All About Dog Games: Tug of War, Frisbee, Fetch, and Brain Games

All About Dog Games

Looking for some activity to keep your dog entertained and out of trouble?

Indoor dog games are a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated at times when you can’t go outside.

Playing games with a dog can stop them from chewing up furniture and stops them from getting bored.

It does not matter whether you own a highly play-crazy canine, a distractible dog or a couch potato, there are games you can add to his play repertoire to challenge his mind and get his body moving.

Physical and mental exercise is so important for your dog’s health, so when it’s not possible to go outside, turn to this list of inside games for dogs.

Fun games to play with your dog inside your house can be troublesome at times so you also need to be careful.  

Outdoor activities for dogs are also included as a part of their schedule and also play a vital role in a dog’s everyday behavior.

Here are some fresh new ideas to add to your play routine with your pooch. 

Play Tug of War With Your Dog

Play Tug of War With Your Dog

Playing tug of war with your dog is the perfect indoor game for them.

The tug can be a great bonding experience also it is both mentally and physically challenging.

Before you begin, make sure your dog has a good “drop it” or “leave it” command.

Dogs love to play a good game of tug, and they enjoy interactive games with us, having your dog follow the rules of tug it’s a fun way to get some training in when it comes to impulse control.

Breed of dogs which are distracted easily, varying the kind of games and upping their intensity can get even the most lethargic or unfocused dogs performing like seasoned agility pros playing tug of war at the end of a successful run. 

Encourage your canine mate to grab the toy (something soft) by saying ‘grab it’.

When he has a good grip, keep him interested by shaking the toy, from side to side, up and down, and back and forth.

This game provides an outlet for your dog’s natural canine urge to grab and pull on things with his mouth. 

Dog tug of war toys and dog tug of war rope:

A tug toy is specifically designed to be yanked back and forth by you and your dog without breaking.

Tug toys and ropes come in all different shapes and sizes.

And contrary to popular belief playing this game with your dog will not make him aggressive, nor will letting him win make him dominant.

Letting your dog win makes the activity more engaging, and it shows your dog that you’re a lot of fun to be around.

Play Frisbee With Your Dog

Play Frisbee With Your Dog

A game of frisbee is a perfect exercise, and it’s a lot of fun for dogs that have a natural drive to chase.

A Frisbee is a form of an advanced game of fetch because it promotes your dog to chase over long distances.

If your dog doesn’t know how to catch a frisbee I’d start out by using dog disc that either allows the dog’s teeth to easily puncture it without cracking.

This fun activity is distinctly different from regular ball fetch, the saucer lingers longer in the air than a ball, ultimately giving the dog a better chance of catching it in midair. 

Get your pet buddy excited about the frisbee by tossing it at short distances or rolling it on the ground.

Encourage them when they start to chase and follow it around.

Dog frisbee training can be a perfect deal of exercise.

There’s even a frisbee thrower that allows for a longer launch without having to touch the slobbery disc. 

Play A Game Of Fetch With Your Dog

Play A Game Of Fetch With Your Dog

Pet owners often have a question about what pet dog games they should engage their dog in.

If your house has a long hallway or basement you can play fetch indoors.

You can play fetch inside the home with soft toys that don’t bounce, ensuring that you do this on a carpeted floor to avoid your dog slipping when they’re running after the toy.

Sticks of any sort are the cheapest toy, as they are readily found along walkways and parks, but they come with too high of a price, often leading to lacerations in the mouth or digestive tract perforations or obstructions.

Rather than throwing continually in a straight line, vary the height, direction, and distance the object is thrown to keep your dog mentally primed and challenged while playing. 

Our dog loves this rubber ball, It’s a part of ball games for dogs it’s easy to grab and it bounces to make it fun to chase!

This is a great way to give your dog the indoor physical exercise.

Enhance a simple game of fetch.

Hide his ball or some favorite toy somewhere so that he finds it by sniffing it. 

Try hiding when he’s not looking and then call him.

As soon as he finds you, praise him with the reward ana give food treat. 

Your dog will use his nose to sense to find you and hence this game will help in stimulating senses.

Play A Game Of Flirt Pole With Your Dog

Play A Game Of Flirt Pole With Your Dog

What Is A Flirt Pole?

Why the flirt poles?

It’s because, in addition to driving out of the neighborhood to walk in a safer area, I also want a fun way to exercise the dogs without having to leave the fenced-in yard. 

Among other gadgets and toys purposely crafted for dog’s entertainment, the flirt pole deserves a spot of honor as it can provide loads of fun and allows a great outlet for dogs who like to chase things.

On one end of the rope is a lure that’s used to entice your dog to chase.

Flirt poles provide a great deal of exercise, and they’re mentally stimulating.

With the help of a flirt pole, you can teach your dog to listen before, during and after a game.

It’s also considered as training games for dogs.

I would recommend a pole approximately 48 inches long with a lash between 12 and 24 inches.

If the pole is too short for the temperament or experience level of the dog, the toy might be close to the handler’s body for the dog to feel inhibited, or the ideal prey movement to pique that particular dog’s interest may not be achieved.

If the pole or lash is too long, it might get heavy and unwieldy for the handler.

It is a way to let your dog use their natural prey drive in a non-destructive way.

And they’re great for practicing some basic impulse control such as letting go on command.

Remember to let your dog ‘win’ or catch the lure on occasion as a reward while you are playing with him.

If they don’t get that chance to win they can become discouraged and uninterested in the game.

Don’t forget to take it slow when starting out.

The Use of flirt pole with your dog has a high impact, and it can be rough on your dog’s joints.

In case your dog isn’t very active, to begin with, start with short sessions and work your way up to longer ones.

Flirt Pole Rules You Will Use

Flirt Pole Rules You Will Use
  • The Dog must lie down, look at you, leave the toy, and wait for you to release them, before playing.
  • When you tell them to “take it”, then they get to chase.
  • After a few pass bys, reward them by allowing them to catch the toy.
  • Let them play tug until you tell them to “drop it”.
  • Make them lie back down and wait until they are calm. Then start again.
  • Change the direction once in a while, so your dog isn’t always running in the same direction.
  • If the dog grabs the toy before you say “take it” or is mouthy or jumping on you, take a break and/or start over.

Word Of Caution For Dogs With Mobility Issues Or Arthritis

If your dog has any joint or mobility issues don’t use a flirt pole.

Because it’s such a high impact exercise it can cause further joint damage, so opt to some of these lower impact exercises instead.

You can also click on the link to find a guide to dog games and more details about the same.

Brain Games For Dogs

Brain Games For Dogs

Mentally stimulating dog activities such as brain games enrich our dog’s lives by giving them something meaningful to do. 

And because these sorts of activities alleviate boredom they can decrease the likelihood of our dogs’ and can lead to behavioral issues such as excessive chewing or barking.

Interactive games, puzzles, and toys engage your dog’s mind will help boredom and keeping your leather furniture and new designer shoes in pristine condition.

Play Find the Treats With Your Dog

Play Find the Treats With Your Dog

Bits of kibble or your dog’s favorite treats could be used for this game.

Most dog owners’ favorite training treats are Fruitables, they are small enough to hide not worry you are giving your dog too many treats!

It takes some time for dogs to stop relying so heavily on visual cues and to home in their excellent sniffing ability.

Teaching your dog to discover kibbles using only his nose is a great game for the body and mind.

Steps To Play Find The Treats With Your Dog:

  • Grab some good treat and have your dog sit in a stay position.
  • As soon as your dog is in the stay position spread some treats on the ground.
  • Give your dog a release command and ask him to “find the treats”.
  • Praise them as they start picking up the treats.
  • Point towards the treat and help them along if they’re struggling.
  • Practice a few times until your dog understands the idea of it.
  • Start placing the treats further away and repeat steps 3 & 4.
  • When your dog finds the piece of food, say a loud and clear ‘yes!’ so they know they’ve followed through on the action that you wanted out of them.

Give a lot of exciting praises and applause once she finds each treat.

Once you feel your dog has an understanding of the command “search”, then start expanding the area where you hide the treats.

You can make it more challenging by hiding treats in some tougher spots.

The Cup Game

The Cup Game

You’ve might have seen this game played by hustlers, but here’s the doggy version.

Line up three old cups in front of your dog on the floor.

Take a good smelly treat and put it under one cup. 

First, train your dog to eat a treat out of a tipped-over container that’s lying on its side.

Let your dog watch you when you are moving the cups and treat him when he picks the right cup!

If your dog has not played this game before, you can start out by showing her where the treats are and covering them up.

When he makes the correct choice praise him & let him have the treat. 

Once she gets the hang of the game, make it more difficult by not letting her see which cup the treats are under.

Play a Game of Hide & Seek

Play a Game of Hide & Seek

It’s also a sensible choice to encourage and praise your dog and begin a game when your pet is sitting or lying down, as this encourages good behavior.

We as kids have spent hours playing this, and now it’s time to pass the baton on to your dog.

This is one of the most fun things to do with your dog at home.

Does your dog know how to stay?

If so it’ll be much easier, if he doesn’t get a helping hand to keep him sit still while you hide.

To begin with, playing just show your dog what it is you’re going to hide — like a favorite toy, or even a person! — and then place him somewhere he can’t see you. 

Hide it, then go get your dog and tell him to find it.

Give him vocal clues to help in need, like “gooooood” when she gets closer.

When he gets the hidden object back, make a really big deal out of how brilliant he is.

With time as your dog improves, be sure to challenge him by getting creative with where you hide the toy and keeping his brain and body engaged.

Hide and seek lets your dog use a few of their natural scent tracking abilities in a fun and stimulating way.

Hey, what kind of fun games would you like to play with your dog?

Share it with us, down in the comment section.

Happy Petting To You Guys!


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