French Bulldog

french bulldog

Need the perfect companion in a small handy size with an adorable face?

Get a French bulldog to the rescue.

Beauty has changed its definitions.

And one such remarkable exam is the French bulldog.

It may not be one of those attractive looking dogs, but the Frenchie has long taken the hearts of millions who have owned one.

The breed that is originally from England with its native habits of France is a perfect companion to own in America.

French bulldog facts include their ability to be amazing watchdogs irrespective of the little body they own.

The price of a French bulldog is relative quite high.

Reasons being its rare availability.

Quick Facts

Avg. Weight: 20-28 pounds (male) and 16-24 pounds (female)

Avg. Height: 11-12 inches

Life Expectancy: 11-13 years

Dog Group: Non-Sporting dog group

Colors: fawn, cream, brindle, white

Other Names: Frenchie, frog dog, clown dog

Dog Rank: 4/193 (United States of America)

At A Glance

French Bulldog

Size (2/5)

French bulldogs are small-sized compact dogs that are homely and affectionate in nature.

They do not weigh more than 28 pounds and are as tall as 12 inches at shoulder level.

Affection Level (5/5)

French bulldog temperament is said to be of a quiet and calm behavior.

Frenchies are highly affectionate to its family.

They love spending time together and rather would feel depressed if left alone at home.

If you’re someone who is mostly away from home, the French bulldog is not someone you should own.

Apartment-Friendly (5/5)

The gifted compact size of this dog makes it easy for the family as well as the French bulldog to live comfortably in an apartment.

The breed belongs to a remarkable pedigree that is known for its adaptability in an apartment.

Cold Weather Tolerability (2/5)

French bulldogs have a single coat that is just right for moderate climatic conditions. Cooling weather helps them maintain the coat.

However, they are not very suited for extremely cold conditions.

Hot Weather Tolerability (1/5)

French bulldogs have a face that is comparatively flat.

Such a face type causes breathing difficulty in the dogs.

Hot weather can disturb their living style as they will not be able to continue with activities that exhaust them.

Barking Tendencies (2/5)

You will be glad to know that the French bulldog is one such dog type that does not bark or howl.

They are quiet which makes them excellent apartment-friendly dogs.

However, there are exceptions to everything.

Cat-Friendly (3/5)

This playful dog breed can get along well with cats after being provided with essential training.

Be aware, this breed likes being the center of attention in the house and would not like any extra care getting diverted elsewhere.

Dog-Friendly (4/5)

Just like cats, French bulldogs are generally friendly with other dogs as well.

However, anything that takes the Frenchie owner towards any other dog is a moment of jealousy and hatred for the little dog.

Exercise Needs (4/5)

Unlike the large-sized dogs, French bulldogs do not require a lot of physical exercises.

A regular 15-30 minutes’ walk is enough to keep your stout French bully dog in the right shape.

Grooming Needs (3/5)

French bulldog shedding is not something you need to worry about.

They aren’t dogs who shed much.

But they have a loose and wrinkled skin that would call for a grooming brush.

Regular bathing are brushing is enough to keep their heavy skin in place.

Playfulness (5/5)                                                                          

This little dog is said to be the best dog companion in the world.

If you as an owner would give your dog time and games to play, he/she would prove to be the best creature you have ever known.

Trainability (3/5)

French bulldog puppies are easy to train to provide the training is fun and multi-tasking.

But one thing that restricts them from being amazing athletes is that they cannot swim due to their physical constraints.

Best training results can bring you amazing watchdog.

Intelligence (3/5)

The French bulldogs aren’t the obedience dogs that have splendid agility.

Although their ability to be commendable watchdogs is something that requires smartness, they aren’t as smart as other dogs of their size.

Mouthiness (3/5)

Unless you’re a dog person, you wouldn’t like the way your dog behaves as French bulldogs are known to be one of the mouthiest breeds.

The breed is prone to drooling, flatulence and some amount of shedding.

Price Group (4/5)

If welcoming a French dog to your home is what you have decided, get ready to empty some chunks from your pockets because a French bulldog puppy is rare to find and expensive to own. 

About French Bulldogs


french bulldog puppy

French bulldog puppies are adorable little assets.

Their flat tiny nose with shaggy ears makes them unique to that of the English bulldog.

Puppy bulldog will weigh not more than 1-2 pounds.

They have fallen ears to that of the adult who is known for its erect “bat-like” ears.


bulldog adult

Full-grown adult French bulldogs are compact sized dogs, similar in appearance to its ancestral English bulldog but smaller due to the inherited genes of the ratter dogs.

Adult Frenchies are excellent watchdogs and a homely pet one must think of owning.

Cream French bulldogs are preferred over others.

They might now look as attractive as other small size dogs but their inner beauty has the call for its lovers.    

Where French Bulldogs Came From?

bulldog with england flag

Your favorite French bulldog will surprise you by not being the original inhabitants of France.

They are originally from the parent country England.

A lace-maker tribe immigrated to France looking for opportunities with regards to the industrial revolution.

They brought along the English bulldogs that were bred with the ratters in France.

This breed was brought into existence to bring about a miniature version of the English bulldog.


French Bulldog Size

The French bulldog who has a half-flat, half-domed skull is a unique dog with its size being not big enough and not that small as well.

This dog will not weigh more than 20-28 pounds, making it a perfect dog for apartment living nuclear family.

They have a heavy head and a slim body.

The French bulldog is said to be a compact size handy dog breed. 


french bulldog training

French bulldogs aren’t the ones who would show stubborn behavior towards an expert or home training.

They are fine with any sort of training till the time it’s fun and adventurous

But make sure your Frenchie is not made to exhaust himself due to its health issues like panting and difficulty in breathing.

French bulldogs are sensitive to anesthesia that can add up to problems.

On the whole, the breed is a good student to be trained.  



The small size means lesser grooming needs.

Regular baths are necessary but excessive water draining can remove the essential oils from the dog breed’s body.

Take time for timely hair brushing that will reduce dog shedding

French bulldogs have a natural single coat that will not require grooming much.

Common Diseases

french bulldog diseases

French bulldog health issues are as follows:


Brachycephalic syndrome

This disease is prone to dogs with short heads and narrow nostrils.

The airway of the dogs gets obstructed and the dog is likely to snort and snuffle.

Cleft palate

Cleft palate is a condition where little French bulldog puppies fail to suck the mother’s milk.

This happens because of an opening between the nasal cavity and the oral cavity.

Elongated soft palate

The smooshed face of the miniature bulldog is an invitation to many breathing problems.

The elongated soft palate is a condition where the air passage in dogs is partially blocked.

This causes breathing difficulties and can lead to serious consequences if left untreated.


Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

Interverbal discs are shock absorbers of the spine.

IVDD affects the spinal disc of the dog breed which can result in a dangerous health condition.

Early treatment can prevent a French bulldog from paralysis, nerve damage, loss of sensation and other incurable chronic diseases.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is an inherited disease in French bulldogs.

 Before owning a Frenchie, one must do a thorough check of any history of hip dysplasia as it is obtained genetically. 

Hip dysplasia can cause severe pain to the dog in one or both the hips.

This would restrict their walking and jumping activities.

Adding to this, obesity can worsen up the situation by exerting more pressure on the hips in the form of weight.

Although it is a genetic disease, the right care from the early weeks of the French dog puppy can help prevent it.

If not, it can lead to dangerous conditions of arthritis. 


The spinal cord is formed with several vertebrae.

Malformation of the same would lead to hemivertebrae in dogs.

The condition can get so worse that it can lead to paralysis.

Patellar Luxation

Patella is a bone around the knee of the French bulldog.

It has three parts.

When all these three parts aren’t lined up in order and make a different movement, it causes patellar luxation in dogs.

The disease affects the dog in a way that gives it a bowlegged appearance. 


Canine Follicular Dysplasia

Structural abnormality in dogs causes hair loss.

It is a genetic disease named as canine follicular dysplasia.

The treatment of the same is rarely successful.

General Allergies

General allergies like food-based, contact-based and inhalant allergies are harmful to a French bulldog.

Ear infections are also caused by inhalant allergies.

Eczema Allergy

Eczema allergy in French bulldogs forces them to scratch and lick their infected skin that can worsen up the allergy.

Excessive scratching can make your poor Frenchie bleed.

Hay Fever

Itchy skin or overly greasy skin can cause hay fever in dogs.

It is a condition where your Frenchie dog can have a running nose or scratchy irritating eyes.

Any symptom of hay fever needs a vet consultation.

Colour Dilution Alopecia

CDA is a genetic disease in dogs.

This too leads to excessive shedding and hair loss.

This disease is generally prone to dogs with a blue coat, giving it a yet another name “blue dog alopecia”

But in French bulldogs, CDA may show symptoms in the absence of a blue coat.


Cherry Eye

Popularly known as the cherry eye disease, is a condition where a cherry-like a mole is formed in the corner of the French bulldog’s eye.

This mole is excessively painful to the dog.

Juvenile Cataracts

A juvenile cataract is a disease that makes the sight obscured by clouding the lens of the eye.

This results in loss of sight to the beautiful blue/brown eyes of this dog breed.


Entropion is a genetic disease.

It leads to the folding of the eyelid internally which gives a lot of uncomforting irritation to the dog.

Scratching over the same would lead to corneal ulcers.


Canine Glaucoma

Canine glaucoma is a chronic disease that can cause serious damage to the optic nerve of the French bulldog.

If left untreated, this disease can cause permanent blindness and loss of visual field.


Von Willebrand Disease

Von Willebrand is a very common disease in dogs which is a result of inheritance.

This genetic disease will force the body to produce lesser proteins that are specifically required for blood clotting.

Unable to heal blood vessels with platelets, the dog’s body shall bleed excessively whenever injured.


bulldog feeding

Feeding a Frenchie must have a high value of proteins and lover value of fats.

Higher the meat protein over grain protein, higher the digestive ease to the dog.

The daily supplements should include 1-2 cups of dry food depending upon the size of the French bulldog.

The following are a number of food items that should and should not be included in the dog breed’s diet.


Apple Rice
Blackberries Beef
Carrots Lamb
Chicken protein Salmon
Broccoli Potatoes
Peanut butter Tuna
Yogurt Pumpkin
Cheese Pasta
Turkey Bananas


Garlic Grapes and raisins
Caffeine Alcohol
Avocado Chocolates
Whey or wheat Onion
Sugar Raw meat
Salt Nuts
Corn products Shallots
Fish with bone Gravy

Suggested: Senior Dog Food

Vaccination And Care


Your dog vaccination schedule needs to be on card.

The following is a list of vaccinations mandatory for a healthy French bulldog puppy.

Note: DHPP stands for distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus respectively.

The following is a list of vaccines that can be given in combination.

Canine distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, leptospirosis, bordetella and Lyme disease.

  1. 6-8 weeks: DHPP plus tella measles. Bordatella is optional.
  2. 10-12weeks: DHPP
  3. 12-14 weeks: rabies vaccination
  4. 14-16 weeks: DHPP
  5. 12-16 weeks: rabies vaccination and DHPP
  6. Every 1-2 years: DHPP
  7. Every 1-3 years: rabies vaccination (required by law)

Suggested: Guide To Dog Vaccination

Monthly Expense Estimation

French Bulldog with money
  • Initial cost

The initial cost for a well-bred French bulldog pup can range up from 1,500 to 2,000 US dollars.

  • Veterinarian

Apart from any major surgery or treatment, regular veterinarian checkups can cost you about 30-40 dollars.

  • Feeding

French bulldogs have a medium appetite in correspondence to their size.

A monthly estimate of 50-60 dollars needs to be kept aside for its food expenses.

  • Snacks

Here you must take into consideration the treats your dog would love to enjoy against training and heavy physical exercises.

This would drain you of nothing more than 10 dollars per month.

  • Training

It’s important to hire a strict and sharp trainer for your dog who can turn to be a stubborn dog.

Hence, training charges are estimated to be around 70-80 dollars per month. 

  • Grooming

You don’t need to worry about spending on your French bull dog’s grooming expenses as the Frenchies stand out to be a very low maintenance dog.

It will not cost you anything more than 5-8 dollars to groom your dog monthly.

Behaviour With


French Bulldog with children

This little stout dog makes excellent friends with children.

However, no breed should be left alone with young children unmonitored.

It is not safe for the dog as well as the child.


French Bulldog with dogs

French bulldogs with other dogs are likely to be happy and jolly.

But their sweet nature may turn out to be unpredictably aggressive on seeing dogs being petted by the Frenchie’s owner.


Cats and French bulldogs are good with each other if raised together.

It is necessary to give your dog as well as the cat training to live with each other.


French Bulldog

Best of the companion dogs, French bulldogs have been one of the most preferred dog breeds in the United States of America.

Their comical and entertaining personality will soon take your heart away.

What makes it a unique body on land is its features of erect “bat ears”.

It is said to be the dog’s trademark features.

Let me tell you, this dog breed is one of the irresistible ones, varying from the parent breed the English bulldog.

Unfortunately, the little cute fellow with the smooshed-in face faces a lot of respiratory problems.

However, no feature what so ever can deny the fact that French bulldogs are the best as watchdogs.

The little sized dog is an amazing pet to own and experience pure love.

Something Fun About French Bulldogs

The Dogs Who Cannot Fly

Relax; no dogs can fly on its own.

But this breed is banned from flying aboard as well.

French bulldogs along with other dogs with the same facial features are not allowed in several commercial airlines.

This is due to its snub nose that causes respiratory difficulties. 

The French Dog Who Was Dropped Off By The Breeder

In a touching story by the dodo, a little French dog was dropped off at a rescue house because of the dog’s extremely tiny size.

The dog proved to be an adorable creature.

And here goes the saying “never judge a book by its cover”

Dog Owner’s Corner

Any French bulldog owner would love to tell you how fascinating it is to own a Frenchie at home.

They showed extreme love and affection and get really excited about being surprised.

Welcome home a little pack of joy, own a Beagle dog today.

Before buying it from a breeder, consider adopting a homeless little one.

We would love to hear from you.

If you have any experience with the breed you would like to share with us,

Please write to us in the comment section below.

Happy petting to you!


  1. We have 2 french bulldogs, Nemo 1.8 years and Toby 2 months both are amazing . Nemo only barks when we are home as he needs to protect us. He loves cheese and his treat snacks but the cost they mention is bit over as Nemo hey high quality low grain food and it’s 10 kilo for 50 euro so mixed with vegetables and some cooked chicken it lasts for 2 to 3 months. Frenchies are amazing dogs and have personality, train them with strong mind than they listen well!

  2. My daughter is such a lovable person and she loves dogs. I like how you mention that French dogs are quiet, calm and highly affectionate. Thank you for the information. I’ll search online for a Frech bulldog to buy for her so she can give plenty of love to the pup.


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