7+ Dog Agility Equipments for Easy Home Training

7+ Dog Agility Products for Easy Home Training

Some key points before we jump straight into the various dog agility products.

Because if you want your pupper to be the star of the sport, you need to do some homework before they go to the training school.

Getting in-house dog agility equipment makes home practices easy and fun.

It inculcates positive reinforcement, helps build trust with your dog, and gets him ready for the actual struggle.

Dog agility products are not necessarily meant for performance purposes. It also helps the body of the dog maintain proper alignment and posture, making him healthy in general. Most importantly, it opens the ground for an effective dog obedience training.

Now that you know why it is important to buy dog agility equipment, the question is, which ones do you need?

There are a lot of products in the market, but the first thing to consider before buying any random product is to know where your dog stands in the training.

To make the selection easy for you, dogisworld has curated a list of selected dog agility equipment for beginner to advanced dogs and humans in training.

This will help you position your dog in the right category and make a wise decision.

Dog Agility Equipment for Beginners

Dog Agility Equipment for Beginners

1. HDP Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel

HDP Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel

Tunnels are usually considered the stepping stone for agility exercises for dogs.

It will help your dog get started with basic dog command training and hone their spatial sense.

This HDP tunnel is absolutely economical and costs almost or less than $40 on Amazon.

It is 18 feet long and meets AKC’s competition standards.

HDP Dog Agility Open Tunnel is highly durable, safe, and resistant to tearing. Its tough nylon fabric makes it waterproof.

The kit comes with grommets that will keep the tunnel stuck to the ground, preventing your dog from getting caught within it.

However, this product is only great if you are using it outdoors, especially in an open yard.

If you are looking for something in-house or in your garage, I have something else for you.

2. Outward Hound’s Indoor Dog Agility Starter Kit

Outward Hound’s Indoor Dog Agility Starter Kit

Zip & Zoom Indoor Dog Agility Training Kit by Outward Hound is the best thing that can happen to you if you are looking to train your dog indoors.

It is an interactive way to keep your dog both mentally and physically active while indoors and a great way to teach them new tricks.

It comes with 3 fun obstacles that you can teach them independently: ­ 1 square collapsible, tunnel four 4 weave poles, and an adjustable jump that can be taken apart and used two 2 more individual weave poles.

It is lightweight and detachable, making for easy storage.

This dog agility equipment is good for dogs who are just starting and have not mustered the courage to compete with the big dogs on the field.

It costs as little as $44.99 on Outward Hound’s website for all three pieces of equipment.

3. Competition Tire Jump by Agility Inc.

Competition Tire Jump by Agility Inc.

Another wonderful way to get your puppy started with agility training is to install a Red 24” Tire Jump.

This tire jump has set positions that meet the standards of any competition in the industry.

It is a 24-inch round tire with an adjustable chain and can be used with different heights.

The pipe is made of furniture-grade materials, and the PVC pipe is sturdy enough that it will not break even if a large dog breed fails to make the jump.

It is a great way to train your newly agile dog with focused jumps of all levels.

This dog training equipment is good setup in all weather, but the only concern that remains is the metal chain during monsoon.

But an anti-rust serum would do the work for you.

What may come as a turn-off would be the price. It costs $287 on Amazon but it is totally worth it.

4. The Klimb Dog Training Agility Platform from Blue-9

The Klimb Dog Training Agility Platform from Blue-9

If your dog is just starting its career towards agility performance, you need The Klimb.

It is by far one of the best platforms for your dog to showcase each of their basic skills.

This product will help your dog get started with simple jumps, posture shows, and climbing that will form the foundation for complex training.

The Klimb by Blue-9 is what you need.

This training platform makes it easy to train your dog and prevent problematic behaviors. It also works as a space to pause and let your pooch calm themselves down.

The product contains a PawGrip soft-touch coating that allows your dog to get a solid grip and prevents slipping.

It is water-resistant and sturdy, and the legs store for easy portability.

Get this product for $151 from Amazon.

Dog Agility Equipment for Intermediate Dogs

Dog Agility Equipment for Intermediate Dogs

1. Mini Travel Teeter from Agility Inc

Mini Travel Teeter from Agility Inc

If your pooch has already stepped up its game and needs a smooth transition to the expert level, this Mini Travel Teeter from Agility Inc. can be of help.

This dog agility product will help your dog learn how to balance.

Waterproof, weather-proof, and sturdy, this Mini Travel Teeter is affordable, costing $175 from Amazon.

And when we are talking about “proofs”, it is made of a material that is slip-proof too.

It is safe and durable, but one needs to have other training kits to give their dog a complete experience.

It is because this comes with only the teeter and caters to the needs of an intermediately trained dog.

But it is a great investment if you want to focus on particular shortcomings of your dog.

2. Agility Weave Poles by Cool Runners

Agility Weave Poles by Cool Runners

Adjustable and just what your dog needs to get his walking straight.

Or should I say curvy?

These indoor/outdoor weave poles by Cool Runners allow the poles to be set up in pairs or connected in straight or offset configurations for more complicated courses.

These also work as great dog agility equipment to train service dogs.

It can easily be assembled and detached and meets all the competition guidelines.

It has a wide range and is suitable for all dog sizes.

The kit is lightweight and highly portable.

This dog agility product is good for pups also giving them enough space to make errors while they are at it.

However, if your dog is a first-timer for this training, he may knock over the poles if he is a large to huge breed.

The best part about it is that it cost only $60. Pretty good for an intermediate dog level.

3. DogSport 5’ Dog Agility A-Frame

DogSport 5’ Dog Agility A-Frame

With the intermediate level comes the art of speed and balance.

This A-Frame features two ramps made of aluminum alloy with steel supports.

It is an essential part of agility courses, and every dog owner is adamant about pushing their dog to the next level.

DogSport 5’ is a compact dog agility product. It can be used in fairly smaller spaces as well as on larger courses.

Heavy duty, yet it would feel like nothing to assemble and reassemble the product.

You can also mix and match it with larger agility training equipment, making this product justifiable for the cost.

Which reminds me, this A-Frames would cost you a smooth $1,150. So be ready to spend your savings.

4. Affordable Agility Dog Training Ladder

Affordable Agility Dog Training Ladder

The dog agility training ladder is a blessing to the sport. It is effective, versatile, and easy to manage.

It helps your pooch to sharpen the foot game and improves their neural plasticity.

A good dog training ladder can increase the athletic I.Q. and promote speed.

Affordable Agility’s training ladder is 7 feet long with rungs spaced 12” apart, and it is good for all dog groups.

By learning to pace itself inside the ladder’s rungs, a dog can gain confidence in excelling at any obstacle that requires them to use all four feet.

You can also turn the ladder upside down to train small dog breeds and puppies when they are starting.

Cost? $79.

Advanced Agility Training Equipment for Dogs

Advanced Agility Training Equipment for Dogs

The only advanced Agility Equipment that you will need for your dog is this:

Dog Park Complete Expert Dog Course

Dog Park Complete Expert Dog Course

RJR Enterprises has come up with the most advanced dog course that contains all the best dog-playing agility equipment.

This equipment will transform the yard of your home into a competitive field for your dog.

The dog park includes 9 activities meeting the needs of dogs of every size.

Making your dog practice in this agility-based equipment will definitely make them a superstar.

It has a thermoplastic coating and is specially created to be slip-resistant.

The packages include Rover Jump Over, Hoop Jump, Dog Teeter Totter, Doggie Crawl, Paws Table, Stepping Paws, King of the Hill, Dog Walk, and Weave Posts.

This is the best that you can do for your dog.

End Note:

Dog agility sports look at various aspects and the training is very important to make sure your dog excels.

From endurance, grace, and agility to speed, these dog training equipment helps in the overall development of your dog.

Make sure you understand their weak points and focus on products that will better the particular exercise instead of buying an entire kit.

You can try buying a book called The Power of Positive Dog Training, which offers a six-week step-by-step program of training dogs through positive reinforcement.

During the book, you will understand how to interact, command, and generate trust with your dog.

That remains the stepping stone towards making an athlete out of him.

And we that, we end this blog.

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