What Makes The Border Collie The Smartest Dog Breed In The World?

border collie

All dog breeds are genetically smart. But some are smarter than the others. The best of them is the border collie!

The smartness of a dog is evaluated on various factors.

Experts have categorized them as follows:

  • Trainability
  • Work efficiency
  • Obedience testing
  • Obey command with a high success rate

Although there can be more factors that help us derive the smartness of a dog breed, trainability, work efficiency, obedience testing and command following are the basic.

If a dog breed is easy to train, it shows the dog’s level of intelligence and ability to learn instructions quickly.

Similarly, if the task performed by the dog gives higher efficiency and accurate results he/she is known to be smart.

But what is the use of training and efficiency if the dog does not obey the instructions given by its owner or the trainer?

Therefore obedience testing is also an important factor to be considered.

Among all the dog breeds that have been observed throughout, the Border collie is considered the smartest dog breed is ever known by mankind.

The Poodle and the German shepherd ranking 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Who Are The Border Collies?

Who Are The Border Collies

Earlier, a particular dog breed was bred by the Viking dogs as herding dogs across the borders of Scotland and England.

Probably this is the reason why the first name of the canine is termed as ‘Border’.

The word collie is believed to originate from the Scottish dialect that means sheepdogs.  

This particular dog breed was often seen herding livestock, especially sheep that too in the right direction.

This gained the breed the title of being the “master craftsman at work”.

What Are The Special Characteristics That Make The Border Collie The Smartest Dogs In The World?

Yes, Border collies possess different traits from that of other dog breeds that have ranked them superior in terms of smartness.

The following are 9 SPECIAL FEATURES of the Border collie.

1. Herder By Nature:

herder by nature

The border collie is a working dog breed that originally functioned as herders.

They led flock of livestock particularly sheep as instructed by the flock owner.

Their command obedience and accuracy to do the right task impressed the border inhabitants of Scotland and England.

2. Incredible Level Of Trainability:

border collie training

Training experts love to have Border collies as their pet students.

Reasons being their ability to grasp the given knowledge quickly and applying it 95% of the time.

The fact that this breed loves physical activities and mental stimulation bring it naturally to them to train hard.

3. Learn New Command Quickly:

border collie training

If facts are to be believed, this herding sheepdog is has proven its worth by learning to brand new commands in less than 5 seconds and following it 95% of the time.

The smartest dog in the breed’s history is said to be the breed named ‘Chaser’ who remembers her 1000 toy names and many words generally not understood by other dogs.  

4. Search And Rescue Dog:

border collie as rescue dogs

The extraordinary intelligence of the Border collie has been rightly put to use by the search and rescue groups.

The dog breed along with others such as the German shepherds is widely used for rescue and inspection missions.

5. Eye Dogs:

This remarkable dog breed has shown its worth towards mankind time and again.

 At some places, Border collies are trained for the purpose of eye dogs for general assistance for the handicapped.

6. Sniffer Dogs:

border collie as sniffer dogs

Sniffer dogs, also known as detection dogs are trained to smell and signal danger from any explosive or illegal substances like drugs, currency, etc.

Border collies have been successful in bomb detections, narcotic detection, and agility competitor when putting to the task.

7. Sensitive Dogs:

The smartness of the Scotch sheepdog comes along with immense love and sensitivity.

They aren’t cold-hearted dogs just meant to obey instructions.

A sense of attachment is quickly developed in them towards their owners and trainers which make them reliable and trustworthy.

8. Predict Owner’s Desires:

border collie following instructions

Facts have proven that the mind of this animal is this sharp that they predict the owner’s desire in advance even before the instruction is actually given.

9. Excel In All Dog Sports:

border collie playing sports

Border collies are athletic dogs and sports are a segment they are best at.

They excel in all dog sports fly ball, disc throw, ball throw, Frisbee, etc.

Modern Day Border Collies:

Old Hemp was a strong and witty Border collie dog that gave birth to around 200 puppies through her life span.

All the pure modern-day Border collies are said to have her traits of physical activeness and mental sharpness.

People around the world purchase this breed expecting them to be good followers of instructions and obedient pet dogs neglecting the fact that physical and mental smartness requires exercising and mind games.

Lacking which will make this dog breed furious and behave in ways not acceptable by humans like household destruction, digging, tearing and chasing cars.

This makes them prime candidates at shelter homes.

If given the right requirements, the Border collie dog can assure you to be the best pet dog to have as your companion.

They grow well in a family with young children.

Being herding dogs, this breed would want to flock anything that can include sheep, dogs, and even cats.

One thing they aren’t suited at is aquatic activities

Collies prefer not participating in water and keep themselves away from swims.

We are welcome to any additional trait that you have observed in the breed Border collie.

Let you know by writing it down to us in the comment section.

Happy petting to you! 



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