10+ Best Dog Food Toppers That Your Dog Will Love [Including Picky Eaters]

best dog food toppers with a small puppy

As pet parents, our foremost responsibility is to give our babies the best nutrition.

While most of us feel that it is enough to feed the right amount of protein, we often forget that we have the blessing of dog food toppers.

You heard it right!

Dog food toppers don’t only elevate the taste of their meal but also encourage picky dogs to eat.

These delicious toppers for dog food can also be used to introduce a new food to your dog or get them to take medications.

In fact, it works as a treat for training dogs for eating habits.

But that is not it.

Dog food toppers do much more than this.

Here are some benefits of Dog Food Toppers

Benefits of Dog Food Toppers

benefit of dog food topper

Ensuring that your dog is eating right isn’t always that easy.

Whether you have a picky eater or a pupper addicted to kibbles, perfecting your dog’s meal can become extensive work.

Food toppers can at least make your work a little bit simpler and benefit dogs in the following ways.

1. Address Specific Health Conditions

Dogs that need to take certain supplements to cure their health ailments would not, of course, let you give them medications.

Dog food toppers make it easier for you to mix the supplement with it and feed the dog, thereby addressing specific health conditions like diabetes in dogs.

2. Smooth Transition from Kibble to Raw

If you are planning to change your dog’s eating habits towards a raw diet, food toppers can help.

Add these toppers to their healthy raw food, and it will elevate the flavor and scent of otherwise bland raw meat.

This will only encourage them to eat their food.

3. Give a Little Treat

Think about eating mac and cheese for the rest of your life. Doesn’t work, right?

Like humans, dogs need flavors in their meals too. These dog food toppers act like little flavor treats and let them enjoy variety.

4. Improves Digestion

Healthy dog food toppers that come with probiotics and fiber help dogs digest their food.

It works great even for dogs who have sensitive digestion

5. Assists Chewability in Older and Young Dogs

Young and old dogs have a sensitive and weak set of teeth.

Adding dog food toppers makes the food a little soft and chewy.

This helps older and younger dogs eat their meal with ease.

When there are so many benefits of adding dog food toppers, then why limit their taste buds to something bland?

But out of so many options, which one should be the best for your dog, you think?

Worry not because I have got you covered.

From dog toppers for picky dogs to the ones who are on a natural diet, let me help you with my list of 10+ best dog food toppers in the market right now!

Best Commercial Dog Food Toppers

1. Solid Gold Bone Broth Pour Over

solid gold bone broth dog food toppers

Pour-overs are the most easy-to-use dog food toppers. But this one has a twist. It is more like a crossover between broth and chunks.

It not only makes the dog food more appetizing but also increases the single meat protein intake.

Solid Gold is the best in the market, made with natural and limited ingredients. There are no fillers, GMO ingredients or artificial flavors.

It is pretty impressive because the broth is not limited to only meat and is combined with digestives like pumpkin, which makes it easy on your dog’s stomach.

You can also warm this stew up before pouring. That only elevates the taste.

Each box contains two servings, and you can get an entire 12-pack set for $26.

2. Crumps’ Natural Beef Liver Sprinkles

crumps natural sprinkles dog food toppers

Yes, you read that right—beef liver sprinkles, just like the sprinkles you have on your ice cream.

If you are looking for an easy and convenient dog food topper, you can go for Crumps’ Natural Sprinkles.

Made with only two ingredients, beef and rosemary, the pieces are too small for your dogs to pick them out of their food.

It is also known as magic dust due to its remarkable effectiveness.

But be very careful; these can be easy to overfeed.

Crumps’ Sprinkles is cost-effective and is available for only $8.99 on Amazon.  

3. Open Farm Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Toppers

Open Farm Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food Toppers

Open Farm has always advertised its natural, responsibly sourced, whole-ingredient dog food.

Similarly, their dog food topper is freeze-dried kernels made from humanely raised meats and wild-caught salmon combined with carrots, blueberries, and squash.

No artificial favors or adulterants.

You can break these into sprinkle toppers or hydrate with a little warm water before feeding.

Their flavors vary from Chicken to Beef Bone Broth to pour into otherwise boring food.

Open Farm can elevate the taste of boring food and will make your pooch lick its bowl.

A 5 13.5-ounce pack will cost you $33 – not very pocket-friendly, but absolutely necessary for your dogs.

4. Super Food Pour Over

Another one of our favorites – pour over broths!

But why is Super Food Pour over by The Honest Kitchen on our list? Because, unlike other bone broths, this one incorporates delicious chunks of food, providing a tasty treat-like experience for dogs.

It is less of a broth and more of a stew that is created using human-grade ingredients.

Like our other dog food toppers, Super Food Pour Over also does not have any preservatives and is non-GMO, making it a healthy choice suitable for dogs of all ages.

It can be warmed up, too, just in case you want to enhance its aroma.

Each box comes with 12 packets, one good enough for two servings, and costs approximately $27.

5. I and Love and You Meal Enhancer

I and Love and You Meal Enhancer dog food toppers

Omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals – all three packed in a nutritious wet dog meal topper from I and Love and You.

The extras added to the dog food topper promote healthy skin and coat and aid digestion.

No fillers, colors, by-products, or preservatives were found.

They come in cute pouches, which are easy to store, but they can’t be resealable.

Refrigerate it and forget; trust me, it won’t go bad.

And it is pretty economical.

You can get a pack of 12 for something as easy as $18.

Best Dog Food Toppers for Picky Eaters

1. Bocce’s Bakery Beef and Cheese Dog Food Toppers

Bocce’s Bakery Beef and Cheese dog food toppers

Bocce’s Bakery’s Beef and Cheese Dog food toppers can be a great way to get your picky dog to eat.

It is made with all-natural ingredients, and no, your dog will not find the taste of cheese funny.

When added to dry kibble or wet food, this dog food topper will not only entice your pooch but will add extra dog nutrition to their diet.

Bocce’s Bakery Beef and Cheese has real beef and cheese and is completely free of alteration.

In fact, your baby pupper will keep asking for more of these.

It also comes in different flavors like Cheese and Sweet Potato, Chicken and Pumpkin, but I would suggest you stick to Beef and Cheese if you want your picky dog to eat.

It costs $9.99 for 8 ounces of this dog food topper.

2. FLAVORS Dog Food Topper

FLAVORS Dog Food Topper

If you are a parent of picky eating dog, this is your find.

Some dogs can be a struggle to feed, but FLAVORS food toppers can make mealtime the easiest.

This dog food topper was created, especially keeping picky eaters in mind. Their irresistible and delicious flavors can make any meal great.

You can easily trick your dogs into eating anything you want just by tricking them with the enticing smell of FLAVORS dog food toppers.

Keep them healthy and happily eating with their list of wonderful flavors.

Buy all of them for $7.92 each and match them with the meal according to your fancy.

3. iHeartDogs Dog Food Topper

iHeartDogs Dog Food Toppers

The problem with picky eaters is that even if you experiment with giving chicken thoroughly mixed with rice, they will still know and have only the chicken.

That’s when iHeartDogs comes in.

Their human-grade ingredients and a burst of flavors will only make your pupper ask for more.

The best part is it comes in an almost powdered form that mixes well with the food.

This means your dog will get the flavor, and the taste but will not be able to pick the dog food topper particularly.

The only way to eat it is to eat the whole food.

This makes mealtime enjoyable for you and your furry friends.

Although they have only 2 flavors that are beef and chicken, the pricing is too good to be true for something so healthy and delicious.

iHeartDogs dog food topper costs only $10.99 for 3 Ounces.

4. Nulo Freestyle Puppy & Dog Food Topper

Nulo Freestyle Puppy & Dog Food Topper

The picky canine companion will not only pick their favorite person but will make sure they pick the best-tasting food during their meals, too.

Be it full grown adult dog or an innocent puppy, especially the innocent puppy can make mealtimes very difficult.

Luckily, Nulo Freestyle Puppy & Dog Wet Dog Food Topper is here to save the day.

It does not only give you an array of flavors but textures too.

Finicky eaters will be enticed by their high-quality protein and delicious all-natural ingredient flavor.

The best part is that it works wonders for both senior dog diet and puppy nutrition.

You can get your hands on a pack of 24 for $42.98 from Amazon, and 1 pack can be used twice. So, that’s a pretty good deal, too.

5. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Toppers

This dog food topper is made to cater to the needs of your picky eaters.

Made with high-quality protein, including chicken, beef, and salmon, these dog food toppers add a boost of flavor and nutrition to your pup’s meal.

You can mix it in dry food or kibble and your pet will enjoy even the last bite of eat.

Beware, they might just end up chewing their bowl.

These meals have the potential to make your picky eater’s meal irresistible and a proper balance of nutrition at just $19.38 for a pack of 12.

Best Natural Dog Food Toppers

1. Sardines

Sardines dog food toppers

Sardines serve as an excellent alternative to broth and sprinkles for dogs.

It may smell unpleasant, but the more the smell, the better the dog food topper. It is precisely because of this smell that dogs love it.

Opting for sardines packed in water avoids oil and provides an abundance of protein and omega-3.

Large dog breeds can easily eat up to 3 sardines daily, which will only benefit them.

It significantly increases the meal’s caloric content and should be adjusted according to their daily intake.

But all in all, sardines can be a great dog food topper.

2. Raw Eggs

Raw Eggs dog food toppers

Can dogs eat raw eggs?

Of course, they can! Of all the things on your shelf, egg is a chock full of protein and vitamins for your pup.

They can make great food toppers.

Although I like to feed my dogs boiled eggs, if you want, you can give them raw eggs too.

You do not have to worry about eggshell cutting their stomach. Dog’s stomach acid softens the shell edges, and additional routine digestion ensures eggshells serve as a nutritious ingredient.

All and all, it is a great dog food topper.

3. Anchovies

Anchovies dog food toppers

Anchovies are not just great dog food toppers but are also packed with nutrition.

It is great for the overall development of the dog. From skin and coat health to memory and brain development, anchovies are a great source of omega-3, calcium, and all the vitamins.

It hydrates the pup’s skin and improves the thickness of the fur.

Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients have anti-inflammatory properties that create autoimmunity to fight diseases.

An abundance of DHA and EPA in anchovies is critical for memory, cognitive function, and the healthy growth of a puppy’s brain.

If you can get hold of anchovies and your dog eats them, you have won the game of dog food toppers.

4. Plain Yogurt

Plain Yogurt dog food toppers

Dogs absolutely love yogurt.

But have you ever tried to feed it as a dog food topper?

It provides a probiotic for your pup and helps promote gut health.

Buy a lot of Greek yogurts, kefir, or plain yogurt and add it to their daily meals.

Make sure you do not buy yogurts with added sugar or other nutrients because they may upset your dog’s stomach. 

It would be even better if it were Goat milk because cow milk can be difficult for dogs to digest.

Try a version of goat milk and watch your dog lick the last drop of their bowl.

5. Blueberries

Blueberries dog food toppers

Fresh-frozen blueberries make an excellent addition to your dog’s meal.

Now, not every dog would like blueberries, but you can try giving them a small handful since puppyhood.

They may like it, they may love it, they may absolutely hate it.

But they are full of antioxidants.

However, make sure that you do not feed them more than a small handful because it may become a reason for diarrhea.

Final Words

Always remember why you are buying a dog food topper.

It is not only so that you can make them eat, but also that you can make them eat right.

Add small amounts of probiotic, prebiotic, fish oil, or omega-3 oil to their meal if your dog food topper does not already contain it.

They are a great supplement but read the nutrient value and look out for adulterants or preservatives.

Invest in dog food toppers even if it is high-value but never compromise on the quality.

It is crucial to give a balanced diet to dogs, so remember to feed them a nutrient-rich diet while maintain the flavors.

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