A Guide To Dog Games

Dog Games

Dogs in general, are misconceived as creatures who are always excited for games and sporty activities.

But in reality, it depends on their breed and their individual characteristics.

The only dog games people think exist are fetch and tug-of-war and they’re often found complaining that their dogs are not much enthusiastic about games.

You have to understand, there are different activities which is fun for different dogs.

You just haven’t found out what games excites your dogs.

Some dogs are fond of being sporty and running all around, while some might just want to go for a walk, sniff around and socialize – you have to understand in which category your four-legged companion falls in.

Why is Playing Important?

Why is Playing Important

Being a dog owner, you must understand why physical activities are as important for dogs as exercising is for us, to function at the peak.

Here are five reasons why more emphasis should be put on dog games

1. Physical Training

Physical Training

Even though, not all dogs require the same physical activity level.

Still, regular physical activity is necessary for every breed, be it a German Shepherd or a Maltese.

It is a saying that: a tired dog is a happy dog, which carries great truth.

If your dog is not getting it enough, he can start inculcating destructive habits.

For example, he might involve himself in excessive chewing to kill time and stay stimulated.

Some dogs also turn aggressive, if they get enough physical training.

2. It Strengthens The Bond

It Strengthens The Bond

We must agree that playing games with your dog are not only fun for them, but it’s also equally fun and recharging for us.

It’s good to block out an hour for playing with your four-legged companion, to see all the hilariousness and enthusiasm in her activities.

Involving into playful activities not only creates uncountable memories but also strengthens your relationship with your companion.

3. Mental Stimulation

Playing games that also include the dog to apply his intelligence are mentally stimulating for them, and it’s fun too.

It gives the chance for your dog to do something meaningful throughout the day.

Exhausting them mentally and physically both keeps them calmer and happier.

4. Fun Way To Teach Them Manners

It’s a great way to educate them regarding some basic manners.

Playing with your dogs demands them to be focused.

Being focused helps them learn the basic commands and control that you can teach them during the play.

For example, Tug-of-war is a great game for dogs, where they can learn to control their impulses and be gentle.

5. Relieves Boredom

bored dog

Not all dogs get bored easily, but most of them do.

So, it’s your responsibility to keep them occupied as much you can.

If a dog is bored for too long, he will find his own way to entertain himself and get into repulsive behaviors like excessive chewing, barking or maybe eating their own feces.

So, to avoid that, dog games are great boredom nullifiers!

Types Of Dogs

1. The Athlete

Athlete Dog

This category of dogs are the ones who are high on energy and wouldn’t get tired easily.

They are good for people who are themselves sporty and would love to invest time in playing with their dogs.

Some of the dog games that these athletes would love are:

  • Fetch – the longer the throw, the better.
  • Tug-of-war
  • Agility Sports
  • Flyball
  • Frisbee
  • Long Hikes
  • Running and Jogging.
  • Trips to dog parks, where they can play with other dogs and tire each other out.

2. The Ball Hound

the ball hound

These are dogs who love to retrieve and hide various toys, equipment, and even your socks at times.

If you have observed your dog doing that, she is a complete ball hound and would love playing the conventional fetch game.

You can try playing the fetch game near some shallow lake, as they would love swimming and fetching toys.

They are also suggested to go on regular long walks for approximately 60 – 90 minutes, to keep them stimulated.

These guys also love swimming, so swimming can be a fun game for both the dog and the owner on the weekends.

3. The Lazy Ass

lazy dog

These are the couch potatoes, who would rather spend days with you on the couch, munching chips and binge-watching television series.

There’s nothing much you can do for their lethargicness, but for their own good, they must be taken out for physically tiring walks and jogs.

There are still a few key activities you can indulge in, to get back the enthusiasm that the dog has kept buried within him, which are:

  • Just practice basic commands with him; this might not be much of a game, but your pup would find it fun.
  • Play a miniature fetch game, inside the house.
  • Hide a few treats at different corners of the house, for them to move to find the treats.
  • Get a puzzle feeder to make mealtime a game of mental stimulation.
  • Plan play dates, maybe a more enthusiastic friend would make your lazy ass more active.

4. The One Who Can’t Stop Digging

dog is digging

Many dogs just keep trying to dig holes at random places in your household.

Maybe at sofas, or just on the ground.

It can mean many things:

  • They can do it out of boredom.
  • Some might do it to seek attention.
  • If there are certain nutrition missing in their diet they dig in order to search for it.
  • Some might even do it out of natural instincts.

You must first recognize, why is the dog digging – the majority of times it is due to their natural instinct which has been inherited.

In such a case, you can provide him with a small area at your backyard where she can dig as much she wants.

Digging is a fun game for them and it’s physically and mentally stimulating.

These diggity dogs are also very fond of running and jogging, so if you can take them to a garden or park – make them run to keep them more occupied.

5. Nosey One

Nosey One

Dogs under this category are mostly breeds that are bred to capitalize on their olfactory skills, such as beagles and hounds.

They have a high wanderlust potential by reaching wherever the scent might take them.

If you really are planning to exploit the skill in the best possible way, you can send them to the training center for search or rescue dogs.

You can either just have fun, with a game of hide-and-seek, where the treats will be hiding and your four-legged companion has to seek them with his olfactory abilities.

They would also love long walks where they take their time to sniff and discover different places.

Games like fetch and tug-of-war might not be a great option, because chances are he will find a lot of things to sniff on and might abandon the fetching object to sniff instead.

6. The Smart Cookie

The Smart Cookie

These dogs are always one step ahead of you, you can see them getting their own leash as it’s time for a walk.

They might be caught chewing the TV remote, as you didn’t give them dinner on time.

They need to be involved in brain exhausting activities, for you to stay ahead of them and avoid boredom.

These dogs as a part of being intelligent are also highly trainable.

  • You can hire a professional dog trainer and train them with herding exercises.
  • Be creative with what you teach them, does your dog has a particular way of reacting when you enact shooting at him?
  • Get puzzled toys and give them a mental workout.
  • Name game: Name different objects and give them a treat each time they bring the right commanded name.
  • Obstacle games: Build mazes and obstacle tracks in order to physically and mentally drain them during games.


Dog Games

So, it is important that you carefully observe in which category your dog falls in and plan out games as per the requirement.

Make sure at least an hour every alternative day is invested in playing with your dog or training and tiring him.

You can also make time for a day where you’re taking your companion for a trek over a small hill or beach where it’s exhilarating for the four-legged mate.

Keep playing and happy petting to you guys!

What are the fun games that you play with your dog?

Share it with us, down in the comment section.

Do share it with people who are looking for how to involve their dogs in fun activities.

Do engage with us, thank you!



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