Maltipoo; The Forever Puppy

a crossbreed of Maltese and Poodle dog called Maltipoos sitting in a crate

After God was done creating the world, he stopped for a moment and thought. 

What am I missing? 

Something cute, something that loves the attention, a butt-load of chaos and sass… and that’s exactly how on the eighth day, God created Maltipoo, the Forever Puppy.

Maltipoo AKA Moodle dogs have the appearance of a puppy and they stay the same for all eternity! 

Hence the title — The forever puppy.

Well either way I bet you, it’s the cutest little thing you can ever lay eyes on.

But, beware, they don’t answer to anyone when they’re puppies. 

(Which is likely going to be forever!)

Like every other puppy, they have a mind of their own.

The stubbornness of a Maltipoo can be compared to the most stubborn person you’ve ever met. DADS (sorry Dad).

As Charismatic as they are, their personality goes hand in hand with their appearance. 

You would think that this goofball would be a lap dog, you are correct. 

You would think this fluffmaster is a fan of chaos and the zoomies, you are correct, again. 

So basically, this proves that Maltipoos are the perfect hurricane of cuddles and chaos.

They’re the bandits of stolen hearts, who will stop at nothing. 

Imagine inheriting the gentleness and trusting nature of the Maltese and intellectual traits from the Poodle

If I were a Maltipoo I’d rule every heart in the world. 

Here’s the question that pops up every time.

Maltipoo, What’s good about ‘em?

Due to the size of a Maltipoo, they are easy to carry around and after all, they love the attention. Flaunt them all you want, they don’t mind.

A great alternative to first-time pet parents. They are very adaptive.

The Maltipoos trainability is exceptionally easy.

The last good thing is that cute little squishy face, how could you not be in awe, look at that allure!

They insist on giving you cuddles and kisses till you hand your heart over to them.

So obviously they do not understand the concept of personal space.

Maltipoo Images



Quick Facts

A graphic images for quick facts of a Maltipoo dog. The dog group, their height, weight and AKC ranking.

At A Glance

Size – Small

 A Maltipoos size is considered to be a part of the small dogs’ category. Maltipoo height depends on the Poodle Parent. Whether he or she is a miniature or toy dog. They usually weigh around 5 to 20 pounds and are 8 to 14 inches tall.

Lifespan – 10 to 15 years

As they say, smaller dogs live longer, a good 10 to 13 years can be expected depending on the lifestyle. Exercise regime, diet, and overall health play an important role in the Maltipoo’s life expectancy.

Apartment Friendly – High

These puppers will fit right into your little home, they are bijou and will be the perfect addition to any place. As long as they get the exercise and love needed, they won’t cause trouble.

Family Friendliness – High

If any dog is made for a family then it’s the Maltipoo dog. They love being the center of attraction (even the pick-me kids at school are less attention-seeking than Malti-poos). As they are fragile we suggest you keep kids under 6 years away from them.

Pet Friendliness – Medium 

Maltipoos are small affectionate animals. They get along with everyone, surprisingly other doggos as well. Even if they weren’t raised with them, they still love making new friends. Bork Bork!!

Barking Tendencies – Medium

These fidos bark alright, but they won’t hurt your ear-drums, I hope. As a small breed of hyper-excited creatures, they love talking and letting you know what’s on their mind.

Weather Tolerance – Low

A Maltipoo can’t really handle the cold weather that much but that just gives you a reason to play dress-up with them. Summer isn’t their season either, you will have to give the Moodle dog lots of water and a few frozen treats to keep them hydrated.

Intelligence and Trainability – High 

One of the parents of this breed is the second smartest dog, the Poodle (although there is a tie between Maltese and Griffon Bruxellois for the 59th position). The Maltipoo Intelligence ranking is really high, thanks to the Poodle genes. Still, you obviously will have to bribe the floof with treats to make him do a few rolls for you. Don’t worry, they are quick learners.

Exercise Needs – Medium

Even as designer dogs, they have to tire themselves to get a good night’s sleep. If you don’t give them what they need then Maltipoos can turn into the Devil’s spawn, and I promise you, you don’t want to know what that feels like. A 10-minute exercise regime is enough to make these doggos tired.

Grooming Needs – Low 

Maltipoo Grooming needs can be pretty simple as they have the non-shedding, but again for easy management, you will need to brush their coat every alternate day. Bathing can be a task you have to worry about every two weeks.

Hypoallergenic – Yes

Finally! Maltipoo being a hybrid is as close as any dog could get to being hypoallergenic. They don’t really shed a lot or produce much dander so are recommended to people who are prone to allergies. 


The price of a Maltipoo dog costs around $800-$2000.  The cost for maintaining a Malti-poo dog could range anywhere between $600 to $700 per year. So yes, they are literally pots of gold sitting around looking adorable.

About The Maltipoo

A crossbreed between the Maltese and Poodle dog called Maltipoo, the dog is running through the field with a toy in its mouth.

The Maltipoo is the beautiful mix between the Poodle and Maltese dogs.

The Maltese dogs are a part of the spitz category of dogs from south-central Europe. 

They traditionally had white, silky coats, ears, and tails that were really long and covered their body. 

How would you describe the dog that has been around for centuries altogether? Noble, elegant, and loyal, Right? The second name for all of this is Maltese.

They are not only excellent companions but are also therapists who you really need. I would consult Dr. Woof rather than Dr. Who.

The second contributor to this beautiful breed is the Poodle, also known as Caniche in French and Pudel in German. The Poodle is a water dog. 

They are the second smartest dog breed in the world.

The Poodle breed itself is divided into four major varieties. The standard poodle, miniature poodle, medium poodle, and toy poodle. 

The Poodles developed in Germany and also parts of France. 

Since Maltipoo is a hybrid dog, they are hypoallergenic and non-shedding. 

Yayy! You won’t have to worry about shoving your black clothes in the closet anymore. 

They have a small caliber, floppy ears, and a round fluffy head with those adorable little puppy eyes.

So, finally, some geniuses decided to combine these two to make this heart-warming pooch. 

Running around looking like a cloud of fur, shaking that cute lil tush makes them look like living and breathing stuff toys.

A tiny muffin who is around 8 to 14 inches tall and weighed 5 to 20 pounds. 

You won’t ever feel like the Maltipoo has become an adult because they never grow up!

Sorcery that was done so right, that they ultimately made the forever puppy. 

Babycorp has been sabotaged!  




A photo of a Maltipoo dog, staring at the camera.

The first Maltipoo was created 30 years ago, American breeders thought of two of the smartest, lovable, and cute dogs and merged them.

Maltipoo origin was from the United States. The history is scarce for this breed but everything we know is summed up here.

Procreating this dog leads to them being hypoallergenic as both the parents don’t shed a lot nor do they produce a lot of dander. 

Traits of a Maltipoo include having a loud personality, affectionate and gentle nature, and being friendly all the time. 

‘Designer Dogs’ are what they call them.

I can’t agree more, since Moodles do have the ‘extravagant’ look.

Over the past few years, Moodles have gained popularity as four-legged companions that you would love having, who needs a partner when you can have a Malti-poo.

Fact Theater

  • graphical image of a maltipoo with a fact stating a full grown maltipoo can grow up to 8 to 20 pounds.
  • graphical image of a maltipoo with a fact stating barking is their favourite activity to gain attention from their owners.
  • graphical image of a maltipoo with a fact stating that the first Maltipoo litter bred with pure-breed parents, now they breed Malti-poo dogs with each other to get these adorable puppers.
  • graphical image of a maltipoo with a fact stating they are great entertainers.
  • graphical image of a maltipoo with a fact stating that they love being outdoors but are not built to survive if the condition is too hot or cold.

Parenting Guide And Care

A person holding a Maltipoo dog in their hand, the dog has his paws in their hands.

Having a dog that is energetic means you’ll have to do certain things to help their restlessness.

Managing The Energy. You will have to help burn that energy by making them do physical activity, it could be a 10-minute walk or just playing a game of fetch with them. Something that helps them sleep better at night, while they cuddle next to you. Keeping a routine will help them get acquainted with the exercise. You can also get them toys that keep them engaged, a chew toy would make the pooch happy and busy for hours. 

Sparkling Smile. Dental hygiene is very essential as they tend to have accumulated tartar buildup and bacteria in their mouth, brushing their teeth 2 to 3 times a week is more than enough. If you want your doggo to have fresh breath then you can add cucumbers to their diet. Getting your Moodle dental toys will improve their gum health.

Maltipoo Grooming Needs. Poodles have to get their hair clipped once or twice a year, so do Maltipoos. Whether they inherit the fur from the Maltese or Poodles they still need to be brushed very often to avoid the knots and tangles. When clean and brushed they have soft, fluffy fur, the length could differ from dog to dog but mostly it is medium to long fur. The doggos nails are supposed to be trimmed once a year, at least. Giving them excessive baths can strip their skin off of the natural oils and make them prone to dry skin

Friends With Everyone, Especially Children And Dogs. A Moodle will be a child’s best friend, keeping him busy, being their most loyal companion who will protect him with all of his paw-er and might! Although they have the attitude of a Great Dane, they can easily be injured so the children have to learn how to treat a Maltipoo and be gentle with them. This smol pupper is always curious and will be psyched to meet another dog or animal regardless of the breed. They love socializing and running around with other pooches. The floofs love to get their zoomies on together.

Obedient Lil Furry Friends. Maltese dogs are intellectual and obedient, learning tricks are easy peasy for them, looking flawless while doing them is their charm. Learning skills for the Maltipoo should include positive reinforcement and lots of delicious treats. Positive mental stimulation would help you connect and understand each other better.

Personality And Temperament

An apricot Maltipoo dog relaxing on a sofa while looking at the camera with sleepy eyes.

The temperament of a Maltipoo will depend heavily on the mother, they influence the puppy a lot (just like our moms do).

The environment and social exposure that the dog receives also play a major role in the personality of the dog.

Since both the parent breeds are friendly, it’s unlikely for the Maltipoo to be shy. Being affectionate and fun-loving is the part that excites everyone the most about the Multi-poo. 

If I was a first-time pawparent I would run to get my hands on this cutie, no second thoughts.

Having the same kind of separation anxiety would help my case a lot. Pretty sure the pupper will want to run away from my obsessive need to boop that cute nose every 2 seconds.

The Temperament of the Maltipoo is influenced by the owner and the person they adore the most.  

A perfect companion if you’re as introverted as I am. They’ll go ahead and socialize for you. You can forget about being invisible after you get this fido, they’re like magnets.

The energetic and alertness make them great watchdogs but the problem here is they bark at the slightest sounds. 

Maltipoos should be trained really early, maybe 8 weeks, if you wait till they’re older they might get strong-headed.

You can train them to ‘speak’ which basically means bark when it’s needed.

If you wish for a dog with a loud personality, the Gods have granted your wish and made this doggo just for you with a side of crazy. 

Maltipoo Colors and Grooming


The various Maltipoo colors are: 

  • A black and white Maltipoo dog who is yawning.
  • An apricot color Maltipoo dog looking at the camera.
  • Three brown colored Maltipoo dogs sitting on a cloth and looking at the camera.
  • This is a cream colored Maltipoo sitting on a fur rug or blanket.
  • This is a mixed black Maltipoo, its being held by a human.
  • A red colored Maltipoo dog who has a red collar as well.
  • A WHite colored Maltipoo dog, surrounded by grass and looking at the camera.
  • A Maltipoo dog with white with lemon colored fur, sitting in the grass.
  • A white with tan colored Maltipoo dog looking at the camera.


The hypoallergenic genes help in the shedding process, these dogs are not troublesome in the shedding department. 

If you want to maintain that soft, fluffy fur, you will have to brush them every day and make sure they don’t have knots or tangles in their fur. 

Noticing some fleas on your best friend? Here is something that would help you. You should consult your vet before using anything on your pooch. 

Suggested: Everything you need to know about Fleas in Dogs

To keep their overall health in check, it’s recommended to clip their nails. 

Take good care of their dental hygiene after all they will be showering you with all their wet sloppy kisses.

The ears of a Multi-poo are extremely prone to infections, keep a good eye on them and regularly clean them with a cleaning solution. 

Keep them as dry as possible or they could develop an infection.


Andrea Lochen

Maltipoo Diet 

A white Maltipoo dog, eating food from a bowl with paw prints on it.

Smol dogs have different anatomy and digestive system. Paying attention to the weight of your pup is important to keep them healthy in the long run and prolong the lifespan of a Maltipoo. 

Smaller breeds need more calories than bigger doggos due to their higher metabolism rate in them. Natural and raw ingredients are what they need to grow. Raw foods are always better than processed food for any dog.

I know a natural diet can be expensive and time-consuming, but it will be for the best in the long run and trust me, you’ll be saving a lot more in vet bills.

If that is not possible you can always get packaged food but you will have to check the ingredients used and avoid anything with additives. 

The ones with healthy meats are what you should be looking for, artificial chemicals are a big fat NO NO

We’d want our puppers to be as healthy as possible even though we don’t apply the same rule to ourselves.

A) Puppy (8 weeks to 6 months)

When you are trying to teach a Malti-poo puppy to get used to a food routine, you have to go extremely slow. 

Getting them used to new food or raw items can be a task. Since they have very sensitive stomachs, you have to be careful. 

Introducing new foods has to be done in proportions, even if it is new packaged food that is healthier for your pup, it has to be in small proportions.

Take it slow while introducing new food items to your little baby. 

8 to 12-week old puppies tend to eat three to four times a day, this can be kibble/wet food. Raw food being introduced when they are puppies will lead to them not being picky eaters. 

Overfeeding a pup can lead to them vomiting bile (yellow vomit). 

Half a cup of food is enough for a pupper as a one-time meal. This measure is enough for the vital health of the puppy. 



B) Adult (14 months to 5 years)

As they grow older they start getting familiar with the feeding routine, you can start a new routine when they are around 6 months old by gradually reducing the number of servings given to the pooch.

Usually feed the doggos two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Offering ‘table scraps’ to these adorable sneaky canines can promote more barking, begging, and unnecessary weight gain.

I know they look adorbs when they tilt their head and give you those looks but it’s for the best. BLOCK THOSE HEART EYES!

Every dog has a different appetite depending on its lifestyle. The amount of exercise they get, the size of a Maltipoo, activity, age, everything has an impact. 

C) Senior (9 years and above)

A Maltipoo is always a puppy at heart and in appearance but these babies do get old and their activity reduces and they get settled in an environment where they get cuddled 24/7 (which they absolutely love), this could lead to obesity. 

A senior Malti-poo needs more love than calories. You could give them the same diet just to reduce the calories so your rover isn’t overweight and lives a long life. 

Don’t try to stuff their bowl with food just because you think they aren’t eating enough, add a few nutrients like chondroitin and glucosamine, which will help with the strengthening of the joints. 

Maltipoo Health And Vaccinations

A Maltipoo dog getting an injection from a vet, while their owner holds them.

These floofs, as we know, have a secret formula that runs in their bodies that does help in not aging, but it doesn’t stop them from being prone to some diseases. 

Maltipoo health issues are something that we should be cautious about, but they are curable so don’t worry. 


Symptoms: This disease causes involuntary movement, collapses, a period of daze, and disorientation after a loss of consciousness.

Reasons why it occurs: There are many reasons for Epilepsy to occur. Factors like genetics, the end stage of a heartworm infestation, or a head injury can cause severe seizures.

Cure: If the pupper has just one or two episodes without any harm to the overall health then medication is not prescribed. If the episodes happen once a month, or if the pup experiences a cluster of episodes one after the other, almost one after the other then they are prescribed meds for the same. One is called phenobarbital (this affects the liver but works almost immediately) the other one is potassium bromide (this one takes time, months also, but does not affect the liver)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) 

Symptoms: The pupils of a dog’s eyes will be dilated. They may be reluctant to climb stairs or get down. May stumble into walls and their eyes may appear shinier than usual. The daytime vision of a dog degrades as this disease progresses. 

Reasons why it occurs: This is a genetic condition, the Malti-poo dog receives it from the Poodle parent. 

Cure: Some dogs show early signs of this disease but even after losing their eyesight, they live in a pretty monotonous way. There is no cure for this disease, yet, but hopefully one day there will be enough research to help the poor doggos and give them better vision.

Portosystemic Shunt (PSS)

Symptoms: Some symptoms include blood in urine as they start developing bladder stones, frequent urination, constant thirst, vomiting, diarrhea with blood, weight loss, and poor appetite.

Reasons why this occurs: They are common birth effects where the blood vessels in the abdomen develop abnormally, this condition refers to an abnormal flow of blood between the liver and the body.

Cure: If the fido has just one liver shunt then it can be successfully operated but if they suffer from multiple shunts then surgery might not be a curative option. 

Patellar Luxation

Symptoms: In this case, the patella (knee cap) is not properly lined up where it’s supposed to be. The condition can be present since birth but the misalignment happens later on in their life. Holding the affected leg up in an odd position, letting out a cry or yelp when they are running or walking. They are reluctant to do the activity because of the pain. Dragging their leg while walking or limping can also be symptoms. 

Reasons why it occurs: This also is a genetic condition and many small breed doggos suffer from Patellar Luxation. 50% of the dogs suffer from this condition on both knees and the other 50% just one leg. 

Cure: If the pupper is able to pop the kneecap back in place by moving the leg a bit then surgery is not recommended but when they start experiencing discomfort and pain then major surgery is suggested for correcting this. 

White Shaker Syndrome 

Symptoms: The pooch suffers from severe tremors all over the body, rapid eye movements, and a lack of coordination. The episodes start when they’re between six months to three years. They suffer from this when they are overly excited or anxious.

Reasons why it occurs: The reason is still unknown. Researchers are looking for an answer.

Cure: It can be treated with a steroid called prednisone that suppresses the immune system of the fluffball. Usually, the tremors stop after two to three weeks of starting prednisone treatment. 


Vaccinations are a way of protecting your doggo from diseases that could be fatal and harm them in the long run. 

If your fido wants to meet new four-legged friends and humans, vaccinations play an important role in everyone being safe. 

In some cases the puppy would have already received some vaccinations from the breeder, anyway, here is a complete guide for dog vaccinations that are needed for your little baby.

Finally, after all these vaccines your rover will be free to roam anywhere he wants.  

Obviously, keep an eye on that mischievous ball of energy and try to keep him away from sick dogs. 

Booster vaccines are supposed to be taken but it all depends on the lifestyle of the pup. 

The severity of diseases varies from place to place, but it’s always better to be preventive. 

Keeping a schedule for your vaccinations could help you be regular and take better care of your doggo. 

Asking your vet for advice on this situation also is recommended. In the end, every pup is different so keep looking out for your best friend and make sure they get everything they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Maltipoo is a mixture of the smart Poodle and affectionate Maltese dog. They have a reputation for barking but not unnecessarily. All fidos bark.

Yes, Maltipoos are Hypoallergenic, they would be an ideal match for someone who is allergic to dander and fur. Compared to the other dogs that have this much fur, Malti-poos hardly shed. 

Yes, the Maltipoo is a great dog for first-time paw parents and families. Multi-poos love the attention and love that is showered on them by everyone. They are very affectionate.

No, Maltipoos are very gentle with literally everyone. They love being therapists and cuddle buddies for anyone in need.

Yes, they are actually recommended for first-time owners as they are gentle and the most lovable fidos alive. The small doggo will be your travel buddy anywhere you go.

The Poodle parent is the second smartest dog in the world, the Maltese parent is in the 59th position, thus we can conclude that the Maltipoo is in fact very smart.

As they are hypoallergenic, they don’t shed a lot. To keep that fur detangled and clean, you will have to groom them at least once a week.

Olaaaaaaaaaa, fellow dog lovers!!

I hope this article was fun to read and thank you for staying with me till the end. 

Hoping this will help anyone who is planning to raise this cute lil Maltipoo and will be well informed about this fluffball.

Writing this piece has been a pleasure, Hoping y’all liked it. 

If you do please share this article with anyone who’s in need of this information. 

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Happy Petting to you guys!


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