Review: PortraitFlip’s Handmade Dog Portrait


Handmade dog paintings are trending, and they have got all the reasons to be on the buy list of many dog owners out there.

The customized and picturesque experience a handmade painting offers is nowhere near to the monotonous digital printing of photos.

The paintings speak a lot about the love that the parent shares with the dog through various elements of the painting and is an excellent add on to one’s living room wall to flaunt his love for his/her fur baby!

Types of Handmade Dog Paintings:

You might think,” What can be the subject or theme of the painting?”

Well, there are four – Memorial, Royal, Merged, and Custom.

1. Memorial Dog Paintings: (Prefer Charcoal / Oil Paintings)

These offer a chance for all dog parents who lost their dogs to heal and move on with life.

You can add text to the painting like your dog’s name, dates, or a special message to go wherever you want.

2. Royal Dog Portraits: (Prefer Oil/Acrylics Paintings)

If you have a funny bone, then these are the right choice for you!

Your dog’s face goes on top of a royal uniform to look like your dog is wearing the uniform!

3. Merged Paintings: (Prefer Oil Paintings)

This type offers you to add more than one character into the painting even if they were not clicked together.

This is perfect for people who want to merge all their pets or a human character into the painting. Since the artist paints it from scratch, the painting almost looks like the characters were captured together.

4. Custom Dog Portrait:

People looking to gift someone a dog painting or who only want the photo to be painted by the artist with a couple of modifications here and there can order this one.

You have the complete independence to choose what elements go on your painting like Custom Background, Text, Medium, Framing, and a lot more other elements.

Today, we invite Ms. Bonnie, who runs a YouTube channel by the name Tonka the Alaskan Malamute AKA Waterwolf, her channel is a great success with more than 11 Million Subscribers!

She is going to share her review about her Painting Experience and how she got her two adorable huskies painted.

Review By Bonnie

Thank you so much for inviting me, guys!

The other day I was trying to paint a portrait of my two dogs Tonka and Monroe, and I must say I gave my best attempt 😂

I started with sketching the rough draft and then moved on to painting it with my not so decent skills 😉

I must not reveal the painting, but I will attach at the end of the article, I am sure you all are going to laugh hard!

After exploring my not so good painting talent, I quickly went online to find a professional, and frankly, there are many options available.

But the work of some artists just didn’t hit the chord for me.

I landed upon this website called PortraitFlip, they also had a 4.9/5 on Trustpilot, and their previous work was fantastic. I have attached some camera clicks below.

I went on to create a Custom Painting.

  1. I started by uploading the following picture and customized Size, Medium, Framing, and Delivery Deadline (I wanted it for Christmas.)
  2. The person on chat helped me in choosing the right size, medium, frame, and getting all the changes executed in my preview.
  3. Then I paid a 30% down payment to get the process started.

How PortraitFlip Took It From There?

24 hours after the order was created, I received an e-mail from PortraitFlip, which had the preview of my painting attached to it.

I had a few corrections in it, I got them done in a couple of days and gave them a heads up for starting the painting process.

Then they sent me an e-mail when the painting was 50% completed, and I started to feel excited about how the final painting would look like!

After the painting was done, I received the photo, and I wanted Tonka’s nose to have more features as it was in the image. I asked them to do it and it took an additional day to get that done.

Finally, the painting was done, and I liked what I saw on my screen, but I wanted it so badly to be in my hands that I decided to shoot an unpacking video once it was delivered.

Since I had opted for an express delivery the painting reached to me in only 12 days after I placed the order but these 12 days was a long time for me 😉

How Did It Turn Out?

It was simply mesmerizing, the details of the characters were executed very nicely. The painter seemed professional as the oil painting smelled very real!

Here is the unpacking video I made for their team to keep them motivated, you will also find my painting in there 😉

Why Order From PortraitFlip?

PortraitFlip was new to me and I wasn’t sure about the whole portrait thing, but when I placed the order and experienced their service, the whole process was like an easy cakewalk for me!

PortraitFlip has the following pros:

  • They don’t charge the same price for all mediums. You only pay for what you buy. The other leading website I found was asking me to pay the same price for an oil, charcoal, acrylic, pencil, or watercolor painting, this makes no sense.
  • They have a hub of professional artists.
  • Customer support is also excellent. They welcomed all changes till the end and gave suggestions on multiple points of time. Thanks to Sunny, my dedicated agent.
  • The portrait turned out nice, and the turnaround time was decent.
  • I love the way they stretched the canvas and created a Gallery Wrapped painting, it looked so neat!

The Cons:

Frankly speaking, there were no major cons, but they can improve a bit on the following:

  • It took 12 days to deliver on Express Shipping; I was so excited that I couldn’t wait for so long. They offer the best turnaround time in the market, but still, it can improve a bit.
  • I didn’t have the option to choose a frame of my choice. They said a black fiber frame will go perfectly and if I wished I could order a rolled one and get it framed.

The other services give an option to get a frame of your choice but the cost and the turnaround time go up, so I ordered from these guys.

In A Nutshell

My experience with PortraitFlip was super-amazing. I recommend this website.

  • PortraitFlip is a fantastic company, its product and services are perfected over time and offer the best in the cheapest cost possible.
  • Their customer support is excellent and the dedicated agent (Sunny) speeds up the process by getting the changes executed and getting the painting shipped.
  • They don’t overcharge for different paintings; they will ask less for a charcoal sketch and more for an oil painting, which is by far the best advantage of ordering from PortraitFlip.
  • They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee; if I am not happy after receiving the product, I can return and get a full refund. I didn’t need to return the portrait, so I don’t know how the return process looks like, but I am sure it will be easy.
  • If you want a handmade portrait, go for PortraitFlip hands down, they are the best!

Check out PortraitFlip here; use Code DIW15 for a 15% discount.

Thank you Bonny and to all the readers for going through the review.

We hope you loved it.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy Petting To You Guys!


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