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Husky Price is increasing over the last decade in India. There has been a dramatic increase in the obsession with owning exotic pet dogs. The Siberian Husky is one such highly popular and exotic dog breed that has gained immense popularity in India.

In high demand, mostly in the urban riches of India, the Siberian husky (also known as ‘Husky’) is growing more popular by the day. However, the fact that these dogs are not meant to live in the Indian climate is often overlooked.

Given the fact that these dogs cannot survive in India as they would in Siberia, the marvelous Husky still finds ways to cope with the Indian environment. With proper care and proper living environments, they can survive in India, but it always depends on “if you can…”

In this article, we will provide you with a complete list of the husky price in India and the Do’s and Don’ts that follow in maintaining this exotic breed.

So, if you wish to own this dog, provided you can properly take care of them, read on. Check our Indian price list of the husky and decide if this breed suits your budget and lifestyle.

Siber>Siberian Husky Price in India

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The price of husky in India is quite high considering these are imported exotic breeds. Husky price in India depends on various factors, the first and most important factor being, the breeder you get it from.

If you find a genuine breeder selling a good and pure-bred husky the price of husky in India will range from ₹60,000 to ₹80,000. Sometimes the price of husky puppy can go sky high and cost you a whooping ₹1,00,000.

This is just the cost for buying a husky, throw in the raising and maintenance cost of these dogs which involves the cost of food, vet, electricity and you will be looking at a total of over 2 to 2.5 lakhs rupees, annually.

Before getting a Siberian husky you also must consider the additional cost of the electricity bill. The huskies are made for the cold weather so when in India, you must constantly keep your AC running for them.

Getting a husky pup from the right and the genuine breeder is not enough. Before bringing home this wolf of a dog you must plan your expenses thoroughly. And even before planning the budget, you have got to know the Siberian Husky dog breed completely.

In India, the ideal place for a husky to live in would have to be a Refrigerator. These breeds originate from polar regions where the temperature can go below -70 degrees Celsius. They can bear such extreme cold weather conditions and sled in the snow.

Their coat is thick and double-layered and probably has magical powers that keep them warm in the cold. A coat that works as a natural insulator for them cannot bear extra heat. Therefore, India is not the best place for them to live.

There is no justified reason to unnecessarily bring the Siberian Husky to India and force them to adapt to the Indian climate. Many people buy the Siberian Husky dog falling for its good looks but fail to provide it with what best suits the dog. The “good-looks obsession” increases their demand and therefore the husky price in India is so high. 

Their high cost of maintenance is often the biggest reason for husky owners in abandoning them. So, before you decide to get one, go through our region-wise price list of the husky price in India.

Siberian Husky >Siberian Husky Price List in India

nowledgeable and trustworthy breeder when getting a husky. Buying a Siberian husky dog at low prices from pet shops and fraud breeders will only let you down and waste your money.

The average price of husky is around ₹60,000 to ₹80,000 and the prices can vary in different cities of India. Below is a list of the overall price of husky.  The husky price list includes the annual cost of maintaining the Siberian husky its food, grooming, insurance, veterinarian, and other costs.

CityPet QualityAnnual CostFood CostVet Cost
Mumbai₹69500 - ₹70000₹205200₹10400 ₹500
Delhi₹69000 - ₹70000₹202500 ₹10200 ₹500
Bangalore ₹67500 - ₹69000₹198000 ₹10000 ₹500
Hyderabad ₹66500 - ₹68000₹196800₹9900 ₹500
Ahmedabad ₹65500 - ₹67000₹194400 ₹9700 ₹500
Chennai ₹65000 - ₹66500₹193200₹9700 ₹500
Kolkata ₹65000 - ₹66000₹193200 ₹9700 ₹500
Surat ₹63000 - ₹65500₹176400 ₹9500 ₹300
Pune ₹62000 - ₹63000₹174000 ₹9300 ₹300
Jaipur₹62000 - ₹63500₹174000₹9300₹300
Lucknow₹62000 - ₹63500₹174000₹9300₹300
Kanpur ₹62000 - ₹63000₹174000₹9300₹300
Nagpur₹61500 - ₹62000₹174000₹9300₹300
Indore₹61500 - ₹62000₹172800₹9200₹300
Thane₹61500 - ₹62000
Bhopal₹61500 - ₹62000₹172800₹9200₹300
Vishakhapatnam₹63500 - ₹65000
Patna₹61500 - ₹62000
Vadodara ₹61000 - ₹62500
Ghaziabad ₹61000 - ₹62500
Ludhiana ₹61000 - ₹62000
Agra₹61000 - ₹62500
₹61000 - ₹62000
₹61000 - ₹62500
₹61000 - ₹62000
₹61000 - ₹62000
Ranchi ₹61000 - ₹61500₹171600₹9100₹300
Coimbatore₹63000 - ₹64000₹188400₹9300₹500
Vijayawada₹61000 - ₹62000₹171600₹9100₹300
Chandigarh₹61000 - ₹62000₹171600₹9100₹300
Mysore₹63000 - ₹64000₹188400₹9300₹500
Gurgaon ₹61000 - ₹62500₹171600₹9100₹300
Bhubaneshwar ₹61000 - ₹62000₹171600₹9100₹300
Noida₹62500 - ₹63000₹188400₹9300₹500
Kochi₹62500 - ₹63000₹188400₹9300₹500

Note: The husky price and the price of maintaining this breed can slightly vary from city-to-city. Even then this is an authentic list of the husky price in India.

Can Husky Survive in India?

We believe in providing our readers with the most genuine information and this prompts us to tell you that the Siberian husky cannot thrive in India.

We will be more elaborate on this and want you to understand the difference between surviving and thriving. Huskies can survive in India but they cannot grow (thrive) well in India.

By growing we mean to say that this breed cannot achieve its wonderfully-wolfy beauty in India. Gradually a husky may adapt to the Indian climate and with the proper care and (suitable environment) they can grow into the beautiful dogs they are. But in India, they may not look like how they would look in Siberia.   

So, yes, a Husky can survive in India but if you were asked to merely survive or grow and live life to your full potential, what would you choose? A thriving life of course.

The husky price in India is at an all-time high and their demand in India just doesn’t seem to decrease.

Huskies are strong and powerful sled-dogs and this makes them capable of surviving in India but it is on their humans to make them thrive in India. So, to make them thrive can cost you a bomb. The husky price added with the maintenance expenses can together cost you 2.7 lakh to 3 lakhs annually (including the purchasing price of husky)

So, making a husky thrive well in India is the real cost bomb rather than just the husky price in India.

Siberian Husky Puppy Price In India

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The price of husky puppy in India can be anywhere between ₹60,000 to ₹80,000. This is just the starting price and the prices can always be higher than the average husky puppy price.

The price for husky puppy is dependent on many factors and anything higher than ₹80,000 can be inclusive of the breeding charges. Indian breeders who sell pure-bred and good pet quality huskies can charge as much as ₹1,00,000 to ₹1,50,000 as well.

Husky puppy price in India is high because the breeders have to put in extra efforts in maintaining and raising healthy huskies. To top this, they also need to find good quality huskies for mating purposes.

All these breeding factors jointly make the price of husky puppy in India top the charts as the highest. When you decide to get a husky and actually look at the husky puppy price, it is almost like buying 2-3 Labradors at once.

Husky Price In India With Breeder Cost

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In India, buying a husky puppy is only possible through breeders. Genuine breeders can provide you good quality husky puppies. Husky price is largely dependent on the puppy’s breeding quality.

The total of a husky price in India is an addition of the breeding quality plus the breeder’s cost. The breeder cost is charged additionally because in India no set value can be charged as the breeder’s cost in the husky price.

All breeders usually sell the husky puppy at a base market price because there is no set price known as the breeder cost. The Siberian husky price in India is purely based on the buyer. Whatever the buyer is ready to pay (which is always a higher price) is the total price of husky puppy in India.

The additional breeder cost can be the sum based on the breeder’s Kennel Club of India registration, the quality of the husky puppy, the pedigree of both its parents, and last but the most important, the reputation of the breeder.

All these factors relating to the breeder cost add up in the husky price. The breeder cost can be referred to as an additional cost in the overall husky price in India.

Where To Buy Husky In India?

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Follow these easy steps to buy a husky in India.

1. Google the best breeder nearest to you

Once you go searching for a genuine breeder you will find at least 2-3 breeders who can help you buy the best quality Siberian husky.

2. Get a Broker

If you still aren’t able to decide who is the best breeder then to find the most genuine and reputable breeder you can also get in touch with a Broker. A broker will help you reach out to the best and trusted breeders as the brokers have tons of rightful information about the huskies.

Brokers can land you to reputable breeders who can perfectly guide you about raising and maintaining a husky.

It is like a cycle and if you follow this cycle you don’t have to worry about getting a bad quality husky puppy. Such a husky puppy will only add to your expenses and the poor soul will suffer too, for no fault of his own.

3. A Reputable Breeder

Once the broker has suggested to you the best breeder you can personally visit and make sure that the breeder has its Kennel Club of India certificate. See the husky puppy for yourself and also request to meet either of the parents of the pup.

Huskies suffer from a lot of health issues so make sure to choose a breeder who can correctly guide you about taking care of a husky in India.

A reputable breeder will also be open to bargaining and you can also get a discounted husky price of around 5000 to 6000 less on the original price of husky in India.

4. Avoid Pet Shops and Puppy Mills

We at Dog Is World request our readers and buyers to not buy a Siberian husky from Pet Shops or Puppy Mills in India. In India, the husky price at Pet shops or Puppy mills can be lower and attractive but it’s all a trap.

Puppy mills are far worse than pet shops as those breeders have a money-making mind and they don’t care about the well-being of the huskies there.

Food and Grooming Cost Of Siberian Husky In India

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1. Cost of Food for a Husky

The annual expense of maintaining a husky can be around 1.5 to 2 lakhs but this is the annual husky price what about monthly expenses you might wonder.

The cost of food or feeding a husky is highly dependent on the food you provide them with. Huskies strictly require premium and high-quality dog food. Dog food with real meat and high meat content should be ideal for the huskies.

Premium-quality dog food for your husky will on average cost you around ₹2500-₹4000 monthly. We recommend Taste of the Wild dry dog food for your husky. This dog food is pricy but huskies should not be fed low-quality dig food.

2. The Cost of Grooming a husky

The soaring husky price in India cannot be calculated without the grooming cost. The Siberian husky is a beautiful snow dog with a wonderful coat that needs maintenance.

Apart from the coat huskies also require other basic grooming like eye cleaning, ear cleaning, brushing, hair and nail trimming, and bathing and brushing their teeth.

All of this as a grooming session can cost you anything between ₹3000-₹4000 monthly. But if you decide to groom them at home and personally incur the grooming equipment costs it can cost you ₹500 monthly which way less than a professional grooming session.

3. Cost of Electricity for Keeping the Husky Cold

The biggest additional cost of owing to a husky in India is the cost of electricity. With a husky in the house, you cannot and should not turn off the AC. Keeping the husky cold is extremely important as air-conditioning works as a survival tool for the huskies in India.

Your AC bill can be as high as ₹6000-₹8000 (or more) per month. However, the prices can differ based on the AC you own. But the high cost of electricity is absolutely unavoidable for living with a husky in India.

They belong to high snow-clad regions and when in India the least cold temperature you can offer them is only via AC. So, even before starting to look for the husky price in India, get an AC and be prepared for the huge electricity bills.

4. Medical And Insurance Cost Of Husky

Medical cost for a husky puppy has vaccination costs which can range from ₹750-₹1500 per shot or monthly charges.

The medical cost of husky also involves the monthly veterinarian cost and also depends on the overall health of the husky. Below are some of the common health conditions which can add to the medical cost of husky in the future.

  • Corneal Dystrophy – This is an eye-disorder where abnormal elements can start to accumulate in the cornea of your husky.

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) – Another and also a very likely eye disease that huskies are prone to develop.

  • Seizures – If you get a husky from a pet shop or a puppy mill you may have to face the incident of seizures in your husky as it is the result of fraudulent and poor breeding.  }

  • Dehydration and Hair loss – The climate in India, is not suitable for huskies and the hot and humid climate can cause dehydration in them. The heat in India can also cause their coat to overheat and lose its hair.

  • Others – Dental disease, degenerative myelopathy, bloat, and hip dysplasia are some other common health issues that huskies can develop over time. 

To avoid your husky from attracting any of the above diseases or disorders monthly vet visits are important which can cost you ₹500-₹700 per month.

If surgeries are to be conducted it might cost you tens of thousands of rupees. To cover such high medical costs, you can get dog insurance for your husky which will cost you ₹2100-₹2500 and a full premium plan will cost ₹5500-₹15,000 depending on the city you live in.

Husky Accessories And Other Costs

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If you want to own a husky in India make sure you give them the best you can. The husky price in India also includes the cost of the accessories for a husky. The main accessories for a husky are a good quality leash and dog-collar, a bed, its food and water bowls, and some dog clothes if you like.

The average cost for these accessories for the first year of a husky puppy is ₹2000-₹3500 or more per year. Once your husky is 1 year old the cost of accessories can cost ₹1000-₹2000 per year. 
Apart from accessories, there are other costs consist of the cost of training, the cost of treats and toys, etc.  

The overall husky price can also include the trainer’s cost (if you hire one) a trainer in India will charge ₹7000-₹10,000 per month to train your husky.

Other than this you will have to incur the cost of treats will be ₹400-₹600 per month and the cost of toys can be ₹1000-₹2000 per year.


Conclusiona":"","caption":"","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"","orientation":"0"}" data-image-title="Untitled-design-38" data-image-description="" data-image-caption="" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" src="" alt="Adopt dogs" class="wp-image-14309" srcset=" 700w, 300w, 696w" sizes="(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px" />

We do not promote buying any breed of dogs. Adopt, Don’t Shop! Is always our motto but breeds like Siberian Husky are exotic and imported and you won’t always be lucky to find one of these in shelters or with rescue groups.

The Siberian Husky dog is not meant to survive on the Indian land, but you can keep one in cold Indian regions like the Himalayas. Before getting a Siberian husky thoroughly consider the purchasing price of husky in India as well as the husky price you have to incur annually.

Even though the Siberian Husky is very famous and a wonderful dog overall, we request our readers to get one only if you can keep them in appropriate living conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Huskies can survive in India but they cannot thrive in India. This is a working dog breed and they are great sled-dogs which makes them capable of surviving in India but they cannot develop appropriately and grow to their fullest in India.

Absolutely not, huskies cannot live in a hot climate at all as their coat already acts as an excellent insulator against the cold which keeps them warm. More heat can only have bad effects on their coat and body.

The husky price in India is very high and a husky puppy can easily cost you anywhere between ₹62500-₹80000. The husky price can go off the charts as some really good quality husky puppies can cost you ₹1 to ₹1.5 lakhs in India.

The price of husky puppy in India can be ₹60000-₹80000 the prices vary a lot based on different cities in India. Whatever the case is the husky price or the husky puppy price in India is A LOT.

Always buy a husky puppy from a reputable breeder in India who has the Kennel of India registration and certificate. You can easily find these breeders listed on google or get in touch with a Broker who can help you find the best breeder who can guide you in the future about the maintenance of the husky.

Yes, huskies do shed a lot but the excessive shedding is seasonal which happens once or twice a year. In India, if they are comparatively in a cooler place, they may shed less but in hot regions, their coat can shed or even lose its fur.

Dog Is World, suggests its readers make a judgment call on this question as this is quite a tricky one.
In India, the husky can be work and A LOT OF WORK. If you want to keep a husky in India you should be mentally, physically, and financially be prepared for putting in efforts for this snow-wolf. Only then a husky is the right dog for you. If you are still unsure about getting any dog read Should I Get a Dog?

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