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German shepherd dog

German Shepherd Dogs also known as GSDs are one of the most popular dog breeds on earth. They rank 2nd in the AKC’s most popular dog breed list for a reason. They are extremely energetic, obedient, loyal, trainable, and excellent watchdogs. GSDs love to play and dig. If you are wishing to get one, get ready to wake up early and play with your GSD😉

German Shepherds are the favorite choice of Military and Police departments. GSDs help these authorities in sniffing out and locating bombs/narcotics, finding evidence, and clutching down criminals during combats.

Not only are they good Police Dogs, but GSDs are also good Therapy Dogs. They can be seen in hospitals spreading love with patients who need some affection and hope to get back to routine. These good bois are responsible to cheer them up by giving free cuddles and kisses.

You might already know about the amazing Rin Tin Tin family of German Shepherds!
The original Rin Tin Tin was a Hollywood star, he saved the Warner Bros Company from shutting down with the movie called Where The North Begins. The movie released in 1923 in the guidance of the dog’s master – Lee Duncan.
Rin Tin Tin the 4th also followed his acting talent and delivered a TV series called The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin.

Did You Know?

The Tv series “Adventures of Rin Tin Tin” was made to motivate the american dog parents to send their dogs in the army to protect the nation!

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their name suggests German Shepherds originated from Germany and were bred to be guard dogs, although they originated from Germany, today they are found in almost all parts of the world due to their adaptability and qualities.

German shepherd weight varies from 75 to 95 pounds and height ranges between 22 to 26 inches. German Shepherds are intelligent, diligent, loyal, and highly trainable dogs. They have thick fur and were bred to be guard dogs. A GSD’s lifespan ranges from 9 to 13 years if they don’t fall prey to any diseases discussed later in the blog.

GSDs are the 2nd most popular breed in the America and 3rd most intelligent breed on the Earth. Not only this they have many other reasons to be popular like the famous Rin Tin Tin dog family, and movies like Terminator, I am Legend, Inspector Rex, and many more.

But according to experts the reason for their glory and fame is their intellectual capability, confidence, guarding skills, and the ability to risk their lives when needed.
German Shepherd Dog breed’s fierce looks and extraordinary guarding skills are the reason for them being the Best Police Dogs. They are generally found in hotspots sniffing out bombs, following clues, searching for evidence, and clutching down criminals.
Want to know how? Here is a video by MAI PM.



When it comes to German Shepherd history, we cannot start the story without Captain Max Von Stephanitz, who was a military man and had retired in 1898 to follow his passion for breeding a herding dog.

During his research in 1899, he attended a dog show and came across a breed called Hektor Linksrhein. The dog had all traits of being athletic, intelligent, and an excellent working dog who could win them a war!

He immediately bought the dog and named him Horand v Grafeth to start the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (Society for German Shepherd Dogs). Horand was the first dog to register under this society. The breed in just a few decades became so famous that it still ranks 2nd in the AKC’s most popular dog list.

Due to the beginning of Germany’s industrialization period, there was a fall in demand of herding dogs but Stephanitz couldn’t let his efforts of breeding a herding dog go in vain. He pitched an idea to let the dogs help military and police officers using his contacts he made as a military officer. This resulted in the dog’s use as a guard, supplier, sentry, messenger, and a rescuer in World War 1.

The excellent dog had got famous after World War 1, and a lot of people were interested in knowing its abilities and using it as a working dog. This led to extensive breeding of the dog with dogs that showed similar traits, and soon the dog was spreading all over Germany.

America was unknown to this breed until during a war in France, an American Gunnery Corporal – Lee Duncan picked up a five days old German Shepherd Dog and took him to his homeland (Los Angeles). If it didn’t ring a bell to you by now, let us tell you that Lee Duncan is the man behind the famous dog Rin Tin Tin who has featured in the silent movie called “Where The North Ends” produced by Warner Bros.

Did you know?

Warner Bros were at the verge of losing the company when they gave a chance to Lee Duncan and made this movie. The movie was an overnight success, and Rinty became the go-to actor when they got into trouble.

After this the breed laid footsteps in America, it spread to various other countries as well. But all the other countries were a bit hesitant with its roots being German, and due to the war emotions, so they gave the breed a new name for their citizens to follow.
AKC called it Shepherd Dog till 1931, and England called the breed Alsatian Wolf Dog till 1977. Both countries went back to the original name of German Shepherd Dog.

The breed then spread to almost all parts of America, and people started breeding the GSD with other dogs for better appearance to feature them in dog shows, which led to improper breeding. There came a point in time when the US Military was importing dogs from Germany because they didn’t find a GSD which fulfilled all the original traits.
After seeing such plagued genetic health conditions of the dog, AKC released the breeding standards, and America put back its emphasis on the abilities rather than the looks and appearance.

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