Chippiparai: The Best Indian Sprinter

Chippiparai in a garden

Chippiparai’s first impression is most likely to be that of an extremely malnourished, lithe dog that has been starving since birth. It is often said, “do not judge a book by its cover”, and never a dog by his built. Chippiparai dog may look fragile with his ribs visible but is an epitome of a strong sighthound.

Originated in the Chippiparai town of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, this Indian dog breed is often compared to Greyhound for its agility and speed. It has a mysterious history attached to its existed which many believe to have been thousands of years old.

Just like its sibling Kanni Dog, the Chippiparai dog was bred to hunt small games especially hares, and is often considered as the most intelligent and biddable Indian dog breed.

“His country poses a noble breed of dogs, used for hunting and said to refrain from bARking when within the sight of their game.”

The Invasion of India by Alexander.

Trumpets for Chippiparai dog, the Royal Indian hunter dog…

Note: Our intent in DogIsWorld to write this article is to promote the adoption and revival of Indian Dog Breeds. Though there is very limited bona fide information on Indogs, we have tried our best to give you all the possible authentic details about the same.

“Due to Chippiparai’s intelligence and biddable quality it is also being trained as a police dog.”

Chippiparai Dog Images

Chippiparai Dog with puppies
Chippiparai Dog Running
Chippiparai dog standing on a rock
Chippiparai dog running
Chippiparai dog in dog show
Chippiparai dog standing
Chippiparai dog staring

Quick Facts

Average Weight: 35lbs to 55lbs
Average Height: 20 inches to 25 inches

Dog Group: Hound Dog
KCI Ranking: N/A

At A Glance

A large-sized dog, Chippiparai dog height is between 25 inches to 27 inches at the withers for both male and female dogs. However, their weight may vary according to the gender of the dog. Male dogs weigh 35lbs to 65lbs and Chippiparai dog females may have an average weight of 30lbs to 60lbs.

Chippiparai dog lifespan ranges from 12 years to 15 years. Indian dog breeds are known to live longer than non-native dog breeds because of their high adaptability to Indian weather and the environment.

Chippiparai can adapt to any style of living- be it apartment-style or a house. But the ideal living standard for this breed is generally a large house with a fenced-in backyard. They have a high energy level which makes them excellent suburban companions but if you promise to meet their exercise requirement, they can adapt well to apartments too. However, this breed is not for a city living and has mostly found its comfort in country life.

A calm and peaceful dog, Chippiparai is known to form unbreakable ties with his family. If brought tup single-handedly by one person of the family, he may develop strong bongs with that person which may also result in separation anxiety when he is not around. If brought up as a family, a Chippiparai will be possessive, protective, and crazy about every family member. However, it may look a little aloof and shy in the beginning but eventually, he will gel in. It is just the dog taking his space to understand you.
Chippiparai may not do well with very small children due to their uncontrollable hunting instincts.

Chippiparai may do well with dogs of the same breed, size, or group only is brought up since puppyhood. However, they do not like small pets due to their instinct for hunting small games. You can try socializing him with the host of smaller pets from an early age but you can never trust him with them.

Chippiparai is known to be a quiet dog with very low barking tendencies especially if trained properly. They are known to bark only when they are suspicious of strangers or sense something unusual. Chippiparai is known to get utter silent especially while approaching its target. People who have owned a Chippiparai have never complained of braking or noise-related issues.

Indie dogs have been surviving the hot and humid climate of India since times unknown that makes them attune to the varied weather of tropical India. Chippiparai especially is known for its extraordinary tolerance to work for straight hours with a limited amount of food in the Southern part of India where the temperature reaches about 100-degree Fahrenheit. This also makes them less prone to any major health issue. However, Chippiparai may not do well in very low temperatures and need warm clothes and staying indoors to cope with harsh winters.

Chippiparai dog breed is believed to be one of the most intelligent and biddable Indian dog breeds. Additionally, they have been selected to be trained as police dogs. This gives the witness that Chippiparai training comes as smooth as its coat. However, their independent mind and stubbornness can be a real-time struggle for a novice or a first-time dog owner. Chippiparai needs professional hands to be trained with a lot of advanced mental stimulation that does not bore them.

Chippiparai dog breed has a lot of pent up energy which needs to be directed into something positive or be ready to bid a farewell to your favorite mattresses. They need a good 45 minutes of exercise daily which should include, walking, playing, and a lot of mental stimulation activities. Additionally, make sure they have a lot of space like a fenced-in backyard to run about even if they are at home or they will resort to destructive activities.

Indie dogs are known for less grooming needs. Chippiparai Dog grooming neither needs a lot of effort nor does it require enough cash to burn. This breed has a short, close-lying coat with fairly low shedding. They hardly need any professional grooming but may need a bath every time they get dirty in the field.
Apart from that the routine of nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal cleaning, and dental cleaning should be followed.

100% hypoallergenic is a myth and even though Chippiparai dog sheds way lesser as compared to any other dog breeds, they are still prone to carry allergens which can cause allergic reactions to people who suffer from dog-fur sensitivity.

Chippiparai dog price ranges from INR 10,000 to 20,000. However, since it is an Indian dog breed, it may be available to you in rescue centers. We suggest you try to adopt it if you can.

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Indie breeds are slowing decreasing and are almost on a verge of extinction. We at DogIsWorld support Indian dog breed revival and would suggest you adopt Indian breeds (not shop). Additionally, we would love it if you could support the cause by making people around you aware of Indie dog breeds.

Adopt and Aware!

“Chippiparai is known to run with a speed of 68kmph making it India’s fastest dog breed.”


Chippiparai sitting on sand

Chippiparai dog, an Indian sighthound, originated in Chippiparai village of Madurai, Tamil Nadu. It is aerodynamically built and was bred to hunt small games like a hare, blackbuck, and especially wild boar. However, unlike other fast sighthounds, Chippiparai sprints instead of running making them unable to run over faster for a longer distance. What is unique about the Chippiparai dog breed is its remarkably sharp eyes. Not even the faintest activity behind the bush can escape their sense of smell and sight.

A large breed, Chippiparai dog height is between 24 inches to 27 inches at the withers for both male and female dogs. However, Chippiparai dog weight may vary according to the gender of the dog. Male dogs weigh 35lbs to 65lbs and Chippiparai dog females may have an average weight of 30lbs to 60lbs. Chippiparai has a lean body with visible ribs and mostly appears malnutrition.
However, the hardiest dog in India which a body made to run like wind. The face and nose complement the body with a narrow structure along with rose-shaped, mostly floppy ears and a sickle-like tail. His eyes are positioned in such a way that it gives him a 270-degree vision which is much more than any other breed. 

Mostly loyal and expressive towards his family, a Chippiparai dog may get a little shy in the beginning but steadily get comfortable with his family. If brought by a single person, he may tend to become a Velcro dog and at such time socialization becomes necessary.

If, however, he is brought up in a family, he becomes close and possessive about every member. You may not want to adopt this dog if you have a young child who would probably roughhouse him. Additionally, he might think the little thing to be a threat and go around hunting it for you.

Just like other sighthounds, Chippiparai is a strong-willed breed that knows how to be stubborn. Due to their high hunting drives and the ability to take an independent decision without his master around, Chippiparai can be an excellent guard dog.  However, their lean and light body may become a problem while defending.

Chippiparai were bred to adapt to work in the hot conditions of South India wherein the temperature rises to 100-degree Fahrenheit with limited food. This has made Chippiparai a high working breed with less feeding requirements. They have a lot of energy to drain your out instead. If you are the kind who would want to Netflix and chill, then this isn’t your breed type.

A generically healthy dog breed, the Chippiparai dog lifespan range from 12 to 16 years.

“Chippiparai make great one-man companion dogs and can go n number of miles to protect their man.”


History of chippiparai dogs

There are hardly any authenticated and written records of how this breed emerged in the Southern belts. Even the people who have owned or pet Chippiparai dog breed have no clue about the development and existence of this dog.

A lot of experts believe that they are directly related to Saluki there isn’t any strong evidence to take this belief further. Tamil literature and historical records talk about two dogs called “Vetta Nai” and “Vengai Nai” which means hunting dogs and tiger dogs respectively in the Tamil language. These dogs were said to be loyal, courageous, and intelligent with lightning speed.

They were owned by Zamindars (landowners and aristocrats) to hunts small games and guard their lands. However, it is difficult to say is Vetta Nai and Vengai Nai has got to do anything with Chippiparai dog.

Many experts believe that Chippiparai, Rajapalayam, Kombai, and Kanni dogs have one single ancestor but the breeders believe them to be distinct breeds.

It is particularly difficult to say anything about the Chippiparai dog breed since there is no evidence to prove it and just theories. However, we can safely say that the Chippiparai dog is one of the oldest dog breeds in India.

On a sadder note, it is also almost impossible to procure a genuine breeding standard for the Chippiparai dog breed due to the unavailability of facts. Every breeder we have tried to come in touch with has talked about his litter to be the closest breeding standards but we will never know.

Chippiparai history remains a mysterious affair and is buried in the roots of the lost Indian narratives.

Chippiparai Dog Facts Theatre

Parenting Guide And Care

Chippiparai dog with its trainer

1. Chippiparai needs a lot of exercises. Highly intelligent and energetic, it would be unfair to keep them in enclosed spaces with absolutely no room to run about. They need a good 45 minutes of exercise twice a day to drain their energy out along with enough mental stimulation to satiate their intelligence. Petting them in an apartment which does not have a garden or a terrace to jump around and stretch may not be a good idea. Mostly bred to serve and hunt in farms, they may not do well in a city-settlement and are generally more comfortable with suburban living.

2. Early socialization is a must. A Chippiparai dog breed is reserved and an excellent one-man dog. However, this means that he needs a healthy exposure to people, sound, sight, and experiences to get comfortable with people around him. An inbound, caged Chippiparai may become aggressive which is not likely of this breed. Since they have major hunting drives, off-leash socialization would not be a good idea. Make sure you leash-train him before taking him out in the neighborhood.

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3. Chippiparai is a large dog with a strong territorial instinct and if there is a trespasser, he will not think twice before challenging it. Chippiparai is known to hold his target intact until the master tells him to release. Just like other sighthounds, Chippiparai is a strong-willed breed that knows how to be stubborn. Due to their high hunting drives and the ability to take an independent decision without his master around, Chippiparai can be an excellent guard dog.  However, their lean and light body may become a problem while defending but they can at least have a good chomp at them.

However, their stubbornness can sometimes make them difficult to train. They require professional hands to train a Chippiparai dog. Though they are eager to please their master, they will only train if you make it interesting. Monotonous and repetitive activities can bore them and they might resort to chewing your shoes. With proper motivation and praise, you can make the training of this otherwise intelligent breed interesting for both.

4. If you have a farm or garden with other small pets, it would not be advisable to get this breed. Their hunting drive may just make them kill your kid’s pet rabbit and get it as a present for you. This may happen with other small dogs and toy breeds too. This instinct also makes them one of the worst dogs to be around toddlers. They might think of them to be a probable threat and end up injuring them. However, if you want to bring up multiple dop pets, get one of either the same breed, size, or group.

Note: Chippiparai cannot resist low temperatures. Keep them indoors and give them enough warm clothes during harsh winters.

Personality And Temperament

Chippiparai Dog Standing Alert

An ideal companion dog, Chippiparai can be loyal and fun to be around. They may be a little reserved and shy in the starting but they make their way through the family in their own sweet time. It is said that a Chippiparai is a perfect one-man dog and can go to any extent to protect his man. That does not mean that he may not do well in the family. If brought up in a familial environment since puppyhood, he will be equally attached to every family member.

Chippiparai is a stubborn and strong-willed dog that likes to do what his mind tells him to do. Although this allows him to take independent decisions when his master is not around, it might get extremely frustrating sometimes. It may get difficult to deal without any prior experience of handling dogs but it won’t be much of a mess if you have known your way with dogs. Chippiparai dog breed mostly keeps themselves clean and can easily be house trained because they are always eager to please. 

Chippiparai loves to walk and run around and if you are a jogging person yourself, there may not be a better dog breed for you. They need a lot of exercises, generally a large field to run around and drain their energy out.  Failing to do so can make them neurotic, hyperactive, and nervous. If you are out most of the time, let him be in a fenced-in backyard. Keeping him locked in a room will be an injustice to his temperament. Chippiparai can jump over an 8ft. wall easily and run very fast. You would probably like to get more than a 10ft long fence around the backyard for him or he would have gone, killed a cat, and come back without a single noise.

One of the best things about Chippiparai dog is, they hardly bark if well trained and exercised. Unlike other hound dogs that resort to frequent howling at night, Chippiparai generally stays low and quiet throughout the night. They are even known to hunt their target as quietly as possible making a great guard dog. They will only bark to warn you of a potential threat or maybe because they want to play.

Chippiparai is bred as an extensive hunting dog and can show unnatural aggression towards the small canine and other animals. They will not take seconds to get their carcasses back to you as a present. They can be socialized and trained into behaving like a good boy but can never be trusted alone around them. However, they do very well with dogs of the same size, breed, or group if brought up since puppyhood.

Chippiparai can sometimes be a little sensitive. The best way to motivate them is by Praise and Positive Reinforcement techniques. Additionally, using a crate as a punishment may not be the right decision. Leash training is very important, or they might just go on a killing spree at their will.

Colors And Grooming

Chippiparai Dog Standing

Chippiparai dog breed has a lot of coat colors, each with a unique breed name. Traditionally and historically, the silver-grey remains the breeding standards.

Indogs are very economical with fairly low maintenance which includes their after-adoption charges. Chippiparai has a short, close-lying coat with rarely any shedding. They hardly need any professional grooming but may need a bath every time they get dirty in the field.

Routine maintenance of nail clipping, ear cleaning, and anal cleaning needs to be followed.

Look out for foul breath. If his breath smells like urine, your Chippiparai dog is suffering from kidney issues. Brush his tooth regularly to maintain a healthy set of dental just like you brush yours.

Feeding A Chippiparai Dog

Chippiparai dog eating cake

Since Chippiparai dog is an Indian breed, the most suitable diet for their digestive system would comprise of locally available food. They have lived on anything and everything available to them for years, their digestive systems are structured to ingest any homemade dog food.

However, traditional owners and animal shelters have personally suggested maintaining a diet that includes meat, rice, vegetables, and Indian wheat bread.

A) Puppy (3 months to 12 months)

Chippiparai puppies would require 4 cups of high-quality dry dog food along with the calcium and other supplements certified by the vet.

You can increase the serving by 20gms according to his height, weight, and exercise routine.

B) Adult (18 months to 5 years)

You can reduce dog food for an adult to 3 servings of high-quality dry dog food.


You can give him 3 servings of 150gms rice with one boiled egg or 150gms of boiled chicken.

Alternatively, you can feed him 7 to 8 pieces of wheat Indian bread or a combination of both rice and bread over lunch and dinner respectively.

You can also add dry high-quality food with their meal but they digest homemade food better.

Adding freshly cut fruits like apple, mango, and bananas to his breakfast can give him raw nutrition and energy.

P.S. – DO NOT FEED HIM GRAPES. Grapes is a toxic food for dogs.

C) Senior (9 years to 13 years)

You can continue feeding your senior dog 3 servings that you fed your adult dog.

Senior dogs become slow with a decreased metabolism rate. If you see your dog panting after every meal, it is likely due to a snag in the digestive system. You may then want to move to a senior dog diet.

Note: Do not change their diet suddenly. Do it slowly over two weeks.

Health And Vaccination

Chippiparai Dog in Garden

1. Hip Dysplasia

Chippiparai puppies can suffer through Hip Dysplasia, a condition in which the thighbone doesn’t fit into the hip socket causing constant friction between both. It leads to gradual degradation and eventual failure of the joint.

Symptoms may include decreased range of motion, reluctance in rising, “bunny-hoping” or loss of thigh muscle mass.

You may ask your Chippiparai breeders to provide you with a certificate of the parent’s hip dysplasia tests. Feed your dog with enough calcium and fiber during his growing years to avoid bone-problems. Try not breeding dogs with hip dysplasia.

2. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

This is an eye disease that leads to degeneration of the retina, causing vision loss or complete blindness.

The symptoms may not appear at an early age but it may include night blindness, bumping into things in dim light, or unwillingness to go into dark rooms.

Chippiparai puppies are born with this condition since it is hereditary.

Always adopt your puppy from responsible Chippiparai breeders that keep a check on the breeding lot for such health conditions.

3. Patellar Luxation

A condition that is present at birth occurs when the thigh bone, knee cap, and calf are not aligned properly. It is detected much later. The rubbing of these three parts can lead to serious problems like arthritis, or joint disease.

Symptoms may include limping, unwillingness to walk, licking the knee, or whimpering while walking.

Luxating Patella may require surgical repair if severe. This may also cause knee trauma and your dog would require training and therapy to walk again.

Note: Look out for cuts and bruises on your dog’s body since they are prone to running fast and completely careless about the surrounding threats.

Chippiparai puppies should be vaccinated with canine parvovirus and for canine distemper at 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 weeks of age and then a booster every three years.
Make sure to also get a deworming vaccination plan for your pooch from his vet.
There is a lot of field to over when it comes to dog vaccination. It is recommended that you read our vaccination guide to get a thorough idea of dog vaccination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Training Chippiparai is not much of a hassle if you know your way with dogs. It may come as a struggle if you are a first-time dog owner. Chippiparai is a strong-willed dog with an independent mind and may get stubborn sometimes. The training should be exciting and never monotonous because they tend to get bored easily. However, they are always eager to please and if you can keep the training mentally and physically stimulating, it may get easy for you. Since Chippiparai is a one-man dog, it is advised that he should be the one training the puppy. Use of Praise and Positive Reinforcement works wonders for this breed. Additionally, leash training is very important because of their sudden hunting and chasing drives.

It may be very difficult to buy a Chippiparai dog since it is an almost about-to-be-extinct breed. However, you may look for it in the villages surrounding the Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu and some parts of Karnataka. There are very sleek chances of getting this breed in the northern part of India.
Chippiparai dog price may vary between INR INR 10,000 to 20,000. Since it is an Indian dog breed, it may be available to you in rescue centers as well. We suggest you try to adopt it if you can.

Chippiparai puppies are not known to be aggressive without a cause. If their exercise needs are properly fulfilled there is no excuse for this breed to lose its temper. There may be cases when the dog gets out of control due to its hunting instincts and attack smaller beings but if properly socialized since puppyhood and trained well, the chances may fall low.

Chippiparai is a large dog. Look for a rectangular body with broad shoulders, a lean torso with ribs almost visible, and a tail longer than his body. The breeding standards accept silver-grey Chippiparai dog as a purebred but there can be other colors too. Choose Chippiparai puppies that are confident, playful, and attentive.

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