety of reasons.
  • One of the major reasons for this abnormal dog behavior is your dog getting what he wants by barking.
  • This problem arises if you start giving him treats whenever he barks excessively to stop him barking. 


  • Excessive barking is triggered by alarming sights, sounds or actions to your dog.
  • Before starting with the treatment, make sure that the reason is not a medical condition.
  • This behavior can be curbed by reducing his reach like his view range of the yard.
  • Also, by diverting his attention from things that startle him can curb his barking when he gets alarmed.
  • Another method in how to stop dog barking at night or daytime excessively is to say “Quiet.”   
  • Give him a treat whenever he stops barking by this practice.
  • For extreme conditions, there’s also the method to use a dog barking collar for your dog.  
  • Like a human child, you have to be patient be with him in this exercise to develop this habit. 
Dogisworld Facts: When your dog meets another of his own kind, he will sniff the other ones behind. This is totally normal to happen in public. It usually suggests that they are getting to know each other.

3. Abrupt Howling:

Abrupt Howling


  • Howling‘ is a way of communicating for your dog.
  • He uses it to make his presence felt, to get your attention or want to connect.
  • Howling to get your attention is perhaps the most common reason among all seen in dogs.
  • However if your dog is howling in sleep or if it happens abruptly, this can easily become a nuisance.
  • This abnormal dog behavior generally indicates separation anxiety or some medical condition happening to him.  
  • Howling can also be a way of responding to sounds such as sirens but if happening a lot, then it’s not a good sign.
  • Your dog can also use it to get your attention at many times.


  • First, get your dog checked by a competent vet to make sure that there is no underlying medical condition.
  • If your dog is using attention howling, stop reacting to him when he does it the next time.  
  • For howling due to dog separation anxiety, changing habits like keeping separations low key is the right step.
  • Howling due to a sound like a siren is not an abnormal dog practice but if repetitive, it needs to be taken care. 
  • Such a practice can be curbed with the help of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT).
  • A good method of teaching him to be quiet is that when he is quiet, reward him as positive reinforcements.

4. Separation Anxiety:

Separation Anxiety


  • Separation anxiety in dogs is a very common thing and every dog goes through the process.
  • It usually happens when your dog is not used to your absence and acts out his frustration.
  • The most common signs include excessive barking, abrupt howling.
  • It can create a lot of nuisance as builds stress in your dog.
  • Although not a major cause, but a medical condition could also be a cause of this abnormal dog behavior.


  • Dog Behavioral habits such as separation from your dog can be made a lower key event to tackle this issue.
  • Making your dog feel safe in other’s presence will also go a long way to reduce dog anxiety.
  • Daily dog exercises and playtime can also help in reducing his stress levels.
  • If nothing else works, maybe a visit to the vet is needed. 

5. Destructive Chewing:

Destructive Chewing


  • Dogs use chewing to explore their surroundings.
  • However, chewing can also be a way of showing stress by your dog.
  • Puppies chew everything as a way of showing pain from teething. For the older ones, it’s a way to clean their teeth.
  • But, Excessive dog chewing that has a destructive manner to it then it’s a cause for concern.
  • There are a number of reasons which could cause such actions.
  • Separation Anxiety, Hunger are some of the main reason for such abnormal dog behavior.


  • For puppies, easing the teething pain by using ice cubes, frozen dog toys or wet wash clothes can be a solution.
  • Dog training is a necessary step in managing chewing behavior which could lead to excessive chewing.
  • Lack of exercise in dogs could also be a cause, which can be solved by daily walks and outings.
  • A dog which is getting fewer calories than he requires may show such behavior. Have look at your dog’s diet.
  • They show such abnormal dog behavior when stressed. Find what is troubling your dog. 

6. Compulsive Circling:

Compulsive Circling


  • Circling and ‘chasing his tail’ is a cute movement that all dogs do. 
  • However, if your dog walks in circles and is disoriented then it’s a cause for concern.
  • Anxiety in dogs is a major reason to exhibit such behavior.
  • As you can see such behavior when there’s the sound of fireworks from outside or some kind of injury on his body.
  • A common cause is ear infection in dogs which leads to inability in balancing himself out.
  • A special case is when your dog having some kind of brain tumor which can prove fatal in the future.


  • Visiting your pet is the first necessary step after seeing your dog walking in circles repeatedly.
  • Only then you can take the next steps.
  • If the conditions are of a systematic dog disease then medical treatment has to be provided as prescribed by the doctor.
  • In case the behavior is because of dietary reasons, then as per the vet’s directives make necessary changes to his diet.  
  • After the formal dog treatment, it is your duty as his parent to show affection to help him through the process. 

7. High Panting:

High Panting


  • Dog panting refers to short, quick breaths by your dog.
  • Dog panting and shaking usually happens when your dog is dehydrated.
  • Another reason is that the dog is too warm and needs some cooling down.
  • Keep a look on the way your dog is panting and shaking which may show if he’s in some pain or not.
  • An uncommon reason for panting is dog pregnancy for which a vet is necessary.


  • Treat your dog with some water. He is probably severely dehydrated.
  • Place your dog in some cool environment to reduce overheating. An air-conditioned room is preferable.
  • Dog Panting also leads to anxiety. You have to calm your dog to help him come in a relaxed state.
  • Some uncommon reasons such as pregnancy are treated by a vet. Make a visit if it seems necessary.

Dogisworld Facts: When your dog, all of a sudden jumps on people and things, it only means one thing, you need to start giving some training to him as early as possible.

8. Inappropriate Elimination:

Inappropriate Elimination


  • Dogs are usually house-trained to not eliminate inside the home.
  • However, if there are dog behavior changes by urinating indoors, at unusual frequencies then it’s a concern.
  • Frequent urination in dogs is linked to many things. Primarily, it is caused by medical conditions.
  • Usually, these indicate bladder or kidney problems.
  • Stress can also be a cause of such as abnormal dog behavior.


  • The first step should be to go to your vet. Only then you can rule out any medical emergencies.
  • There’s not to worry a lot if your dog has aged as they with age, dogs develop higher frequency of urination.
  • Medically, there can be dog UTI conditions like a bladder infection, kidney problem.
  • For stress-related issues, check your dog on other symptoms such as compulsive circling, abrupt howling to name a few.

9. Head Pressing:

Head Pressing


  • Dog Head Pressing is the condition of compulsive pressing of the head against some solid object.   
  • Dogs do it show some problem related to their nervous system.
  • This condition usually arises from damage to some particular part of the brain.
  • Toxic Poisoning in the nervous system can be another cause for such abnormal dog behavior.
  • In some cases, a dog brain tumor can also be a cause which is fairly common in canines.


  • Like previously, visiting your vet is the necessary step when noticing such dog behavior changes.
  • For non-medical reasons such as stress, take notice of the cause of his stress.
  • You need to have clear past medical records of the dog. 
  • In the case of nervous system damage, medical treatment is the only way.  
  • For brain tumor in dogs, the process is long and hard and you, the parent needs to keep patience with him.   

Dogisworld Facts: When your dog licks you a lot, it means either he is gathering information about you or showing his love towards you.

10. Mounting And Masturbation:

Mounting And Masturbation


  • Puppies mounting each other is a normal dog behavior in a playing context.
  • When such behavior is exhibited in a sexual context then it’s a sign of sexual maturity in dogs.
  • Male dogs often resort to masturbation if not allowed to mount on a female in heat.
  • Behavioral problems like stress can also be a cause of mounting and masturbation in dogs.
  • Some medical conditions like urinary infections may also lead to such abnormal dog behavior in repetition.  


  • 8-week old puppy humps are totally normal as it’s in a playful context.
  • A visit to the vet is advisable to rule out any dog medical emergencies if any.
  • For dog behavioral problems, a certified behavioral specialist is necessary if your dog has stopped listening to you.
  • Mating your dog in a safe environment is also a more natural way to get rid of this issue in your dog.
  • If the problem still persists then noticing signs of stress and anxiety in dogs could go a long way in solving this issue.
Dogisworld Facts: Your dog hunts down new toys every time? This is pretty normal behavior for dogs as it indicates their hunting instincts which is inherently what they did in the past. 

This was all about Common Dog Behavior Problems from our side.

Wait a moment, we would really love to hear back from you in the comment section.

Do share with us if you’re seeing something similar in your dog from the list that we mentioned above.

And, have you taken any steps in tackling those problems?

As always you can reach to us in the comment section for anything and everything related to dogs.

Happy Petting To You Guys!



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