6 Healthy Senior Dog Treats To Give Them Fearlessly

feeding senior dog treat to a labrador

Growing old together with your dog—or at least seeing them become a senior dog—is a truly wonderful journey.

But just because they are getting older does not mean that it’s a cause for concern.

Just like with hoomans, ageing in dogs is a gradual process.

You can help your senior companion navigate this stage and live their best life by getting the right senior dog essentials and giving them the right nutrition.

They go through a lot of changes as they enter their senior year, but one thing remains constant – they are a good boy, and they deserve treats!

However, you must carefully curate a senior dog diet that leaves enough space for the treats.

Remember, with ageing comes a slow metabolism.

But that’s not it; we cannot forget the fact that senior dogs may also feel weakness in gums and teeth – this means we need softer treats, too.

Let’s check out for Dogisworld has in store for you.

1. Cranberry Bladder Bites by Zesty Paws – Treats for Senior Dogs

Zesty Paws - Treats for Senior Dogs

Price: $24.97
Quantity: 90 Chews

Cranberry is good not only for humans but also for dogs. They help balance pH levels in the urine and boost digestion and immunity.

This soft chicken liver treat by Zesty Paws is the best and full of nutritive ingredients that support the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract.

It can also be used as a daily supplement to prevent or minimize recurring UTIs.

This senior dog treat has licorice roots and astragalus that support kidney and bladder function.

And although it has cranberries in it, the flavor remains of Chicken Liver.

Soft and delicious, dogs love the chewy texture that makes it a great way to keep them happy and healthy.

2. Hip & Joint Treats by Old Mother Hubbard – Treats for Senior Dogs

Old Mother Hubbard – Treats for Senior Dogs

Price: $7.99
Quantity: 20oZ

Oven-baked Hip and Joint Healthy Treat by Old Mother Hubbard is a perfect senior dog treat.

Each serving has 750mg/k fog glucosamine hydrochloride and 250mg/g of chondroitin sulphate to help promote stronger hip and joint bones.

With age, the hips are the most attacked body part of a dog. Why not get a treat that does not only make them drool with happiness but also supports an important body part?

Perfect treats to train your dogs, especially oldies some new tricks or can be fed as occasional treats when their appetite does not support the routine.

Since it is over-baked, there is a crunch added to the texture with flavors like Peanut Butter, Chicken Liver, Oatmeal, and a few more.

It can also be used for intermittent or supplement feeding.

3. Senior Health Biteable Dog Treats by Get Naked

Senior Health Biteable Dog Treats by Get Naked

Price: $8
Quantity: 6oZ

Senior Health Biteable Dog Treats are soft and chewy treats that are specifically formulated for senior pets.

They are soft, which makes it easier for senior dogs to munch on them even if they are missing a tooth or have sensitive teeth.

It has added ingredients like omega-3 fish oil and other fatty acids that support your dog’s ageing health, reduce inflammation, lubricate joints, and improve mobility.

It also includes New Zealand green-lipped mussel, a natural supplement that supports heart and brain health, and chondroitin for healthy joints.

Chicken remains the main ingredient of this senior dog treat, along with sweet potatoes to give high-protein and a delicious flavor.

It is also packed with probiotics, so you don’t have to worry about gut issues.

4. Hip and Joint Care Senior Dog Treats by Greenies

Hip and Joint Care Senior Dog Treats by Greenies

Price: $21.99
Quantity: 18oZ

Greenies Hip and Joint Care Treat is not just for their hip and joints but fascinatingly for your dog’s dental health, too.

These are easy-to-digest senior dog treats and contain glucosamine and chondroitin from all-natural sources.

Both of which help support mobility and joint health.

Their softer texture and toothbrush-like structure can be used to scrub teeth.

It naturally cleans the teeth and removes plaque and tartar build-up, leaving a fresh breath.

Greenies complement the entire treat for senior dogs by enriching it with omega-3 fatty acids and ingredients that go easy on their stomach.

4. Senior Advanced 11-in-1 Bites by Zesty Paws

Senior Advanced 11-in-1 Bites by Zesty Paws

Price: $40
Quantity: 90 Chews

Heart-shaped treats are always cute. But what’s even better is when these heart-shaped chewy treats address all the 11 body functions.

From hips and joints, skin health, gut health, and immunity, Heart, brain, liver, and eye health to urinary and kidney health – Zesty Paw’s Advanced 11-in-1 is the best thing that can happen to your senior dogs.

The supplements come in chicken or beef flavor and have no artificial flavor or preservatives.

The list of ingredients is impressive and includes a wide range of nutrients that are only going to promote good overall health.

Since they are NASC-approved, it means they meet the requirements of quality control, product monitoring, and strict labeling guidelines.

Senior dogs have seemed to like these bites a lot. It can be used as a frequent senior dog treat and supplement.

5. NaturVet Senior Calming Soft Chew for Dogs

NaturVet Senior Calming Soft Chew for Dogs

Price: $10.21
Quantity: 65 Chews

NaturVet Senior Calming Soft Chew is a cross-over between supplement and treat.

Just as catnips work on cats, this works on dogs.

The inclusion of chamomile, ginger, and melatonin induces sleep and acts as a gentle, all-natural sedative.

The presence of herbal ingredients supports the nervous system in reducing stress and tension, and the softness of the texture makes it easier for the dog to chew.

This works when you want to give your dog a quiet moment treat before high-stress activities like car rides or vet visits.

If your dog is going through a sleeping disorder, you can give this at night and stare at your senior puppy to sleep peacefully.

Choose your fancy and feed any of these 6 healthy senior dog treats fearlessly.

Natural Senior Dog Treats

Natural Senior Dog Treats

Sometimes, looking inside the house for treats is a better option.

If you do not know, there are a lot of natural senior dog treats that may be lying in your kitchen and you wouldn’t even know.

In addition to commercially available treats for senior dogs, some pantry staples make health treats for them, including:

1. Eggs – Raw or otherwise, are filled with protein. Serve it scrambled, cooled, or simply cracked to your dog’s meal.

2. Yogurt – Dogs love yogurt. Just open a can and see your dog drooling. They serve as healthy probiotics, so why not use them as treats?

3. Pumpkin and sweet potatoes can be a great treat for dogs and are good for their skin, eye, and digestive health.

4. Fish oil, anchovies, tuna, and salmon are filled with good fatty acids and nutrients that can promote good overall health.

5. Flaxseeds, another great treat that contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids, can be used in a powdered form and mixed with food.

Just make sure not to deviate from this list because there are a lot of toxic foods for dogs that you may not be aware of. It will only make things worse for your senior dogs.

Senior Dog Treats are something your baby totally deserves during his golden days. Don’t let their age be a barrier for them to enjoy some flavors.

Our list of treats for senior dog lovers is not only delicious but also serves their regular dietary supplement keeping them healthy as long as they are with you.

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