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Let’s talk about attitude and the first dog to top that list would be a Mudhol Hound. The stardom of Mudhol dog skyrocketed after our Hon’ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi Ji spoke about them in his “Mann Ki Baat” segment.

An entire quantum particle in itself is a furball of energy. After the parliamentary departments seeking its attention, it has a newly developed vanity and walks around with an air. A Mudhol Hound deserves it at all costs.

“Did you know there was a word for people who have multiple names?”

“It’s called a Mudhol Hound.”

Beautiful as it may look, Mudhol dog has a reputation of owning various names to its honor including Caravan Hound, Mudhol Hound, Pashmi Hound, and many more.

You want a hunter; this is the one. You want a companion; this is the one. You want a pugging guard dog; THIS IS THE ONE. You name it and a Mudhol Hound will show you how to be it.

“Quite an inspiration for a laze-ass like mine. I’d rather pass!”

Without any qualms, this dog breed is the most unlike Indian dog with a calm and composed exposure. However, you have to know your ways around him if you don’t want it to snap.

On that note, introducing the Captain Cool of K9-Kingdom.

Note: Our intent in DogIsWorld to write this article is to promote the adoption and revival of Indian Dog Breeds. Though there is very limited bona fide information on Indie dogs, we have tried our best to give you all the possible authentic details about the same.

Do you know? the Mudhol Hound has a top speed of 65kph.

Mudhol Hound Images

Mudhol Hound Puppy
Mudhol Hound Puppy
Mudhol Hound Standing
Two Mudhol Hound
Mudhol Hound Running
Mudhol Hound with kid
Mudhol Hound Dog with Puppy
Mudhol Hound Running

Quick Facts

Average weight: 22kgs to 30kgs
Average height: 22 inches to 30 inches

Dog Group: Hound
KCI Ranking: N/A

At A Glance

Mudhol Hound is a large Indie dog which can also exceed to becoming an extra-large dog. “Well, I like my dogs and fries extra-large.” The average Mudhol hound height ranges between 22 inches to 30 inches with a weight of 22kgs to 30kgs for the large dog. The extra-large one, however, weighs between 35kgs to 40kgs with an average Mudhol dog height remaining constant.
There is a slight difference in the size according to the gender with the males weighing 24kgs to 30kgs and a height of 26 inches to 30 inches. Mudhol dog female weights 22kgs to 26kgs and height of 24 inches to 26 inches.

Mudhol dog lifespan is astonishingly longer than other hounds. It lives a healthy and happy life of 13 to 15 human years.

It may not be a good idea to get a Mudhol Hound in an apartment. Their high energy and exercise needs would require a lot of space to make a ruckus. Mostly used to running in vast stretches, a Mudhol dog can become cranky and destructive in enclosed spaces. Even if you are planning to get one in an apartment, make sure it has a backyard. Additionally, this may not be your ideal dog for a city settlement. Bring him up in a country, and thank me later!

Mudhol Dog can be great family companions and generally bonds like a best friend with one member of the family. However, this one may not be an ideal dog if you have younger children at home because this one has a chasing tendency and might just end up hurting your child. With older children, there may not be a better partner than a Mudhol Hound.

A Mudhol hound can gel in pretty well with other hounds and dogs of the same size. It may, however, be a sin to leave him with smaller pets. His prey drives will lead him to kill the little soul and you would not like it unless you are into brutality.

A Mudhol Hound barks only when it is cautious of a stranger or smells threat in the air. Otherwise a calm and quiet dog, this breed will only make noise if he wants to convey something, and being a dog owner, it is extremely necessary for you to understand what dogs mean when they bark.

Being an Indie dog breed, Mudhol is highly adaptable to the varied weather of India. In fact, a Mudhol Hound is renowned for its ability to combat harsh warm conditions. However, this buddy will require a little attention during winters. Keep him warm by providing enough clothes and bringing him indoors during a cold night.

This Indian Sighthound is a highly intelligent dog with a 270-degree field of vision and the IQ of a Greyhound. Just be a firm and consistent trainer and he will become your most learned disciple. A Mudhol Hound has a nervous temperament and may not respond well to harsh treatments. Try keeping the training as happy and full of praise as possible, and your pupper will be perfect.

If you want a mentally and physically sound hound, you need to drain his energy out in form of high-dose exercise. A Mudhol Hound needs long walks regularly, yes longer than that uncle your see every morning along with a bi-weekly running session. Additionally, they need enough mental stimulation to keep them sane. If you can’t provide this, you may want to consider other ideas.

Mudhol Hound has very low grooming needs considering its short coat. A weekly brushing and bathing only when extremely necessary can suffice. Bathing too frequently can take away the lustrous sheen of his hair. Apart from that a regular nail trimming, ear, and anal cleaning routine need to be followed.

It is very difficult to decide whether an Indie breed is hypoallergenic or not since there has not been a proper study on them. However, as far as our research goes, it will be safe to say that a Mudhol Hound is not hypoallergenic in spite of its short coat. This dog breed can carry allergens that may react if you are sensitive to dog fur. You may want to go with a hypoallergenic dog breed if so, is the case.

A Mudhol dog price ranges between INR 10,000 to 20,000. An Indian dog breed is pretty easily available in an animal shelter and we would recommend you to try your luck there before buying one.

Indie breeds are slowly decreasing and are almost on a verge of extinction. We at DogIsWorld support Indian dog breed revival and would suggest you adopt Indian breeds (not shop). Additionally, we would love it if you could support the cause by making people around you aware of Indie dog breeds.

Adopt and Aware!


Mudhol Hound Side Profile

Originated in the Mudhol Taluk and Bijapur district of Karnataka, and taking its name from there, Mudhol Hound is a critically endangered Indian dog breed. A working sighthound and an endurance sprinter, this breed is a power-packed hound.

After becoming the first-ever Indian dog breed to be inducted in the Indian Army, Mudhol is set to be recognized as the next Amitabh Bachchan of the canine world.

Mudhol Hound is a handsome looking pooch with his jaw game on point. The head is longer than your ego with broad earlobes and a tapering muzzle. With a piercing gaze and a body muscularly built this sighthound was bred to hunt rabbits and other small preys that had the tendency to hide in narrow spaces.

Apart from its looks, it is also infamous for the varied names it has to its exposure. Do not be confused if a person calls your Mudhol Hound a Caravan Hound. They go by the names – Mudhol Hound, Mudhol Dog, Caravan Hound, Pashmi Hound, Karwaani, Kathewar Dog and maybe if I give him a pet name, he’ll be known by it too in a parallel universe. 

That’s not it, to be honest, this sighthound will all its well-balanced personas has a 270 degree of vision – that’s twice of what you can see. Hah! Would not be wrong to claim that this dog can see from behind too.

“Hi, Dhruti! What’s your superpower?”

“I have a Mudhol Hound. Where are we talking about superpower?”

While you are about thinking how unique a Caravan Hound can get let me tell you that this one comes in two sizes – large and extra-large. Yup! Like an extra-large chicken bucket full of Mudhol Hound. The average Mudhol hound height ranges between 22 inches to 30 inches with a weight of 22kgs to 30kgs for the large dog. The extra-large one, however, weighs between 35kgs to 40kgs with the average Mudhol dog height remaining constant.
There is a slight difference in the size according to the gender with the males weighing 24kgs to 30kgs and a height of 26 inches to 30 inches. Mudhol dog female weights 22kgs to 26kgs and height of 24 inches to 26 inches.

Two rules to carry in your side pocket every time you meet a Caravan Hound – Respect the Mudhol, and do not touch him on the first meet. Mudhols are extremely sensitive and have a nervous temperament. Apart from that give him proper exercise and companionship of his favorite person – he is good to go!

A Mudhol dog lifespan is astonishingly longer than other hounds with a healthy and happy life of 13 to 15 years.

Did you know? breeders have practiced inserting bangles through the muzzle of the dog. If it reaches the forehead, it is a purebred Mudhol Dog.


Mudhol Hound History

Mudhol Hound is believed to have been brought down to the Deccan Plateau of India from Central Asia and Arabia through the Khyber Pass. It can be considered that this hound was a direct descendant of Saluki or Afghan Hound since there is a presence of a more feathered version of Mudhol too.

They were initially called the Caravan Hounds by the Brits since this breed was used by nomads to guard their caravans. It was a common sight to see a Caravan hound following these nomads behind their caravan.

However, with the introduction of non-native Greyhound, Caravan Hounds started to disappear. All the hat tip goes to Shrimant Rajasaheb Malojirao Ghorpade of Mudhol from the Mudhol district of Karnataka who gave all he had to revive this breed.

Ghorpade noticed this breed being used majorly by the Beda tribe for hunting and decided to dedicate his life to reviving this breed.  The plight of Mudhol Hound today is such that even though it is being used by CRPF and BSF on Kashmir borders of India, it still falls under the critically endangered category.

It’s because of the efforts of people like Ghorpade and other dog enthusiasts that Mudhol has finally been registered and recognized by the Kennel Club of India (KCI) and Indian National Kennel Club (INKC).

Mudhol Hound Facts Theatre

Parenting Guide And Care

Mudhol Hound Barking

Early socialization is a must. Socialization is a very important part and purpose of every dog’s life. Mudhols have a nervous temperament and if they are not socialized since an early age, they may grow up to be aggressive and uncontrollable in public.

Mudhol needs a high-dose of exercise. This sighthound was used to hunt small games that needed sprinting across vast farms. Times have changed but a Mudhol still needs his running, hon! Take him out on long walks and bi-weekly running if you want to have a decent boy at home.

Keep the training consistent. A Mudhol Hound is used to having a leader and consistent training. They need firm training but not a harsh one. Harsh treatment can make him destructive and aggressive. Use praise and positive reinforcement methods with this one.

Leash training may not be important however, you need to potty train a Mudhol Hound. Since these were chasers and mostly spent their time on the field, they may add their fertilizer on every tree around your place. Hence, it is necessary to inculcate a habit of pooping where permitted.

It may not be an apartment-friendly dog. A Mudhol Hound needs a lot of space to run and vent its energy. Enclosed spaces and small houses may motivate destructive behavior.

“Forget about your expensive sofa cover, honey!”

Even if you do want to adopt a Mudhol Hound, nevertheless, get your ass up and built a backyard for this breed’s sprinting and running instincts.

Keep him warm during winters. A Mudhol Dog adapts extremely well in hot and humid weather but may fail to stand winters. It is of utmost importance to provide an ample amount of warm clothes to this not-so-furry friend and keep him indoors during cold winter nights.

Personality And Temperament

Mudhol Hound Temperament

A perfect family companion, a Mudhol Hound bond really well with one person and sacrifices his entire life protecting him. They may not be the ‘it’ dog for young children but has the ability to become an older child’s best friend.

Protective, loyal, and extremely affectionate, aggression is not the standard of this dog. If your Mudhol is aggressive it is purely because you have failed as a dog parent. A happy Mudhol needs a lot of exercises and mental stimulation.

Mudhol Hound may look like a big deal but mostly have a nervous temperament which may grow with age. Harsh treatment can really demotivate this one and drive him into depression with hostile social instincts.

If you want a good boy treat him with tremendous respect and train him with praise. Additionally, they are a little touch-sensitive, so surprising this one will make him snap at you. They generally do that out of fear with no intentions of hurting but you might just end up having a decent chin-bite.

A Mudhol can do really well with dogs of the same size or group. However, if you have smaller pets, you need to socialize your Mudhol hound puppy with them if you don’t want blood. In spite of the required socialization, it is better not to leave them alone because Mudhol’s prey drives may just pop out of nowhere.

Do not keep him in enclosed spaces or on a leash for a long time for this may inculcate destructive habits. They are claustrophobic and do not enjoy being on themselves. They always need a leader to guide them.

A Mudhol dog is a little unfriendly and reserved with strangers. If your friend has a Mudhol, you need a good two-three visit for the hound to open up with you. Do not be over-smart and touch him on the very first meet. The ending wouldn’t be all that jazzy.

This sighthound, like other hounds, has a pack mentality with a firm territorial instinct. They are very particular and protective of what they called “their space”. It would be great if he has siblings because there will be an entire force to safeguard your house. The territorial instinct and reserved temperament with a stranger make a Mudhol dog an ideal guard dog.

Colors And Grooming

Black Mudhol Hound
White Mudhol Hound
Fawn Mudhol Hound
Chocolate Mudhol Hound
Brindle Mudhol Hound

Due to the Mudhol dog’s short-coat, grooming comes hassle-free. Just a weekly brushing can keep his coat clean. Do not bathe him unless the hound is extremely dirty. Frequently bathing can take away the natural gloss of his coat and may damage some part of it.

Follow a regular nail clipping, ear, and anal-cleaning routine to keep him tidy and odor-free.

Mudhol hound is prone to dental issues and it is necessary to brush his teeth regularly. Use

“Can you think of a day when you forgot to brush your teeth?”

“Exactly that! Keep your Mudhol’s teeth clean.”

Feeding Mudhol Hound

Feeding Mudhol Hound

Since Mudhol dog is an Indian breed, the most suitable diet for their digestive system would comprise of locally available food. They have lived on anything and everything available to them for years, their digestive systems are structured to ingest any homemade dog food. If, however, you plan to feed commercial dog food, make sure you do not buy any cheap, generic dog food.

It is a working breed and needs food that matches its weight and activity level. Traditional owners and animal shelters have personally suggested maintaining a diet that includes 40% protein, 30% vegetables, and 30% energy giving food.

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A) Puppy (8 weeks to 14 months)

Mudhol Hound puppies between 8 to 12 weeks need 4 cups of high-quality dog food 4 times a day.

Mudhol hound puppies below 6 months need 3 cups of high-quality dog food in 24 hours.

Mudhol hound puppies above 6 months old need not more than 2 cups of high-quality dog food in 24 hours.

You also have an option of feeding your Mudhol Hound puppy 4 servings of 50gms rice with half a boiled egg or 70gms of boiled chicken.

B) Adult (14 months to 5 years)

You can feed an adult Mudhol Dog 1 cup weighting 150-200gms of high-quality dog food or 2 smaller meals in 24 hours.

You can also give him 2 servings of 100gms rice with one boiled egg or 150gms of boiled chicken.

Alternatively, you can feed him 7-10 pieces of wheat Indian bread or a combination of both rice and bread over lunch and dinner respectively.

Adding freshly cut fruits like apple, mango, and bananas to his breakfast can give him raw nutrition and energy.

A working Mudhol Hound with sufficient exercise would need about 1300 to 1500kcal each day. However, an active and high working dog will need around 1700kcal.

C) Senior (10 years to 15 years)

You can continue feeding your senior Mudhol dog 1 cup weighting 150-200gms of high-quality dog food or 2 smaller meals in 24 hours or 2 servings of 100gms rice with one boiled egg or 150gms of boiled chicken or 7-10 pieces of wheat Indian bread.

Senior dogs become slow in metabolism and if you see your dog panting after every meal, it is likely due to a blockage in the digestive system. You may then want to move to a senior dog diet.

Note: Do not change their diet suddenly. Do it slowly over two weeks.

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Health And Vaccination

Mudhol Hound Health

An astonishing healthy dog breed, Mudhol Hound does not suffer through a lot of ailments and lives a healthy life of 15 years (much more than other sighthounds). However, we wouldn’t say that for every dog. Age can hit hard anytime, hence it is always necessary to be aware and take timely action.

There may be certain health conditions that your Caravan Hound can be prone to.

1. Skin Problems

Caravan Hound is prone to a lot of skin diseases especially rashes, allergies, and a very common disease called mange. Mange is a condition that causes the dog to lose his hair and can result in itchy skin. It can be a reaction to physical elements like dust, pollen, or mildew.

Symptoms may include irritation, redness of the skin, swelling on the face, in eyes or ear flaps, vomiting, and sneezing.

Skin problems can get serious and further cause diarrhea. To avoid skin problems, keep your pooch neat with the help of a proper grooming routine. If the condition is extreme, it can be cured either with homemade remedies for dog bruises or through medication.

2. Seizures

While seizures or epilepsy is common in a lot of dog breeds, it is not always genetics. It is a neurological condition that may cause mild or severe convulsions.

Symptoms may include running frantically, rigid limbs, staggered, hiding, or losing consciousness.

Seizures are frightening, but the long-term prognosis of dogs with idiopathic epilepsy is generally very good. It is important to take your dog to a vet when you see such a situation arise.

Though not all Mudhols have to go through this, make sure you adopt your pooch from a responsible breeder or an animal shelter that has an updated health card.

3. Bloating

Also known as “the mother of emergencies” can be a serious condition in many dogs. We generally tend to get tricked by those puppy eyes and end up feeding more than our pooch requires. BAD HABIT!

Do not fall prey to your Mudhol dog puppy’s beautiful eyes. Bloating can lead to death – no kidding.

Your dog’s stomach is bloating if he seems anxious, panic-stricken, or showing vomiting tendencies.

Bloating may happen due to gas or food stretch in the dog’s stomach and can lead to fatal gastric dilatation and volvulus. It is advised not to give water or take your dog for exercise right after a meal.

4. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition when your dog’s body stops developing thyroid hormones.

Symptoms generally look like hair loss, dry and dull skin, excessive shedding and scaling, and inability to resist cold – which by the way Mudhol can’t anyway.

5. Other Health Issues

A Mudhol Hound may be prone to other health conditions like tooth decay, bruises, and torn ligaments. Since this is an active Indian dog breed that mostly spends his time running, he may end up having internal injuries.

Visit the vet every once in a while, to get a complete check-up of your Mudhol pup. Additionally follow a proper dental care routine.

Apart from this, our hound is a good boy!

Vaccination plays an important role in maintaining your dog’s health. Get your Mudhol dog puppy vaccinated with canine parvovirus and for canine distemper at 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 weeks of age and then a booster every three years.
Make sure to also get a deworming vaccination plan for your pooch from his vet.
Dog vaccination is a maze in itself and there are high chances you may get lost with a daylight robbery of vets.

We recommend: Our Beginner’s Guide to Dog Vaccination

Read, educate, be a responsible dog-ma!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Mudhol Hound is far away from being dangerous. In fact, this breed has a nervous temperament and is mostly dependent on his master. A fancier word would be “touch-sensitive”. He may get irked and snap at strangers who try to touch him without consent – consent is important which may give a “dangerous” dog impression.
You cannot control drives, and this one has excessive chasing drives which may make him a little dangerous for smaller pets. Apart from this a well brought up and trained Mudhol can never really be dangerous.

Mudhol dog price ranges between INR 10,000 to 20,000 for purebred. However, Indie breeds are slowly decreasing and are almost on a verge of extinction. We at DogIsWorld do not support buying of dogs and believe it to be an immoral practice.
We humbly urge our readers to adopt and not shop thereby supporting the revival of endangered dogs.

A Mudhol Dog has a sharp jawline with a long head, broad earlobes, and a tapering muzzle. The abdomen is tucked in with a lean torse and a graceful, elegant, and elastic gait.
There is an alternative practice among breeders to insert a bangle through a Mudhol dog puppy’s muzzle. A puppy is considered purebred if the bangle reaches touches its forehead.

A Mudhol Hound needs a firm and consistent trainer who knows how to lead on. Due to a nervous temperament, harsh treatments may not work out well for this one. It will not only make him depressed but also a big-time snapper.
Use praise and positive reinforcement methods and try giving him treats every time he listens to your commands. Be a controller, a leader - a patient one!

Mudhol Hound can be found in the Deccan region of India precisely in the Mudhol Taluk and Bijapur tract of it. You can look for this breed in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. It may be very difficult to get a purebred Mudhol in the northern part of the country, however.

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