Dog Prices in India 2020: Top Large, Medium and Small Dog Breed (Including Top 15 Indian Dog Breed)

Dog prices in India

Our dog prices in India (2020) for large, medium, and small dog breed, a manual you will thank us later for. The first thing that concerns a wanna-be pet-parent is money and the limit to which dog prices in India can reach. Our urge only turns into reality when we know that we can do something without much investment. The same thought follows while adopting a dog.  

Adopting dogs can be a task as tedious as adopting a human child. It does not end at just adopting a dog, because there are a whole range of items that will take away your regular cash flow. From dog food, to dog training pads, to leashes, the list is endless.

What bothers you is how many holes are you going to burn in order to get your desired dog breed. Nevertheless, you have made up your mind about the little ball of fur but the dog prices in India are still nudging you?

With no qualms, budgeting is of key importance when it comes to adopting dogs and we have taken half of your burden away with our list of dog prices in India of the top 50 large, medium, and small dog breed including Indian Dog Breed.

“We, at DogIsWorld, do not promote buying dogs and suggest you adopt if you can.”

Are you lost with the dog prices in India, baby girl? Let DogIsWorld show you the way with our “ultimutt” price list. 

Large Dog Breed Price In India

Dog BreedPrice (₹)
Annual CostAdaptabilityApartment

Golden Retriever Price
12,000 to 40,0001,14,000MediumMedium

Labrador Price
12,000 to 20,000

Rottweiler Price
15,000 to 40,0001,11,600HighLow

Boxer Price
20,000 to 30,00081,600HighLow
akita inu price
Akita Inu Price
4,50,000 to 10,00,0003,49,200LowLow

Bull Mastiff Price
20,000 to 35,0001,21,200MediumLow

German Shepherd Price
15,000 to 40,0001,16,100LowLow

Great Dane Price
22,000 to 40,0001,81,200MediumLow

Siberian Husky Price
40,000 to 60,0003,49,200LowLow

American Staffordshire Terrier Price
20,000 to 35,0001,14,000MediumLow

St. Bernard Price
40,000 to 60,0005,29,200LowLow

Tibetan Mastiff Price
1,00,000 to 2,50,0005,29,200LowLow

Alaskan Malamute Price
5,00,000 to 17,00,0003,49,200LowLow

Wolf Dog Price
20,00,000 to

Dobermann Price
15,000 to 40,0001,11,600HighLow

English Mastiff Price
40,000 to 60,0005,29,200LowLow

Cane Corso Price
45,000 to 60,0001,14,100MediumLow

Dogo Argentino Price
5,00,000 to

Belgian Shepherd Price
50,000 to 60,0001,14,000MediumLow
Neapolitan Mastiff Price45,000 to 60,0001,71,600HighLow

Kangal Shepherd Dog Price
10,00,000 to

Newfoundland Dog
65,000 to 80,0005,29,200LowLow

Afghan Shepherd Price
9,00,000 to 16,00,0005,29,200LowLow

Caucasian Shepherd Price
15,00,000 to

Boerboel Price
10,50,000 to
Central Asian Shepherd Dog Price15,00,000 to 20,00,0005,29,200LowLow

Rhodesian Ridgeback
50,000 to 70,0001,09,200HighLow

Leonberger Price
4,50,000 to 8,00,0003,49,200LowLow

King Shepherd Price
20,000 to 35,0003,49,200Low Low

Bandog Price
30,000 to 40,0003,49,200LowLow

Weimaraner Price
50,000 to 70,0001,11,600High Low

Tamaskan Dog Price
15,00,000 to

Canis Panther
9,50,000 to 16,00,0003,34,800HighLow

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Price
20,00,000 to

Dogue de Bordeaux Price
45,000 to 60,0001,71,600HighLow

French Bull Dog Price
35,000 to

Dalmatian Price
15,000 to

Pomeranian Price
4,000 to 15,00050,400HighHigh

Afghan Hound Price
60,000 to

English Bull Price
20,000 to

Samoyed Price
25,00,000 to

Border Collie Price
25,000 to 40,00081,600HighLow

Australian Shepherd Price
5,00,000 to

Bull Terrier Price
35,000 to 90,00065,700HighHigh

Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel
55,000 to 65,0002,52,000MediumHigh

Basset Hound Price
30,000 to 45,0001,18,800HighHigh

Bernese Mountain Dog Price
7,00,000 to

Labradoodle Price
4,50,000 to
84,000Medium High

Basenji Price
4,50,000 to

Komondor Price
15,00,000 to

Saluki Price
30,000 to 40,00076,800Excellent Low

Irish Setter Price
40,000 to 50,00084,000MediumLow

Cockapoo Price
4,50,000 to

Bearded Collie Price
80,000 to 2,50,0002,52,200MediumLow

Korean Jindo Price
4,50,000 to

German Shorthaired Pointer Price
30,000 to 45,00081,600HighLow

Sloughi Price
18,000 to 30,00081,600High Low

Yorkshire Terrier Price
30,000 to 45,00054,000MediumHigh

Chow Chow Price
45,000 to

Chihuahua Price
6,000 to 20,00058,800HighHigh

Corgi Welsh Price
5,00,000 to
Cocker Spaniel Price15,000 to 25,000.86,400LowLow

Maltese Price
20,000 to 30,00056,400LowHigh

Shiba Inu Price
4,50,000 to

Beagle Price
15,000 to 20,00079,200HighHigh

Havanese Dog Price
3,50,000 to

Lhasa Apso Price
15,000 to

Dachshund Price
5,000 to

Pug Price
6,000 to 18,00058,800HighHigh

Shih Tzu Price
20,000 to 30,00054,000MediumHigh

Miniature Poodle Price
35,000 to 50,00081,600HighHigh

Bichon Frise Price
5,00,000 to 17,00,00054,000MediumHigh
10,000 to 20,00051,600HighHigh

Boston Terrier Price
3,50,000 to 5,00,00051,600HighHigh

Maltipoo Price
15,000 to 30,00054,000MediumHigh

Bolognese Dog Price
3,50,000 to 5,00,00054,000 MediumHigh

Pekingese Price
3,50,000 to 5,00,00054,000 MediumHigh

Papillon Price
35,000 to 50,00054,000MediumHigh

Miniature Pinscher Price
15,000 to 35,00051,600HighHigh

Shar Pei Price
25,000 to 40,00051,600HighHigh

Japanese Spitz Price
18,000 to 40,00054,000MediumHigh

English Pointer Price
18,000 to 30,00051,600High High

Affenpinscher Price
4,50,000 to 10,00,00054,000Medium High

Finnish Spitz Price
15,000 to 30,00054,600LowHigh

Indian Pariah Dog Price
0 to 100067,200ExcellentHigh

Bully Kutta Price
5000 to 20,0004,71,600ExcellentLow

Indian Gaddi Dog Price
1,500 to 500067,200MediumLow

Rampur Greyhound Price
8,000 to 18,00067,200ExcellentLow

Himalayan Mastiff Price
60,000 to 1,00,0002,91, 600ExcellentLow

Rajapalayam Dog Price
8000 to 20,00067,200ExcellentLow

Mudhol Hound Price
10,000 to 22,00067,200LowLow

Kombai Dog Price
9,000 to 20,00067,200ExcellentLow

Jonangi Price
12,000 to 20,00067,200ExcellentLow

Chippiparai Dog Price
10,000 to 22,00067,200ExcellentLow

Indian Spitz Price
5,000 to 15,00039,600HighHigh

Kanni Dog Price
10,000 to
67,200Excellent Low

Pandikona Price
8,000 to 15,00097,200Excellent Low

Bakharwal Dog Price
6,000 to 10,00067,200Excellent Low

Bhotia Dog
1,500 to 5,00067,200Excellent Low

Kaikadi Dog Price
7,000 to 12,00067,200ExcellentLow

Note: Our Dog prices in India is the closest approximate list. There can be breeds that may cost a little more or less than what we have listed. However, we have tried our best to help you with the dog market approximate to make you mentally prepared for your desired dog. Generally, dog prices in India are subjected to vary according to the city, availability, and breed quality.

Note2: There are no Indian dog breeders for exotic dogs and you may have to be prepared to get yourself a hole in the pocket to import dogs like Japanese Akita and Czechoslovakian Wolf Dog to India.

Note3: Dog prices in India may also depend on the quality of the breed. A pet quality dog may cost lesser than the show quality dog. Statistically 2 out of 50 dogs are show quality.

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Why Are Native Dogs Better?

Indian Dog Breed Sitting

1. High Weather Tolerance

India has a humid climate and native breed can adapt better with the weather. There has been a sudden surge in Siberian Husky dog owners but it is not meant to adapt to a climate like that of India’s. They hail from Siberia and are made to forcefully cope with the Indian climate. This will either cause discomfort to the breed or put fire on your dollars.

An Indie will not really care if it is raining, sunny or even hail storming because it has naturally adapted to the all the extraordinary varieties of Indian climatic regions.

2. Mellow On Cash

Dog prices in India are increasing with the increase in demand. On the contrary, Indian dog price goes very mellow on cash. You can adopt them from any animal shelter without having to pay a single penny to the breeder. All you would really have to consider as an expense would be their food and health charges.

Interestingly, since these dogs are indigenous, you do not really have to maintain a strict and structured diet. They not only have a good appetite but also a healthy immune system. This means lesser trips to the vet.

Indian dog price for grooming is almost negligible. INDogs generally have a very short coat and hardly shed which also means shorter and cheaper trips to the groomers.

3. Smart and Trainable

Indian dog breeds are very street smart and highly trainable. A study says that an Indian Pariah Dog has an IQ equivalent to a German Shepherd and can outwit many non-native breeds. A Caravan Hound on the other hand is known for its speed and can give a tough competition to leopard.

Contrary to the belief, Indian breeds are trainable and social dogs. They can be as docile as a Labrador Retriever and as ferocious as a Pit Bull.


4. High Adaptability

Street life has made Indian dog breed independent and easy adaptable to change. They are used to harsh conditions and can quickly adapt to a new lifestyle.

They are highly protective of their pack and can go to any extend to protect their inmates. This makes them an ideal family dog. Highly intuitive and understand human emotions just like a pedigree dog. All they need is your undivided affection and they will love you 3000.

INDogs are very alert and cautious of strangers which makes them wonderful watch-dogs. Surprisingly, they are very careful as well as friendly with children and other pets too, though, it highly depends on how a pet is brought up by a family.

Indian dog breed is a great choice if you are a first time dog owner.

And lastly, because they are absolute cuties, DU-HUH!

The Jonangi, the Indian Basenji, is a native Indian breed which is now in the verge of becoming extinct. This breed is known for making a yodeling sound instead of barking.

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10 Things To Keep In Mind While Adopting Dogs In India

Adopting dogs in India can be a con-game. With India becoming one of the largest pet industries in the world, the number of fraudulent breeders is also increasing.

Additionally, people end up adopting dogs that are most unsuitable for them and then regret the entire decision. This has led to growing numbers of disowned dogs too.

Now, when finally you have taken the intelligent decision of adopting dogs in India, try to question yourself before getting into the act. Educate, Reconsider, Assure, and then finally Adopt.

1. Great Dogs Come With Great Responsibilities

People in India buy dogs because it is cool to own a dog but they do not consider the fact that it is 13 yearlong commitment. They are like having a human child and nurturing them until they take your leave. Dogs are not just for cuddles and Instagram. You need to take care of their health, exercise needs, diet, and training too. The bigger the dog, the more responsibilities you have on your shoulder.

If you don’t have enough time or patience to cater to their individual needs, it’s best to drop the plan.

2. Can You Afford A Dog?

People in India often buy dogs for their looks and popularity and end up with an incompatible dog breed. This has led to a sudden hike in the number of abandoned dogs in India. A Siberian Husky may look beautiful but they adapt to cool temperature. This means that in a climate like that of India’s, a Siberian Husky would require an air-condition all the time.

A dog breed may look very impressive and suit your personality but you need to keep in mind the recurring yearly cost that you need to spend on a particular breed. The dog prices in India, especially for the non-native dogs are generally higher and that is the end-all. Additionally, there is an annual cost that includes Vet, Health, and Food for your pooch. Adopt/buy a dog only if you think you can afford the yearly expense for a lifetime of your dog.

Let me give you a que: Go vocal for local, adopt an Indie. Indian dog price is low and they need a house too.

3. Like Master Like Dog

It is very necessary to adopt/buy a dog that matches your lifestyle. If you are a couch potato and want a dog that you can cuddle in with, you cannot really pick up a German Shepherd as your pet. Don’t be fixated on one single breed. Keep your mind open and be ready to accept changes. Adopting dogs is a big deal and you need to keep in mind your family’s preferences before adopting one.

Dog Breed research is very important!

Study the breed’s temperament and requirements before you buy a breed. Some dogs do not get along with children and may run to bite with the slightest of provocation, or you may realize that you need a lazy dog to “Netflix and chill” rather than an energetic one. Reach out to families that already own the dog breed you want to adopt so that you get familiar with their personality traits.

Like master, like dog! Hence, it is very important to understand yourself to understand your dog.

4. Puppy Proofing

In India, people buy a puppy and then let it be. Now what if your puppy decides to eat an absurd looking plant-leaf? Puppy-proofing is very important. Build a safe environment for your puppy to live in. Remove all the items that pose potential danger like toxic indoor plants or cleaning supplies and electronic appliances which he may end up chewing.

Jewelry items, clothing and small objects like pins, needles, thread and rubber bands to should be kept away. Certain human food can be extremely dangerous for them like coffee, chocolates, tobacco and alcohol. Keep it away from the reach of your puppy.

5. Personal Space, Honey!

Prepare a comfy spot for your puppy before you bring him home. He may take some time to adjust in his new home and may also end up crying during initial nights. You may want to comfort him by bringing him up on the bed by your side. If that, however, is not possible for you, choose a comfortable spot and provide him with an anti-anxiety bed that will keep him at peace. If you are planning to get him a kennel, make sure you choose a corner to keep it where the puppy feels safe and protected.

Start reading manuals on dog-parenting already!

6. Pet Healthcare

There is absolutely nothing as important as you pet healthcare. Make sure you know a vet nearby because there will be medical health emergencies in your dog’s life that you need to ace. Your dog may be prone to health conditions and keeping a track of their vaccination is important. A lot of Indian dog parents have been careless about the health of their dogs once adopted and this can highly affect their longevity.

It is always advised to have a health insurance done for your dog to spare yourself from heavy medical bills.

7. Dog Training

India has recorded the highest number of untrained dogs. There is a saying “there are no untrained dogs, just untrained humans”. Half of the dog parents don’t even bother to train their dogs and then wonder what craze is up with their pets. Dog training is necessary if you don’t want an aggressive, rebellious dog. If not trained, even a humble dog like Golden Retriever will turn into a mouther.

It is highly probably that there might be toilet incidents on your favorite rug and you may find your expensive couch torn into pieces. Don’t be surprised because you haven’t trained your puppy. Potty training, obedience training and basic command training is very necessary for your dog to be a gentleman.

8. Know Your Puppy

People in India tend to shop dogs like they are buying vegetable – without giving a piece of thought to what they are getting themselves into. They end up buying an impressive, purebred dog without understanding the lineage of the breed. Never buy without knowing about the puppy’s bloodline and look for the gates if the breeder fails to provide health clearance and information about the dog’s lineage.

You may pay a hefty amount and end up getting a hybrid or an infected dog home.

9. Family

A dog becomes a family member and you ought to treat him like one. All they need is love, attention and tasty treats and they will return the same tenfold. In fact, one can learn the true meaning of unconditional love from a dog.

Don’t buy a dog if you cannot take proper care of him and plan onto abandon him later. Nurturing a dog can be a struggle but they make it worth fighting for.


10. Scams And Fraud

India is the land of thugs. There has been a growth in the number of fraudulent breeders who provides fake KCI Certificates. There have been cases of breeders who provide fake certificates which do not belong to that particular breed at the first place. Avoid buying puppies from Haats and Puppy Mills.

Never buy dogs online that promise to deliver pet at your doorstep in exchange of an advance payment.

P.S. – Stop buying dogs from OLX and other website for buying dogs. Repeat after me: A dog is not an object.

Have a look at our list of dog prices in India, know the difference, communicate with a reputable breeder, and only when you truly feel satisfied, get yourself this bundle of joy.

5 Ways To Find Reputable Indian Dog Breeders

It may get extremely difficult especially for the first time dog parents to distinguish between a genuine Indian dog breeder and a fraudulent one. Due to a rise in demand for dogs, there has been a drastic growth in the number of fraudulent breeders and sellers. We have made our manual of dog prices in India especially to cater to the needs of new dog-parents and help them dodge such scammers.

We suggest that you should look for your desired breed in an animal shelter and adoption a thought. However, if you have made your mind about buying yourself a pet you need to be smart enough to have an eye for the right breeder.

By the time you finish reading our list of dog prices in India, we would have already made a list of all the factors you need to keep in mind while choosing a perfect breeder to bring you puppy home.  The idea is to make an educated purchase.

1. Kennel Club of India Certified

Good Indian dog breeders will have all the paperwork intact. The KCI license renews every year and there are a lot of breeders who do show a certificate but they are never the renewed one. Yeah, a lot like your car’s insurance papers!

Check if the breeder’s paperwork is done right and he has renewed his license to work as a breeder. “No paperwork, No buying the puppy from them.” Unavailability of proper paperwork should be a reason strong enough to walk out from their store.

They may spin a yarn around the entire “paperwork is useless” plot but these are the ones who sell stolen puppies.

Do not become a victim of such breeders.

2. Dog First

A good breeder will always think about the dog before money. It will be evident by the way he handles the puppies. No genuine Indian dog breeder would sell or breed an unhealthy, or disabled puppy.

Due to growing cases in puppy-fraud, KCI has released a set of law which makes it illegal to sell a puppy below 8 weeks of age. The breeder should have a health clearance of all the entire liter which he needs to provide to the buyer.

A good breeder will always follow these protocols and never make excuses when asked for health clearance of the puppies.

Plus, they will get extremely emotional the day you plan to take the puppy home.

3. Vaccinations and Microchips

A good dog registered breeder will vaccinate and inject a microchip in the puppy. He will also have a health card that keeps a track of the puppy’s vaccination schedule. Clinics have been asked to maintain a booklet of the health card for every puppy they breed or sell.

It is often seen that Indian dog breeders hardly maintain this book and end up making excuses when asked for it.

Microchip is used to scan for verification of registration of that particular breed.

Getting a registered breed from a registered breeder would be a smart choice, I’d say!

4. Bloodline of the Dog

It is important to know the bloodline and parentage of the puppy that you are planning to adopt. A good breeder will always make you aware of the parentage and provide you with the health clearance of both the parents of the puppy. He will never refrain from answering any questions that you ask.

Selling a puppy younger than 8 weeks is illegal. This time is needed by the puppy for weaning from the mother and learn social skills along with his other littermates.  Responsible Indian dog breeders always give this time and space to the puppy. By the time, the breeder will also know if the puppy suffers from any disease and will separate it from the lot.

Note – Genuine Indian dog breeders will never breed or sell unhealthy puppies.

5. Get Everything in Writing

If you are planning to buy a dog in India make sure you get everything in writing. India is land of thug, I repeat, especially when it comes to selling dogs. You will never know that you have been tricked either into buying a hybrid, unregistered breed or paid a premium to false promises.

Make sure you get the breed name, lineage, health clearance certificates, and the amount you have paid for the breed along with his vaccination card stapled together in a contract.

If later, you wish to sue the breeder, you know what to show!

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, NEVER BUY A DOG OUT OF SUDDEN IMPULSE. A dog is like having a baby. You need to plan to have a baby. You have to keep in mind all the possible factors including are you stable enough to have a financial, mental, and emotional commitment for 13 years? More so, are you stable enough to bear what comes after? Give a thorough thought!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs regarding Dog Prices In India:

The cheapest dog in India would be the Indian Pariah Dog. Indian Pariah Dog is an Indian dog breed that is known for its intelligence, humor, and friendly nature. You can adopt an Indian Pariah Dog free of cost from the streets or any nearby animal shelter. The show quality pet of the same breed may cost not more than INR 1000.

Dog price in India depends on the breed type, availability, quality of the breed, and city. A dog breed has two qualities – pet quality and show quality. Show quality dogs are often costlier than pet quality. To know the exact cost of a dog in India, you first need to decide on a breed and then contact the nearest Indian dog breeder.

There is a list of the ten most popular dogs that you can buy in India. However, the best dog pet that you can bring home would be an Indian dog breed. Indian dog breeds are indigenous and can naturally adapt to the climate and living standards of India. This makes them less prone to health conditions and heartier. They have proven to be as smart and trainable as any other pedigree dog. Plus, they are totes adorbs!

No dog breed is banned in India, however, some should be. Dog breeds like Siberian Husky and Wolf Dog should be banned because they are not suitable for the Indian climate. Indians have gone on craze-buying Siberian Husky without learning about their weather tolerance. Dog breeds like German Shepherd and Rottweiler should be allowed to experience dog parents who should be certified on socialization.

None of the non-native dogs cost under 5000. However, if you are looking for low maintenance dogs in India, you can adopt an Indian dog breed. Common Indian dog breeds like Indian Pariah Dog, Rajapalayam Dog, and Indian Spitz are available free of cost in many adoptions and animal shelters. You can also buy them for not more than INR 5000 from your local pet shop. Make sure the dog is vaccinated and has clear papers.

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